Sleepwalking Spiritual Meaning: Do Evil Spirits Cause It? -

Sleepwalking Spiritual Meaning: Do Evil Spirits Cause It?

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Do you sleepwalk? Sleepwalking or also called somnambulism, is a behavior that happens during deep sleep, which results in walking or doing other things while asleep. 

The spiritual meaning of sleepwalking is when the person is actively engaged in a real-time spiritual encounter. When you sleep, the spirit is active and wide awake; it is only the body that rests. 

During sleep, the connection between the body and the spirit is reduced, or there could be disconnection; therefore, the body will do whatever the thoughts of his spirit.

Why do I wake up at 3:15 every morning?

From a spiritual perspective, the meaning when you're waking up between 3:00 am, and 5:00 am could be a symptom of spiritual awakening. This period coincides with the witching hour, which is sometimes seen as from 3:00 am to 5:00 am, or 2:00 am to 4:00 am.

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Either way, it's about these early morning hours where the veil is thin.

With this, waking up at this time could be a call from the spirit. It could be a call from your team of guides and angels or a call from your soul.

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Notice yourself when you wake up during these hours regularly; you often wake up in this window to receive spiritual guidance that helps you get on track with the purpose of your soul, soul work, and soul mission. 

During this period, you have easy access to the educational state, wherein it's the state of consciousness between being awake and asleep.

When you wake up this time, like a hypnic jerk, you may take this opportunity to connect with the spirit to become receptive and aware of the higher guidance available to you.

Sleepwalking causes

Sleepwalking is defined as when someone walks or performs complex activities while not fully awake. It usually happens during a period of deep sleep and peaks during the early part of the night.

Sleepwalking can start at any age, but it's more common in children. It's said that for every five children, one child will sleepwalk at least once.

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You're more likely to sleepwalk when other family members have sleepwalking behaviors.

However, some things can trigger sleepwalking or worsen, such as not getting enough sleep, stress or anxiety, drinking too much alcohol, taking certain types of medicine, and many more. Other sleep disorders can trigger a sleepwalking episode and cause you to wake up at night, such as obstructive sleep apnea and restless legs syndrome.

In severe cases, the person may walk out of the house and do complex activities, such as driving a car. People who sleepwalk have eyes open, although the person will look straight through people and not recognize them.

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Most sleepwalking episodes can last for less than 10 minutes or longer. At the end of each episode, the person may wake up or return to bed and go to sleep.

Typically, these people don't remember it or may have a patch memory. If woken while sleepwalking, this person might feel confused and don't remember what happened.

When you see someone sleepwalking, make sure that they are safe. If these people are undisturbed, they will often go back to sleep again.

Guide them carefully to bed by reassuring them. Do not shout or startle the person, and do not try to physically restrain them unless they are in danger because they may lash out.

According to spiritual science, even though an act may have happened because the person is under the complete influence of a ghost, they still have to face karmic or spiritual repercussions for it. These spiritual repercussions are in the form of demerits that play out either in this life or the next.

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Sleepwalking treatment spiritually

Sleepwalkers in the spiritual dimension can perceive the subtle vibrations emitted by people and objects. They can receive divine knowledge through an advanced level of the sixth sense.

These negative energies can attack spiritually vulnerable people and people who are surrounded by lots of negativity around them. This negative energy starts entering the person's body through the head. 

When it comes to the myth about not waking up sleepwalkers, whether it's caused by psychological or spiritual, it's better to wake this person. If the root cause of the sleepwalking is due to a ghost and the act by itself is a manifestation, then waking them up will help you end the manifestation of the entity.

There are some things you can specifically do for sleep disorders.

First is, you can chant for spiritual protection, like Chant Shri Gurudev Datta. This chant for protection has been found effective through spiritual research.

It will help you overcome the causes of sleepwalking due to spiritual reasons. 

You should do it for a minimum of two hours a day, which can be increased to 5 hours if the problem is severe. Then, while chanting, you can also try nyas at the Swādhishṭhān-chakra.

Remember that regular spiritual practice, such as chanting, can be a preventative and curative measure to fight off spiritual problems and enhance one's spiritual level.

Aside from Sleepwalking, there are also instances that happen in our sleep that may seem weird and hold various meanings, such as laughing. 

I also wrote an article about the Spiritual Meaning of Laughing in Your Sleep that has information that may shock you. 

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