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Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Your Name Called In A Dream: Should I Be Afraid?

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Your name has a meaning to you in your waking life, and while in your sleep, it can give you the anxiety to keep your eyes and ears open. The name can appear in your dream in various ways, and it is your subconscious that tries to draw your attention. 

Spiritually, hearing your name called in your dream means that you are on a higher realm of the spiritual path. It could be a connection for you to tune with the angelic world. 

This phenomenon could signal you that you’ve begun to receive guidance from the spiritual realms.

Another reason you hear your name called while asleep is because of the absence of your ego during that time. During sleep, your mind is most relaxed and quiet while asleep.

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Meanwhile, hearing other people’s names in your dream has different explanations. For instance, a married woman hears a man’s name in her dream, and it’s not her husband’s name; it means that something terrible will happen in their relationship.

If you hear someone call your name several times, it’s instead a suspicious dream. Hearing your name in a dream signifies that you’re in touch with your spirituality and harmony with it. 

In the dream, you usually hear the sound of your name, which involves opening up to some opportunities for greater wisdom. Hearing your name indirectly, especially if it’s not called directly, just overhead from conversations, could denote a positive and promising future.

Hearing someone’s name is a sign that someone could affect your life. When you use a masculine name to address someone in your dream, suggest that the person will show directly or indirectly in the future.

Sometimes a dream of someone calling you by the name indicates a minor problem that turned into a serious one. It tells that you’re going through a phase of sexual temptation.

Hearing Your Name When No One Is Calling You

There are lots of reasons why you may be hearing someone calling your name. There are two kinds of perspectives for this: scientifically and metaphysically view.

Starting with the scientific reason, hearing your name being called when no one is around is pretty standard; it has been studied scientifically. 

From a psychological point of view, there’s no direct correlation between this and mental health. Psychologically, hearing your name called when no one’s around is a sort of auditory memory, which is activated and played many times in your brain.

The auditory memory is a brain process that takes information that you hear, whether it’s from someone’s voice, audio, or any other sound. Your brain will store that information until the next time you recall it.

For instance, people that can listen to a song and figure out how to play it on the guitar have an excellent auditory memory. Even animals, like parrots, know how to say hello and mimic different sounds because of their strong auditory memory.

Hence, your auditory memory can replay the sound of someone’s voice by saying hello or by calling your name in a way that’s so energetic that you pause for a moment to think that they are there.

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This state between reality and the dream world is known as the hypnagogic state. It’s where your conscious and subconscious minds meet.

Meanwhile, in the metaphysical connection, it signifies that your name plays a big part in your identity. It signifies who you are in the physical realm.

Therefore, if you hear your name being called, the most common reason is that a spiritual being, like a loved one, an angel, or even your higher self, wants to get your attention.

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From the metaphysical perspective, hearing your name is like tapping into the spirit realm through clairaudience through your throat chakra or the energy center that allows you to hear the spirit and receive guidance messages.

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When you hear your name, it is the entrance point to receiving guidance. It’s like an initial alert, like a telephone ringing that lets you know that there’s someone on the other end of the line who wants to talk with you.

Again, it is the hypnagogic state, and when you’re at it, your ego-mind is more receptive to allowing messages from the spirit to flow through that would be screened out. 

A part of your ego-mind will focus on the awareness in the physical plane, but when your ego is half asleep, the higher spiritual realms will flow through you.

So, if you hear your name while you’re laying in bed, before you sit up and look around, take a moment to relax to your hypnagogic state, which it’s a state of almost sleeping but still retaining consciousness and with your eyes closed, feel the energy around the room. Notice if you can perceive any different quality of energy in your room.

If you notice an incredible light, focus on that. That’s how angels appear within your mind’s eye. The higher the spiritual beings can alert you to their presence when you start to look for it.

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Their energetic symbolism is the light, high frequency, and calm presence. But if you focus on the presence of something in your space that’s negative, you’ll get freaked out or scared.

Meanwhile, if your energy is clear and you’re in a relaxed state of warmth and love, the beings will resonate and align with your angels. When these beings reach out to you by calling your name, they do not remind you that they’re with you but call out for attention.

After hearing your name, the next step is to clear your mind, open your heart, and focus on the central core of light. 

Allow your mind to relax and your heart to open. Just observe, and with more guidance, insight, and messages from the spirit can flow through to greet you.

When a spirit is calling your name, it’s a sign that there’s more to it. The fact that you hear your name means that you can hear and receive more profound guidance.

Woke Up To Someone Calling My Name But No One Was There

Have you been scared and woke from sleep when you heard your name being called while asleep? Not only you have experienced this kind of situation.

Waking up as if someone is calling your name means that there’s something about you that you don’t like. No matter how much you’ve tried to change or keep, nature itself will make you realize that you can’t go through life being pleasant to everyone.

When you dream of a voice that calls your name aloud, it signifies an alert that tries to show itself in various ways to make you realize that you have a problem with your inner voice and you don’t hear what you need to do. It indicates concern, like when you are awakened by a voice that calls you out loud or someone calling your name.

Usually, dreaming that someone calls you and wakes you up indicates that you’re not worried about something.

In the dream world, it indicates fear of something. Something in your life produces fear within you that is starting to get control.

Try to find out what’s causing this fear and resolve it as soon as possible.

People will wake up because they hear someone calling them in their dream. They will wake up from agitation, sweating, or feeling anxious, which means they are in danger of losing their lives.

If the voice is from a family member, it signifies that someone in the family is going through a rough time and needs your help.

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