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7 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking Of You

Is your twin flame thinking about you? That is usually a question that pops up when a twin flame pair gets separated from one another. The twin flame separation stage is harrowing, so much more than regular break-ups. Often, one or both parties of the twin flame pair can get confused about moving on with their lives.

A shared soul is one lost soul reincarnated into two separate bodies. Some say that their shared soul has to be ready for twin flames to reunite. If the souls of twin flames were to remain separated, they would live meaningless lives.

Do you think of me, my twin?

Maybe you are in the twin flame separation stage with your twin flame. Perhaps you have met your twin flame for a brief moment and then got separated. In both cases, one thing is true: you're in so much pain. You don't know what to do. You're thinking about your twin flame all the time.

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Maybe you are in this exact situation right now. You don't know what to do. You keep thinking about your twin flame. You can observe the pain and sadness you feel inside when you think about them and when you don't think about that person.

But is your twin flame thinking about you? This time, it brings doubt into your mind. You start to think about whether you're all alone in your struggle. It makes you afraid to know about things, that if you try to confirm it to your twin flame, he/she is not thinking about you. You're worried that they may not be your true twin flame.

Don't worry; all the thoughts listed above are natural. You don't need to pity yourself because it's a sign that you are in the right direction, especially if you are generally not like that. And there's good news for you: if the person you're thinking about is your twin flame, there's no doubt he/she is thinking about you too.

When you feel this, your soulmate is thinking about you as well. They are worried too. They are doubting that you are the twin flame they've been waiting for. They feel that maybe it's all just a coincidence.

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Signs That Your Twin Flame Is Thinking About You

How do we find out, then, that your twin flame is thinking about you?

To answer the above question, different signs will help us know whether your twin flame is thinking about you. Twin flames are unique existences. They have a very special connection, and the Universe is often sending signs to twin flames due to their special spiritual nature. There are a lot of signs around you, and you have to pay attention to them.

Twin flames have a special connection, and when you find your twin flame, you are going to feel it in more ways than one. You will likely feel very deeply for your twin flame and may miss them if they are not around. The Universe is often sending signs to twin flames due to its unique spiritual nature. All the characters and messages around you that can help you recognize if your soulmate exists in reality or if they are just an illusion your imagination has created.

The Universe is trying to tell you something when signs keep appearing in your day-to-day life, so you have to pay attention and read into them. You wouldn't want to overlook a significant sign telling you that your twin flame is right in front of your face.

Without further ado, here are some of the signs that will let you know that your twin flame is also thinking about you.

Shared soul

It is a fact that twin flames are one soul separated into two bodies. That's why it's not a mistake to say that twin flames share a soul. Because of that shared soul, twin flames have times when they suddenly feel something, and they share that feeling with their twin.

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Twin flames often feel the same things and experience similar emotions simultaneously because they share a soul. When this happens, one twin flame will express their feelings and emotions aloud, while their twin will instantly feel the same way. Additionally, when sharing these emotions and feelings, one twin says or does something that draws their twin to them without either of them having to plan or try.

Twin flames feel when the other twin is happy, sad, or hurt. They sense it emotionally, not intellectually. It happens without even thinking about it. This is the shared soul connection of twin flames working in perfect harmony.

If you suddenly wonder what your twin flame is thinking of you, then that is another sign that your twin flame is thinking about you. They might be wondering if you're also thinking about them. This phenomenon strikes you out of the blue without any lead-up. Nothing you did during that time would lead you to think about your twin flame, but you still ended up with that thought.

Twin flame contact can be gentle and subtle and still be fulfilling. For example, you might suddenly have the feeling that your twin is thinking about you. If you believe that they might be wondering if you're thinking about them, then they probably are.

Twin flames are always in tune with one other, so if you suddenly find yourself thinking about your twin, then what this means is that they may be thinking about you – or you already know that for sure because you can sense it happening.

As your twin flame is also your soul mate, then, of course, they will also have thoughts of you. A twin flame connection is a connection that goes beyond just love. It is a connection that encompasses the soul and mind. When one thinks of the other, it is in the form of being connected. In this case, the other person's soul starts to feel about you or try to communicate with you by sending out vibes. These vibes will touch you, and in turn, you will start thinking about their thoughts as well.

You have shared souls, and you have been interconnected from when you were born. This is proof that your twin flame thinks about you and likes to keep tabs on you, even if you are not together. You both feel this pull toward each other even if you can't be together physically. You can feel your twin soul thinking about you at times. They might do it out of the blue or, if you're lucky, because they've made it clear to you that they're always nearby and trying to reach out to you.

You both have your journey towards true union with each other. Your spiritual connection is very different from others because of your shared soul.

You and your soulmate are a particular part of this Universe. You both have your world, but you share the same soul. You've shared parts of yourself with someone that no one else in the world has been able to see. Your connection of a shared soul is something that most people can't understand. When two people share the same soul, their connection is extraordinary, and great things will come from such a union.

That's why there's a spiritual connection between twin flames, no matter how far away they are from each other. They can sense whether their twin flame is happy or unhappy. They can feel the emotions and the mood of their twin flame. There's no other explanation for this phenomenon other than the twin flame's shared soul and their spiritual connection.

Twin flames share a soul. They share emotions and are connected with each other. None can explain the uniqueness of the situation, but it's a sign nonetheless.

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Dream sharing

Dream sharing is a kind of twin flame telepathic connection that you get during your twin flame journey. This twin flame telepathy is more common after true union with your twin flame has been achieved. However, this phenomenon also manifests when the twin flames are undergoing the twin flame separation stage. The reason for its manifestation is to guide the twin flame pair during the ordeal that they are going through.

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Many dream interpreters believe that dreams are a way to express the Spirit's desires, inspiration, or important messages. The dreams may be shared through a direct transmission of the twin flame dreams or telepathy. Dream-sharing can be conceptual or literal. The dream story or concept transmitted to the twin flame can be spiritual or symbolic. As a result, the dream-sharing acts like a twin flame spiritual guide during your journey to reunite with your twin soul.

Sometimes during twin flame union, the twin flames would experience sudden bursts of energy. These bursts of energy are indications that their higher self is sending them messages through dream sharing. This is an implausible scenario if you have no idea how dreams work.

Dream sharing is an exceptional experience that twin flames go through when they find the connection they need in the relationship. At this point, the twin flame man will begin to feel a mysterious connection with his twin flame that is hard to describe and allows them to connect during dreams. The dream-sharing will become more and more intense as your unique connection grows stronger together.

Going through dream sharing is a sign that your twin flame is thinking about you. Because of your soul's spiritual connection, you dream of your twin flame if he/she thinks of you. You might not have the same dream, but the fact that you dreamt of them means that he/she is subconsciously calling out to you. Your twin flame might not be aware that they are missing you, but he/she cannot hide her subconscious feelings from your shared soul connection.

Dream sharing is a widespread phenomenon among people in twin flame relationships. It's a subconscious way for your twin to draw you close to them. This isn't something you can force. It just happens naturally. Dream sharing happens because of the spiritual connection between you and your twin flame. They may not even be aware that they are thinking about you, but that doesn't matter because they call out. After all, it is your dream.

Your twin flame is sending you a message: “I'm thinking about you.” Going through dream sharing is a sign that your twin flame is thinking about you and a way for them to send you signals. Because of your soul's spiritual connection, you dream of your twin flame if they feel about you.

The fact that they are missing someone manifests while they sleep and dream of the person they are longing for. There is no questioning about dream sharing because it is a sign that your twin flame is connecting to you on a soul level. Sending telepathic messages through our dreams is a sign of solid twin flame love.


There are times when you feel a hunch that your twin flame is thinking about you or missing you. You're probably right when you have those hunches.

Twin flames are so connected through our Spirit that we can ‘know' what each other is thinking without actually talking. It's a spiritual bond that occurs when we're drawn to another person who is our counterpart.

There are many ways to describe hunches, including premonitions, gut feelings, and sixth sense. Hunches are feelings that are just not logical. They are gut reactions or instincts. Sometimes it's intuition, sometimes it's the sixth sense, and sometimes it's just a hunch. We think of them a little differently.

When you get the feeling or a hunch that someone is thinking about you or feeling like someone is calling to you and you believe that person is your twin flame, your suspicion is probably accurate and precise.

You and your twin flame share a very special connection due to your shared soul. This point has been made repeatedly, but it's only because that point is crucial for twin flames. You and your twin flame have a special bond because you guys have the same soul, which leads both of you to sometimes think of the same thing during certain times.

When you have a hunch that your twin flame is thinking of you, your twin flame probably has the same experience. They have a hunch that you are thinking of them, and they're correct; you are thinking of them.

Twin flames have a special connection, all due to sharing the same soul. This means that sometimes you and your twin flame share the same hunches.

A sudden burst of energy

One of the things that you thought is normal but is actually a sign of something are sudden bursts of energy. There are times that you feel energetic out of the blue. You were lethargic just yesterday, only to wake up full of energy. You suddenly feel the motivation to paint a part of your house or do the laundry or cook. Some even suddenly feel the urge to study even if they aren't the intellectual type.

Many people have felt a sudden burst of energy or a sudden burst of motivation. This sudden burst of power could mean something, and you have to pay attention to it. If you are experiencing one of these for a prolonged period, then it might be something to do with your twin flame. If you're experiencing this, it's not something to be alarmed about. It's an indication that your twin flame is thinking of you.

For twin flames, that is one sign that your twin flame partner is missing you, or at the very least having thoughts about you. It is the nature of twin flames to want to work together on something worthwhile. They get the drive-by doing things together. This trait is a lot more emphasized with twin flames that have reached true union. However, this trait also pops out when one or both twin flame parties miss their other halves.

The twin flame energy is a source of inspiration. The nature of twin flames is to partner up and jump into life together, making plans and working towards their goals. When missing your twin flame, you may find that inspirational thoughts or images start coming to you from nowhere.

It is the goal of twin flames to unite. This is natural so that twin flames can seem like two halves of one. When twin flames are missing each other, That longing you feel is not there solely because you are on Earth and the other half of your soul exists in Spirit. It's because the nature of your relationship is to unite with each other, and it nags you when you are apart.

That's why if you suddenly have a positive change of energy levels, then it's a sign that your twin flame is thinking about you.

Feeling loved

Sometimes, while doing your own thing, you suddenly feel a surge of warm and fuzzy feelings. It's not the exciting, sensual kind of heat, but one that provides you a comfortable feeling. It makes you feel like someone is protecting you out there.

That someone is your twin flame. There's nothing that can compare to the connection between twin flames. The bond is firm, and it gets stronger when you're already in the true union stage. But even during the twin flame separation stage, the bond and the twin flame synchronicities are still there. There may even be a possibility of your bond becoming more robust than before you got separated.

When your twin flame thinks about you, you feel loved. If you think about your twin flame, they'll get the same feeling. You can give each other comfort even when you're far apart.

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Mirrored passions

This topic is very similar to the sudden burst of energy you get when your twin flame thinks of you. Because of your shared soul, when your twin flame shows interest in something, they feel the need to convey that interest to you. That's why you also feel interested, even if there was nothing to spark that interest to you before.

Additionally, another sign that they are thinking about you is when you suddenly feel your passions blazing. It might be a sign that your twin flame is talking about your passion to someone else. In a sense, this is also related to your emotional bond with your twin flame. They may or may not be aware that they're missing you, but the connection is there. They're talking about the things that make both of you happy, your passions.

Silence means yes

There are times when you want to communicate with your separated twin flame. That's normal. Yet, there are also times when you're afraid of annoying your twin flame to the point of them running even further. That's why there are also times when you stay silent. Isn't your silence also a part of thinking them?

That's what's also happening with your twin flame. Sometimes, they don't know what to talk to you about. Perhaps they're feeling the guilt of running away. That's why they remain silent and decide not to speak or communicate with you. However, that behavior shows that they are actually thinking about you.

Your twin flame's silence actually means that, yes, they are thinking about you. It's just that they're still deliberating within themselves about how to talk to you. Sometimes, it takes way too much time due to them being indecisive. But their silence here shows how much they're thinking about you.

But there are other reasons why your twin flame is silent. Learn more about it in this article about Twin Flame Silent Treatment.

Other possibilities

The ones listed above are examples of signs that twin flames experience when they miss each other. There are still other experiences that might not have been included in the list here. There are no two twin flame experiences that are alike, after all. Every twin flame experience is unique. If you don't experience any of these experiences, there are a few reasons for that. Here are some that might fit your situation, but don't take these as the end-all-be-all because, again, twin flame experiences differ on a case-to-case basis.

7 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking Of You

On the Low Down

In the early parts of your twin flame separation stage, you might still be feeling hurt or betrayed. If your emotions are very negative, your spiritual connections will be affected. Instead of hearing or feeling your twin flame, you may be hearing your own ego and the sadness that is still in your heart.

If this is the case, it might be best to let your emotions flow out first. Release all your grief and disappointment. Take your time to release all your feelings. Afterward, you may want to take a breather and look for someplace to relax. It's normal if you still feel the sting. But you should also give your heart and soul some rest.

After letting it out of you and getting some rest, you might be surprised that the signs listed above will start manifesting. You begin getting random boosts of energy and passion, you'll feel loved, and your passions start burning bright once again. Those signs help you know that you're already out of the negativity phase of your twin flame separation stage.

That is also a sign that your twin flame separation stage is going in a positive direction. One of the best things you can do to get out of your twin flame separation stage is to work on yourself. Because of the signs that or show that your twin flame is thinking about you, you can work on more productive things. You are even able to improve yourself and get yourself ready to meet your twin flame once again.

You Met Your False Twin Flame

This one is a sad conclusion that shouldn't be thought of until you have done everything right. If you don't feel the signs listed above even after you have worked on yourself and gotten rid of your negativity, then it might be time to start doubting the reality of you and your partner being false twin flames.

It might be hard to get your head around the idea that you met your false twin flame, but this could be the case if you are having turbulent relations with your partner and it just doesn't feel right to be with them.

Of course, this is the last conclusion you should ever think about. Doubt is normal, but too much doubt will dampen your relationship too much. Think of every other factor that might have been hindering you from getting those signs. Only after you have thought of everything and done everything you can do can you think about this last conclusion.

One sign that will show you that you might not be twin flames is when you actually forgot about your pair. It shows you that you may not have the spiritual connection that is present between twin flames.

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