Stones For Aries: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses -

Stones For Aries: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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Mars, the red planet, rules the Aries zodiac star. Aries's behavior is impulsive, brave, and enthusiastic who is always looking for new adventures. They are eager to take on new challenges due to their boldness and indecisiveness. These Rams' hard exterior will make it difficult for them to open up to others. There's always a fear for them in looking vulnerable or powerless.

8 Best Stones for Aries

Individuals with Aries sign have a hard time when it comes to giving up. It can be hard for them to let people make the decisions for themselves. Their dominance sometimes results in them locking horns with those who stand in their way. Aries ensures that they will push the boundaries far beyond what they can endure. Here are the best stones for individuals with the Aries sign:

  • Diamond

Diamond is a stone of knowledge and simplicity, and it is among the most valuable minerals. Although the Ram has been proficient at achieving their objectives, their single-mindedness will lead to delays due to unforeseen hurdles. Diamond offers an inner glow that assists Aries in focusing on its flaws and avoiding setbacks. 

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The birthstone for April is the diamond, which is also the gemstone for the sign of Aries. It encourages commitment, trust, and sincerity that can be beneficial to expel any selfish actions that are harming Aries' nature. Similar to Galena stone, Diamonds can also aid in the development of psychic abilities to connect in your inner self.

  • Ruby

Ruby is the gemstone of Aries and Mars, which is the planet it is bind with. It serves as a strong mineral for Aries. Once you feel that you lack interest in a project, you can become agitated or reckless. Ruby's positive effects will assist you in regaining your stability. It enhances your enthusiasm and leadership abilities to finish the task.

It also increases your self-assurance and bravery, allowing you to take on more challenging tasks. Many people overlook ruby as a decent stone for Aries. Ruby is a stone of passion that is suitable for the burning desire of Aries to succeed. Rubies inspire romantic love, allowing Aries to spend their attention on their partners other than work.

Learn more about ruby in this Ruby Meaning guide.

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  • Aquamarine

Aquamarine promotes harmony and understanding through its soothing forces. However, it might transform into rage or an insensitive response if the Throat Chakra is out of control. Aquamarine is an Aries stone that activates and regulates the Throat Chakra even while connecting it to the Heart Chakra. It restores your compassion to help you express your feelings in a relaxed manner.

  • Red Jasper

The Red Jasper is Aries' immensely powerful stone that contains grounded energy. Red Jasper encourages you to be more cautious in your approach to different experiences in your life. It promotes stability by connecting with Earth's energy. Red Jasper is a stone of liveliness and strength. It has a gentle stabilizing force that is inspiring to restore vitality to your energy. 

Jasper is good for your spirit that has a strong relation to your willpower. Red Jasper fosters a calm mind, which is beneficial to all Rams. Most people agree that Jasper aids in self-expression, which can help Aries handle challenging social relationships.

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  • Citrine

For Aries, bright citrine is an energizing crystal. It's a great stone to hold close to you while working to avoid feeling exhausted or unproductive. 

Citrine balances your solar plexus chakra to connect you to the energies of progress.

It is also one of the strongest crystals for improving business performance. Citrine also helps you to acknowledge helpful advice and support your receive. This stone will help Aries cope when they felt threatened, so it's a positive complement to your crystal collection.

  • Snow Quartz

The lunar crystal for the Aries constellation symbol is snow quartz. It has a gentle, delicate energy that harmonizes the chakras and yin-yang powers. It strengthens your link to spiritual enlightenment and allows you to see the broader perspective in life. If you're an Aries who always feels frustrated, snow quartz is a good choice. It assists you in striking a balance among your responsibilities and keeping a balanced lifestyle.

  • Bloodstone

Bloodstone is an excellent zodiac mineral for enhancing Aries' favorable lunar attributes. It's also connected to Aries' governing planet, Mars, and Aries birth month March. It provides you enough strength to deal with anything that comes your way due to your limitless energy and leadership ability. 

However, your bold personality can appear aggressive at times. It helps you keep a centered and responsive mindset toward other people by calming your uncontrolled behavior. It also the pillar of courage and determination. It's great for boosting your strength and boosting your determination to succeed.

  • Carnelian

Carnelian is the ideal stone for Aries, who's self-conscious about their capability. It helps boost self-esteem and trust, both of which are necessary if you'd like to continue pushing forward with your aspirations. Carnelian, as a stone of creativity that also can help with your critical thinking. 

It enhances Aries' confidence to solve hurdles, so it's good to promote this at hand. Carnelians has enlightening energy that also aids in the maintenance of healthy, lasting relationships. If you find it difficult to deal with social anxiety, the protective energies it offers are beneficial.

The Metaphysical Benefits of Stones For Aries

Meditation is an excellent way to amplify Aries' admirable characteristics while expelling the negative ones. The solar plexus is the chakra that Aries is most closely associated with. It is valuable for obtaining concentration and calming the mind. Aries-aligned crystals will aid in the development of your path to enlightenment.

Before you begin, place a piece on the chakra you want it to connect, or you can also position the crystals surrounding you.  Aries is a fire symbol, so red and orange candles are a great way as Aries Star sign drawn on them.


Aries stones will amplify your good characteristics while also assisting you in overcoming undesirable attributes.  Aries has a strong need to succeed but make sure not to overdo things. The Ram is famous for its pleasant disposition and principle of fairness, despite its tendency to be harsh on oneself.

This post about Aries Birthstones is a good place to start if you want to learn more about Aries.

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