Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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Six of pentacles also termed as six of coins, is part of the minor arcana tarot cards. This card shows a seemingly wealthy man dressed in purple or red garments. The rich man is giving coins to the beggars on their knees.

Their class or level is emphasized through the occupation of space in the card, especially the height. As seen, the height levels are highlighted by differentiating their heights on the card. As seen, the rich man is standing, showing that he is of a higher level. The beggars are kneeling and are seen as lower than the man. These aspects clearly emphasize power dynamics and power play.

His garments are representative of wealth which further strengthens his wealthy image. On his left hand, he is holding a scale. The scale has been long before associated with balance and justice. Therefore this element represents equality and justice. Perhaps leaning on the aspect of wealth and the economyAn also noticeable element is the coins scattered above the wealthy man. These elements are also representative of wealth as coins are equivalent to wealth and riches.

Six of Pentacles Upright Keywords

  • Generosity
  • Help
  • Give and take
  • Charity
  • Money
  • Assistance
  • Stability
  • Investment
  • Financial support
  • Control
  • Power
  • Wealth
  • Rewards
  • Fairness
  • Equality
  • Prosperity

Six of Pentacles Reversed Keywords

  • Power dynamics
  • Strings attached
  • Abuse of power and position
  • Abuse of generosity
  • Extortion
  • Bad debts
  • Scams
  • Fake charity
  • Unemployment
  • Poor financial decisions
  • Greed
  • Gullibility
  • Lack of charity
  • Subservience
  • Inequality

Six of Pentacles General Meaning

Generally, this card shows the generosity of a wealthy man. Because he receives, he also gives. Thus, continuing the flow of giving and take. He is generous and likes to give to others. However, his help does not necessarily improve people’s lives. Just like sharing a meal with a beggar, this does not immediately improve their lives. What matters is his giving heart.

He stands for equality and is against exploiting the people around him. His wealth does not blind him. Instead, this propels him to give and let his wealth overwhelm him. The man knows his position in life and gives without compromising his stability.

The card also shows the element and presence of cause and effect—the concept of karma. What we do at this present moment affects our future. The world is a fair place and rewards accordingly.

Six of Pentacles (Upright) Meaning

Six of Pentacles represents your good relationship with wealth and your income. It is a prosperity card and also a card of sharing. This card tells you of your great wealth and your accumulated position. You are now in a secure enough position to give to others. You are charitable and are engaging in activities that help people in need. You are dedicating your time to care for and support others. Helping can be in many forms, for example, donating, feeding the hungry, and many more.

This card also becomes a tremendous help to someone, a close friend, or a relative. You may be seeing yourself giving them a loan. In giving, there is receiving—a note on being cautious. Remember to think about yourself and your family too. Be sure you can support them even after loaning a large amount of money to your loved one.

Six of pentacles can also tell that you will be receiving plentifully. You will be receiving from the generosity of the people around you. You may obtain a lot of gifts, money, or time. If you are in a bind or a challenging situation, someone will be there, ready to help you.

Six of Pentacles (Upright) in In Love and Relationship

Similar to The Wheel of fortune tarot card, Six of pentacles in the aspect of love and relationship is a good card. This card tells about the generosity of you and your partner. Both of you are very generous and kind to each other. Balance is essential in a relationship. It’s crucial to maintain harmony in the relationship.

This card could mean that you and your partner are financially stable.

So this is already a plus point towards harvesting a healthy relationship. Especially if both of you are always helping each other to thrive.

You have a strong energy that represents consistency. Maybe you and your partner are consistent in showing your affection and love.

This is a give and take relationship, and you’re both doing great at it. You would always understand the importance of reciprocating each other’s energy.

If you are single, this card symbolizes someone coming into your life possessing these characteristics. He or she is generous, kind, and gentle to you. What an ideal partner, right? However, how you feel is as important as your partner’s characteristics. This card also tells you to give yourself time and be generous. This might lead you closer to your potential partner. 

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Six of Pentacles (Upright) in Career and Finance

The six of pentacles card in your career means there is someone positive in your workplace. This person is most probably your senior and is willing to help you in achieving your goals. You will find someone you can rely on and even someone who will help you improve your outputs.

This person will be your mentor that will significantly help you in your career. He will be very generous with his time and spend it helping you grow. You will learn a lot from him and will rise higher as you go.

If you are still on the stage of waiting for your job or employment confirmation, this card is a good sign. Six of pentacles symbolize employment and experiencing a productive work life. This card tells you that you will be valued and paid accordingly in your job. It also means you will succeed more than you expected. Keep your mind open and work hard.

In the context of finances, this card also brings you good news. You will find ad realize your community’s generosity. If you have been planning to start a business or organize a project, this is a good time. You can expect the people around you to help with all their willingness. This being said, do not hesitate to pitch your ideas and let your creative juices flow. Ask for opinions and make it work.

This card also symbolizes giving. So you may find yourself as a benefactor or someone who will receive many things. This card is a card of wealth and prosperity. When you know you’ve worked hard, expect to reap your hard work’s fruit!

Six of Pentacles (Upright) in Health

In the aspect of health, this card is also a good sign. Six of pentacles means that you are in good health. If you are struggling with a health problem, this card tells of your need to reach out for help. If you are passionate and would like to improve your health, it would be beneficial to approach a professional. This card indicates you would need to consult your doctor to encourage and start your healing process.

Six of Pentacles (Upright) in Spirituality

The six of pentacles card is a card of generosity and giving. In your spiritual aspect, this card encourages you to share your spiritual knowledge and wisdom with others. It can also be a message that tells you to listen to what others have to say and share. In listening, you will learn new things and increase your overall understanding of the world. In general, you have nothing to lose if you share and listen. The benefits stand before you. Be open and have a love for learning.

Six of Pentacles (Reversed) Meaning

The six of pentacles card reversed is a reminder to also take care of yourself. Do not get caught up in giving to other people but also be gracious to yourself. Self-care is as important as taking care of others. Be careful and make sure to not over-exhaust yourself of resources. Make sure to leave enough for yourself.

This card can also represent a lack of generosity and being conditional in giving. This might mean that you are not genuine in your generosity. Or someone might be insincere in giving to you. If you hold authority and you are someone of significant influence, this is not a positive card. This card in reverse indicates that you are using your power as means to harmful ends. This can also be indicative of someone insincere in your life.

With the appearance of this card, you should also assess yourself. Are you being too greedy and forgetting other people’s feelings? Are you mean, or are you changing negatively instead of growing? You can ask these types of questions. Try your best to be someone you can be proud of.

Six of Pentacles (Reversed) in Love and Relationship

The Six of Pentacles, in reverse, shows that there’s been a lack of balance. This could mean that one of you is receiving too much.

And the other is receiving less and less as each day passes. The energy isn’t being appropriately reciprocated, and communication is lacking.

It could be possible that someone is dependent on the other. While the other is too busy being the constant provider for the dependent.

This presents an unequal distribution of the relationship. Both of you need to sort out your capabilities to give and receive.

If you are single, this card tells about the barriers you raise, avoiding potential partners or shooing them away. You may be putting up high walls and becoming a tightly closed book. This way, no one can enter your world.

Keep your eyes peeled for people who try to take advantage of you. Know your worth, and don’t settle for people who will end up hurting you.

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Six of Pentacles (Reversed) in Career and Finance

Similar to the Four of Wands tarot card, this card in reverse in your career aspect is not a good sign. It is symbolic of someone who might be wearing a mask in your workplace. This person may act very generous but has hidden agendas behind their kindness and generosity. Their gifts may have strings that tie you to a state of having a debt to them.

On the other hand, six of pentacles can also mean unemployment, or maybe a demotion. If you are still applying for a job, this is not a good sign. However, it’s best to learn something from experience.

In the financial aspect, if you are financially well, it tells you not to be greedy. Sharing is caring. In sharing, you are also able to receive. This card can also represent being taken advantage of. You may be overdoing it, and people who look at you as their bank may be using you. Be cautious.

Six of Pentacles (Reversed) in Health

In your health aspect, this card tells you not to take time for granted. If you feel ill, it’s best to check up and know what it’s about immediately. Being late may lead to more severe conditions. In health, six of pentacles in reverse suggests urgency.

Six of Pentacles (Reversed) in Spirituality

In the spiritual context, this card suggests an imbalance. You could be exhausting what you have by giving them all and having nothing in return. You might be investing a considerable amount of time and effort but reap nothing.

In sharing, you should also assess the situation carefully. Please make sure they are passionate and interested and not there for the sake of taking advantage. Help them and at the same time teach them to be independent. Avoid helping them to take their will away and just be dependent on other people.

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Six of Pentacles: YES or NO?

Six of pentacles is a card of generosity and wealth. If your question relates to investments, business ideas, strengthening relationships through giving, the answer to your ‘yes or no’ question (if it requires a solid response) is a yes.

Six of Pentacles Advice

The Six of Pentacles, as advice, wants you to be generous. Remember, it’s always better to give more than to receive.

This is because an abundance of blessings will always come back to you. So believe in the power of kindness because it should start with you.

If you feel like you already have a lot, you learn how to give. You learn that all you need to experience fulfillment is to give to others.

This is a give-and-take relationship so that others will do the same. Never hesitate to speak out and approach someone if you need immediate help.

Six of Pentacles Reversed Advice

The Six of Pentacles, in reverse, shows a lack of empathy. Maybe you continue to become selfish instead of showing kindness to others.

This will only present negative energy to you. Because you choose to have everything only for your personal interests and needs.

If you don’t lack empathy, then maybe you’re applying too much. Maybe you’re applying too much to the point that it should be limited.

Because there are times when our efforts aren’t being reciprocated. When you encounter that, try to keep your empathy in moderation.

You need to learn how to be kind and limit it.

Six of Pentacles as a Person

The Six of Pentacles is someone who is the savior of the day. You may be the type of person who chooses to help others.

You always choose to prioritize the concerns and needs of others. You’re willing to give your share or everything you have to solve their problems.

You may be someone who seems wealthy and stable in life. So you’re not limiting yourself in being generous to the people you love.

You have a kind soul that pushes you to do better each day. 

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Six of Pentacles Reversed as a Person

The Six of Pentacles, in reverse, shows that your efforts are one-sided. This could mean that the energy you give to others can’t be reciprocated.

This is because you choose to push yourself to the limits. You often forget that while you keep choosing everyone, you abandon yourself.

Maybe you will continue to give almost all your shares to your family. As a result, you’re left with a pile of debts or unresolved money matters.

But you don’t take care of this because you attain the needs of others. You believe that you have primary responsibility for others every day.

Six of Pentacles Present

In the present, you’re still uncertain about a lot of things. Maybe someone gave you the opportunity to climb the ladder of success.

But you don’t know how to use this opportunity and adapt to it. Because you’ve been used to experiencing low situations or the bare minimum.

So you have no concrete plan or idea to start this journey. You need to seek immediate help from other people to start this.

On the bright side, maybe you’re currently doing better than before. You’re living the life with a career that can make you provide everything.

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You’re starting to grow.

Six of Pentacles Past

In the past, you endured countless hardships. But these are necessary in order to adopt resiliency and become wiser.

You went into a stage in your life where everything seems confusing. You felt like the opportunities in terms of career were out of your reach.

You felt small in a world that continues to develop until now. You felt like everything was out of your league, and you were uncertain.

But eventually, you got out of the hole of uncertainty. You pushed yourself to be better by engaging in education for a specific career.

You’re now doing great every day.

Six of Pentacles Future

In the future, you’ll enter a new stage in your life. This will encourage you to be open to opportunities and make a decision.

You need to think carefully if you want this situation or not. This can be in relation to the current work that you have right now.

If you feel like you already have everything from this work, then that’s good. But if you feel like you can grow somewhere else, take this chance.

Take this chance as a new opportunity to discover greater things. Because you’re made to expand your skills and knowledge to endless possibilities.

Six of Pentacles as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels like they can be out of your league. This person sees that you’re thriving and working hard to aim for success.

This person feels comfortable that they got to know you. They feel like you can be someone who will always remain kind.

This person doesn’t want to hesitate when it comes to you. Maybe they have this urge to open up to you and ask for help.

They feel welcomed because you’re constantly applying empathy. Since they don’t want to hesitate, they believe you can help them.

You make this person feel like things are less exhausting.

Six of Pentacles Outcome

The Six of Pentacles, as an outcome, shows that help is on its way. You may be suffering from a current financial or emotional crisis.

You don’t have to figure everything out on your own. So you need someone who is willing to help you through all the ups and downs.

Don’t hesitate or be shy to ask for help from reliable people. You can say that you have debts to pay or you’re in an anxious state.

Because someone will always be on the rescue for you. They will offer you practical, effective, and concrete solutions to lessen stress.

Six of Pentacles Pregnancy and Fertility

The Six of Pentacles may not be a card related to pregnancy. This could mean that you need to focus on providing for others first.

It seems like you have bigger responsibilities to face. And a pregnancy result is already at the bottom of your concerns.

Perhaps you’re currently taking care of yourself and others. You’re working hard in order to give a share to your family.

Maybe this isn’t the right time to have a new family. Because you can’t easily balance or abandon your current responsibilities.

This card also wants you to take care of yourself more often.

Six of Pentacles Energy

The Six of Pentacles have an intense energy for abundance. This could mean that you’re currently surrounding yourself with stability.

This is an essential aspect of your life that enhances growth. As you continue to work hard, you’ll consistently achieve your dreams.

This immense energy resides with your optimistic mindset. You would always manifest that good things will take time.

So you’re not pressuring or rushing yourself for things to unfold. You constantly choose to exert your effort and provide for others.

This immense energy also resides with generosity. You never fail to treat people with kindness despite the circumstances.

Six of Pentacles as Action

The Six of Pentacles is an essential card for action. This shows that you’re always showing your generosity and sincerity to others.

You never fail to show that you’re willing to help no matter what. This can be related to offering strong financial and emotional support.

You want to be there for people because you want to lessen their burdens. So you would always make them your number one priority.

But you need to consider looking after yourself most of the time. You don’t just say that you take care of yourself; you DO IT.

Your kindness also has limitations.

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Six of Pentacles as Intentions

The Six of Pentacles can have pure intentions. Because you’re more focused on attaining the needs and concerns of others.

You’ll do anything in order to be considerate and understanding to people. This is because you’re willing to help them out.

You’re someone who has a big heart that people don’t deserve it. You’re someone who is part of the rare ones in this world.

You would always show that you care, even if you don’t receive anything. And this can have a negative impact if it’s put into abuse.

At the end of the day, you’re always the savior.

Six of Pentacles as How Someone Sees You

Someone sees you as one of the kindest souls they’ve met. They believe that people like you are rare to find these days.

They view you as someone who has good intentions for people. Because they often see how willing you are to offer help.

They view you as someone who will give your share. You’re someone who gives too often but doesn’t expect anything in return.

So this person thinks that you can also be selfless. But they want to remind you that being selfless can cost you a lot.

So you need to put limitations on your actions.

Six of Pentacles Time Frame

The Six of Pentacles can have a specific time frame. But this will always depend on your situation and energy.

The Six of Pentacles has a connection with Mars in Taurus. A specific period may start on May 1 and ends on May 10.

This card has the representation of the number six. Moreover, this is also aligned with the element of earth.

The event may be in relation to another kind of act you’ll do. Or it may be the result of your kindness in which you’ll receive good news.

The time frame can also happen in six years.

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Six of Pentacles as a Woman

The Six of Pentacles can be a representation of a woman. If this is you, then you’re someone who loves to provide.

You’re the type of person who wants to provide for yourself and others. Because you want to show the world that there’s more to a woman.

So you want to show that you’re capable of living independently. This means that you prefer to rely on yourself instead of anyone.

You’re someone who loves to earn money to become successful. This is because you have long term goals for the people you love.

You’re always willing to give unconditionally.

Six of Pentacles as a Man

The Six of Pentacles can be a representation of a man. If this is you, then you’re someone who strives to be better.

This is because you have a wide variety of goals for yourself. You’re willing to be the best version and grow for improvement.

You’re the kind of person who is always too soft and considerate. Maybe you don’t even choose your intimidating and masculine side.

Because you choose to show people that you’ll always care. You’re always willing to help them in terms of financial or emotional needs.

So you’re more of a giver than a receiver.

Six of Pentacles Communication

The Six of Pentacles can be a good sign for communication. Since you often show your empathy to others in terms of communication.

You’re someone who is always ready to engage in open conversations. You’re not afraid to talk about topics that can be raw and straightforward.

This is because you’re willing to help out others. You’re eager to offer a helping hand in order to listen to their concerns.

And in return, you’ll give realistic and practical suggestions for them. All for these people to learn how to improve themselves.

You can always show hope and inspiration to others.

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Six of Pentacles Reconciliation

The Six of Pentacles can be a good sign for reconciliation. A past person is willing to give unconditional love to you.

This person is currently trying to figure out how things can go. They want to be ready by the time they move forward with you.

They need to make sure that they have the resources to provide for you. So this card may show signs of a higher form of commitment.

This relationship will literally be a give and take process. But both of you can be willing to reciprocate each other’s energy.

You’ll grow with this person.

Six of Pentacles Physical Appearance

The Six of Pentacles can have a specific physical appearance. However, it will always depend on the one who received this card.

If this is you, then you may look physically attractive to most people. They can easily spot your charismatic presence in a crowd.

They see you as someone who is not only physically attractive. But they also see you as someone who is beautiful on the inside.

This may be in relation to your capability to give and give. Your facial expression can also be seen as friendly or genuine.

So this means that you have good intentions.

Six of Pentacles Reversed Outcome

The Six of Pentacles, in reverse, shows that you’re not accepting help. You choose not to because you believe you can manage everything.

As a result of your resistance, you’ll not accept the loan from others. Because this will only be added to another of your worries.

Since you can’t pay the remaining debts in your finances yet. But you’re still struggling with a heavy financial burden each day.

Maybe you’re also looking for another job that can pay well. Because your current job doesn’t meet the standards of your living.

This job can also have a toxic work environment.

Six of Pentacles Reversed Pregnancy

The Six of Pentacles, in reverse, shows that you aren’t ready for parenthood. This is because you have other personal responsibilities to take care of.

So having a baby and providing for lifetime needs is the least of your concerns. This will only be added to another pile of worries and stress.

This isn’t the right time to think about starting a new family. You need to work on yourself, especially your financial matters, first.

You can’t provide a baby’s daily necessities if you have pending debts. Because this will only bring you exhaustion.

Take this time to save money.

Six of Pentacles Friendships

The Six of Pentacles may be an essential card for friendships. This could mean that you’re currently friends with the right people.

You can tell that they’re good for you because they’re consistent. They respond heavily to the give and take relationship.

They never fail to reciprocate the love and care you give. They’re always there in times of your highs and lows.

This friendship is bound to last in the long run. This will only happen if you continue to be consistent with each other.

You deserve to have friends who are suitable for your soul and mental health. 

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