Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon: You Shouldn't Mishandle This Sign -

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon: You Shouldn’t Mishandle This Sign

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People with their Sun and Moon in Scorpio are robust and highly intense. People born under this combination are mysterious, secretive, intuitive, and surprisingly strong. 

People with both their Sun and their Moon in Scorpio are deep, and they enjoy secrets, the kind of secrets that only their most bottomless friends are familiar with. They love to be mysterious and to keep everything under wraps.

They never really tell how they love or hate, especially when it comes to the people they like the most. 

Their passionate nature is a blessing and a curse because they won't shy away from anything or anyone as long as it feeds their curiosity. But still, these natives are fragile on the inside, and not everyone is aware of that.

People whose Sun and Moon are in Scorpio were often high during their childhood. They were adorable little animals who could get low, very low as well. 

But all of this will change when they grow older and their life becomes more mature.

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This Sign's Hidden Personality

They are also great at hiding their feelings and emotions, so they will have to do this if they want to get appreciated by those around them.

Their innate curiosity and passion for knowledge are expressed in all aspects of their lives. It propels them to go after what they want, regardless of how difficult the task of frightening the odds may be. 

Dominant Traits

Making friends with a Scorpio can be difficult, but you will have a friend for life if you do. Below are some traits that describe how the Sun Scorpio moon personality is likely to express themselves.

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1. Sensitive Souls

This Emotionally Intense sign is governed by the Moon and represented by the mountains. People with the Emotionally Intense moon sign like to examine every nuance of their feelings, and that can make it easy for them to spot what's off-balance in relationships. 

They're also brutally honest about their own needs, which means they're upfront about their feelings and wants, which can be refreshingly transparent or embarrassing, depending on the situation.

2. Emotional Person

Scorpio is a water sign, and those born with their Moon in this sign are likely to have strong feelings that run very deep. So it's no surprise that these folks can't help but feel passionate about what they do. 

Those with a Scorpio moon are likely to pursue each interest with single-minded determination, whether art, career, romance, or anything else.

3. Impulsive 

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People born with the Moon in Scorpio are self-sufficient and have great pride. They have an instinct to plumb the depths of themselves and others. 

They always strive to gain self-mastery and seek more profound meaning, whether through relationships or spirituality.

They are obstinate, tenacious, and persevering. They are so single-minded at times that they can appear almost stubborn.

4. Philosopher

Those with the Moon in Scorpio are perceptive, and they use their considerable intuition to see into the heart of everything. They can understand human motivations and nature better than most, partly because they have felt everything others feel at least once–even the dark stuff.

5. Constantly seeking change

Those born with this placement are constantly going through a process of death and rebirth. They will reinvent themselves time after time in their lives.

If you have this moon placement, this may be counterintuitive to you. You may think you want stability, yet what you truly need–and will experience–is a fixed pattern of transformation.

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Things To Keep In Mind

The Sun and the Moon are two very significant planets, which tell a lot about a person's personality, born today. People with their own Sun and Moon in Scorpio are often very mysterious, but not everyone accepts it.

These individuals have extreme emotions that force them to take specific actions when something goes wrong in the relationship. Not to mention how strong they can be in their life and how they don't accept giving up easily.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon Men

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon men have a passion that can not easily be tamed. They don't trust lightly and will do anything to protect their loved ones.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon men are very passionate and a bit eccentric. They are strong-minded and tend to get what they want in the end.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon men need an equal partner that is just as passionate and determined as they are.

He's charming, daring, and takes risks without overthinking the consequences. Like a scorpion, he is dangerous, and it can hurt.

Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon men are intense. They're the ones you can't keep your eyes off of when they enter a room. 

Sensual, secretive, and magnetic – these guys don't choose their destiny; it chooses them.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon Women

The Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon woman is captivating and intense. Her femininity is unlike most while still more potent than the others.

What you see is what you get from this lady.

She holds the energy of power, rebirth, and destruction. She'll use her ability to control her life.

Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon women are sensual and seductive. They use their eyes and body to get what they want. They never play fair, but they always win.

They teach us about being comfortable in our skin, even if it means being viewed as a bit of a dork along the way. She knows how to wear clothes that show her curves and free the male imagination. 

A Scorpio woman knows how alluring she is and often plays the “bad girl.”

She might say something provocative just for the occasion if it is appropriate. It's not in her nature to be discreet and squeamish – she loves to be the center of attention, after all.

How to use your strength?

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon individuals are passionate and hard-working people. They are serious about the task at hand and do not allow challenges to get in their way.

These individuals will deal with any challenges that come their way, whether self-inflicted or imposed upon others. However, they should be aware of their self-absorption and vanity, leading to unhealthy behaviors.

Scorpios are a very adventurous bunch who can be leaders and awesome friends simultaneously. They enjoy great food, drinks, and atmosphere – all under their “rules” of success.

They use their intense focus on a single goal to promote and get what they want. This is often seen as manipulation or cheating by others, but in reality, the Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon individual exhibits their will to power over another.

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