Six of Wands Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

Six of Wands Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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The Six of Wands card is one of the many Minor Arcana Wands cards in a tarot deck. This card talks about attaining your goals, success, and living the life you have only imagined before. 

This card is a bringer of good news, and having this in a tarot spread signifies that success and achievement are on your way. Be optimistic, for your struggles are about to end, and you are about to reap the fruits of your labor. 

Discover more about this card and what it has in store for you. 

Six of Wands Upright Keywords

  • Achievement
  • Improvement
  • Publicity
  • Self-respect
  • Triumph
  • Acknowledgment
  • Honor
  • Pride
  • Edge
  • Rewards
  • Compassion
  • Socialite

Six of Wands Reversed Keywords

  • Egotism
  • Failure
  • Disappointment
  • Lack of support
  • Lack self-confidence
  • Defeat
  • Impediment
  • Humiliation
  • False promise
  • Imperfection
  • Fragility
  • Conceited
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Six of Wands Meaning and Description

The Six of Wands card depicts a man riding on his horse with people cheering around him. The man is wearing a laurel of victory on his head, and he's holding a blossoming wand with a wreath hanging above it. 

There is a specific interpretation in each of the details you can see on this card, first of the white horse where the man is riding. The animal symbolizes pureness, victory, and strength. The blossoming wand that the man is holding signifies taking pride in his accomplishments.

Another notable thing about this card is the crowd that surrounds the man. They look as if they are cheering the man on a horse and giving him praises. This signifies public acceptance and recognition of one's success. 

Six of Wands Upright Meaning

An upright Six of Wands often manifest if a person has already attained success and he/she is confident with his/herself. You have given your best in everything you do, thus, resulted in a bountiful outcome. Since this card comes after the Five of Wands, this means that you have surpassed the challenges and the chaos, and you are now ready to embark on a prosperous journey.

You did not let one second lose sight of your goals. Your determination, perseverance, and passion allowed you to achieve your aims. This card confirms that the public has recognized your efforts, and they take pride in what you achieved. This attention has boosted your morale and confidence in yourself. This makes you feel more motivated to push through the usual expectations and prove that you can do better and achieve more. 

Six of Wands (Upright) in Spirituality

You have already attained the highest spiritual pursuit one could find, and people look up to you for help. They seek guidance from you because of your expertise and vast understanding and knowledge concerning spirituality. However, the upright Six of Wands also advise you not to let people's attention give you get to your head. Remain humble, and don't forget to tend to your own spiritual needs as well. 

Six of Wands (Upright) in Health

Getting an upright Six of Wands in a Tarot reading signifies good news if you expect information about your health. This card indicates that you will recover from your sickness and your health is getting back into shape. This card also foretells that you will have good health in the long run, free from sickness and pain.

Six of Wands (Upright) in Career and Finances

Concerning your career and finances, an upright Six of Wands signifies a positive and hopeful sign. If you're working your ass off for that promotion, having this card means that you are about to receive it. If you are starting a project or research, this card tells you that your work will produce promising results.

The upright Six of Wands also reflects your enthusiasm, passion, and excellent leadership skills, which is the main reason for your success. Your accomplishments in your career gave you stable finances. You have financial freedom; however, you must not depend on this one. Always remain conscious of your spending, and don't forget to save something for your future.

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Six of Wands (Upright) in Love and Relationships

The Six of Wands shows you're fortunate to find love! If you're single, someone is going to fall intimately towards you.

This person will not only see your physical attractiveness. They will learn to admire your principles, ambitions, and goals in life.

An upright Six of Wands in a love tarot reading signifies stability, respect, support, and openness in your relationship. These are the pillars of your relationship that allowed it to last and succeed despite obstacles and trials along the way. 

Suppose you are single and you're looking for some love advice. Having this card signifies that you will meet someone worthy of your love and attention. You have been through toxic and abusive relationships, and the appearance of this card signifies that a special someone will make you feel the love that no one has ever made you feel before. 

Six of Wands Reversed Meaning

The Six of Wands in reverse has the exact opposite meaning to the upright orientation of this card. The reversed position of this card represents defeat, lack of self-confidence, disappointment, and fragility. It tells that you have recently achieved something, but you are shy to let others know about it. You feel that you don't deserve your success even though you have worked your way to it. 

 In its extreme nature, this card can be egotistical, takes too much pride, attention seeker, and arrogant. 

Six of Wands (Reversed) in Spirituality

A reversed Six of Wands in a spiritual context signifies that you have been feeling lost and unsure which spiritual to take. You're just going with the flow and to the suggestion of other people. You're trying your best to fit in, but it seems that there is still something missing.  

Hence, this card tells you that the universe has destined you a unique path. So it would be best if you found a way to reconcile with your spirit to see the spiritual path destined for you. 

Six of Wands (Reversed) in Health

A reversed Six of Wands with regards to your health is not a good sign. This card signifies that your lifestyle has taken a toll on your health. Your health is declining, and illnesses are starting to arise, hindering the usual stuff you always do. This card also tells you to slow down a bit with your activities to avoid injuries. 

Six of Wands (Reversed) in Career and Finances

A reversed Six of Wands card concerning your career signifies the exact opposite of this card's message in the upright position. This card represents a lack of ambition and goals and also a failure. Your lack of motivation towards your work stems from the feeling of stagnation and lack of interest in your job. 

The Six of Wands card tells you to introspectively look within yourself and determine what you truly want in life. Stop seeking validation and approval from other people. You are enough, and you have the skills to accomplish the task given. 

This card also appears if you have accomplished something work-related, but you were not given credit for your efforts. There is no sense of recognition from your superiors or teammates, thus resulting in you feeling unmotivated and unappreciated. 

In the financial aspect, the Six of Wands tells you that you may face certain problems with your finances. Losses in some of your investments and failure to meet your financial goals would be some common scenarios if you got a reversed Six of Wands card. This card tells you to carefully assess the reason for these problems and tackle them one by one.

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Six of Wands (Reversed) in Love and Relationships

The Six of Wands, in reverse, shows your lack of belief in love. Due to a traumatic experience, you changed your views about love.

As a result, this made you hesitant to enter relationships again. You’re not willing to give your total commitment because the past still haunts you. 

The reversed Six of Wands card is not a good sign if you expect to hear some news about your love life. This card represents imbalance, miscommunication, betrayal, and unfaithfulness. 

Keep in mind that you deserve love, despite the circumstances. Even if you’re losing faith, love will find and accept you for who you are. 

Your loving energy should be reciprocated.

Suppose you are single the moment you encounter a reversed Six of Wands. This only gives two possible interpretations. One is that you have too low self-esteem, thus stopping you to fully open up and enter a relationship. Another is that you are too egotistic and proud of yourself that turns off or drives away potential lovers. 

Six of Wands Yes or No

The answer to a yes or no question about the Six of Wands depends entirely on the card's position when you got it during a tarot spread. 

In an upright position, this card is a big YES based on its interpretation in certain aspects of our lives. This card in an upright position is a bringer of good news and signals success coming your way.

However, having this cad in a reversed position signals that you need to take things slow and step back for a moment. It would not be the best time to take your plans into action if you got a reversed Six of Wands card in a tarot spread. 

Six of Wands Advice

Don’t worry if you’re taking the right direction, BECAUSE YOU ARE. Put your trust in your intuition that all of your dreams will come true. 

It doesn’t matter if it takes a long time for the outcome to appear. What’s important is you’re making progress and improving yourself every day.

Don’t be anxious if you think you’re facing this battle alone. You have your support system; they’re always right behind you. 

You have the ability to be an influence on many. So be the leader that will provide an excellent example to others. 

Don’t doubt your skills; you got this.

Six of Wands Reversed Advice

You may feel like your progress isn't showing up. This is because you're following a leader and an environment that isn't healthy for you.

A change of plans or direction is required to escape this loophole of despair. You need to think about your goals again and ways to improve. 

It's okay if you're feeling stagnant in the present moment. Maybe now isn't the right time for you to take the steps of leadership. 

The universe wants you to understand that you're worthy of being a leader. But right now, you need more time, practice, and dedication to fulfill the role. 

Six of Wands as a Person

The Six of Wands as a person is someone who is very optimistic. You may be someone who chooses to lean on the brighter side of life. 

You have what it takes to implement your leadership skills to others. You’re worthy of becoming a leader because of your past experiences. 

Because you’re a good leader, you never hesitate to educate and help others. Being able to constantly persuade people as a good leader is your priority. 

When it comes to your goals, you’re always organized in planning them. You don’t miss a beat whenever you’re attempting to feel each goal. 

Six of Wands Reversed as a Person

You’re currently submerging yourself in negativity. The Six of Wands shows that you’re not making any progress in your career.

This could mean that you have low self-esteem. You feel like you’re not capable of growth because others would just criticize you. 

You feel like you’ve received too many failures. As a result, you also feel like you failed your family and friends. 

You hesitate to try how your leadership skills would work. You still need to practice if you want to be an excellent example to others.

Sometimes, it’s okay to reach out to others for emotional support.

Six of Wands Present 

The universe sees your constant devotion to achieving your dreams. Don’t worry because you’re going to receive an abundance of recognition.

You’re currently facing struggles in the present time. But you’re doing everything it takes in order for you to continue thriving. 

Don’t doubt yourself for the things you’re passionate about. You’ll receive good news for your efforts in being where you are right now. 

Instead of hating the moment, learn to love and appreciate the moment. Because at the end of the day, all your hard work will soon pay off.

The present position urges you to thrive!

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Six of Wands Past

The hardships you faced in the past are still evident today. However, you’re learning how to make wise decisions to avoid regrets. 

You’ve been in a stagnant and exhausting state in the past. You felt like the jobs you applied for weren’t for you to have. 

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You had trouble showing your confidence to the world. You viewed yourself as a human being who failed. 

But now, you’re learning to get rid of the negative thoughts. If you’re reminiscing about old memories, don’t linger on them too much. 

Feeling nostalgic is normal, but it can affect the mindset you have today. 

Six of Wands Future

The future lies ahead and is larger than you’ve ever imagined. It’s time you start planning your long-term goals.

You’re having the time of your life right now to reach the top. The universe is glad to know that you’re now successful!

But success doesn’t stop here; success is a constant process. If you want to thrive, get your ass out of bed and start planning!

You need to have a detailed and organized plan for the future. Then, you can write the goals you have in mind in your journal.

Don’t worry; you’ll get where you need to be.

Six of Wands as How Someone Feels About You

Someone admires your ability to reach your dreams. You inspire this person never to stop chasing their dreams. 

They admire your strong dedication to continue moving. You present them with an optimistic view of how we should live our lives.

This person wants to make you feel special. They believe you deserve to receive love and care for your hard work.

But there are times when they can be hesitant. They would resist showing their feelings and intentions in full force. 

You’re someone who gave them a reason to live rather than exist. They’re always proud of your constant growth.

Six of Wands Outcome


The outcome will let you believe that you’re currently in the right direction. You’re not making doubts or regrets about choosing to stop or turn back.

You’re confident that you’ll reach your dreams in the future. You’ve been working hard for countless days just to get where you are right now.

In this journey, you had to sacrifice a lot to reach your goals. But you know this is beneficial to lead you in the right direction.

Your days of low self-esteem are finally over. People will slowly start to recognize and appreciate your skills and efforts. 

Six of Wands Pregnancy and Fertility

You shouldn’t solely rely on the Six of Wands for signs of pregnancy. However, this card can always indicate if you’re pregnant or not.

The result may show that the pregnancy test is positive. If you’ve been waiting for this for a long time, it has finally arrived.

Perhaps you were almost on the verge of giving up. You started losing faith that you’ll be blessed with receiving a child.

Once you know the results, huge adjustments will take place. You have to remain in your confident state and believe anything is possible. 

You’re confident you’ll be a good parent.

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Six of Wands Energy

The immense energy of the Six of Wands signifies confidence. You’re someone who is confident that everything will always work out.

Since this card is a sign of success, you’re currently reaching the stars! Perhaps you got promoted to a higher position, then that’s good for you!

The energy resides with your desire to succeed despite the circumstances. You don’t let rejects and failures ruin your positive mindset. 

Aside from your dreams, you’re also capable of having leadership skills. You’re brave enough to lead your members and teach life-changing lessons. 

You’re where you need to be because you deserve it.

Six of Wands as Action

The Six of Wands as action encourages you to achieve your dreams. You’ll not let consequences stand in your way and ruin your progress.

You’re someone who is ambitious and consistent. For years, you’ve been trying to fulfill your long-term goals despite the hardships.

Giving up will never be an alternative or an option. You’ll continue to take action to receive progress because you want it. 

You have brilliant ideas that can present and implement change. Use these ideas wisely, as they will lead you to success and confidence. 

Your ideas will serve as an inspiration to others to thrive.

Six of Wands as Intentions

The Six of Wands as intentions are specific in a relationship. It can be you or your partner who is willing to achieve success in this relationship.

Obviously, the intentions are pure and genuine. It can be possible that you’re both trying hard to make this work because of commitment. 

The struggles that occur don’t get the best of you. Instead, you would both ignore or fight these struggles to attain success. 

You’re someone who is willing to inflict encouragement on others. You want them to have the same optimistic mindset as you do. 

You can save a life today.

Six of Wands as How Someone Sees You

Someone views you as a person who is out of their league. They believe you have high standards and are a high-maintenance individual.

This person recognizes your confidence in public. You may present a striking appearance in a good way in terms of your clothes. 

This person would often view your accomplishments. They believe you’ve finally reached the stage of self-fulfillment. 

Because they notice your success, they feel like they’re not doing enough. This person wants to make you their inspiration to achieve their goals.

This person will not deny that they find you attractive, a bonus of your independency. 

Six of Wands Time Frame

The time frame of the Six of Wands represents the number six. A particular event may happen in 6 days, 6 weeks, or 6 months.

This time frame can also indicate that it will happen in the future. If the situation occurs, you’ll spot it immediately, and it will appear to you.

The specific period of this card will be on August 2 up to August 11. The Six of Wands has a connection with Jupiter in Leo.

This event has something to do with your hard work. You’ll have a celebration soon because your efforts will pay off.

Six of Wands as a Woman

Don’t worry too much; you’ll get where you need to be. The Six of Wands card as a woman is someone who is passionate in their career.

You may be someone who faced countless hardships in the past. There was a time when you almost lost hope in believing that you’ll succeed.

Back then, you thought that opportunities for women were only limited. As a result, this became a hindrance for you in showing your potential.

But you’re not afraid of the discrimination you’ll possibly face. You’re willing to grasp success and will not let anyone stand in your way. 

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Six of Wands as a Man

The Six of Wands as a man is shown in the tarot card. He was wearing a crown while riding a horse; the people were cheering for him. 

If you got the card, you’re someone who never stops trying. You’re willing to do everything it takes in order to grasp success. 

You never fail to notice your efforts whenever you receive your endeavors. This will only encourage you to be the best version of yourself. 

You’re someone who continues to fight, despite falling many times. The rejections and failures will only make you stronger. 

You create a more progressive life.

Six of Wands Communication

If you want to live a successful life, communication is the blueprint for it. The Six of Wands provides a safe space for communication. 

You deserve to reach out to others for assistance and support. It’s not always a good day when you don’t have to receive help. 

Being able to communicate your thoughts only gives you confidence. You can help someone reach their milestone and do the things they love.

With communication, you have the power to influence others. This is one of the traits that a leader like you should have. 

Don’t forget to celebrate your constant victories.

Six of Wands Reconciliation

The Six of Wands shows an extreme sign of reconciliation. This could mean that a past person is still interested and in love with you. 

This person is not only physically attracted to you. This person finds your ambitions, goals, and views attractive.

They believe that you’re the best person for them. They believe that you provide an excellent example in their lives. 

They adopted a positive mindset because of you. They’re confident that you’re compatible with each other. 

You make them always want to grasp the best version of themselves. You inspire them to achieve their hopes and dreams.

Six of Wands Physical Appearance

The Six of Wands card can have a specific physical appearance. You may be someone who looks like you’re running your own business.

It’s possible that you’re tall and slim, which represents you’re always functioning. You’re seen as a constant active person when it comes to working.

For your physical features, you can have an aquiline nose. You may have the physical structure of a roman emperor.

You’re someone who is confident in everything you do. You can have a muscular appearance, but it is also strong mentally and emotionally.

You can be an athlete, which makes you constantly competitive. 

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Six of Wands Reversed Outcome

The outcome shows that you’re not ready to commit to change. You may be hesitant in choosing the direction you’re heading right now.

Because of this, you start to believe you can not face overflowing challenges. You think it’s best to step back and walk away for a while.

You’re aware that you’ve sacrificed so much just to pursue your dreams. However, you can’t see if there’s a purpose to all the hardships you’re currently facing. 

You continue to doubt if you’re worthy of inflicting change on society. You continue to examine your capabilities and reside with your low self-esteem.

Six of Wands Reversed Pregnancy

The Six of Wands in reverse shows that you doubt entering parenthood. Pregnant or not, you believe that you’re not worthy of this role. 

Due to past struggles, you’re losing confidence in yourself. You believe you aren’t capable of providing for another human being. 

It’s okay to seek comfort from your friends and family. It’s okay to show that you’re vulnerable and you need immediate help. 

You can’t escape from your problems and negative thoughts. But you can fight these shadows that consume your optimism.

You’re always worthy of becoming a parent. You’ll teach your child to become successful someday. 

Six of Wands Friendship

The Six of Wands card in friendship can be a positive sign. This pertains specifically to low maintenance or old companies that are for a reunion.

You have to admit; you missed hanging out with these people. Perhaps a problem or misunderstanding in the past caused you to avoid one another. 

They’re going to approach you with the same energy as the first time. You’re going to make new and better memories that symbolize your strong friendship.

You can always make friends when you’re in school or work. However, reality will hit you that you have to part ways one day.


The Six of Wands card has its positive and negative sides. Whichever position of the card you got in a tarot reading, remember to open up your mind and see all aspects of what this card is about before internalizing it. 

This card signifies a good omen and also serves as a warning to check yourself and to remind you to keep your feet rooted to the ground. It's easy to get caught up with the fame and attention of the crowd around you, but don't let this get in your head. Never forget the people who helped you attain success, and never forget to tend to your spiritual needs no matter how busy you are

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