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15 Obvious Signs That a Gemini Man Is Interested In You

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Have you set your eyes lately on a Gemini man? Are you wondering if he's interested in you?

Geminis are hard to read. Nonetheless, they show obvious signs when they like someone. They make it to the point that the person they adore feels or knows that they are into them.

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If you're interested in a Gemini man, one thing to know that he's into you is by the attention he gives to you. He'll try to stand out in the crowd when he's with you and try to lure you into his charm.

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Surprises are common when you are with this romantic guy in the zodiac. Find out more about the obvious signs that a Gemini man shows when he's interested in you.

15 Obvious Signs that a Gemini Man Likes You

#1 Spending his time with you

If a Gemini is into you, you won't face any relationship issue about not having enough time. He will ensure that he will spend as much time with you. If he's busy, he will inform you ahead of time not to let you feel ghosted or alone.

When a Gemini man likes you, he will spend his free time with you without having any second thoughts. He will choose to spend time with you rather than hanging out in a bar on his free day.

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He will text or call you on a regular basis asking how your day went, how everything is about you, or if you are feeling okay. You will feel his sincerity and his effort will be evident.

#2 Attending events with you

Another obvious sign that a Gemini man is into you is if he wants to attend events with you. It could be a family gathering, birthday parties, and any other events. He will ensure to include you in any important events in his life.

Geminis are the type who will share updates on their relationship status and who they're with. So, expect that you will get introduced to his friends, family and his relatives.

#3 He will show you off to his family and friends

When a Gemini man shows you off to his family and friends, he's likely whipped for you. A Gemini man gives great importance to his family and friends, so if he introduces you to them, you are special to him.

If he sees that you get along well with his family, friends, or relatives, he will be more into you than ever.

#4 He will make time for you

When a Gemini man is in love or interested, he will make sure that he will make time for you despite his busy schedule. He will call or text you and say sweet things like “I miss you” and “I can't wait to be with you again.”

Geminis are very romantic and they will do everything to make the woman they like feel special.

#5 He will ask many questions about you

When a Gemini man is truly interested, he will bombard you with many questions to know you more. He will make extra efforts to know what your likes and dislikes are. He will also ask what your dreams and desires are.

If a Gemini man showers you with questions, it's because he is really interested in you. It's not typical for a Gemini guy to spend his time asking questions to anyone. He only does this when he likes someone and it shows.

Additionally, expect him to ask quirky questions, hoping to catch you off guard. He can get playful with his questions and you'll have a great laugh together.

#6 He will share things about himself

Another way to ensure that a Gemini guy is genuinely interested in you is when he shares things about him. He will likely tell you what drives him in life and what his dream and future goals are. He will also share things about his family and how they're important to him.

If he gets vulnerable while sharing these things with you, there's no doubt that he's into you. Geminis aren't typical sharers when it comes to things about themselves. They like to keep things private and only those special people will be able to know him well.

He will spontaneously share the stories of his past and what he learns from them. He could also be sharing his viewpoint about the world if he's smitten with you.

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#7 He will show you his silly side

Not at all times that you will see the silliness of a Gemini person. They don't open up to just anyone. Nonetheless, If a Gemini man likes a woman, he's quick to make an exception.

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He will be goofing around with you, teasing and joking that gives you a hearty laugh. He will ensure to show how fun it is to be with him if he is smitten.

You can also expect that he will get flirty every now and then with you. In return, you can also flirt back at him, which will make him go crazy about you. Nonetheless, consider being flirty yet hard to get and he will exert more effort to get you hooked on his charm.

#8 He will be sweet and romantic

When you get a Gemini man smitten, he will do everything for you. He will make sure to shower you with compliments, letting you know how good you smell and how beautiful you are.

He can also be extra sweet and pay a visit to your home, bringing you flowers and chocolates. A Gemini man will ensure that you will feel special and well taken care of when you're with him. He will also show his affection in public through hugs and kisses.

Be ready to have a picture-perfect smile as he takes pictures and posts them on his social media.

#9 He will shower you with gifts

Another obvious sign that a Gemini guy likes you is when he showers you with gifts. He's a natural giver and makes it evident that you'll notice how he's feeling towards you through his gifts.

Being an air sign, he will come up with inventive ideas to surprise you. Although Geminis are not known for showing off lavish gifts, he will ensure to make your gift a special one. Expect a customer gift only for you based on your likes or preferences.

If you're into music, expect a downloaded list of your favorite songs. You can also anticipate him showing off his skills in making gifts for you. He can carefully wrap you a gift or make a mixed drink based on your likings.

A Gemini man has gifted hands and he likes to use them crafting surprises for you.

#10 He will want to share new experiences with you

If a Gemini man is into you, he will want to share new experiences with you. He will ask you to go with him on his adventures. He could ask you to go with him hiking, paragliding, diving, and many more adventures that he loves.

He will also take you to his travels across the country to make you feel that you are part of his plans.

#11 He will want to have an in-depth conversation with you

When a Gemini man gets smitten, he will want to have an in-depth conversation with you. He will share his thoughts about the things in the world and ask you to share your opinion. He could discuss with you things about science, politics and other things.

Another way to tell that a Gemini man likes you is how he is very open to your opinions and things you want to share. You can stimulate his mind through extensive discussions about various things. He will get stunned when he finds out that you can catch up and get more interested in you.

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#12 He will prepare romantic dates or gateway for you

Ever want to have a romantic date on the beach with good music on? You will have this kind of experience when you're with a Gemini guy. He is the kind of guy that wants his girl to feel special as much as possible.

Expect a lovely date on the beach, a spontaneous movie date, and out-of-town adventures. A Gemini man will never run out of surprises to make you feel his interest in you.

#13 He will exert more effort to win your heart

When it comes to a Gemini man in love, he will do his best to pursue you. He will prove that he is sincere with you and not only a fling.

You will notice his efforts to gain your trust and let you know that he wants your relationship to last. Being with a Gemini guy, you will never have to second guess his feelings for you as it will reflect in his actions.

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#14 He wants you to be on his side always

If you have lured a Gemini guy into your charms, he will want you to be on his side always. If he's busy, he'll make sure that he will spend his free time with you, eating out or watching a movie. He can also make a surprise visit with a bouquet of flowers while knocking at your door.

He will not run short of ideas to make you feel loved and make more surprises to flutter your heart.

#15 He will be there for you

Geminis get concerned when they think that anyone important to them is facing a problem. If your Gemini man knows that you're going through something, he will drop everything to be with you. He will make sure to be there to comfort and support you in times of your needs.

He will stay by your side to cheer you up and motivate you to keep on fighting with life's trials. He will become your cheerleader who will be there for you, win or lose.

#16 He will only focus on you

Geminis do tend to be everywhere, especially during an event. He can be with you, but his mind could be elsewhere. Nonetheless, if he genuinely likes you, he can shut everyone and focus only on you. He makes sure that you will be the only apple of his eyes, and you will see it in his actions.

If a Gemini gets attached to you, he won't care for anyone else in the world but you.

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Traits that a Gemini Man likes in a Woman

Geminis do have high standards when it comes to a woman they want to settle with. He's not only after a woman's beauty but also after her intelligence. He knows that beauty fades and having an intellectual mind is more important for him.

When a Gemini man is with you, he will love to hold an intellectual conversation with you. He would get enthralled by you if he noticed that you are responding smartly, which he loves. Expect him to get wrapped up by your charms, especially if you hold the following traits:

●     Charming and social

●     Independent and not clingy

●     Intelligent

●     Outgoing

●     Passionate about life

These are only some of the traits that a Gemini likes in a woman. If you have some of these traits, he will likely go after you.

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