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Spiritual meaning of black cat crossing your path: Is it bad luck?

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Do you believe in superstitious beliefs? If yes, have you heard about this: If ever you come across a black crossing your path, it’s better not to go because something bad will happen to you. 

From this, cats have a bad reputation, especially if it’s a black cat. But is there a meaning if you’ve come across a black cat?

A black cat passing your path has always been associated with negativity in spiritual meaning. Many people see it as a sign of misfortune or the likeliness of meeting any unfavorable occurrences.

However, there are people in a few parts of the world who believe seeing a black cat crossing their path brings good luck, and it’s an omen that you will succeed on any task at the moment. In England and Northern Island, they see the black cat as a lucky charm and fortune of money.

Also, some people look at cats as their spirit animals.

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Furthermore, many people see black cats as a source of protection. They think of them as Guardian Angel that watches over them and protects their surroundings and the world.

Here are the other meanings of a black cat if you encounter them in different situations:

Black cat crossing your path origin

Black cats have been associated with folklore and superstitious beliefs throughout the years. During the Medieval Period (500 AD to 1500 AD), negative superstitions have linked black cats with something devil in some parts of Europe. 

Germanic and Norman people originated the idea of a black cat crossing your path will bring misfortune, and seeing black was a sign that death would occur to you or your loved ones. Because of this, many people spread nasty rumors about black cats, and it wasn’t that long before they planned to execute all black cats. 

However, this total eradication of black cats leads to the overpopulation of mice and rats, enabling the Bubonic Plague to spread quickly and cause death to millions of people.

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During the Medieval Period, people fear the use of sorcery. Many innocent women and men were accused of using magic and captured.

People believed that witches used black cats to carry out evil doings and communicate with the devil. Other myths are going on that witches can transform into black cats as their way to hide their identity or cast spells discreetly.

Years went by, and these black cat superstitions traveled to America when Europeans migrated. The persecution of witches and cats still continued throughout Salem.

As a result, the black cat superstition had also been etched in American history, and many people used this as an excuse to mistreat and abuse black cats.

Fortunately, in some places like in Ancient Egypt, black cats were seen as a sign of good luck and fortune. In fact, black cats were worshipped.

Cats in Egypt were associated with God. If you remember, the cat goddess Bastet has a cat part, a woman part, who is a fierce warrior goddess that protected the pharaoh.

It is believed that Bastet would shower good fortune to those people who housed cats.

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During that time, the Egyptians used cats to protect royal food stocks from rodents, and it was illegal to kill cats – the penalty was death. The Egyptian’s warm love for cats was so strong that cat owners would mummify their cats after death, and people should mourn over their death. 

Like the Egyptians, the Japanese were also known for their adornment of cats. If you’re familiar with the Maneki Neko or Lucky Cat, they often used it as a lucky charm to bring good luck and wealth to their business with one paw up waving for prosperity. It’s also common for Japanese women to own a black cat because it can bring many suitors.

What do black cats symbolize spiritually?

Black cat symbolizes wealth and fortune and is considered with high self-esteem. These black cats are sensitive to their surroundings and have contributed to the environment they belong in.

Spiritually, there are two sides a black cat is associated with. It has a negative and positive impact: On the positive note, a black cat spiritually means approaching prosperity, fortune, and luck.

When it comes to the negative one, the black cat is considered a sign of evil, bad luck, and poverty. 

Black cats are depicted in mythical stories as both magnificent and terrible beasts. However, this myth was debunked by the Irish and Scots when they housed black cats and believed they brought good fortunes.

In European civilization, black cats are associated with witchcraft and sorcery; that’s why many people believe they bring bad luck. But in the United Kingdom, they think that if a black cat crosses your path, it’s a sign of fortune.

They said that seeing a black cat can fatten your bank account if you open your door and see a black cat sitting there.

Black cat crossing your path while driving

There’s a general belief behind black cats walking across the front of the vehicle says that it’s bad luck. 

In Japan, they believe that if a cat crosses the street or road in front of you while driving, it can cause bad luck.

There’s also a ritual going on, where some drivers will put a letter “X” on the left side of their windscreen with their right hand in case they see a black cat on their way. They believe that it will nullify the bad luck from this event.

However, in some parts of Europe, they believe that going to the right side means a blessing when a cat crosses your way from the left. Whereas if the cat crosses your direction from right to left, it brings misfortune.

What does it mean when you see a black cat at night?

You might ask yourself what it means when you see a black cat at night and what does it represent? When a black cat appears in your life, make sure you know of the message it brings to your life. 

A black cat at night is always thought of as a bad omen in different parts of the world is a sign that healing energies are entering your life. 

What does it mean when a black cat comes to your house?

When a black cat enters your house, it’s considered to bring good luck and future wealth. Or, at the moment you’re going through any misfortunes, then you see a black cat sitting at your doorway or just entering your house; it’s believed that the black cat signifies that luck is coming on your way.

Some speculations seeing a black cat means bad luck; however, these are only baseless rumors and speculations. In fact, black cats are spiritually considered good omens, and they can depict what the future holds for you.

For example, the universe sent a black cat to you to sign that your bad times are about to end.

What to do if a black cat crosses your path?

If ever you have come across a black cat while you’re walking, the first thing you’ll ask yourself is, what should I do, should I just ignore it? Well, it depends whether you believe in superstitions or not, but if you’re a non-believer of these beliefs, most probably you just continue walking and pretend as if nothing happened.

On the other hand, people who believe in this superstition prefer not to go to their desired destination because if something happens to them, it’s their fault for ignoring the sign given by the black cat. But some people reverse this terrible luck by walking in a circle, then go back across to the spot where you encountered the black cat, and count 1 to 13. Sounds, weird right?

You don’t have anything to lose if you follow this peculiar practice of nullifying the bad luck effect brought about by the black cat. 

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Black Cat Dream Spiritual Meaning

If you had dreamt of a black cat in general, and you didn’t see any other details in your dream, then it’s a symbol of your cynicism in reality. It also means that you’ve lost your faith hope, and you’re feeling disappointed at the moment.

Sometimes, dreaming about a black cat can symbolize your weakness and insecurities in life. It could also mean that you’re afraid of using your instinct and psychic ability.

If you dream about a black cat crossing your path, the meaning is still the same whether or not it crosses your path in real life. Bad luck will follow, so we recommend you not take any trip because something might happen.

But this dream could also have another meaning; it can mean you’ll have a conversation with someone who’s not so pleasant to you.

Another possible dream is petting a black cat. If you had this kind of dream, it means that someone wants to know your life and have control of it.

It could be a family member or other person in your surroundings. You have to be careful and do not allow other people to make decisions for you.

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