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8 Warning Signs That a Taurus Man is not Interested

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Have you already set your eyes on a Taurus man? Has he not responded yet? Find out if the Taurean guy you've been crushing on likes you or not with our simple guide below.

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When a Taurus man is in love or if he likes someone, he will be affectionate and loyal to that person. He won't take a step that he knows would break the heart of the woman he likes. So, if you notice the Taurus guy is acting opposite, there's a high possibility that he's not interested in you.

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8 Warning Signs that a Taurus Man is Not Interested

The good thing about people born under the Taurus sign is that they are amicable people. They get along with almost everyone, except those people they find too secretive. Their friendliness is sometimes taken out of context and took it as a sign of being flirty.

Nonetheless, a Taurus can be too straightforward if he notices that you're taking it the wrong way. He might tell you out of the blue that he only sees you as a friend, which is embarrassing. So, I have made this simple guide to help you see the signs head-on and prevent you from getting embarrassed.

#1 He doesn't call or text often.

One sign that you should look for in a Taurus guy if he's not interested in you is communication. Is he not calling you often? Doesn't he text and ask how you are most of the time? If so, sorry to break it up to you that there's a possibility he's not interested in you.

A Taurean man interested in you will make sure that he gets to spend time with you most of the time. So, if the Taurus man you like is acting the opposite, you should consider moving on and find someone better.

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#2 He often cancels dates with you.

Another sign that a Taurus isn't into you is when he cancels a date with you at the last minute. He will find many excuses why he can't make it, and this happens often. So, if your Taurus is like that, make sure that you stay strong and dare to walk away when needed.

Never push yourself in a Taurus guy, as you will get hurt and get embarrassed in the process. If you are assuming that he's only shy, then do a thorough observation of his actions. If he's constantly canceling dates or acting like he's not in the mood to meet you, then he's not into you.

When a Taurus man is in love, he wouldn't be harsh in his actions and wouldn't let you beg for his attention. He will freely give it to you and even ensure to communicate with you daily. You will hear from him almost every day, and he will be the one to ask for a date with you.

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#3 Physical contact is non-existent.

When a Taurus man only wants you as a friend, there will be no physical contact involved. Even if there is, it will only be like a tap on the shoulder. There will be no hugs and kisses at all.

Thus, if a Taurus man is not giving you any physical contact, he only sees you as a friend or a colleague. When you see this sign, make sure that you don't display your interest too much. This way, you are saving yourself from the embarrassment and heartache that it will bring.

#4 He will be elusive.

Another sign that tells a Taurus isn't interested in you is his elusiveness. He will not waste his time going out his way to be with you. There will be no effort whatsoever to have a good conversation with you.

A Taurus will be straightforward in showing his feelings of disinterest with you. When you ask him to go out for a coffee, he will have excuses not to go with you. He may also try to avoid you on purpose when he senses that you are too pushy with your intention with him.

Thus, consider being subtle in showing your interest in a Taurus man unless you know that he likes you.

A Taurus man is compatible with an Aquarius woman. This is because an Aquarius woman can handle him.

#5 His body language will say it all!

Although a male Taurus isn't so vocal with his feelings, he will show his interest in you through his actions. He will be sweet, caring, and is constant in making eye contact with you. You will also notice that he always wants to make physical contact with you in any circumstances.

On the flip side, if he's not interested, he will make even a small effort to look at you in your eyes. He may also cross his arms while talking, showing his disinterest in you and the conversation.

Consider if a Taurus man is compatible with an Aries woman. As an Aries woman, you can either annoy him or cause inspiration.

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#6 He won't be a mystery.

One of the best signs that a Taurus isn't into you is by being straightforward to you. He can be blunt, especially if he notices that you're too showy with your emotions. He might tell you straight up that he doesn't like you as much as you desire him.

It's vital to remember that a Taurus can be harsh, so you should be subtle in showing your intention towards him. He's not like the Gemini sign who can go on having a relationship with the one he doesn't love. He's the type that won't invest his feelings if he doesn't feel the connection and if he isn't sure about you.

So, if a Taurus tells you directly that he isn't into you, please respect yourself and move on with your life. Consider not pushing yourself to someone unwilling to go out his way to make you happy. You deserve better, so let go and find the one for you.

If this happens, maybe you do not know enough about your Taurus man yet. Getting to know him is vital in building a connection with him, and reading Taurus Man Secrets guide is a good start.

#7 You are non-existent to him.

Pretty harsh, right? That's what a Taurus man is like when he doesn't have any interest in a person. He will not mind you being there at the same place as him, but he won't even bother talking with you or looking at you.

Thus, you should pay attention to how he treats you first before making a subtle action. This way, you can save yourself from the embarrassment if a Taurus decides to be upfront with you.

So, if a Taurus is treating you like you did not exist, it's an obvious sign that he's not interested in you.

#8 He doesn't like being close to you.

This scenario can be a little dramatic but so true if a Taurus doesn't like you. He may not do it right away. Nonetheless, if he's too pester with your constant flirting, he will stay as far as he could from you. He might also be hostile towards you if you don't stop bothering him with your actions.

So, if you still have a bit of self-respect (sorry to be blunt) left in you, stop chasing this man and go on with your life. You deserve someone who can give the same intensity of feelings that you have for the Taurus person.


Knowing that the Taurus you've been crushing on doesn't have any interest in you is a must. It will not only save you from the heartaches it brings but also save you from the embarrassment. You might already know by now that a Taurus can be too straightforward with his feelings.

A Taurus can be too harsh and tell you that you mean nothing to him in front of many people. Thus, consider taking things slow with him. Consider not going into flirting mode if you are unsure that he likes you.

Things don't have to be this frustrating though, you just have to make sure that you let yourself in on Taurus Man Secrets and you'll surely bag the venusian's heart. 

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