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Spiritual meaning of knocking on the door: Hidden message

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When you hear a knock on your door, your initial response would be to know who’s at the door. But what if no one is at the door? What would you feel?

Of course, you’ll feel frightened because it’s not normal to hear a knocking sound on the door when there’s no one in the door. However, there’s a spiritual implication to this, like hearing the knocking sound twice, thrice, or even four times.

In the spiritual world, if you hear a knocking sound on the door, it signifies that the spirit of your lost loved one has come around to call your attention. Or the universe is trying to relay a message to you, but you’re not paying attention.

Moreover, it’s also a sign that the portal between the spirit and the physical world has opened. Well, you should take advantage of this time if you want to speak with the spirits. You can easily communicate with the spirits because the portal is opened.

Aside from this, there are other interpretations to this as well.

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Knocking at your door meaning

Since knocking on the door is a message from the universe, you need to make sure that you understand all the hidden messages the universe is telling you.

Whenever you hear the knock on your door, here are the following spiritual messages sent to you by the universe.

Hearing a knocking sound on your door means that God wants to save your soul and forgive all of your sins. From the biblical perspective, it’s a sign that God calls your soul to be saved from all your sins and rebellions.

If you read the bible, God compared the heart to a door that needs to be opened. That’s why God said that he’ll always knock on the door of our hearts.

It is the reason God is admonishing you to open up the door of your heart so that you be genuinely forgiven and saved from your sins.

It could also symbolize repentance or a call from God to accept His forgiveness and live a life of divine transformation.

Whenever you hear a knocking sound on your door, it symbolizes that your heart is not yet open to the signs of the spirit realms. The fact that someone knocks mean that the door is locked, and you have the key to open the door.

 Therefore, whenever you hear a knock on your door, it signifies that your heart is not fully open to the spiritual signs of the spiritual world. The universe is trying to communicate with you, but you’re ignoring the signs.

So, from now on, be aware of your surroundings on how you detect spiritual signals.

On a positive note, hearing a knock on your door signifies that something good is coming your way. Most of the time, they are going to happen soon.

That knock on your door makes an expectation in your heart that something good will happen. If you feel optimistic about it, something truly good is coming your way.

However, if you perceive it as a bad thing, bad luck will come your way. It depends on how you think that knock on your door. 

On the other hand, it could also mean that you have the power to shut off negative people from your life. The knock represents someone trying to access your life, but you haven’t given them access.

No matter how overwhelming the pressure of people around you, they don’t have the power to control you or force you into something. For instance, you’re battling with peer pressure, the knock on your door can encourage you to resist negative pressure from getting into your life.

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The universe tells you that you have the power to decide for your good, the things that should stay or stay out of your life.

 Whenever you hear a knock on your door, it means that your soulmate is just around the corner. It’s only applicable to unmarried people. If you’re married, then this sign is not for you.

So, if you’re single and looking for your soul mate, then a knock on your door indicates that your soul mate is coming to find you. Therefore, you have to open your door and allow your soul mate to find you.

When you open your door (your heart), it will only take a few days before you physically connect with your soul mate. When you hear a knock on your door, it could be a beginning of a blossoming love that you never thought would come into your life.

Sadly, this sign could also mean that someone close to you has just died. But before you can make this assumption, you have to wait for the call, but if you don’t receive a call, it could mean something else.

If it happens, the universe will assure you that you’ll have the strength to carry on and survive during this challenging time.

Another possible symbol of this is that you need to open that door to unlock your hidden potential. You have a sudden surge of confidence in your heart; that’s why your inner self is knocking.

Hence, you need to open up that door and let out your hidden abilities and potential.

Two knocks on the door meaning

If you hear not just one but two knocks on the door, then it means that your soul mate is patiently waiting around the corner. In the spiritual world, the number 2 signifies love and mutual feeling.

The number 2 is a symbol of twin flame and marriage; therefore, whenever you hear two knocks on the door, it’s an indication that your soul mate has come to search for you.     

Three knocks on the door meaning

When you hear three knocks on the door, then it means that it’s the right time to align your soul with your spirit. It’s the way of the universe to help you become spiritually sensitive to the signs.

If you ignore the signs, you’ll hear three knocks to help you hear it well.

The number 3 symbolizes the union of the soul, spirit, and body. Therefore, when you hear three knocks on the door, it signifies that you need to align your soul with your spirit to make it spiritually sensitive.

It's what the universe is telling you.

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Four knocks on the door meaning

When you hear four knocks on the door, it could be a sign of consistency. If you’re going to achieve what you want, you have to do it passionately. It’s the main reason you hear four knocks on the door.

Moreover, when you hear four knocks, it symbolizes that you should keep consistent in expressing your skills, abilities, and talents.

The number 4 is a sign of stability in your mind, so when you hear four knocks on your door, the universe tells you to be responsible for your actions, choices, and emotions.

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Don’t allow peer pressure to affect your decision-making.

Five knocks on the door meaning

Whenever you hear five knocks on the door, it’s a sign that a change is coming your way. Therefore, you should be prepared for the significant change in your life.

No worries, it’s always a positive change, so you should be excited.

Knocking on window spiritual meaning

It’s bizarre for people to knock on the window, but birds do. There are several reasons a bird hits on your glass windows.

 One primary reason could be that the bird sees the sky’s reflection on it. In this case, the bird knocks on your window because it thinks it’s the continuation of the sky.

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When a bird is knocking on your window, there are several meanings behind it. One of them is there will be a significant transition that’s about to happen in your life.

Or, you’re facing some challenges that aren’t over. On a positive note, it could mean that your problems are coming to an end.

Moreover, it could also mean a message from someone in heaven – someone dear to you. Therefore, paying attention to this hidden message is the key to deciphering the message that God has given you.

When someone, particularly a bird, knocks through your window, it could be a sign that you’re worrying too much about your finances. And this thought will take too much of your mind and time.

This particular sign could manifest in both dreams and reality. In both cases, they serve as a reminder of God’s incredible power to give all your needs.

Unfortunately, it could also mean that death is knocking on your door. It’s because a bird should fly outside the open air; that’s why it’s unusual for a bird to come to your house and hit your window.

Some people say that it signifies a fleeting life.

They believe that death will occur, especially if a blackbird hits your window. People believe that the blackbird signifies the dark hands of death have come over to take one of your relatives.

It’s up to whether to ignore these superstitions, especially if it means the death of a loved one. It’s best to be cautious and look for a solution to prevent it from happening.

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