Serpentine Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses -

Serpentine Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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Serpentine stone is among the most significant stones for providing one-of-a-kind protection from negativity while also attracting positivity.

Serpentine's color is not quite dark – it may be dark green, but it's most often a bright green. Serpentine stones are great for cultivating inner peace that makes you protected from harmful energies.

History Of Serpentine

The Serpentine stones came from the word “serpent,” which also correlates with its green color. But it also represents many ancient beliefs about its qualities. Serpentine stone, in reality, is one of the most historically used stones for detecting evil. People believe that it also defensive against both bad luck and malicious intent – including dark magic.

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They also compare Serpentine stone for jade in the past, but the two minerals have somewhat different chemical compositions. The presence of minerals such as chromium and cobalt in the stone's magnesium silicate base causes green coloration. Serpentine comes in various opacities, from transparent to opaque. These differences in the opacities of the stone have slightly different magical properties.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Serpentine

  • Physical Healing

Serpentine stone aids you in the rebalancing of the digestive system and when diarrhea and constipation occur. It is helpful in normalizing heart rhythm problems, kidney and stomach ailments. The Serpentine stone counteracts acidification and boosts the body's magnesium metabolism. Serpentine stone will aid in the relief of your period cramps.

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Serpentine is a powerful cleanser of the blood and the body. People also believe that it aids in physical longevity. The same as how Chalcedony works, It can help with Alzheimer's and old dementia symptoms. The serpentine stone helps in healing bites and stings. It treats hypoglycemia, diabetes, and muscle weakness. Serpentine stone can serve as a treatment for skin irritation, eczema, and varicose veins.

  • Emotional Healing

Serpentine stone is calming to the emotional body. It is helping you to let go of your fears of change and suffering to look forward to the future with excitement. It reminds you of the vast amount of positive frequencies that the Earth and Nature have accumulated over the millennia.

Instead of concentrating exclusively on personal interests, this perspective will make you feel less self-centered and more able to spend time and energy contributing to the common good. Serpentine stone stabilizes mood swings, relieves nervousness and stress. It will also protect you against harmful energy effects. Serpentine stone aids if you are unable to express your sentiments due to pressure.

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  • Mental Healing

Serpentine stone will help you overcome mental eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia, and overeating. It is essential if you're about to deal with people who have a clear negative motive against you. It's even more remarkable if they're inclined to use supernatural or mystical practices toward you.

If you believe someone is casting negative psychic energy or even intentional spells of ill intent your way, Serpentine is a traditional curse-breaking stone. If you want to set up walls between yourself and paranormal assault while also drawing good energies towards your life, this is an excellent stone to use. Serpentine stimulates the desire to resolve disputes peacefully, but it may also make you overly willing to compromise for the sake of peace.

  • Manifesting Prosperity

Serpentine stone is one of the most effective stones for advancing your career. You might feel like people are constantly plotting against you, mainly if you work in a highly competitive industry. People in your profession who matter will see you in a more positive light and grow an instinctive “good feeling” towards you.

That is extremely important in almost every career field. To round out the impact of Serpentine on your career, the connection of green with money. It will offer you financial gain – may be in the form of a promotion, a raise, or a new job opportunity.

  • Relationship Healing

Serpentine stone is an excellent stone to use when beginning a new partnership. It will keep people away who don't share your values, particularly those who would exploit you and throw you aside. At the same time, the Serpentine stone allows you to open your heart. It encourages you to try new things while still shielding yourself from any possible risks that come with it.

You will be attracting much more optimistic future partners that will surround you if you use Serpentine to infuse in your relationships. The same as Dumortierite, it's also an excellent stone for assisting in healing your heart following the loss of a friendship, lover, or any other individuals with whom you once had a relationship. This is similar to Jade. It also aids in the opening of the heart and the relaxation of relationships.

The Metaphysical Benefits Of Serpentine

Serpentine stone brings you down to Earth as you explore the depths of your soul. You will find it easier to meditate with this stone in your lap, and it will no longer feel like life is a daunting challenge. Serpentine is a calming stone that aids in meditation and spiritual exploration. This stone activates the crown chakra and clears the chakras. It enhances your psychic ability and lets you comprehend life's metaphysical foundation.

Serpentine stone creates new kundalini energy pathways. It will assist you in recalling past lives and retrieving wisdom. Serpentine encourages forgiveness and kindness in both yourself and others. Serpentine aids in the exploration of the Earth's and Nature's deep histories and assists you in finding your natural place in this life.

Serpentine stone improves your communication with the spiritual realm. It will aid you in clearing optimistic patterns in the auric field. Serpentine stone will help you stay focused when self-meditating to achieve greater awareness. Serpentine stone will assist in establishing boundaries and the attainment of inner harmony.


With Serpentine stone, you can build a barrier between yourself and negative energy by increasing the amount of positive energy flowing your way using serpentine stone. It's the perfect stone for improving your life in one simple move. Serpentine's divine power is also helpful for removing blocked energies, and it will promote a balanced and regular flow of energy.

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