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Facts to Know About Sirius B Starseeds

Starseeds are everywhere here on Earth. Some might have claimed themselves as one, and some might not have figured out they are. There are different types of starseeds, and among all of them are Sirius starseeds.

In a previous article, we have introduced Sirius starseeds and their classification. There are two main types of Sirius starseeds: Sirius A and Sirius B. In the last article, we focused more on Sirius A starseeds. Today, in this article, we will tackle more about Sirius B.

Although Sirius starseeds are the same regardless of their type, they also have small differences. It could be in the way they behave, their personality, or their background. By the end of this article, you can assess if you are a Sirius B starseed or not.

What is Sirius B starseeds?

To begin, Sirius B is another type of Sirius starseed prominent here on Earth. They are beings from Sirian who incarnated among humans here on Earth. Sirius B starseeds came from Sirius B, which is a beautiful blue planet. The planet is completely covered with water, which makes the planet blue.

According to astrology experts, Sirius B is home to merpeople and dolphins. The creatures there are mostly 7-dimensional and 5-dimensional beings. Since the planet is full of water, other marine animals exist there too. People also say that marine animals here on Earth came from Sirius B.

Most starseeds also believe that beings close to our physical attributes existed in Sirius planets before humans existed. There is also another type of Sirius being, which is Sirius C. but, they do not exist physically. They live in a different dimension, so we are not sure if it comes from the Sirius system.

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Planet Sirius B

As mentioned, Sirius B is a planet completely covered with water. The best part of it is life exists both in physical and etheric forms on this planet. The physical beings live and vibe on a higher type of frequency. Experts say they vibrate on a 5-dimensional frequency, which was none like any other.

On the other hand, the etheric beings mostly vibrate on 7-dimensional frequency. They are beings who live as 6 to 7-dimensional creatures. According to experts, etheric beings are mighty and can sometimes hold up to 9-dimensional frequency.

The large ocean covering planet Sirius B is an indicator that's filled with Souls' physical bodies. Some of these souls have incarnated humans here on Earth for a mission. Experts also believe that the merpeople who once lived on Sirius B planet have fishtails. They also have an impressive ability to breathe underwater.

Merpeople on planet Sirius B

According to some studies by astrology experts, the idea of merpeople existence on Sirius B is evident. About thousands of years ago, the African tribe Dogon said to have witnessed an extraterrestrial spaceship arrive here on Earth. Strange beings came out of the ship, and they looked half-humans and half fish.

The beings had fishtails on the lower part of their body. According to the Dogon tribe, they named it Nommos, which means “to make one drink.” They described that the arrival of the Nommos was through a sky vessel. The vessel arrived together with strong thunder and lightning.

When the Nommos reached the Earth's surface, they made a reservoir of water. After that, they dived in the water right away. The Dogon tribe leaders said that the Nommos need water for them to live and that they inhabited a water environment.

The Dogon tribe also mentioned that the Nommos are partly amphibians and fish-like creatures. Their way of living is similar to marine animals. They live in the waters, but they can also live on land. The Dogon tribe described them as “Masters of the Waters” or “The Teachers.” The Nommos also shared things about their planet with the Dogon tribe. They said their planet is part of the Star Sirius, which is Sirius B.

It took time for the merpeople from Sirius B to adjust here on Earth. They mostly lived underwater. They don't grow legs as well, but they have muscular fish tails that could swim miles. They can glide and swim effortlessly in the water too. Similar to humans, they have two genders: mermaids and mermen.

The etheric mermaids from Sirius B who arrived here on Earth are all ladies. They populated most waters here on the planet. They are mostly inhabited in the ocean, lakes, rivers, and seas. Since they are all females, they did not multiply here on Earth.

The mermaids who once existed here on Earth, according to the Dogon tribe, said they were all friendly and loving. They helped take care of the sea creatures here on Earth. Dolphins are always their best friend, and they are as playful as them.

Up to this day, it is uncertain that these mermaids are still alive. They could be since the ocean is bottomless. They could be living below the surface and staying there away from humans. Some people also believe that they are hiding, but they don't stop guiding us even if they are far away.

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Signs that you might be a Sirius B Starseed

There are signs that you can consider when evaluating yourself as a Sirius B starseed. Although Sirians have almost the same characteristics, Sirius B beings are different. Since they live mostly underwater, their physical attributes can be different from other Sirians. Here are some signs you can look into for Sirius B starseeds:

They have green eyes.

Since they live underwater, their dominant colors are green and blue. Sirius B starseeds often have green eyes, but it will still vary on their DNA. Some of them have brown or blue with green tidbits. You can quickly check this if you look into their eyes intently with good lighting.

They have red or auburn hair.

There is a reason why most humans imagine mermaids, just like Ariel from the Disney movie. Mermaids, even from the planet Sirius B, have red, curly hair. But, just like the eye color, Sirius B starseeds don't necessarily have red hair.

Sirius B starseeds have long hair.

Regardless of whether your gender, you love growing your hair long.

Their favorite color is turquoise.

Sirius B starseeds get attracted to any color about waters. It could be turquoise or anything within the blue shade. You will get surprised by how many blue-colored stuff Sirius B starseeds own.

Female Sirius starseeds are mostly curvy.

Sirius B starseeds typically have an hourglass shape figure for women.

They obsess over water.

Staying hydrated is your topmost priority if you are a Sirius B starseed. They always make sure to bring water with them at all times. It's okay for Sirius B starseeds to not eat for a day. As long as they have water, they will be fine.

Sirius B starseeds have a fun personality.

They are fun, bubbly, playful, and loving beings. Aside from that, they are independent and love to go on adventures from time to time. They are also great at making friends.

They instill an innocent type of happiness.

As bubbly beings, Sirius B starseeds always feel genuine happiness. Some people would say their happiness comes from a preserved memory in their childhood.

They love the beach.

As adventurous beings, they always love going to the beach. They like feeling the salty breeze on their skin. They are also the happiest when they are near the sea, river, lake, or watery environment.

However, they do not like swimming pools.

Despite loving water, they are not a massive fan of swimming pools and water parks.

Sirius B starseeds have a fascination with sea creatures and stories.

If you are a Sirius B starseed, you always feel more like dolphins, sharks, and whales underwater. You believe there are more unveiled creatures in the Underwater World that humans do not know.

You believe fish are as smart as dogs.

Some people like to think fish is stupid and dumb creatures. But, for Sirius B starseeds, fishes are just like dogs. Similarly, you believe fish and marine animals also have rights.

Sirius B starseeds keep a fish tank at home.

They also keep fishes as pets.

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You always fight for the marine environment.

Humans get very abusive when it comes to Mother Nature. For Sirius B starseeds, always become protective when preserving marine life and the environment. When they go to the beach and see litter all over the place, they tend to get pissed. However, they pick up the trash and throw it themselves when they see it.

Among other problems that Sirius B starseeds face is plastic pollution. Sirius B starseeds get mad at all sorts of pollution because they know it positively affects the seas and oceans. Most of them form communities that help save and preserve the seas and other water resources on Earth.

You love seaweed products.

Nommos are fond of seaweeds when they existed before, according to the Dogon tribe's stories. Therefore, Sirius B starseeds also became fond of seaweed products. If you like nori sheets, sushi, or food rolled with seaweed wrapper, you might be a Sirius B starseed.

Sirius B starseeds have beautiful voices.

They have the most magical and calming voices, among other starseeds. Their voices are crystal clear, and they love to sing all the time. There is always a calming sensation when they talk.

They love classical music.

Whether it's a classical instrument or voice, they always love to hear it when they get the chance. Perfect high notes are among their fetishes as well.

They love warm, relaxing baths.

They also associate salt with their baths all the time. They also prefer showers.

They are natural swimmers.

Sirius B starseeds don't need to take swimming lessons. They possess natural swimming skills, and they can conquer the water at any time. They don't drown as well, which makes them look like a professional in water activities.

Sirius B Temples

There are plenty of temples located in the Sirian Star system. The good thing about it is it's not only for Sirians. Thousands of beings from all over the Universe visit the temples. Some even travel from the farthest galaxies to visit the Temples of Sirius.

When visiting the Temples of Sirian, you will fall in love with it the moment you step your feet on it. Once you've been there, you will always want to come back. Keep in mind that when you visit a Sirian Temple, always be sure of your intentions. The temples are etheric, and only one's mind and heart can picture it; however, they like it in their head.

Sirian temples embrace initiations, healing, counseling, contemplation, and purification. Experts say that the center of the temple is the holiest part. Most ceremonies and initiations happen in that area. It is also the same place where the Council of Light shows up for meetings.

Temple of Twin Flames

Each Sirian temple has three guardians who protect and conducts the activities within the vicinity. The most famous temple among human beings is the Temple of Contemplation. Some call it the Temple of Twin Flames, and you get to connect with the Twin Flames here.

The Crystal Temple

Another famous temple among the Sirians is the Crystal Temple. In this area, you will learn more about the Crystals and how their energies impact one another. You will also see all the Crystals across the galaxy in this temple.

The Temple of Divine Flow

In this Sirian temple, you will find a connection between your past, present, and future self. With the Crystals' help, you can scan your energy, and a cloud will form in front of you. You can choose what you want to see, whether from the past, present, or future. The reason why this temple is important to visit is not for psychic purposes. But, for one to be aware of the cause and effect.

The Temple of Divine Feminine

In this Sirian temple, you can find the largest ruby gem across the galaxy. This gem radiates the subtle yet glowing energy of a goddess. When you are in this temple, you will feel loved and valued. Your soul will have its fix in this temple. If you are feeling restless, you should visit this temple in your mind and find peace.

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