Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

The Seven of Wands card is one of the minor arcana cards. This card is all about being strong despite faced with many challenges and adversities in life. 

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The Seven of Wands card possess a strong message to anyone who encounters it. Discover what this minor arcana card is all about, its representation, and message in some aspect of your life. 

Seven of Wands Tarot Card Keywords


  • Defensive 
  • Strong will
  • Fighting for what you think is right
  • Perseverance
  • Strength
  • Tenacity
  • Persistence
  • Relentless
  • Determined 


  • Weariness
  • Strike a balance
  • Teamwork 
  • Friendship
  • Peace 
  • Frustration
  • Lack of self-confidence and motivation
  • Defeat

Seven of Wands – Description and Meaning

The Seven of Wands illustrates a man standing on a small mountain cliff holding a wand and being challenged by six more wands from below. The man is armed, holding his guard to defend his territory against the six wands that shoot up from the ground. The wands that shoot up from below all differ in length and point in different directions. This representation symbolizes problems and challenges that we may encounter in our life. 

Another thing that we notice in this card is that the man wears two different shoes. It looks as if the man was caught off guard and came to battle in a hurry. Hence, he was not able to notice that he is wearing two different pairs of shoes. This leads to the interpretation that there is instability in one aspect of your life or being unclear of what you truly believe. 

Upright Seven of Wands Meaning and Interpretation

The Seven of Wands card in an upright position signifies struggles and conflict after attaining something you genuinely crave a long time. This is true for the beginning of something new in your life presents you with a new set of challenges and problems. 

The Seven of Wands cards tells you about the obstacles or struggles you may face in maintaining what you currently have in your life. This card talks about the problems you may face after attaining something and how you will manage them to maintain a successful life. 

Life will not be as it is if it does not have problems. We must embrace these challenging times, for it was not sent to us to punish us. Instead, we came across these problems to teach us something and give us wisdom that we will need in the future. The same as what the Hierophant tarot card is trying to teach us. 

The upright position of the Seven of Wands card tells you to defend your possessions and title. We live in a competitive world, and other people also compete and want the same things you desire. So always stay on top of your game and stay ahead of your competitors. 

Much like the Ten of Wands, the Seven of Wands tells you to stay grounded and don't give up . No matter how challenging a situation you're facing, never let it put you down. Keep going and stay optimistic in life. Fight for what you think is right and for the things that you believe in. Don't be afraid to confront those who threaten to ruin the stability in your life and take away your possessions. 

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Seven of Wands (Upright) in Spirituality 

The Seven of Wands in relation to spirituality tells you to stand up to your beliefs. The upright position of the Seven of Wands indicates that you must follow your spiritual beliefs.

This card's upright position also warns you that there is someone who will challenge your belief system and put confusion on what you truly believe. Hence, don't let other people tell you that what you believe is wrong. If you know deep in your heart that you're not harming anyone with what you believe in, then there's nothing wrong with that. 

The Seven of Wands in an upright position tells you that an event or a person will challenge your faith. Hence, it would be best to let other people harass and ridicule your spiritual beliefs. Stand firm and protect your faith. These people or events are only misleading you to stray you away from your path towards spiritual awakening.

Seven of Wands (Upright) in Health 

The Seven of Wands in a health Tarot reading indicates that you need to conquer and defeat an illness, disease, or injury in your physical body. 

The Seven of Wands card concerning your health also tells you to maintain a healthy body. You may be having issues with any health aspect of your life, and this card tells you to do certain things to keep your condition under control. Avoid things that will worsen your condition or may be bad for you. 

The Seven of Wands card also tells you to take care of your mental health. It may be hard but believe in yourself that you can do it. You are strong, and anything you say to your mind, your body will just follow. 

Seven of Wands (Upright) in Money and Career 

The seven of Wands card's upright position in relation to your career and financial status talks about your strategies in maintaining your job and finances in shape.

The Seven of Wands in an upright position tells you that you deserve the position you have right now in your career. This card signifies that your promotion is the result of your hard work and perseverance towards your job. 

Seven of Wands (Upright) in Love and Relationships

Seven of Wands on an upright position in the love aspect gives you the heads up that certain problems will challenge your relationship. If you are in a relationship and encounter an upright Seven of Wands, you need to put in extra effort if you want your relationship to survive. 

Suppose you and your partner are having trouble and conflict in your relationship. In that case, seven of Wands' upright position tells you that you and your partner must work together to fix the problem you have.

External conflicts may arise from family members and friends that do not support your relationship. There may be objections from your loved ones opposing you and your partner from being together. So, you must protect and defend your relationship at all costs. 

You will inevitably face problems and obstacles in your relationship along the way. So, you must be strong to make your relationship last. Despite being faced with many difficulties, you still embody the confidence and optimism that what you are fighting for is right. 

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Reversed Seven of Wands Meaning and Interpretation

The reversed position of the Seven of Wands card signifies that external pressure and conflict are around you. The negative energies that surround you weigh you down and leaves you feeling drained. The things that are happening around you seem like all is turning against you. You are caught between opposing forces, and it sucks the energy within you. 

In the beginning, you still can handle and control everything. But after a long time of battling the negative forces surrounding you, it leaves you feeling exhausted and drained. The option of giving up is already at the back of your mind, and you are now ready to let go. 

But, don't let this get in your mind. Even if you are too exhausted to go on, this card suggests that you must keep fighting. If you're tired, then rest. This is a much better option than giving up. Pause for a moment and gather your strength, and when you're ready, continue with your journey. 

Don't let these problems stray you away from your purpose. Always keep a clear picture of your goals and never lose yourself in the process. Stay true to yourself and don't listen to the negative comments that they say to you.

Seven of Wands (Reversed) in Spirituality

The reversed position of the Seven of Wands card in relation to spirituality tells you that something may challenge your beliefs. Suppose you encounter new learning in regards to spirituality. It is okay to adapt and integrate some of their teachings or practices into your life. But don't forget your values and the things that you genuinely believe in. 

We cannot deny that we cannot know everything. Always leave a space for new learnings and allow yourself to be open-minded with other people's opinions and points of view. Let it be a basis of what is right from wrong and help you in spiritual growth. 

Seven of Wands (Reversed) in Health

The Seven of Wands reversed in a health Tarot reading is not a good sign. The Seven of Wands' reversed position indicates that someone is losing their will to fight for their illness or disease. The physical pain that they're feeling already influences their mental health, and their overall well-being is deteriorating. 

This orientation of the Seven of Wands of cards in the health aspect signifies that someone's condition is worsening. It is advised that you talk with your doctor and discuss other treatment options to alleviate the patient's symptoms. Maybe this is the time to consider homeopathic therapy using natural substances with lesser side effects and adverse drug reactions. 

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Seven of Wands (Reversed) in Money and Career

The Seven of Wands card's reversed position concerning your career and financial status signifies that you are taking for granted your possessions, which is similar to Three of Cups tarot. Your status is threatened by someone who wants to take it from you, someone who has bad intentions and is plotting for your demise.  

The reason for your unmotivated behavior is the constant problems and challenges that you're facing. Your lack of confidence and power is starting to decline, and someone is using it to their advantage, opportunistically waiting to strike on your weakest point. 

The Seven of wands in reverse position tell that your financial status lacks stability. The orientation of this card signifies that you are not taking care of your hard-earned money. You were distracted by spending it on non-essential things that you forgot to leave for your future. This card tells you must consider saving and putting your money into an investment and into your insurance.

Seven of Wands (Reversed) in Love and Relationships

Seven of Wands on a reversed position in the love aspect is a sign of bad luck. The orientation of this card signifies that your relationship is starting to go downhill. You and your partner are facing some tough challenges leaving you both hurt and drained. The opposing forces surrounding your relationship are starting to defeat your will and the courage to fight for your relationship.

You're trying your best to save your relationship, but it seems that it does not fix anything. It just makes everything worse. 

This card tells you that if you genuinely love your partner, you must do everything to protect his/her from those who are trying to ruin your relationship. 

If you are single, the reverse position of Seven of Wands tells you that you are in the in-denial stage. You cannot accept in yourself that you are already falling for someone who you least expected most. Or it's either you cannot accept in yourself that you are getting left behind, and the person you like the most was already taken by someone else. 

Seven of Wands Advice

Don't lose hope if everything seems to be a blur. Remember, you have the power to take control of your life. 

The Seven of Wands advises you to stand firmly on your beliefs. Because your thoughts have the ability to reflect who you are. 

Don't lean immediately on defeat or surrender. Have faith in yourself that everything will be okay.

Life will always give you countless hardships. But this will only make you stronger and wiser every day.

Don't lose hope because you will reach the finish line. It does not make sense now, but your progress leads to success. 

Seven of Wands Reversed Advice

It's okay to fall back when everything is falling apart. However, don't take this as a sign to completely give up. 

This may not be the right time to grab the opportunity, which is why you're feeling anxious if this opportunity will work for you. 

Don't forget to stay vigilant instead of remaining ignorant. Because something or someone might tarnish or destroy your progress. 

You're currently juggling countless responsibilities in your hands. It's okay to take time for yourself and go back to square one. 

The situation is overwhelming to you. Maybe it's best if you should just give up.

Seven of Wands as a Person

The Seven of Wands as a person is someone who stands with their beliefs. You're someone who is willing to stand and fight for what's right.

Because of this, you'll not let others stand in your way. You're willing to advocate for what's right, even in circumstances that are risky.

You would willingly protect fundamental and human rights. You're someone who is a constant activist who aims to abolish oppression. 

You're someone who constantly views the world as unjust. So you'll not stop until you make sure that people get what they deserve.

Continue to fight for what's right, ACTIVIST!

Seven of Wands Reversed as a Person

The Seven of Wands, in reverse, shows that you doubt your peers. Perhaps you're someone who is constantly uncertain about everything or everyone. 

You feel like your efforts are not showing up. As a result, you want to stick to the idea that it's better to give up. 

When you see injustice, you would often ignore it. You're afraid to stand up for your beliefs. 

You want to fight for what's right, but you're hesitant about it. This is because you lack the confidence to succeed. 

Don't continue to be ignorant about the forms of oppression; it will haunt you.

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Seven of Wands Present 

In the present position, you're preparing for a battle. This has something to do with intensifying your strength and skills. 

Perhaps you've waited long enough for this to happen. Now that it's finally here, you won't hesitate to give it a shot. 

You're constantly working hard to get to the top. Perhaps you're preparing yourself to be an advocate of human rights. 

In this battle, the one who deserves justice needs to win. Because you stand on what's morally right, you're willing to fight back.

This is a beautiful opportunity for you to show how your beliefs will immediately align.

Seven of Wands Past

In your past position, you felt discouraged about pursuing your dreams. As a result, you choose to live a practical life rather than chase your dreams. 

This was definitely the most difficult decision you made. So it was justifiable to say that you had regrets in choosing a different direction.

You feel like this decision led you to achieve zero progress. You felt like you were not doing enough in your work. 

Up until now, you continue to exert your efforts and sacrifices. You're still holding on to that tiny thread of hope. 

Don't worry; your progress will appear soon.

Seven of Wands Future

In the future position, you're going to enter a new chapter in your life. This will encourage you to work on your personal growth even more. 

You'll welcome yourself to a wide range of new opportunities. This is a test for using your decisions wisely and implementing intelligent movements. 

Your past experiences are necessary to happen in order for you to be here. So don't ever think of looking back and think about what can change. 

You're entering a new stage in your life with new hardships. Again, these hardships are beneficial for your personal growth. 


Seven of Wands as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels like you can have the upper hand. Like in a debate setting, they feel like they have to defend themselves against you.

This person loves the confidence you continue to show. They feel a sense of inspiration from you in intensifying their faith. 

This person may also feel astonishment because of your views. They're happy to know that you're an advocate of human rights.

They feel like they need to over-explain themselves when it comes to you. This is most likely because you're good with discourses. 

They believe in your ability to inflict change in the modern world.

Seven of Wands Outcome

The outcome leads you to stand with your beliefs. You'll not let others manipulate or dictate to you what they think is right. 

You're willing to stand up for yourself when things go wrong. This is because you have the confidence to succeed. 

You're also willing to sign yourself up for a challenge. You know that the competition is intense, so you're eager to make huge adjustments. 

Aside from challenges, you also need to prioritize time management. You have a lot on your plate, and you need to stay organized. 

It's okay to take a rest after a long day.

Seven of Wands Pregnancy and Fertility

The Seven of Wands may indicate a relation to pregnancy. However, this has something to do with using contraceptives.

You're not using contraceptives because you don't want a child. You're using contraceptives because you're still not ready.

Perhaps having a family is part of your plan. However, you feel like it's not the right time in the present moment. 

On the other hand, maybe you don't want to have a child. Maybe you want to focus on achieving your goals in the future. 

Whatever your decision is, it's always aligned with choosing what you want. 

The universe will support you.

Seven of Wands Energy 

The Seven of Wands has immense energy of opposition. You're willing to abolish any injustice and fight for what's right despite the circumstances.

Because of this, you firmly stand with your beliefs. You're capable of influencing others to reside with what you believe in. 

You're often advocating your beliefs because you want to improve something. That is your confidence in consistency in your thoughts. 

You don't only visualize your beliefs; you act on them. As a result, you're willing to sacrifice your time in joining protests and campaigns.

You have the ability to make the world a better place. 

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Seven of Wands as Action

The Seven of Wands, as action, sees your determination. You're willing to abolish any forms of oppression to protect others.

If you see someone struggling, you won't hesitate to help them. If they're hesitating to speak up, you'll be the one to speak up. 

You want to consider yourself as a voice for those who are oppressed. You use this voice not only with words but with actions. 

If you want to abolish injustice, you'll act on it. You're willing to engage yourself in reforms to fight for individual rights. 

There are challenges that will occur, but you'll still fight.

Seven of Wands as Intentions

Your intentions permanently reside with your beliefs. You don't belong to anyone or anything, only in your ideas.

As a result, you use your beliefs as the driving tool to succeed. You're willing to influence and educate others with your beliefs.

The universe sees that your beliefs align with what is right. This is relevant at a time when the world is currently filled with chaos. 

You'll not stop until you showcase your beliefs to the world. If you have a political ideology, you use this for political and social affairs. 

The purpose is not to win but to reform.

Seven of Wands as How Someone Sees You

Someone thinks you can be a good leader or advocate. This person learns a lot from you when it comes to ideologies and principles. 

They view you as someone who is dedicated to fighting for what's right. They got the inspiration from you to commit to change. 

They view you as someone who will not back down without a fight. If you're asked to participate in a confrontation, you'll welcome it genuinely.

This person thinks you're open-minded despite standing firmly with your beliefs. They think you'll participate when others educate you.

They think you have the desire to inflict change.

Seven of Wands Time Frame

The Seven of Wands have a specific time frame. This card often represents the number seven.

A specific event may happen in 7 days, 7 weeks, or 7 months. This event may be in relation to exercising your beliefs in the practical field.

The Seven of Wands has a connection with Mars in Leo. An event may start on August 12, and it will end on August 22.

This card intertwines with the element of fire, which is why this could pertain to gaining or losing control.

Whatever the event is, prepare yourself and take control of what you can.

Seven of Wands as a Woman

The Seven of Wands as a woman can be shown in a tarot card. In the card, a woman holds a wand, ready to showcase her ideas.

You may be someone who wants to pursue law. You believe that human rights should be protected at all costs. 

You're someone who stands firmly on your beliefs. You'll not let your guard down if misogynists discriminate against you. 

As a woman, you stand firmly on women's rights. As an advocate of feminism, you're willing to abolish any form of oppression against women. 

This world needs women who can fight the oppressors. 

Seven of Wands as a Man

The Seven of Wands as a man can be seen in the tarot card. In the card, a man raises a wand and stands up on a hill.

The man in the card shows his determination to fight for his beliefs. You may be someone who is willing to be a human rights defender.

Perhaps you have an interest in taking up law in the near future. You want to become a lawyer to protect the oppressed and the innocent. 

Your beliefs won't let any form of justice prevail. You're willing to be on the frontline in the practical field. 

Seven of Wands Communication

The Seven of Wands is a good sign for communication. Your intentions solely rely on educating others about your beliefs.  

Rest assured that your beliefs reside with what is right. So you're willing to inflict change and save the oppressed. 

You'll also not hesitate to be open to education. When a new belief is introduced, you're willing to have it as additional insight. 

You'll always be transparent and open when communicating ideas. If something bothers you, you'll immediately open it to someone. 

You're not silent when it comes to situations that are wrong and unjust. 

You fight for the right.

Seven of Wands Reconciliation

The Seven of Wands is a positive sign for communication. A past person is willing to come back in your life to protect you.

This person wants to fight for you and with you. They may be someone who is also an advocate of human rights and equality. 

This person sees your constant potential to succeed with your beliefs. They feel like you always had this desire to be the blueprint of change. 

This person is willing to make adjustments for your relationship to last. They'll give you the assurance that changes will appear. 

They're confident about reconciling with you.

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Seven of Wands Physical Appearance

The Seven of Wands can specify a physical appearance. But this could just come with the outcome that you're physically attractive.

But physical appearance is not the main focus. What's important to observe is your desire to inflict change on the world.

Your attractiveness comes within your soul. It comes within your beliefs in residing in what is right. 

You're defined as attractive because of being fearless and straightforward. You'll not hesitate to speak up when things are wrong. 

Your attractiveness lies in your drive to commit to change. You'll not back down when it comes to your consistent beliefs.

Seven of Wands in a Love Reading

The Seven of Wands is a strong card in a love reading. This gives you the motivation to fight for your relationship. 

You're willing to fight for your relationship despite the circumstances. That means when people try to intervene and oppose your relationship.

You believe that this relationship prioritizes choosing what's right. So you'll use this as an opportunity to stand by your beliefs.

It's indeed true that if you love a person, you'll always protect them. You're willing to commit and provide for this person because you deeply love them.

You need to put effort into making this last.

Seven of Wands Reversed Love Reading

The Seven of Wands present a downside in a love reading. Are you feeling uncertain if this relationship is the right one for you?

Perhaps you're currently in a push-and-pull process with your person. Most often than not, you feel like something is not right.

This could mean your intuition that maybe they're not the right person. But you still continue to fight for them despite your negative thoughts.

You refuse to hear what people often say about your relationship. If you choose to listen, maybe you'll see the truth. 

Don't stay ignorant in learning the purpose of your relationship.

Seven of Wands Reversed Outcome

The outcome will lead you to doubt your beliefs. You feel like your beliefs aren't relevant enough to make a point.

This is the case when you let others dictate to you. Most of the time, you rely on your views from what others think.

You don't feel confident about yourself and your beliefs. As a result, you can't stand up for yourself when things go wrong.

You're not willing to make huge adjustments. Yet, competition is approaching you to tap into your confidence and strength.

You have a lot going on, but you can't apply proper time management.

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Seven of Wands Reversed Pregnancy 

The Seven of Wands, in reverse, is suited for pregnancy. You're probably using contraceptives because you're afraid of getting pregnant.

This is because you don't have confidence in yourself. You don't believe that the role of a parent will suit you.

You continue to resist when it comes to showing that you care. So this goes out whenever you think about having a child.

Your beliefs about declining pregnancy can come from influence. Maybe society urges you to reject the choice of being pro-life. 

Your body is yours, but so do your beliefs. So choose what's best for you.

Seven of Wands Friendship

You're surrounding yourself with friends who deserve you. The Seven of Wands shows a good sign for stable friendships. 

You're someone who is attempting to plan a trip with your friends. This is a sign to not lose track of your goals.

Your friends are often proud of your achievements. There are times when they want you to educate them about specific issues.

Whenever there's a misunderstanding, you're the spokesperson. You're the voice of your friend group as well as the peacemaker. 

Continue to surround yourself with friends who want to see you succeed. These people are already for life.


Now that you know the meaning of the Seven of Wands card in both upright and reversed position. Perhaps you know already what areas of your life this card are pertaining to. 

Whenever you encounter this card in a tarot spread, keep in mind the Seven of Wands' core message. It tells you to be strong and fight for what is yours, and you love the most in the upright position. In the reversed position, this card highlights your weak points that you need to overcome. 

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