Snake Dreams Meaning: Ever Wondered What It Means? -

Snake Dreams Meaning: Ever Wondered What It Means?

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Have you ever dreamed of snakes? Have you ever wondered what it means to dream of snakes?

Snakes are one of the most ancient mythological symbols across various cultures and traditions. This reptile represents so many things, and most of the time, snakes in dreams are associated with negative energy. According to a professional dream analyst, Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, serpents or snakes can often symbolize a person exhibiting toxic behavior.

Someone in the dreamer's life that is callous and evil. A dream about snakes should never be ignored as they may represent hidden threats and betrayal. It may also be a warning of incoming danger.

In some cultures, serpents in dreams can mean rebirth and transformation. Positive growth is associated with the snakes' ability to shed their skin. Though in other customs, this reptile is a symbol of demise and death.

According to dream experts, it is important to consider other factors in dreams to analyze the messages they convey thoroughly. If the dream was nightmarish in nature or terror-inducing, then it could mostly be something negative. A snake biting you may be a warning of betrayal by someone close to you or someone you trust. If the dream, however, is more pleasant, then it could be a manifestation of positive things in the dreamer's life. When snakes appear in dreams, they could either be positive or negative.

Snakes and Dreams

Nearly every civilization since ancient times had worshipped, venerated, or feared snakes. Serpent worship is evidenced in history with some carvings dating back to 10,000 BC or before the Common Era. There is a large number of superstitious beliefs and mythologies about snakes worldwide. Dreaming of snakes has been one of the most interpreted dreams, with the snake being a creature that evokes fear in many.

The dream happens during the REM phase of sleep. It is, however, widely accepted by many religions that dreams are a means of communication between us and some higher or celestial beings. These beings or what they call our guardian angels or spirit guides share with us their wisdom through symbols and signs. It is said by many that our spirit guides talk to us in dreams.

It is through our dreams that they enlighten us of some things that will happen in our life. Often, dreams warn us of dangers or some other times they reveal things that we have no way of knowing without their help. Our spirit guides communicate to us to bring us lessons, reminders, and messages that are important in our journey.

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Here are some common snake dreams meaning

  • A white snake in a dream

Seeing a white snake in dreams signifies good health, cleansing, and purity. It also symbolizes clarity in thoughts. White snakes in a pond or a stream symbolize the regeneration of the soul, the mind, and the body.

  • A black snake 

A black snake in dreams is associated with negative energy. It can mean death, danger, or accidents, and it can involve you or people you know.  Never ignore this dream. When a black snake appears in your dream, always be alert and take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents.

  • A red snake

Red snakes in dreams mean bloody and dirty politics. For someone in politics, this can express that there may be danger and a threat from their political opponents.

  • A green snake

Similar to having a dream about peeing, green snakes in dreams can mean unhealthy living conditions or the environment. It is a message that you need to take action to move towards a healthier space or make some necessary changes in your lifestyle.

  • Killing a snake 

Killing a serpent in your dreams, according to dream experts, means coming out as a winner in every aspect of your life, may it be work or in love. It also means overcoming obstacles and beating your enemies or people who have ill plans for you. Killing a snake in a dream represents victory.

  • Snakes in sensual dreams

According to Sigmund Freud, author of “The Interpretation of Dreams” and founder of the Freudian school of thought, the snake is a phallic symbol. It could mean having repressed sexual thoughts about a person you are sexually attracted to. It could likewise represent forbidden sexuality and intimacy. A snake in your bed or bedroom is a representation of raw sexual urges and desires.

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  • Being chased by a snake

Being chased by a snake in your dream can express internal danger and threats. It could also mean that you are in fear of something in your life or something that is coming your way. It is also a manifestation of you being avoidant and non-committal.

  • Talking to a snake in your dream

Talking to a snake in your dream symbolizes a friend trying to convince or talk you into something that may put you in danger. It also means that your friend's plan can go awry or haywire. This is a warning to you not to get yourself involved. Walk away or simply say, “No.”

  • Seeing a dead snake in a dream

A dead snake in your dream can signify overcoming trials and difficulties. It can also represent an ending to a difficult situation in your life. A dead snake may mean that you have closed a chapter or is about to walk away from whoever or whatever is causing you much pain and hardships. A toxic cycle has ended, and a new beginning is coming for you.

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  • Seeing multiple snakes

If you see multiple snakes in your dreams or snakes surround you, it could mean you've got too much on your plate. It could represent obstacles and pitfalls. It could also mean that you are faced with too many burdens in life. People seeing multiple snakes in their dreams are often those who are worrying or overthinking a lot of things.

  • Snakes attacking you   

When you dream of a snake attacking you together with other animals, such as an alligator in your dream, it could be a message that you are in danger. An enemy is planning something against you. It could also mean that people around you are not who you think they are. They may appear friendly and act nice towards you, but deep down, they wish you nothing but bad things. Be extra careful who you trust.

  • Dreaming of a snake in your yard or your home

When you dream of a snake in your home, it could mean that someone very close to you or someone living on the same roof as you are being two-faced. Be careful of trusting them as they will betray this trust. A serpent in your yard could signify being unaware of betrayal and slander going on within your household or among a close circle of friends and relatives.

  •  When you dream of being strangled by a snake   

Dreaming of being strangled by a snake could mean that you will be in a situation where you may say something but later regret it. This is a reminder to think twice before opening your mouth.

The ancient Egyptians thought of dreams as a gift of seeing things to come through a seer. For the Romans and the ancient Greeks, dreams are predictions of events to happen and a form of communication with the dead. Different schools of thought in Psychology has its different perceptions of dreams. One thing we can all agree though is that it is necessary to pay attention to your dreams. Your dreams speak volumes about you and your life.


The following listed above are the most common dreams about snakes. Remember that each dream has a unique meaning for each individual. Be aware of your present situation and how you're feeling the dream appeared to you.

Dreams about snakes could either have a positive or negative meaning in your life, just like dreaming of sharks. It is essential to consider all factors to fully understand the message it conveys.

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