Soul Urge Number 7 Meaning in Numerology: Find Out Who You Are -

Soul Urge Number 7 Meaning in Numerology: Find Out Who You Are

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Numerology can give us answers to the numbers that we encounter in our daily lives. Numbers possess a significant meaning that directly relates to where our life is supposed to be headed. 

Numbers can also reveal our hidden desire and help us get in touch and reconnect with our inner selves. To do so, we look at our soul urge number to find answers and explanations in certain aspects of our lives. 

Your soul urge number is like a manual that can guide you on how to operate your life. The soul urge number can also show you where you are meant to be according to the universe's plan. 

Soul urge numbers can give you an explanation of why you think and respond in such a way. It can also give you clarity of who you really are and what is your mission in this lifetime. Moreover, your soul urge number can also show you your abilities and talents that you didn't know you have

Do you have number 7 as your soul urge number? Are you curious about what this number means in your life and want to know more about it? Then you have come to the right place!

In Numerology, everything that has happened or will happen is dependent upon the mystical properties of numbers. Each number has a unique vibration which gives it a distinct set of properties.

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This article will guide you in discovering the different aspects of soul urge number 7. 

How to calculate your soul urge number?

There are different ways on how to calculate and determine your soul urge number. One of these is using the vowels in your name and converting them into numbers using a numerology chart. The converted numbers will then be added together and further reduced to get a single or a double-digit number. 

Vowels hold the essence of our true and inner selves. Vowels also represent the sacred force that courses through our lives. Thus, in this calculation, it is vital. 


Take note that you need to use your full birth name to determine your soul urge number accurately. Do not use your nickname or just your first name if you have two names. This can result in incongruity in the results upon calculating.

Another way of determining your soul urge number is by using your date of birth. Usually, people who have the number 7 as their soul urge number are born on the 25th, 16t, and 17th of the month. 

More information may be found in How To Calculate Your Soul Urge Number?

Soul Urge Number 7 Meaning

Having a soul urge number 7 means that you are a highly spiritual individual. You are so absorbed and engrossed in the idea of seeking a more profound meaning in life. Thus, people with soul urge number 7 are also called the “seeker of truth.” They are driven to find more answers about life. 

They are also motivated to know their selves deeper. Soul urge number 7 people believe that there is a hidden potential inside them waiting to be discovered. They firmly believe that there is more inside of them than what people can see on the surface. 

Hence, people with soul urge number 7 are like an iceberg. The tip is just a small portion of their selves, and there is something more complex deep inside of them that only a few can understand.

The life of a person with soul urge number 7 is driven towards exploration and discoveries. Their life is full of epiphanies waiting to be revealed. 

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Having number 7 as your soul urge number means that you are dedicated and focused. You possess relentless determination in finding fulfillment and deeper meaning in life. 

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Soul Urge Number 7 in Love and Relationship

Soul urge number 7 are introverted people. They are happy and contented with having only a small circle of friends. They value friendship and genuine connections with people with whom they can be their true selves. 

Soul urge number 7 people are often viewed as aloof and avoids interaction. But this is because they do not trust people easily. They despise liars, and it is hard to win their trust back once it was broken. 

Because of the introverted nature of soul urge number 7 people, they often have a hard time committing to a romantic relationship. You need to win the trust of a soul urge number 7 person before he/she can fully open up to you. But once a soul urge number 7 person found their one great love, they will protect and take care of their relationship at all cost.

The walls number 7 put up around his heart will start to break. When in love, soul urge number 7 people are very loyal, caring, and faithful to their partner. They will never dare cheat and lie to their partner. 

Soul urge number 7 people are firm believers of monogamous relationships. Once they love someone, it will be forever. 

Soul urge number 7 people seeks mental stimulation in their relationship. Hence, they must be partnered with someone who has the same level of intellect as them. They are in perfect combination with people who have soul urge number 5 and 11. On the other hand, they are least compatible with soul urge number 3 people 

Numbers are everywhere. You are literally swimming in them. Phone numbers, addresses, license plates, pin codes, your date of birth.

Numbers touch every single thing we do. In fact, all energy carries a hidden numerical code and vibration.

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Soul Urge Number 7 Career Opportunities

The perfect career for people with soul urge number 7 should be aligned with their hearts' desires. 

Their quenching thirst for knowledge and a strong interest in finding facts make them best suitable in careers like research, science, writing, and journalism. 

People with soul urge number 7 favors to work independently. They prefer autonomy in their work, where they can work at their own pace. The reason behind their preference for working alone is because they don't easily trust other people.

Freelancing and working remotely is also a perfect career set up for soul urge number 7. Careers that allow them to bring their job anywhere they go are writing, journalism, programming, and data analysis. 

Regardless of any career, you desire. The most important thing that people with soul urge number 9 needs to consider is it should be something that they will enjoy. Careers to choose must satisfy their craving for intellectual interaction and problem-solving. Jobs that challenge them and provide them new learning and skills. 

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Soul Urge Number 7 Traits and Personality

People with the number 7 as their soul urge number are intelligent and highly instinctive. They strongly connect with their intuition, which guides them in seeking the truth. Your soul mission is to share your skills and talents with other people. 

Soul urge number 7 people always aspires to excellence in everything they do. They can become idealistic and perfectionists. When something interests them, they become too fixated on that topic that it overboard into an obsessive-compulsive behavior.

People with soul urge number 7 are detail-oriented, which makes them time to finish a task. This is a good thing, but also a disadvantage if they're working on a strict deadline. 

Soul urge number 7 people are introverted and loves to work on their own. Hence, people often view them as unsociable and reclusive. This is because they are too independent and believe in themselves that they can carry out the task without others' help.

Thus, the challenge for people with soul urge number 7 is to learn how to trust and allow themselves to make new connections. Too much solitary confinement can lead to loneliness. Allow yourself to grow by opening up and experience life with other people without jeopardizing your independence.

Soul urge number 7 people are also highly observant. They rely on facts and data in decision making. They do not allow their emotion to cloud their judgment. 

People with soul urge number 7 value authenticity. They dislike superficial connections and nonsense judgments. 

Challenges of having Soul Urge Number 7 in your life

Often people with soul urge number 7 feel restless as if there's something missing inside of them. Hence, this drives them to find answers and a deeper meaning in life. 

Having number 7 as your soul urge number means that you are inclined to know oneself deeper. You have a strong desire to achieve enlightenment. You are destined to connect with your inner self. Your soul is calling you to attain its highest spiritual state.

People with soul urge number 7 are at their best when they are aligned with their spiritual purpose. However, if there is an imbalance in any of their aspects, it can lead to depression, cynicism, and anxiety. 

People with soul urge number 7 see the bigger picture. They analyze everything and have deep thoughts. However, be aware of where your thoughts are headed for it can spiral down and control you. 

Learn to accept that you cannot know everything. 

Doing so will leave room for growth and give you more wisdom and knowledge if you experienced or learned it from other people. This will allow you to see beyond the material plane and become more driven into achieving transcendence and fulfillment in life. 


Our soul urge number presents us with a broader picture of our inner selves, an explanation behind our thinking patterns, and show us the way towards mastering our life and fulfilling our soul's mission. 

Now that you have the knowledge about the soul urge number 7, you now have an idea of how to overcome your negative aspects and improve your strengths. 

Use your strong connection with your intuition and allow it to guide you in times of self-doubt and confusion. You are a work in progress—each day, you are given a chance to grow and improve yourself. Never stop learning and allow yourself to share some of your experiences with other people to make your journey more meaningful. 

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