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Spiritual meaning of Wind: Symbolism, Literature, and Dream

The wind is invisible to the naked eye, but you can effortlessly feel its presence wherever and whenever. Nowadays, humans have discovered how to harness or utilize the wind to produce electricity and power turbines that signify man's triumph over nature.

The wind comes in different forms, which can be gentle or destructive. The wind is a force of nature that can symbolize many things.

One of the many symbolisms of wind is change. The wind is a force that has the power to change things. The wind of change goes on with the change in your life. It could mean the flow of life and how life continues despite the challenges.

It also represents firmness about yourself and controls your life to prevent you from being swayed to different changes. In other words, you should not just follow the direction of the wind but do also what your mind speaks to you.

To do this, you need to develop yourself by working hard and ensuring you've done everything before going to the next phase. Take note that you will face various changes in your life, whereby some can be good to your life or disappoint you.

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Spiritual meaning of wind blowing

Wind symbolism comes in different interpretations, depending on the type of wind you're experiencing, and one of the most common is when it blows.

A wind blowing represents the flow of life. The wind is an invisible force that represents the flow of life. Like the flow of life, you cannot go against the strength of the wind.

You can oppose it; that will not go too well if the wind is strong. Or you can decide to go with the flow and let yourself go. The same goes for the flow of life, and it can be observed daily with every second passing by.

It goes on without even realizing what it has done.

Since the wind always blows from a specific direction, there are many types of wind. Some winds are chilly cold, especially from north and east.

Other types of wind will be warm and pleasant but usually brings them a specific weather change. For many years, people have tried to determine the direction of the wind. It is to predict what the weather will be like for the day. 

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Nowadays, people use advanced technology to determine wind directions. However, before, farmers had to rely on their instinct, knowledge, and experience to know the direction of the wind.

On the other hand, as the new wind sweeps in, it brings change. This change could be symbolic and prominent.

Usually, this change manifests itself in the change of weather. For instance, the northern winds usually bring cold and chilly weather, while southern and western winds deliver wet and warm weather.

It's why you also perceive the wind to be a symbol of change. As the wind changes direction, some specific changes will happen in an area, especially during short-term weather. 

The wind symbolizes spirit. The wind is invisible, and you can't touch it, just like the spirit. It's the elusive force, making it hard for you to understand and acknowledge it.

That's the reason you sometimes tie the wind with your spirit. Your spirit, like everyone, is perceived to be an invisible and untouchable entity.

The spirit will leave the body when a person dies, and people can't capture them. The spirit is an elusive quality that you cannot put your finger on it to control.

However, something you know what it is when you talk about it.

When winds get too strong, they can cause destruction or a great deal of damage to affected areas. It either happens on its own or is accompanied by other weather disturbances, such as rain, snow, hail, sleet, and other effects that can cause destruction.

It's why you sometimes see the wind as a destructive force, especially in its more potent form.

According to traditional symbolism, four elements control the world: air (wind), fire, water, and earth. Among these four elements, the air element represents the vital breath of the world.

It's an invisible force that shapes everything it touches. It's a force that has some effects on the world, and in this sense, the vital breath symbolizes the spirit of the world.

Three air signs represent the wind – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. The Aquarius is the most popular air sign in ancient symbolism, which denotes friendship and humanity while other air signs signify love and consciousness.

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On the other hand, wind can be a pleasant experience, especially if it's smooth and gentle. It's particularly true during summer when a gentle breeze of the wind can take the burden off your shoulder.

Wind symbolism in literature

The wind is famous in literature because of how effective it is when setting the mood and tone of the story. In a poem written by Ted Hughes entitled wind, the strong winds that are shaking the house symbolize the uncontrollable power of nature.

Some people might interpret it as something chaotic, and it speaks of how people are left with no choice. However, they have to wait when facing the intense nature of the wind.

The wind can also be used as figurative language to describe how someone feels or acts for something. For example, when you say that someone ran like the wind, it doesn't mean that way.

Hence, it's a figure of speech where you compare someone's speed to the wind because of its fast nature.

Another notable use of the wind is in the movie entitled, The Happening. This psychological thriller film is about people who were mysteriously committing mass suicide.

And the wind here gives an ominous feeling to the movie. At first, the characters think the mass suicides is due to airborne toxin.

However, throughout the movie, the strong and violent winds symbolize Mother Nature's wrath to teach humans a lesson to remember.

Biblical meaning of wind in dreams

Dreaming about the wind has many interpretations because it gives everything invisible but has extraordinary powers. It provides encouragement and movement that can be dangerous at times. 

There are four essential elements in life: water, fire, earth, and windthe latter is the strongest among them all. It has tremendous power because of its extraordinary strength.

In different beliefs around the world, the wind is the breath of God that provides life to every creature on earth.

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However, some beliefs and traditions perceive wind as a source of energy that gives transformation and power. When you dream of the wind, it can signify that you're getting rid of everything that you think is wrong.

You are open to new paths, or it could mean unexpected damage. There are other details you can see in your dream when you see the wind.

Seeing a wind blowing means that it's the energy you get while you sleep. You have to know that there's freedom for this, and you have a high level of enthusiasm to do things you want without suffering too many problems.

Meanwhile, if you dream of the wind blowing in your face, it has something to tell you about your mental state that you aren't aware of. Because of this, it creates more layers of suffering for you, and you may not enjoy the life has to offer.

A gentle breeze in your dream indicates that you have to take a break to ease your mind. A dream like this signifies that the following months will be serene and peaceful.

Another dream is hearing the wind in your dream. This dream symbolizes that there's an excellent opportunity coming your way.

The sound of the wind that's blowing your ears can trigger memories in your mind, usually happy ones, and they can make you smile.

A dream of the wind blowing your hair denotes joy and pleasure. You're going to experience new opportunities that you can enjoy, and they're coming your way, so you have to be patient.

Seeing a strong wind that can knock down a building means you have no control of your personal life. Whenever the wind blows, it will knock everything down.

Like when you have a challenging problem, it can let you down. However, having strong willpower and courage can help you overcome it and have complete control of your life.

When you dream of wind and rain, it means that you will finally reap what you have sowed. It would help you if you plan on spending or having good management of your finances.

You don't have to stand out as a financial expert, but it would help you understand the benefits of saving money.

A strong wind in your dream indicates that you have to review your plans to achieve your goals. There's a possibility that everything will go wrong, and you didn't expect it.

It would be best to wait for a little while when things weren't favorable.

A weird dream you can think of with wind is flying with it, or you're being carried away. This dream signifies a new life cycle or stage.

It will be a path that can make you feel good. It's like, every day is a new beginning, and you have to enjoy it.

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