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Spiritual Bath And How To Do It?: + 5 Easy Bath Recipes & Rituals!

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Everything emits an energy that is affecting another thing. This energy is what we call an ‘aura' that comes from anything and anyone. It is the transmitter of information between our physical and spiritual worlds.

Daily, we imprint our unique signature aura when we touch things, talk to people or go to different places. And we often pick up auras that can either vibe with ours or disrupt it.

External factors disrupt energy, and this drains our spirits. It makes us feel overwhelmed, unmotivated and even physically and emotionally exhausted.

What you need in these times is a spiritual bath.

We take spiritual baths to restore our tired spirit, cleanse the negativity away from our aura and make us feel recharged afterward. Cleansing the mind and the spirit by taking a bath is a familiar ritual found way back in ancient Rome. People practice this ritual during the phases when the moon is most potent – the full moon or the new moon.

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Some may claim that a spiritual bath is the same as a regular relaxing bath you take after a tiring week. We set it up with candles, bath bombs, a glass of wine, and your favorite movie or series on loop. Yet, there are a few things that make them different from each other. One of these is the intention of the bath.

We clean our bodies with water and soap during a regular bath to eliminate the sweat, bacteria, and dirt that we see. Regular baths may make us feel refreshed, but it does not remove the blockages in our energy entirely.

But, during a spiritual bath, we are cleansing our mind, spirit, and body as a collective. We use herbs, flowers, crystals, oils, salts, and a prayer for a successful spiritual bath. These things charge the water to remove the unseen blockages and awaken our senses.

It is essential to select the right ingredients for the bath based on what your intentions are. And you can set up a relaxing scene using variations of herbs, flowers, crystals, oils, incense, sage, and salts. Also, you can either play music during the bath or not. Other people play nature sounds like waves and flowing water while others like ambient and instrumental music playing in the background.

Benefits Of Spiritual Baths

Similar to Water Manifestation, Spiritual baths ease the tension and soreness of the muscles. Meditation, manifestation, and relaxation can also take place during spiritual baths. Saltwater draws out toxins and bacteria in your body and leaves a fresh and rejuvenated feeling after.

Bathing in saltwater results in the skin's efficiency in absorbing the needed minerals and nutrients to enhance your health and well-being.

Aside from cleansing and relaxing, spiritual baths are also a great way to connect with your spirit guides. Since you are in a relaxation mode and your intention is clear, you can talk to your spirit guides and ask for guidance or protection. You can also give thanks and praise them for all the things they are doing for you.

How to Take a Spiritual Bath and What You Will Need?

So now, you might be wondering how you can start doing it and what you need to prepare for it. Well, let us give you the main steps in setting up for your first spiritual bath, along with some reminders that you should not forget.

  1. Be clear with your intention. You need to know first your purpose in doing the bath and make your way from it. The ingredients that you will need will depend on the intention that you are going to set.

There are ingredients used on different bath intentions, while some are very specific, so make sure to do your research.

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If you want to cleanse away negativity and welcome the positive vibes, the saltwater bath is perfect. You will see the recipe for this later on.

  1. Select your desired time and day to relax. You need to set a time where text messages, notifications, calls, and visitors will not disturb you. Your chosen time is for your relaxation; make it entirely your own.
  2. Fill up your tub with water at a temperature that makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Lukewarm water is the most common, but the water temperature is up to you. Remember, you will soak there for a while; make sure not to burn yourself with hot water or freeze in the cold.
  3. Gather your ingredients. Get your oils, flowers, herbs, salts, and crystals and mix them in the water. Each recipe requires a different set of ingredients, depending on the intention. For instance, you just want to destress. You can put lavender flowers or oil to boost the scent.

In this time, you can also light your candles, sage, or incense and set up your chosen relaxing music. You can skip this one if it distracts you.

Keep in mind that this spiritual bath is for your relaxation and cleansing of the mind and spirit. Distraction may worsen the energy disruption you are already feeling.

  1. Step into the bath and let your body rest for 20-30 minutes. Relax your mind, clear out the negative thoughts and keep your intention clear. You can say a mantra, an affirmation, a prayer, or simply visualize your intention as you drift into a deep spiritual cleansing.

At this time, you can scrub your body with the ingredients you chose or put crystals over your body depending on the recipe you are following.

  1. Rest and take in the renewed energy from the bath. Once you get out of the tub, you can take complete rest and feel refreshed with the energy you now have after the cleansing.

It is advisable to choose a time close to your bedtime to get a complete rest and wake up feeling the massive change in your aura.

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Precautions That You Need To Keep In Mind

Although this practice is common and done by many people, it is still advisable to be cautious and alert with the reaction of your body to the ingredients you are going to use. Some might be allergens for you and may result in harsh outcomes.

Since you can also buy spiritual bath sets from shops, be sure to read the details and ingredients thoroughly. Ask for the hazards and talk to someone knowledgeable about spiritual baths before taking one if you feel unsafe or doubtful.

And always remember not to take spiritual baths every day. Some of the ingredients, although natural, are too strong for the body. It is safer to do it once or twice a month, quarterly, or even annually. Your mind, spirit, and inner guides will tell you when you need to take one.

Five Easy Spiritual Bath Recipes And Rituals

Now that you know the basic steps and precautions, here are five DIY Spiritual Bath recipes and rituals that you can easily do at home and enjoy.

These recipes use different ingredients for different intentions. As mentioned before, your ingredients depend on your chosen purpose, so not one recipe is the same. You can add in or subtract ingredients depending on your desires.

Some of the ingredients are readily available in your kitchen or garden. Some demand more items, but you can always find alternatives and do some more research about the components you can use for your intention.

Natural Ocean Bath

Similar to Water Manifestation, The ocean is the best place to have a spiritual bath. Seawater has an aura-cleansing property that is why it is the perfect, most natural spiritual bath you can ever take. You just have to keep in mind that your intention is still essential during your swimming and relaxing in the sea.

  1. Saltwater Bath

The saltwater bath is the most basic of all the home DIY rituals, and it only requires three main ingredients – your intention, salt, and water.

It gets rid of the dead cells on your skin and exfoliates it, leaving your skin feel renewed. It can also give relief for muscular aches from sore joints and increases your blood circulation.

  1. Fill your bath with water of your desired temperature and add two to three handfuls of the famous Himalayan pink salt or rock salt. This type of salt is best for its beneficial minerals.
  2. Add drops of essential oils that you like. You can choose not to put any if you do not want to.
  3. Soak and scrub your body with salt.
  4. Relax, and do not forget your intentions.
  1. Basil And Orange Bath

Here is another simple recipe that you can do for any intention that you want to set.

  1. Boil lavender, parsley, and basil in a pot of water and steep it.
  2. Please put it in your bath and add the orange slices.
  3. Soak for 20 mins and visualize your intention.
  1. Milk Cleansing Bath

This recipe for cleansing is best before dozing off to sleep. It cleanses deep in your skin and makes you feel light and relaxed.

  1. Fill your bath with water and add an equal ratio of Dead Sea salt and powdered goat’s milk.
  2. You can add essential oils like lavender, rose, and chamomile, but it is optional.
  3. You can also add in some dried chamomile, lavender buds, and rose petals.
  4. Soak and relax your body and mind. Visualize your intention as you deep cleanse.
  1. Oat Milk, Salt, And Honey Bath

For muscle pains and soreness, you can use this recipe and feel some relief. It is also great for exfoliating the skin and purifying it.

  1. Fill your bath with water and add Epsom salt, oat milk, and honey.
  2. You can add essential oils like lavender, chamomile, and rosemary.
  3. Flowers are a great addition, too. Put dried chamomile, lavender buds, and fresh rosemary to enhance the scent of the water.
  4. Soak, relax for 30 minutes and keep in mind your intention for the bath.
  1. Matcha And Coconut Milk Bath
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This last recipe is a bit specific. If you want to spark the fire in you, we advise you to start having this spiritual bath.

  1. Put nettles, cinnamon, blessed thistle, cardamom, red rose petals, ginger, and elderberries in a large pot and steep for an hour. Add it to your tub filled with water of the desired temperature.
  2. Add in coconut milk, matcha, Epsom salt, and rose essential oil.
  3. Soak in the bath and submerge your third eye and crown of your head.
  4. Pump your diaphragm 36 times for three rounds. Your inner fire lives in your diaphragm.
  5. Place carnelian, smoky quartz, citrine, and amethyst crystals on any part of your body that you want to energize.
  6. Relax and remember your intentions.

Protection baths can have basil, rosemary, peppermint, oak barks, ash, or cedar ingredients. You can attract the good by combining cinnamon, honey, lavender, orange peel, and nutmeg. Almost all baths with different intentions have the same ingredients. One component can be added for one intention and used again on another bath with another intention.

These recipes are a few examples of baths that you can take in the comfort of your own home. You can always make your own set or do a quick internet search for businesses that sell spiritual bath sets that you can buy.

A spiritual bath is an excellent way of detoxifying your mind and body, grounding yourself, and setting your intentions. This practice is a perfect addition to your self-care list that you can do spiritually.

It is one good practice that will significantly help you eventually. It is essential to check in on our mental and spiritual health while also taking care of our physical health.

With all that is happening around us – the pandemic, workload, pressure, and the overall worldly stress – taking a spiritual bath is a great way to recharge ourselves. It is a great way to awaken us back to our senses and carry on with our days.

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