Sun Conjunct Pluto: How To Navigate With The Light of the Sun Through The Darkness of Pluto? -

Sun Conjunct Pluto: How To Navigate With The Light of the Sun Through The Darkness of Pluto?

What Is The Significance Of The Sun?

The Sun is what defines us as a whole. It is what we are in general. The Sun is the center of the Solar System. To liken this in our natal charts, the Sun is the center of everything. The center of our personality. Knowing someone’s Sun sign is getting to know them in general. The Sun is the identity of a person.

And Pluto?

Pluto is the last planet (let’s call it a planet for the sake of astrology) in our Solar System. We know how the Sun doesn’t light on the planet. It’s a cold, unforgiving, and bare planet. It is a mysterious planet. Dark and secretive, some people may find it hard to face Pluto. Pluto represents our transformation, rebirth, and change for the better.

And what do you think will happen if two opposite planets conjunct?

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Sun Conjunct Pluto Transit

Sun conjunct Pluto transit can be chaotic. This transit is the season where a lot of drama may happen. Expect significant changes that you do not expect. Be prepared for the intense turntables that may happen. Sun conjunct Pluto means that you ought to see the truth that you refuse to see. It can be an ugly truth. It can also be the cold and brutal truth. 

Either way, the Sun conjunct Pluto will show you the things you keep in the darkness. You will face a dark side. You may face your dark side. You may encounter the dark side of your relationship with people. It depends. But one thing is for sure: you will get to face head first the things left in the darkness.

This transit is the season where you should address the things that you want to remain hidden. It is also the perfect time to change your darkest side and ugly side. Since Pluto governs transformation and growth, addressing these things will benefit you in the long run.

It’s also time to remove the things that are no longer serving you. To address your dark side, you should remove the items hindering the light from entering it. Try to clean your room. You can even start decluttering your storage area. Remove what is no longer helpful to you. This notion can apply to people as well.

It is also timely to face any severe relationship problems that you have during transit. Since you will see the complexities that you tried so hard to keep, every conflict will become more evident to you this time. And if you cannot fix it, it is time to leave it be. It signals the time to move towards the new things that will enhance your inner self. 

It would be complicated and even painful when you get to face these things. But changing something that you don’t want in yourself will be rewarding in the long run! After all, the Sun is always there to guide you. You will find yourself to be working on your true self when you overcome this challenge.

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Sun Conjunct Pluto Natal

People who have Sun conjunct Pluto in their chards are ever-changing. They view “identity” as a sham. They believe that identity doesn’t exist because change is constant. Everyone changes. To not change is not to live at all. These people highly value growth and transformation.

They believe that a person is a flowing river. It starts flowing on the mountains, then down on the ocean. It is ever-flowing. A person should not remain stagnant and should not cage themselves in a situation. A Sun conjunct Pluto person does a lot of self-reflection and self-analysis.

These people are also experience-hungry. Being an advocate of change, they firmly believe that “experience is the best teacher.” So they embark on every journey, dangerous or not, to gain experience. Mundane and normalcy bores a Sun-Pluto person. They like the thrilling and exhilarating ride of life.

You might find that Sun-Pluto people have valuable insights into everything. They have a knack for getting to the point of the problem. Sun conjunct Pluto people are highly skilled in reading a person. They may come off as mind-readers or even spies. They can uncover what lies underneath a person. And they will not stop until they find out.

With this, expect that Sun conjunct Pluto person is a truth-seeker and a person to whom you should not lie. These people can smell something fishy the moment they feel something. And once they feel something, they will not stop proving it. They want to prove themselves right, often because they are right constantly. 

Their quest for searching for the truth can be very harmful to them. It will become the habit of these people to prove everyone wrong. It can be very exhausting. Worse, this can result in obsession in the pattern of mistrusting people. 

What’s even disturbing is that these people can resort to manipulation and gaslighting to prove their point. With these, Sun conjunct Pluto people may have a lot of admirers. Who wouldn’t? They are always right. But they can gain numerous enemies as well. Who wouldn’t? They always like proving people wrong.

Their fear of betrayal and backstabbing is where their truth-seeking habit may stem.  For these people, it is better to uncover the mistrusting nature at first alarm before letting it stab you in the back soon.

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In Conclusion

Sun conjunct Pluto people have a high drive to learn the truth. It is better to approach them without any hidden agenda. If you do, you will find yourself in a cobweb with a giant spider coming for you. Sun conjunct Pluto people are brave. They are fearless in navigating any turning point of life. And the rewards of that are priceless to them: experiences and lessons. 

They might struggle to find out what is bad for them. These people may have a hard time facing their dark side. Even harder if they try to remove them, believe me when I say that they are trying.

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