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Spiritual Awakening: Signs, Stages & Symptoms

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Have you ever experienced just sitting there in complete reverie, thinking of who or what God is? Did you try to cast about the deeper meaning of life and the world? Well, if you did, this might be a sign that you are on a path of spiritual awakening. Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy!

What is Spiritual Awakening?

People who undergo spiritual awakening may experience them in various ways. Most people have experienced a spiritual awakening in pain and with difficulty. Some of them, however, have experienced it abruptly.  Although they have different experiences in spiritual awakening, one thing is common. It is how they personally transform themselves and how they shift their mental framework. This is how spiritual awakening works. It is the call of the universe to higher consciousness.

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Spiritual Awakening Stages

According to Christina Lopes, a heart alchemist, life coach, healer, and spiritual teacher, there are six stages of spiritual awakening. Take note that your path to spiritual awakening differs when compared to others. The following stages below may be experienced in a different order or may not be experienced at all. Remember that we have different journeys to higher consciousness and to waking up from this so-called matrix.

Waking Up

This is the official start of your spiritual awakening. In this stage, most people encounter unpleasant experiences and feel pain and difficulty. This might be because of something that happened in the external environment. This event may have been life-changing and very drastic.

However, the first stage of some people’s spiritual awakening includes no hurting at all. They didn’t undergo challenging times, and something just clicked on them all of a sudden. It’s like in just a snap of a finger, boom! They are awake. No matter which one you experienced or are experiencing, what really the bottom line is you’re questioning what is beyond life and the world. It’s like waking up from a long and deep slumber.


You feel nothing but happiness in this stage because of how you opened your eyes to the world right after your wake-up call. For the first time ever, you feel like there is oneness in your heart. There are no anxiety, doubts, loneliness, and other dense emotions your past self experienced. But this stage does not last very long and only lasts for days or weeks.

The universe and the spirits always try to communicate with us and in this stage, you now start to understand how they always guide you. You feel like your heart starts to awaken and that you feel more intuitive. Another thing that happens in this stage is that you begin to open up to discovering your spiritual gifts.

The Dark Night Of The Soul

This is the most painful stage to experience. You feel as though you are alone in this world, and no one understands you. This stage causes a lot of confusion. You start to question how in the world did you go back to feeling dense emotions right after experiencing bliss.

This phase is the great purge, as some may call it. It is essentially the death of your ego. Your soul tries to bring up all the trauma, karma, anxiety, despair, and depression to be healed and released from your body. Your soul does it on purpose so you can be free from everything that has been holding you back. This can happen in months or years.

The Void

An analogy that can be applied to this is a caterpillar in its pupa stage. During this stage, they build a sack that is known to be a cocoon. Energetically speaking, when you’re in the Void, your frequency is stuck in a cycle of either downward or horizontal movement letting you feel like you are stuck inside a cocoon. During this stage, you’re mostly in a funky mood because you are in a state of either emotional, mental, physical, or energetic frenzy of density.

This stage can also be called The Great Rest. It feels like you are not receiving anything because nothing can penetrate your downward or horizontal spiral of energy. It is, though, as if your ego is shattering, and it is a profound reality. And this is ultimately normal because this happens so you can rest.

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Once you manage to crawl yourself back up from the Void, you will start to feel like you are becoming the genuine and purest version of yourself. You are not in full power yet, though. But you begin to stand on your own feet. This can happen for months or years.

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The caterpillar breaks out of its cocoon in this stage and is now a free and beautiful butterfly. You are this butterfly ready to spread its wings. It is as if you are grounding on the Earth as you ground your spirituality. It feels like after the void you experienced, you become spiritually mature, and your energy is becoming super magnetic.

Just like in Stage 2, you feel healed. Stage 2 is more about excitement and joy. But this time, the sense of connection is more grounded. You start to learn how to realize your emotions very deeply. You feel very strong and feel like you are built-in resilience now. It is as if you are rooted onto the ground of the Earth, and your energy systems are more powerful.

Do you know how they say the more profound the roots, the taller the tree can grow? This can be applied here too. The more you are grounded and stable, the more you will see your true self. Your manifesting energies increase even more, and your heart continues to open.

In this stage, you start to feel more empathetic, and you realized how everyone is doing their best. You now understand that people have different stories and unique journeys. At this point, you want to return to civilization as you feel like all of the spiritual learnings and lessons you have can now be utilized. This stage can happen in years.

Purpose And Life Mission

Now that you’ve gone through your whole hero story, it is now time to enjoy the authentic version of yourself. Your past self has purged, and you managed to be your true authentic self. You are now a new person that is grounded and powerful. Even if you still do not know what your real purpose in this world is, it is important to live your life with a mission. Always remember who you are and what you are doing in this world because this stage happens for the rest of your life. Live your life on purpose and stand by your values and beliefs.

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

These symptoms can be experienced by one but cannot be shared by another. Hence, it is essential to take what you resonate with.


You may wonder what you are detaching from. It is from the realities that you used to believe are valid. You are slowly separating from the things that you used to like and enjoy. This can often lead you to question your beliefs. You are now re-evaluating and revising them. You are now thinking of adopting some new and significant ones. This can be connecting with a new religion or changing your current into something that you are very passionate about. 

Vivid Dreams

You have a strong emotional connection with your dreams now. You are now seeking for meanings of your dreams and how they are connected with your journey of Spiritual Awakening.

You experience synchronicities

This is one of the most common symptoms of Spiritual Awakening. Synchronicities are deeply meaningful coincidences that occur in your life. It can manifest in forms like significant numbers, words, or symbols. It is somehow a sign or a reminder from the universe that you are on the right track in life.

Here are some of the synchronicities that you might have encountered:

– Repeating numbers – If you have experienced glancing at the clock and see 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc.) at the same time for many days, then you are definitely experiencing synchronicities. You can also be walking down the street and randomly seeing these repeating numbers.

– Repeating symbols – These symbols can be a peace sign, a heart, a star, etc. You can be seeing these symbols a lot of times everywhere every day. These can also be repeating images.

– Déjà vu – This literally means “already seen”. You can be in a situation and may feel like it happened in the past already. You feel as if the situation is very much familiar.

Shifting relationships 

Not all people will undergo a spiritual awakening at the same time as you. People will find it hard to understand you. They may even think that you are going crazy. Some people will become distant from you. Well, that is entirely normal. Do not worry, though, as people of the same frequency as you will eventually come and find you.

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A feeling of being more intuitive 

If you consider yourself intuitive already, you may feel like your intuitive abilities heighten now. But if you feel like you are not intuitive at all, know that you already have these abilities. It’s just that they are buried beneath the layers of your ego, and you are about to discover them now that you have awakened. You feel more in tune with yourself.

Wanting to be of service

You have this feeling that people, animals, and the environment call for your help. You seek to live your life purposefully.

Your teachers are finding you

These are not necessarily literal teachers. They can be anyone that appears in your life to help you in the perfect time and the ideal place. They can be in a bus with you, a person sitting beside you on the bus, a waiter in a restaurant, and even a person you met down the street.

 Feeling alone

If you recall the different stages of Spiritual Awakening, you can remember that feeling lonely is part of the journey. People are on another wave as you, and you have to go through this alone.

Connection to the natural world

As you feel more disconnected from your friends or even your family members, you will more be connected with nature.

Strategies to Help You through Spiritual Awakening

  1. Surrender

You do not get to decide whether to undergo Spiritual Awakening or not. Your soul programs it and technically does not have a choice. So, it is better to stop resisting. Stop fighting it because there is no way to get out of it. You are only prolonging the stages. The best thing to do here is to surrender to the process. Trust your spirit guides and the universe. Remember that you are always guided and bound to be your true authentic self.

  1. Work with your Heart

Your heart is the great healer, and it is the one helping you heal. It is also the seat of the soul helping you through providing guidance. So, learn how to quiet down the mind and come down to the heart. One way to get in touch with the heart is by tapping your chest or your sternum to awaken the energy of the center. You can also put both hands to the heart and bring awareness to it. Speak to the heart by using feelings and sensations.

  1. Detach from the Mind

Detaching the mind is purging the mental body. Realize that you are not your thoughts. According to Cristina Lopes, there are two steps to do this:

– Observe your thoughts and allow them to pass by.

– When a negative, fear-based thought comes in, allow it to pass. Do not put emotions on it. Then, refocus your thought on something different. Calm your ego by telling it that everything is okay. 

When done repeatedly, it will turn your negatively biased brain into a positively biased one. 

You can also try to do The Hover, where it expands your level of awareness way out. You can do this by: 

– Sit in meditation while you bring your hands to your chest. 

– Focus on your breathing and feel your heart light up. 

– Visualize the light getting more extensive that it fills up your whole body. 

– Now that this light fills up your whole body, imagine it taking up the whole space of the room you are in.

– As it is taking up the space of the room, imagine that it is slowly taking over the whole house, the whole community, the whole city, the whole continent, the whole world, and eventually, the whole outer space. 

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What if my partner is not on his or her spiritual path?

As someone who is undergoing a spiritual awakening, you will experience a lot of changes in all of your relationships. Remember how you get disassociated with things in this matrix and start seeing things from a different perspective. This can somehow affect your romantic relationship too.

You can feel alone and distant from your partner because of how you see things in their real form rather than how they should be. While you are entering a new world, your partner can be left behind and be in the world you were living in before your spiritual awakening. You both are experiencing a different reality, and your partner may not be able to see that.

With this, there can only be three responses:

Positive Response– It can be hard at first for your partner to understand what you are seeing and feeling, but once they get it and have an open mind for it, they will join you on this journey. This is the most wonderful response you will ever get.

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Neutral Response– Your partner sees you doing meditations, yoga, and all these spiritual practices and has no response at all. He is not against it, but he is not all for it either. However, remember that your partner's reaction is not your responsibility nor your concern. What is important is for you to move forward with your spiritual awakening and see what the real world looks like.

Negative Response– When your partner doesn't see what you see and feel what you feel, it will create a barrier between the two of you. If making fun of people is in your partner's nature, he will most likely mock you for what you are doing. You can be doing tarot card reading or reciting the Ho'Oponopono prayer, and he will stand there and giggle or laugh. Although annoying and rude, do not let him or her ruin the vibe. As a matter of fact, cut him off.

However, everything will depend on you. You have to figure out what you can and cannot handle. The important thing is that you remain in a state of consciousness. You need to find out whether you can maintain being spiritual while being around a partner with different perspectives as you.

Two individuals living in different paradigms will hardly get along. This is none of your concern, though. Anyway, if you are meant to be, you are meant to be. And finding a partner is the last concern you have right now.

Spiritual Awakening and the Law of Attraction

Something is enticing about the Law of Attraction to people on social media as it is marketed as an instant solution to small and big problems. Who doesn't want “hotfixes” to our problems? This is the reason why the Law of Attraction is becoming popular among people of different generations nowadays.

People do not realize that the Law of Attraction does not work when your goal is to “feel good” or to “find a band-aid solution” for the moment. This law doesn't work like that at all, and most people do not see that yet. People think of the Law of Attraction as a shortcut to having a perfect life. 

The Law of Attraction, when used right, attracts whatever we are focusing on. All thoughts become into things eventually. So, if you are manifesting negative things, you are most probably a negative thinker. On the other side of the coin, if you focus on positive thoughts, your goals, and your purpose, chances are, you are going to achieve them when paired with massive action.

The thing is, for the Law of Attraction to work, one must improve their Spirituality. Spiritual awakening is not a one-minute sprint. It is a life-long marathon. And that fact does not sell to most people causing the Law of Attraction to not work for them at all.

But you, beautiful soul, is on the right track. Although getting whatever you want is not what you are focusing on right now, doing that will be a lot easier for you as you are improving your dharma. Just remember that to be a great manifester will take years and years of spiritual practice and you are starting yours now. Happy manifesting!

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Crystals for Spiritual Awakening

Crystals can be a good companion to your spiritual awakening. They can be used if you want to “level up” and be guided as to what vibration you should be at if you want to attract a particular something in your life. 

Because crystals were formed on the surface of the Earth million or billion years ago, the vibrations of the Earth were retained in them. Now by touching these crystals, wearing them, or even just placing them inside your home, you are able to absorb and harness that energy for yourself. This energy will help us transform holistically.

Here are some of the crystals that you can start off with: 

Dumortierite– This crystal can help you be more patient with yourself. It can help you discover and stimulate your psychic abilities. It also enhances your spiritual intellect because Dumortierite stimulates your third eye and pineal gland. This can also assist you with exploring the astral realms, parallel lives, past lives, and the like.

Charoite– The crystal Charoite activates the heart chakra and merges with the crown chakra. Since one of the phases to spiritual awakening is “The Purge,” using this crystal will help you to move out your old habits and unconditionally love yourself. And since it focuses on the heart chakra, it increases your blood flow while you are on your spiritual awakening.

Celestite– The name of the crystal literally means “heavenly.” Celestite is a good crystal of choice if you want to be connected with the angelic and heavenly realms. It can help you communicate with guides, angels, and past relatives to ask for insights into your spiritual journey.

Labradorite– This crystal focuses on the throat chakra, the crown chakra with the higher heart, third eye, and the soul star. This is amazing for healing powers and communication on all levels. Aside from these benefits, this crystal can also help you with preventing energy tears and leaks in the auric field.

Sugilite – This crystal protects you from negative energies and entities because it is a premier love stone. It also attracts healing and assists you in letting out your authentic self. It focuses on the crown chakra and opens the third eye and soul star.

Kyanite– This translucent pearly sheen crystal has powerful emotional healing powers that can help you work with self-destruction, negative self-talk, and other negative energies. 

Amethyst– The name of this crystal translates to “not intoxicated” in ancient Greek. It helps you heal deeper-rooted issues and overcome toxic habits. This can also create a free-flowing pathway between you and the divine energy and will encourage spiritual exploration and self-discovery. 

Clear QuartzClear Quartz is one of the many popular crystals out there. This colorless gem helps you with balance and can bring you clarity. It is also known as a “master healer” that can be used for a lot of types of ailments. 

Blue Lace Agate– The Blue Lace Agate is connected to the throat chakra and can be used for healing sore throats and other problems on the throat. This mix of pale sky-blue and white crystal helps to calm and balance over-active minds. This can be used by children who are finding it hard to sleep and can also be given to new parents because it brings harmony to mind.

Carnelian– This crystal has the ability to bring the energy of acceleration into your life. In love, it can be used to reignite passion and romance because it carries a powerful sexual and fire energy. It can also be used against laziness, fatigue, depression, envy, jealousy, and other negative energies.

Shiva Lingam– Shiva Lingam is a crystal known for major shifts in energy and consciousness. Its khaki gray with dark-brown stripes and swirls color is used to elevate levels mentally, spiritually, and sexually. As a matter of fact, it is used as a fertility aid and is used as a tool to create enhanced sexual ability.

Spirit Guides

During your whole journey of Spiritual Awakening, you might feel like you are getting a little lost along the way. So, it is important to know that you have your Spirit Guides that will aid you with the right thing to do. There are legions of Spirit Guides just waiting for you to call on them. However, we do not hear them because we don't know how to communicate with them.

What are Spirit Guides? Basically, these are beings that help us on Earth. And because we have to obey the laws of the dimensions we are in, we tend to be under the veil of forgetfulness where we forget where we come from and Spirit Guides actually come in to assist us. They descend their vibrations so they can meet us on our Earth plane.

Each one of us has groups of spiritual guides working in different teams. How do they work? They physicalize by descending their energy. Spirit Guides have to do this while we increase our vibrations so we can meet in the middle.

They communicate through:

Inner Communication – When the Spirit Guides communicate with us through inner communication, we tend to get some kind of an instant download. It is like they are dropping a file into our heads, but it is coming from within you, and they facilitate this inner communication.

Outer Communication– In this kind of communication, Spirit Guides communicate with us through physicalized things like synchronicity, signs, songs, conversations with people, and materialized feathers. A child usually is usually used by Spirit Guides to communicate with us since they are more close to the spirit world.

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Types of Spirit Guides:

Guardian Angels

These are beings from the angelic realm that is pure in vibrations, and most of them have not been incarnated on Earth. So it is safe to say that they haven't taken the baggage of earthly things. They work in a very protective capacity and appear as luminous beings. And if you have developed your third eye, these creatures can blind because of how luminous they are.

Violet Flame Angels

These are angels that are keepers of the violet flame. This violet flame is a spiritual tool used to clear your energy. Just like regular angels, they are high vibrational, and when your third eye is developed, they can be seen with a purple hue.


These angels are from the archangelic realm and are a lot more powerful than angels. They are very close to the source of energy and help us evolve down here. Their power is immediate, and you can instantly tell that they are there. They are also more blinding than angels.

Some archangels include Ariel, Azrael, Chamuel, Gabriel, Haniel, Jeremiel, Jophiel, Michael, Raphael, and Raziel.

(Just a reminder that angels are non-denominational. Meaning they are not associated with any religion.)

Did you know that you can actually call them for help? Read this full guide on how to call angels for help.

Ascended Masters

These Spirit Guides take on a physical form, and they go through a process of enlightenment in a physical body to show others how to do it. Some of the ascended masters we may know of are Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Buddha, Kuan Yin, Master St. Germain, Confucius, and Mother Mary. 

If you are a Christian, then you might remember how Jesus always says that the kingdom is with you, and it is actually his way of saying that the heaven you are looking for is within you all along. He wants you to remember that whatever he has done can be done by you too. 

Elevated Ancestors

Elevated Ancestors are people that came before you that are of the light or vibrated at the light. These are souls that carry your lineage, so they have a huge body of wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation. They will help you heal the negative baggage that you have been carrying from past generations. 

Power Animals

We have had one guardian power animal our whole lives. These spirit animals usually come to us with medicine that we need at the moment and we just need to figure out what they are telling us.

Plant Guides

Plants have wisdom in them, too, and they can guide us through plant medicines. Old trees also have the wisest spirit. They are the most amazing guides, and they are so grounding. So, consider visiting a forest with old trees to try to communicate with plant guides.

Archetypal Energies

These Spirit Guides come in the form of gods and Goddesses and help you with protection and embody the characteristics they hold. Examples of these Goddesses are Hindu Goddesses like Kali and Durga, and they represent significant themes for humanity to help us evolve.

Star Beings

They can also be called “Star Seeds” and they live on different planets and different dimensions. They look at humans like babies, and they are high ascended beings and call with the highest and purest energy. Some of these Star Beings include Pleiadians, Arturians, Andromedan, Lemurian, and Atlantean. They also help the planet with technological advancements. They help with healing in evolved ways as well.

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How to Connect with Spirit Guides?

  1. Conscious Intentions – Saying conscious intentions start your communication with Spirit Guides. You usually just can close your eyes and recite a mantra such as I consciously intent to connect with __________.
  1. Sustained Focus – Spirit Guides will immediately answer your call, and they always come to you when called. What you do here is you concentrate your energy by thinking about them the whole day.
  1. Ceremony – Right after you sustained your focus, you have to concentrate it even more. What can be done here is actually open a light portal where that area can bring in that Spirit Guide. Invoke the Guide by reciting the mantra, “I lovingly call upon _________ to connect with me and assist me today.”
  1. Quiet the Mind – This is the most important step when connecting with Spirit Guides. No matter how much you do to summon your Spirit Guide, you will not be able to hear them when your mind is filled with stuff. So, it is important to do this with a clear mind and a clear heart.
  1. Conscious Projection – This step means literally projecting your consciousness into a place where you want to meet your Spirit Guide. This can literally be anywhere like a room, above the clouds, on outer space, or on the moon. You just need to imagine a place where you and your Spirit Guide will meet in the middle. 

Are Kundalini Awakening and Spiritual Awakening The Same?

Kundalini Awakening and Spiritual Awakening are somehow similar but definitely not the same. Some of us compare these two and wonder which the greater one is. Well, these two are both very subjective, and there is no greater one. Kundalini Awakening can happen even if you are not spiritual. And if you are spiritually awakened, Kundalini Awakening may or may not happen to you. If the phenomenon of Kundalini Awakening does not happen to you, it simply means that you do not need it.

The Kundalini energy is coiled at the base of the spine. And if it is activated, it causes a lot of tingling pain along the spine. This actually clears up negative energies and/ or blockages in the chakras. This causes energy to flow more freely along the chakras.

If you want to learn more, this extensive Kundalini Awakening guide might be helpful to you.

Spirituality in the Bible

Let's talk about the Bible a little bit. If you really understand the teachings in the Bible wholeheartedly, then you can say that Religion and Spirituality are actually somewhat similar and that their goal is the same. Let's imagine that the Bible is like finger-pointing to something (the teachings). Sometimes you can have this illusion that you have that one thing that is being pointed at. 

The thing here is, sometimes you miss everything else except that one thing being pointed at. You sometimes miss the whole point of it. If you put it simply, you do not see and realize how the teachings of the Bible and the concepts of Spirituality have one goal, and it is for you to achieve a higher level of consciousness. 

John the Baptist once said how he would baptize you with water, but there is one coming who will baptize you with fire. This is like saying that aside from him baptizing you with karmic consciousness, Jesus will come to baptize you with fire or a higher level of consciousness. Jesus was the ultimate manifestation, and when the Bible says we need to live like Jesus, it meant that we need to live with a certain level of consciousness like Jesus.

This is also true with other religions. Their point is for people to be at the same level of consciousness. Do not get this whole article wrong, though. It is not one to bash Religion or whatsoever. It just wants to give you the idea of how some religious people are actually not spiritual.

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Some Christians of Christianity

Whether you want to hear this or not, some Christians tend to function at a very low level of consciousness. You may notice how they preach to live and act like Jesus, but they, themselves, do not live and act like Him. They think that they have what the Bible is talking about, but really it is all about the club and their camaraderie. Sometimes it becomes all about the doctrine and the structure.

If you are Christian and you go to church or used to go to church on Sundays, have you ever wondered how many people are addicted to something or what they do after church? Bet you can hear rumors as soon as the mass has ended. Believe it or not, there are people who go to church consistently on Sundays but are not very good for the rest of the week. These are the same people who “preach” and “live” by the Word of God.

You know how some of us have experienced getting lonely in school, and someone approaches you in an attempt to comfort you? And sometimes kids would be saying, “Awww, don't be sad. Stop being sad.” This is how these people spread the Word of God. It is like telling a drug addict to “stop taking drugs.” They are only spreading the Word of God for the sake of just spreading it.

The same concept is applied when someone is sick, and they start suggesting to “just pray.” What really takes place here is everything's happening at a lower level of consciousness. And when you are in a low level of consciousness, you tend to process things in a lower level of consciousness. When you are at a lower level of consciousness, you invite a lot of negative energies.

And so, with this in mind, it is important to remember that Religion is just an inside circle of Spirituality, and it is encompassed within this concept. Remember that all spiritual practices are designed to raise your level of consciousness.

Science and Spirituality: Can They Go Together?

When we think of it, both spiritual scientists and physical scientists are seeking answers to the same question. They are all about finding out the hidden laws of nature and the higher power that created everything. The two mentioned types of scientists are both on the same side of the coin.

Notice how physical scientists try to study the stars through instruments like telescopes and listen to the sound of outer space through radio waves while spiritual scientists gaze at the inner stars and meditate to listen to the music within. One thing in common? They are both waiting in silence.

When you recall your lesson about the scientific method in a Science class, you will recall how the scientific method starts off with observations and identifying a problem. In Spirituality, it can be compared to meditation that helps us come in touch with our level of intuition and revelation and uncover scientific truths.

Science and Spirituality can definitely work together. If you are a person with interest in science, you can get scientific ideas when you spend time alone by yourself. It can be done through meditation and just tuning into your inner core. If you are more of a spiritual person, on the other hand, you can apply some scientific laws to discover and unleash the true power of your body and soul.

Money From A Spiritual Perspective

There is sometimes a question of how we should view money. Money can be viewed in different ways, but from a spiritual point of view, money is not the goal. The goal of spiritual practices is to calm your mind, become peaceful within yourself, and be kind to others.

In mundane life, money is actually good. But, not everything is about money. Money is only a tool for your happiness. However, that does not mean that spiritual people do not need money. It is all about the balance in life.

We can actually transform the whole dynamic and our relationship with money and our Spirituality. The “money talk” can start with a talk in Spirituality. Everything is spiritual because everything is connected to this infinite field we call reality.

With this in mind, we can now eliminate and fix some money myths.

1. Money is the root of all evil.

The old writings of St. Paul were actually pro mystic teachings before Christianity taught us that money was evil. It is a myth to keep poor people poor because of certain beliefs society has made.

2. All rich people suck.

There is this mentality in our world that all rich people suck. When you are rich, you are automatically an awful person. Yes, there are a lot of rich people who are jerks, but there are also poor people who are jerks. In fact, there are more poor people who are jerks compared to the rich ones.

The thing is, money is actually neutral. It doesn't change you, and it just amplifies what is already there.

3. It is all about the deals.

Can you tell how people will spend $1000 dollars for the new iPhone but won't spend the same amount of money for a specialized class? A dinner worth $300 is a way better deal than groceries worth $300. Because of our mindset of lack, we tend to not think about priorities.

4. You have to be a cheapskate.

We create our reality. And if you think that you have to be on a budget to save money and be cheap, you'll stay in the cheap reality.

5. Financial Freedom

Ever since we were kids, we were taught to save up money to be financially free and do whatever we want to do in life. Although saving up is a good practice, it can sometimes be unrealistic. Instead, be financially confident. Being financially confident means that you know to yourself that you can sustain your needs in whatever you do because of your skills and abilities.

When the Law of Attraction is applied here, it will be easier for you to attract money, especially if you are spiritual. The following steps can actually help you attract more money into your life:

1. Focus on Abundance by keeping a gratitude journal
2. Flip the Script by turning negative talking to a positive one
3. Spend in Alignment with your Values
4. Face Facts by accepting that you have needs and debts
5. Smelling Money can also be one way to attract it and be aligned with its vibration
6. Banish Fear of Success

Aside from these tips, you can also meditate twice or three times a day to attract money. A lot of podcasts and YouTube videos are guided meditations to help you with this. You can also recite some affirmations for wealth and abundance.

The thing is, I have a job. How do I stay on the Path of Spiritual Awakening?

Not all of us were born a Kardashian, waiting to be spoiled by stacks of money from our family royalty. Not all of us were born to be heirs of a big-time family company. Not all people are privileged enough to be fed with a silver spoon since they were born. Most of us need to work in order to keep up with the lifestyle we have. Some of us even live paycheck to paycheck and need to work extra hard to live.

With the regular job you have and the environment you are in, a lot of things can trigger you, causing your energy to weaken, making it hard for you to get out of the matrix. Bet you are asking yourself, “How in the hell can I stay centered in my inner wisdom while on a regular job?”. This is actually good that you are asking that instead of “What career path am I going to pursue that supports my spiritual path?”

In this article, you will be given some spiritual self-care tips for you to stay balanced and in tune with your inner self. However, we have drastically different lives so, take these tips with a grain of salt.

1. Rebirth Yourself

When you are experiencing a lot of the symptoms of Spiritual Awakening, and they are making things difficult for you, then it is time to rest. Find time to take a breath and isolate yourself a little bit. Maybe file a leave to fully embrace this transformation you are experiencing. Now, when you feel like you were born again, the following tips will be more appropriate to utilize.

2. Realize that you are NOT the Superior One

Some people who are just starting out their whole spiritual awakening journey may have clothed themselves with this layer of superiority because of the knowledge they know that other people have no idea about. Just because you know something that they do not, that doesn't mean that you are automatically the better one.

When we get triggered by something or someone, we tend to think that they are at fault for how we feel. That is our ego taking over. But the truth is, we are the ones responsible for our emotions and no one else. So, it is best to step back, take a deep breath, process the situation, and deal with it calmly. No one is above nor under you.

3. Breathwork

When you are feeling anxious, nervous, or just too rattled at the moment, it is therapeutic to focus your attention on breathing. Breathing is something we do involuntarily, and sometimes we take it for granted. Having a moment to just sit down and close your eyes while focusing on your breathing can be a big help already.

4. Find a Place to Meditate

No matter how busy you are, always find time to breathe and relax. It is important that you always find a way to meditate for at least 10 minutes. Your ego self might be telling you that you are too busy to even close your eyes for a little bit. It might be letting you feel guilty that you are taking a break. But meditation is fairly simple and can be done regularly. Plus, it gives you clarity on the work you are doing.

5. Do Not Try to Convert Others

Although tempting, do not try to talk about Spirituality to people who are not even interested in the subject. Pushing your beliefs to them is your ego trying to be superior among the people you are surrounded with. Try to stay calm and understand that Spirituality is not for everyone. Just because you're on the Path of Spiritual Awakening doesn't mean other people should be too.

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