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Spiritual meaning of not dreaming: Is it a normal thing?

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Are you frustrated with not remembering your dreams after you wake up? What more if you don't dream at all?

Dreaming in your sleep is a blessing. God gave us this ability for one reason: He gives us visions or signs that something will happen in our lives, and we need to be careful of that problem. 

If you know the story of Joseph in the bible, he has this gift of dreaming. It is one way of God communicating from the divine realm to the human realm.

Some dreams gave clear messages to the dreamer, while other dreams were symbolic in that they contained images and needed to be interpreted.

Like in modern times, people get inspiration from their business ideas through their dreams. They treat it as some sort of guidance and direction.

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Unfortunately, people who cannot dream have a lot to miss.

Why do I not dream any more spiritual meaning?

While some people say that they have never dreamt since their birth, others have reported that they are gradually losing their ability to dream. Something happened has led to this, but no matter what happened, God can still reactivate and restore your ability to dream dreams while asleep.

Your inability to see dreams when sleeping could be caused by the following:

Spiritual dormancy

You can compare it to a candle that is once lighted. You have a candle, yet there's no fire on it.

When a man isn't interested in spirituality, everything related to it won't happen. If you're in a state where you hate spirituality, then you're unable to dream dreams.

Having an unregenerate soul

The natural man is born with an unregenerate soul. Therefore, he cannot appreciate any spiritual-related things.

He lives and feeds in the Flesh. The soul of a natural man is not yet activated for things that have to do with spirituality.

Everyone who does not believe in Holy Spirit is not saved and filled; therefore, its soul is still unregenerated. It's one of the significant causes why one cannot dream dreams in their sleep.

The Holy Spirit saves a person when he/she is baptized. Their soul receives life and gets activated to wander and experience the supernatural realm entirely.

Spiritual Weakness

When a person forgets doing his/her spiritual disciplines, such as studying the bible, praying, and fasting, they may have a spiritual weakness.

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To maintain your spirit active, you need to engage in activities that can help build you spiritually. Make sure you have some time to talk to God, read the word of God, and go to church.

There are no substitutes for these activities. If you neglect them after some time, the effects will gradually manifest, and it starts like the inability to dream dreams when you sleep.

As humans, we are good at keeping our bodies in shape, and that's very good. However, we should not forget to enhance our spiritual self, which is more important.

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Living in and feeding the Flesh is the simplest and fastest way to go up the ladder of spirituality. If we take pleasure in committing sins and feed on things that separate us away from spiritually, we should not expect to retain the ability to dream a dream when sleeping. 

And worst of all, it can lead to total vanishment of the dreaming ability of a person.

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Not filled with the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is like a spiritual catalyst that can activate every spiritual ability a man has. So, when we are full of the spirit, we are free from any struggle in experiencing the spiritual realms of life.

Spiritual problems, such as the inability to dream dreams, may stem from when people are not filled with the Holy Spirit; therefore, make sure to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Is it normal to not dream?

As mentioned earlier, some people aren't dreaming from the time they are born. Some are unwilling to talk about it or seek help because they think it's not normal.

According to a study conducted by French researchers, up to 6.5% of people report that they never dream.

Experts call it a sleeping disorder, but there are things that merely science cannot explain. There's nothing normal when you cannot dream when sleeping.

Is not dreaming a sign of depression?

The probability of not dreaming, which leads to depression, is minimal. Even a person is depressed going to bed, there’s a probability that they can dream because it's their way to express and release their feelings.

Spiritual meaning of forgetting dreams

While some people don't dream in their sleep, most people forget their dreams, and it's frustrating. 

People who don't remember their dreams could have problems with being restless. Chronic pain, tiredness, and not getting enough sleep can lead to forgetting dreams and not even remembering that you dreamed.

If you tend to forget your dreams, you don't have a strong connection with your dream. It could also mean that you don't take your dreams seriously and don't have an emotional connection to them.

Reasons for forgetting dreams

Every person dreams, but some people claim that they do not dream. Some people forget their dreams.

Well, here are some reasons why you forget your dreams during sleeping:

Not paying attention to dreams

One of the main reasons people forget they dream is that they did not pay attention to dreams, never tried to recall them, or did not think about them.

So if you have a problem remembering your dreams, you should be more focused on them and try to be more interested. If you don't care about your dream, you'll get more likely to forget them.

Dream rarely

People who rarely dream throughout their lives usually find it difficult to accept or understand the contents of the unconscious part of their behavior. For example, they communicate with their unconscious mind but have a wiser personality.

In comparison to people who are good at dreaming, they also have a good judgment with their unconscious part of the psyche from where they can get valuable information to correct misbehavior.

It also helps them make the right decision at the right time.

It means that people trying to talk to themselves are discovering new things about themselves and constantly thinking about their wants, usually when remembering their dreams, because they are more linked to their subconscious mind. 

You're more likely to forget your dreams if you don't see the important part; instead, you see these dreams as a coincidence that you can't control. However, these dreams are the product of our creative minds and are not there for no reason.

Forgetting dreams

If you dream relatively often but don't mind it and you stop remembering your dreams at some point, it's most likely you've come to a point when unconscious contents became unacceptable.

Your conscious part of the brain has a strong resistance where you begin to erase the dream since it's too bothering for the conscious psyche.

Meanwhile, people who are good dreamers tend to forget their dreams because of the fatigue of the unconscious psyche. Hence, it's necessary that the unconscious psyche also needs some rest to not produce energetically intense dreams that carry essential messages.

People who forget what they have dreamed usually don't feel any emotional connection toward their dreams, or they are too emotional, and their mind decides to put this dream aside.

Being exhausted or mentally stressed can also lead to forgetting dreams. If you are overworked and you never rest, your mind won't have the energy to function correctly, and it will start to forget things like dreams because it will focus more on things you're stressing about.

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If you have a tough life and don't have time for yourself, it can also lead to forgetting dreams. You have many tasks on your hand, and you don't have the time to sleep.

That's why you can't remember your dreams.

Sometimes, people who are going through many bad things are likely to forget their dreams because it reminds them of the bad things. It's called a self-defense mechanism, which is normal.

Meanwhile, some dreams are irrelevant and have no meaning for us. That could also be a reason someone forgets their dream because it's irrelevant.

If you forget your dream, it means that you can't know the message or meaning of that dream. Therefore, you can't enter your subconscious and can't see the signs your mind keeps away from you.

Perhaps, you're not trying hard to dig into your mind and discover things you didn't know that are existing.

People who refuse to know their true selves don't know their real personalities, and they often forget about their dreams because they don't find them necessary.

This kind of behavior can cause forgetting dreams because these people don't understand why they are in that situation or why they think or feel that way. The key to all of this is to get to know yourself about your emotions and feelings.

If you don't know what makes you angry, how are you supposed to change it?

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