Sodalite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses -

Sodalite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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Sodalite stone comes in various shades of blue, most commonly blue-grey with white calcite flecks. It has a high sheen, making it appear even stronger and more sophisticated. Sodalite has an exquisite dark-blue hue dotted with an infinity of white lines and pigmentations. It will instantly transfer you to the top-most level of spiritual planes where doubt and uncertainty do not influence your well-being.

A Sodalite is an excellent tool for everyone on a path of higher truth and spiritual exploration. Sodalite is a suitable escape route from this virtual world today. Sodalite is the ideal stone to have at hand. It will offer a newer perspective on your life that leads you to attain a higher awareness of the world today.

History Of Sodalite

Sodalite gets its name from the alkali metal sodium. It came from the Latin word ‘sodalitas,' which means companion. Those who carry it will feel like they have a protector by their side who makes them feel comfortable by healing their aches and pains. The first discovery of Sodalite was in Greenland in the 19th century. Sodalite's tale is somewhat devastating.

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For a long time, this majestic celestial crystal got lost to common awareness, unable to express its unique properties. They keep Sodalite as a secret between the 1st and 19th centuries AD from humanity for nearly 1,800 years. Humankind did not benefit from the advantages that this stone could provide before. Fortunately, it has returned at this time when its qualities are more valuable. It has these energies as if you were ancient sages wherein modern humans have had the luxury of rediscovering its power.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Sodalite

  • Physical Healing

Sodalite was being used as a detoxifying aid to purify the lymphatic system and tissues.  It serves as a treatment of your gland complications. Sodalite also helps with water retention and cellular hydration. Its blue pigment will also encourage you to keep yourself hydrated during the day. It will also aid in controlling your blood pressure to normal same as with your pulse rate.

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  • Emotional Healing

Sodalite is a stone if you want to find out the truth. It allows your conscious and subconscious minds to connect with your emotions. Sodalite will assist you in verbalizing certain feelings and truths in your life. It will enable you to acknowledge your shadow characteristics. Sodalite will help you address and change if you have those negative patterns you dislike about yourself. 

Once it comes to the surface, embrace that you also have flaws and use that awareness to become better without being harsh to yourself. Sodalite is an excellent stone if you are oversensitive, defensive, or making impulsive decisions. Sodalite will help you maintain composure and constant energy that will be helpful to calm the heart.

  • Mental Healing

Sodalite will act as a constant reminder throughout your life that nothing will change until you take the first step. If you keep dreaming, wishing, and hoping, nothing significant can happen in your life when you don't act on it. It will assist you in realizing that you do not have to continue on that path you are on repeatedly. You have the authority to carry out your desires by accepting new opportunities.

Remember that it is essential to know how to take control of the situation and make it happen. Sodalite's energies will motivate you to give your all in life. You don't want your life to be full of regrets as much as possible.  It will also help if you place on the Third Eye area to earn enough intellectual understanding and a clearer perspective of oneself or an experience.

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  • Manifesting Prosperity

Since it encourages friendship and camaraderie, Sodalite is an excellent stone to use in industry. This stone is essential when interacting with people who share your vision, mission, and goals. It's significant that you like and trust one another to have a smooth workflow and accomplish things. This stone will assist you in having stable business dealings.

It will also improve your productivity and reliability. These are the two crucial factors in achieving success in your profession or with your business plan. It will also enhance the sense of tranquility among your coworkers. There will be failures and obstacles along the way, but you will have no difficulty dealing with them. It is your constant reminder that what you're doing is essential by adding value to the world.

  • Relationship Healing

Sodalite will assist you in overcoming feelings of shame and unfounded fears. You might think that you are unable to grow in your romantic relationship. Similar to Variscite, Sodalite's calming energies will purify your aura, as well as your heart and mind. Once you have done that, there will be a feeling of freedom by letting go of the emotional baggage.

It will provide you with enough perseverance so that you'll have the stamina to stay faithful to the one you love. It will remind you to keep the vows you made to each other and to arise beyond your struggles with love and reverence. It provides you with energies to become the bigger person who will stick with them through the good and bad times. It will avoid you with the fleeing connections when things get tough.

The Metaphysical Benefits Of Sodalite

Sodalite is a stone of logic and reasoning, so be ready to pay attention to your feelings and act on what sensations they are delivering. Allow your reasoning and intuition to direct you. Release something that isn't serving you or isn't good for you anymore. With the addition of Sodalite in your life, there will be no more mental puzzle. This stone will help you learn the truth and give you a deeper perspective of reality that will lead you to prosper.


Sodalite is the ideal stone if you want to reach a cosmic degree of comprehension of the world. It will lead you with divine connections with one stare at Sodalite for a long time and manifest your mind to rises to higher realms. The energies will inspire you to be more self-assured, to stand up for what you believe in, and to have more faith in yourself.

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