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Spiritual Touch Meaning: A Sign of Healing and Restoration

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When you pinch the skin on the back of your hand, then release it, it will go back to its form. The skin protects and offers the sense of touch wherein you can experience the world. Nowadays, touch and religion can create troubling associations, but I want you to reimagine touch as holy and can be used in spiritual practice. So, what does spiritual touch mean?

Spiritual touch signifies communication, transfer, and reception because the activity of the entire body is collected into the arms, the hands, and in the word, interior things. It's because the arms or hands signify power, and the hands it signifies whatever is about the man. All the outer senses, such as hearing, sight, taste, and smell, are connected to touch.

Touch is the first sense you experience. You grow in the physical touch of your mother, and touch is your first means of communication.

Touch is also a metaphor for emotion. You might say something is touching, or you know how someone feels.

Both through sight and touches, you experience and process the changing world.

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Furthermore, touch is central to your human experience; however, there's no getting away from that; you cannot touch God. But can you connect with God through touch? What's the meaning of divine touch to make it a spiritual practice?

Meaning of divine touch

 A Divine touch is a heavenly touch. It is the touch of power and transforming touch.

It is a touch that generates change, and it is different from an ordinary touch of a friend or colleague. A touch could be by laying of hand or through spoken words.

If your read in Genesis 32:24-26, Jacob came back from the foreign country where he had gone to live after a tense relationship with his brother, Esau. His brother was determined to get revenge, so he went with his men to meet Jacob.

However, while Jacob was waiting, a man started to wrestle with him. He wrestles with the angel of God, and at the daybreak, when he prevails, the angel of the Lord touches his hip and gives him a new name.

This touch of God on Jacob has settled the problem between him and his brother. His brother Esau instead of destroying him welcomes him with an open arm.

In Exodus, when God delivered the children of Israel from Pharaoh, He did so many signs and wonders, such as in Exodus 8:19. In King 1 Kings 19, the BibleBible talks about the touch of God upon Elijah; Elijah was discouraged where he became depressed and wished he was dead.

He felt that it was over, so he rested under a juniper tree; he received a touch from heaven. 

This touch of God has raised him, and what a great ministry followed after that divine touch. Any inactive area of your ministry will come alive with the touch from heaven in Jesus' name.

Meanwhile, in Mark 5:25-34, there's a story of a certain woman who had a blood flow for 12 years, then suffered many great things from different doctors. She had spent all that she had and is no better but grew worse.

Imagine the feeling of desperation and hopelessness. 

If you are reading this and fall in the same position as this woman, the divine touch of the Almighty God will reach you today. God is never late, and you live in the natural controlled by time, but God lives in the supernatural where time is by control.

It doesn't matter how long you've been in this situation or when it is the perfect time for God to meet your natural time that will lead to a divine appointment.

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You can read in Mark 1:40-41 another story in the Bible where Jesus's divine touch happens, which says, “A man with leprosy came to Him and begged Him on his knees, “If you are willing, you can make me clean.” Then Jesus was moved with compassion, stretched out His hand, and touched this person, and He said, “I am willing, be clean!”.

It was recorded that the man was cleansed. Whatever conditions you are experiencing today, physical or spiritual, the divine touch from heaven can cleanse you today in Jesus' name.

Mark 10:46 is about the story of a blind man that came to Jesus. Jesus asked him what he wanted, and the man replied if he may receive his sight, and the Lord touched this blind man and received his sight.

Meanwhile, in Luke 7, a widow in the city called Nain. She had only one son, and this son died.

When they bury this young man, the woman is unhappy and sorrowful, but they meet the Lord. Jesus stretched out his hand, touched the coffin, and the man got up and became alive again. 

In summary, the divine touch for Jacob represents reconciliation; for the Israelites, it means deliverance, and for Elijah, it denotes restoration and reassurance. For the woman with blood issues, it was because of the transformation touch that she was made whole.

The touch of renewal for the leper because his flesh came back again, and all his leprosy was gone. For the blind man, it represents recovery since he regained his sight.

For the son of the widow, it symbolizes resurrection.

People are all looking for the touch of the Lord, reconciliation if there's a conflict, restoration when there's discouragement, and righteousness when you feel burdened. Reassurance when you feel incapable of what the Lord is calling for you, renewal if you're sick, recovery if you are blind, and resurrection if anything is dead in your life.

The divine touch can save a sinner, heal the sick, and deliver the oppressed. It can sanctify the believer, strengthen the weak, and restore those who have gone lost.

Moreover, it can empower the people of God and recreate you to conform to the image of Jesus.

Angel hands touching meaning

Your guardian angel may reach out to you from the spiritual realm and into the physical world to touch you while you're contacting them during prayer. It could be a hug of encouragement, a breeze indicating guidance, and a feeling of someone sitting beside you.

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When your guardian angel senses a moment, especially where you need encouragement, your angel may embrace you in a way that feels like another person is hugging you, but there's no one there.

You may experience the embrace the same way you feel a human embrace, such as someone holding your hand, rubbing your hair, patting your shoulder, or hugging you.

You may experience this hug when you are praying or meditating about something that's causing you great pain, like trauma that you've experienced. And since angels are full of warmth from the light that they radiate, you might feel a sudden warm sensation during your prayer or meditation time.

This kind of touch conveys a message that your guardian angel is watching over you and cares for you.

The angel that works within the light rays contains electromagnetic energy. When your guardian angel is communicating with you, you might feel that energy is touching you, as if an electric current is flowing through the body.

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Though the sensation is powerful, it will not hurt you as high-voltage physical electricity could. Like the meaning of an itching ear, the guardian angel that touches you is a way of communication designed to encourage you to make an action that God wants you to be.

Spirits usually present themselves in the physical world like wind, so your guardian angel might touch you as a gentle breeze that brushes your face or ruffles your hair.

If you are praying inside with no windows open, you'll know that any sudden breeze likely came from your guardian angel. Another telltale sign is the air movement that affects you but nothing else, such as papers on the nearby table.

This kind of touch indicates that your guardian angel is bringing some news or guidance that it wants to convey to you. When your guardian angel touches you, you can feel the warm sensation of rich liquid pouring over you.

Your angel might touch a part of your body, like your head, or you may feel the liquid sensation encompassing you. This kind of touch is a message that is meant to convey a deep unconditional love.

Angels work within the light of rays that contain electromagnetic energy. When your guardian angel wants to communicate with you about an important matter, you might sense that the energy is touching you as if an electrocurrent is flowing through your body.

Despite being a powerful sensation, it doesn't hurt you, unlike the high-voltage physical electricity would. Your guardian angel touching you this way is a way of communicating designed to encourage you to make an action that God wants you to do.

Lastly, you can feel the physical presence of your guardian angel wherever you are praying or meditating. You could feel the impression of someone sitting there, such as creases on the sofa or bed sheets.

Your guardian angel is sending you the message that they are listening carefully to your thoughts and feelings.

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