Selenite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses -

Selenite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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Selenite has a transparent white appearance that symbolizes metaphysical innocence and light that will connect you to the divine forces. It is one of the most precious minerals in history due to its effective healing properties. This selenite's cosmic energies are delicate and intense at the same time.

It gives off the sensation when you look upon the lunar energy and start to manifest on it. You will begin to feel the soothing energy around you, especially in the auric region. If you let yourself absorb its energy, it's easy to transfer and feel its positive vibrations.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Selenite

●  Physical Healing

Selenite is more than a barrier protection stone that repels detrimental energies. Only the healing powers it produces might also strengthen your body. It might be beneficial in curing bone-related health issues such as arthritis.

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Hold a selenite near your body each day if you're having difficulty getting fertile. It will ensure you have a better chance of conceiving. When you don't feel energized anymore or if you're exhausted and irritable, selenite will start clearing the glands in your body and provide you with the stamina you need.

It is particularly effective when paired with some Garnet. It has the potential to clear up your buildup sensations and relieve your body of unwanted energies. It clears your aura of all toxins that are detrimental to your body.

● Mental Healing

Consider placing a Selenite on the crown of the head whether you're suffering from mental distress and this will begin to make sense. Whenever it comes to mental stability and judgment, this stone is beneficial. Similar to Apatite's healing properties, Selenite is helpful to your mental wellbeing, versatility, and insight. It develops good instincts over time and is also the ultimate option while practicing meditation.

● Prosperity

The selenite crystal will assist you in focusing on the issues that are most important to you. It can also provide you with the clarity of thought you need to determine which tasks require the most attention.

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Selenite's guidance will reveal potential and acknowledge who you can trust to achieve your professional goals.

Similar to Aragonite, Selenite also provides you a sense of balance . It prevents you from becoming a greedy business person who prioritizes profit and workaholism above everything else. It will help you work smarter and direct your efforts in the right direction.

Selenite advocates responsible corporate behavior and encourages transparency in business endeavors. It will be easier if you have all these things working in your favor.

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● Relationships

Selenite is a stone associated with devotion and by tapping into its powers, you can make whatever you like happen in your love life. Your periods of contemplation about when you'll find love will come to an end too. Let the selenite's vibrations cleanse your aura.

You will expel more harmful energy when you further purify it. Its optimistic love offers you allure which is the most pleasant love vibrations you can manifest. Selenite crystals will assist you when you've been looking for a relationship but don't have too much success finding one that lasts.

Selenite might help you find romance by dispelling all your thoughts about the ideal partner and the appropriate kind of love. It will assist you in keeping in the sentiments of those you wish to develop a relationship with.  Selenite will help you and your potential partner be closer together and restore what might be the problem in your bond when you're in a long-term relationship.

Although things, in the beginning, might seem rough because you no longer feel close to each other, the energies of selenite will purify the toxic energies that affect you and your companion. Selenite contributes to the maintenance of a romantic relationship.

Maintaining a bond, no matter how long, will spark again once the energies of Selenite fuel you. Selenite will bring love into your life and will work with you to ensure that this love stays in your life for many years. It will shatter your barriers and inspire you to appreciate the importance of love.

How to Use Selenite?

It feels like you have a personal bond to the universal source whenever you deal with selenite. This energy is particularly purifying and refreshing. Keeping the selenite with one hand and placing it near your body will help you absorb its energy. 

For sweeping the aura:

  1. Begin at the crown of the head and work your way down to your feet.
  2. Move the Selenite that is attached to a wand around your energy field to cut any harmful energy.
  3. In achieving its best ability, repeat this step three times. 

Start by moving all along the opposite side of the abdomen, then the right side, and finally the middle. Spiritual healers recommend that you need to maintain a bit of selenite in your private space.

How to Cleanse Selenite?

Selenite has been one of the stones that need the least amount of maintenance. You don't have to think about cramming a lot of cleaning work into an already hectic day. A Selenite mineral that has lacked its luster will have a more challenging time spreading its vibrations to you and everyone around you.

As a result, it is still necessary to purify it. Expelling the harmful vibrations that your selenite has absorbed will drain away by keeping it under the moonlight. Washing your selenite with fresh, clean water is also ideal.

Most people swear by putting selenite to the soil overnight to replenish and restore its energies while you are resting. By doing this, you are allowing the earth's and soul's vibrations to purge and revitalize it for you.


Selenite, without question, is among the most effective filtering and strengthening stones on the earth. Similar to Amethyst, it's a powerful crystal that might completely rejuvenate your aura and expel all harmful energies and sensations from your environment.

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