Sparkling eyes spiritual meaning: Does it signify love? -

Sparkling eyes spiritual meaning: Does it signify love?

Have you heard of the saying, “The eyes are the portal to the soul?” Most probably, compared to any other part of the body, the eyes attract the most incredible soul connection, the most fantastic mysticism, and the greatest consternation. One cannot simply ignore looking at someone else's eyes as if they want to convey a message or express something.

What if you're looking at someone with sparkling eyes? What does it mean?

Having sparkling eyes signifies the universe's way of sending a warning of possible paranormal perils. Its source came from the metaphysical realm. People with sparkling eyes have lineage derived from a higher dimensional source, which includes demons, angels, and even the heavenly souls of humans.

Probably, you've worked so hard in developing your spiritual connection that the soul appears as if sparkling and reflecting through the eyes. Your eyes could appear like glowing crystals of light, no matter the color or the size of the eyes.

Babies and young children have eyes like this too.

Well, there's another meaning why the eyes sparkle; it could also be a sign of attraction, which you'll get to know below.

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Eye Sparkle Attraction

Why do his eyes sparkle when he looks at me? Maybe, you're not the only one who asked this question.

If your boyfriend or partner's eye sparkles when he looks at you, it signifies what they're feeling inside. To determine a person's feeling for you is to look for the less obvious signs that cannot be faked, and that's the expression of his eyes.

The sparkle in the man's eyes when he stares at you is a sign that he's happy and alive whenever he sees you. You can fake a smile, the grand gestures can be false, his words can be fantasy, but the eyes do not lie.

Therefore, always watch out for the eyes.

As a girl, you should notice these silent signs and do not be carried away with words or grand gestures. If you're a firm believer of “action speaks louder than words” saying, you are guided.

Here are some reasons why your partner's eyes sparkle when he looks at you:

If his eyes sparkle when he stares at you, it's a good sign. It means that you're the woman of his dreams. However, be careful of the “woman of my dreams” phrases, as it can mean different things to other people.

Another reason a guy's eyes sparkle is that he has a crush on you. When a guy has a crush on you, he will subconsciously reconnect to his younger self and feel younger again. That's why his eyes sparkle when he looks at you.

Moreover, the feeling of excitement can make his eyes sparkle too, especially when you'll see each other later. Perhaps, he's been looking forward to seeing you if you haven't met for a long time.

Or, probably, he didn't believe that you'd agree to see him, which is why his eyes sparkle when you finally meet.

If this person finds you attractive, his eyes might sparkle when he sees you. Honestly, when a guy finds you attractive, it's a good thing for you, plus if his eyes sparkle because he sees you attractive, then it's an even better sign. He's so into you.

One proof that a person is comfortable around you is when his eyes sparkle. For example, he's calm and relaxed when you're around, and he can truly show his goofy side or weird side because he's relaxed around you.

If this happens, it's easy for him to trust you because this person thinks that you understand him.

Memories can be provoked by anything and seeing you might trigger a memory. If this happens, their eyes could sparkle if you remind them of someone.

You don't have to worry because their eyes sparkle when they look at you; it reminds of a beautiful memory; it could be this person's deceased mother. However, if you see the rage in his eyes and not sparkle, then it's a bad memory.

Many ladies don't believe in true love, but if his eyes sparkle when he looks at you, believe it or not, this guy genuinely loves you.

Everyone can fall in love indeed, and they deserve to be loved back. So, perhaps now is the right time to open your heart to your true love if you don't have it yet.

Sometimes a person's eyes may sparkle when he looks at you because he's genuinely interested in you but already accepted that he could not have you. It could be this person already has a girlfriend, or he sees you already with another man.

Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that he's unattracted to you. 

A person's eyes sparkle because he wants to be intimate with you. As mentioned earlier, you cannot use the same meter stick to measure everyone.

When a guy's eyes sparkle when he looks at you, it could or could not mean he genuinely loves you.

Lastly, his eyes might sparkle when he looks at you due to some reason. He believes that you're interested in him.

It might be that he caught your eyes checking him out. Hence, it provokes the excitement feeling about himself, making his eyes sparkle when he sees you.

Someone's eyes having two different colors is interesting enough alone. But what about its meaning? Of course, so much more interesting.

You can find it out in the article I wrote about the Spiritual Meaning of Two Different Colored Eyes.

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Dream about sparkling eyes meaning

Dream about sparkling eyes signifies an omen for creativity, flexibility, and the ability to mold yourself to fit into a situation. You are confident in your ability, and you're battling with your repressed emotions.

There's a part of yourself that you can always rely on. Moreover, this dream denotes some complicated love triangles.

Sparkling eyes could also symbolize love, affection, and friendship. You don't want to face this new chapter of your life yet.

Perhaps you're looking for someone where you can open up and express the feelings you're keeping inside. This dream also represents completing your goals because you take responsibility for your every action to achieve your lifelong dreams.

This dream could also indicate the eternal bond, relationship, and love between a mother and her child. However, you're the last in line for something.

You're shifting directions and beginning on starting a completely different path. This dream is a symbol of magic and joy, so you should open up more to your family and friends.

A dream about sparkling eyes may also symbolize fortune and love. It could be you're expressing your desire for some excitement in your new relationship.

You have eventually realized the situation. This dream could symbolize your creative side and imagination. You have now reached a point where you've overcome your fears.

It could also mean innate knowledge, which is a part of your instinctual nature. This dream represents your emotions and suggests harmony, pleasure, and fertility.

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A dream like this may indicate your power and domination. You're keeping something inside, and you don't want others to know about it.

This dream suggests that you need to rethink your actions and how your behavior affects the people around you.

A sparkling eye denotes unrealistic goals you have for yourself. Eventually, you'll achieve this; however, you still need to do something before this career and goal ultimately develop.

The sparkling in your dream symbolizes concerns about your physical image, including your weight. Well, you need to get ready because there's some hard work coming ahead. 

This dream means your desire to reduce something in your life, like your weight. The sparkling in your dream signifies the reward or benefit of your hard work. You're handling too many projects. 

The eye is a metaphor that represents your small and irrational fears. Don't be so black and white about everything, where you need to learn to adapt to different situations.

The eye on your dream stands for grief, self-pity, and hopelessness as if you're trying to look mysterious.

The eye also indicates your desire to escape from your reality. You're doing your best in every situation. It's a message for your attitude toward your relationship with people.

It might be that you're stuck in a hopeless situation.

When these two things are combined (sparkling and eye), it means a situation or a relationship in your life becomes boring or monotonous. You're turning a blind eye to certain things that are bothering you.

This dream represents your frustrations in your life. Well, you need to pay attention to this negative behavior of yours.

A dream about sparkling eyes could be a sign of calmness, peace, and serenity. There's something or someone that's preventing you from letting go of your emotions and feelings.

You're beginning to discover your hidden potential to create a solid foundation of a fortune. However, it may not come quickly, so you need to persevere and be more determined in achieving your goals.

Sparkling eyes are beautiful in real life; that's why they share a positive symbolism in the dream too. They represent the guardian angel you have in your life right now.

This person could be your mentor and adviser that you respect and appreciate this person.

If you don't have this person in your life right now, this dream is a sign that you'll soon meet. Or it could represent wealth and prosperity.

Hence, it's now the time to start investing. Every buck you put in will come back to you many times more.

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