Sun Conjunct Uranus: Fusion Of Stubbornness And Open-mindedness -

Sun Conjunct Uranus: Fusion Of Stubbornness And Open-mindedness

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Sun traits

The Sun has been the center of our Solar System for a billion years now. And it doesn't look like the Sun will cease to be the center soon. It is a source of life not only for humans but also for other lifeforms. The Sun is a bright star that gives us warmth, energy, and brightness.

Like how the Sun is the center of our Solar system, the same is true in astrology. The Sun is the center of our personalities. Whenever someone gets to know us, the first things that they will notice are our Sun. And like the Sun that shines brightly, the same is also true in astrology. The Sun is what shines brightly in our personalities. It is what defines us. 

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The Sun also represents our confidence. It is what makes us shine as well. This bright star is also responsible for our ego, willpower, motivation, and drive.

Sun people are born motivated. This trait is why they focus on their goals, and they rarely get sidetracked. When these people locked their eyes on the purpose, except that they will not look at anybody else. Sun people value individualism as well. They are a confident bunch of people. And sometimes, these traits may come off as selfish as well. This possibility is why these people should stay grounded and do things moderately.

We all know how the Sun is used to represent kings and influential leaders. True enough, because Sun people have leadership skills. Like how the Sun is a source of life, Sun people leaders also shed the same light on their people. When Sun people become leaders, they cheer up their people. They genuinely support them and lead them all together in the right direction. Because of the way they lead, their people look up to them. Sun people inspire the people they lead.

Sun people are gentle and loving. Because they are generous, they would extend a helping hand to those who need it. They are selfless and reliable.

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Uranus Traits

Uranus got its name from the Roman God of Sky. According to history, at first, Uranus is a comet in our night sky. This ice giant is the first and only known planet to rotate on its side. As we take all these facts, we can reasonably infer Uranus's role in astrology. Like the Roman God that rules the boundless sky, Uranus rules free-spiritedness. The gas giant is all about thinking and living outside the box.

Like how its classification changed from comet to planet, Uranus also governs change. We are not talking about minor changes. What Uranus perceives about change is groundbreaking, upside-down change. Uranus rules rebellion and revolution. It even encompasses breaking traditions.

Being the only planet to rotate on its side, Uranus governs uniqueness as well. It promotes expressing yourself differently and being proud of your strangeness. Uranus, unlike the other planets, is not a personal planet. It can only influence the personal planet when they are aligned. But when its influence is high up in the air, expect tables to turn.

Sun Conjunct Uranus

Sun Conjunct Uranus Natal

Similar to the Moon-Uranus aspects, people born under the Sun-Uranus conjunct transit put individualism above all else. They highly value freedom of speech, thinking, and self. These people do not like chains binding them. It is natural for them to break free and think outside of the box. You will always find these people curious about the things that don't make sense to them. These things can be tradition, norm, or a system that doesn't sit well with them. 

Sun conjunct Uranus people are different. This uniqueness extends to their fashion statement with their personal touch. Their views are also different than others. Because of their strangeness, they are pretty famous. Because Sun conjunct Uranus people do not like being tied down, they hate doing any routines. For them, their every waking life should consist of something exciting. If they can bungee jump going to work and fly the next day, they would gladly do it.

Just like the Mars-Uranus aspects, Sun-Uranus conjunct people are highly intuitive. More often than not, they dream often and are into meditation. These people believe that they are in more ways than one to themselves and the world. Sun conjunct Uranus people would find themselves looking through science and technology. Spiritualism and even conspiracy theories may also be their point of interest.

These people are warm to change. People who have Sun conjunct Uranus natal welcome change as a part of their lives. However, you cannot make them change their minds over something they stand for so long. Since Sun conjunct Uranus natal people are individualistic, they would not allow others to change their beliefs. These people even believe that compromise strips away their individuality. 

Hence, these people are pretty hard-headed. When you push these people to do something they do not like, they will harbor resentment toward those people.

People born under the influence of this transit are fun-loving and gentle. But they can also appear to be selfish because they do not tend to give way. More often than not, these people hold on tightly to their sense of individuality and freedom. They can be challenging to handle.

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Sun Conjunct Uranus transit

When this transit happens, prepare yourself for drastic changes that are about to come. You might feel an overwhelming urge to rebel and break the habit. When these feelings emerge, try to take advantage of them by doing something that you are afraid to do. Try to immerse yourself in physical activities, learn a new hobby or even change your appearance. With Sun conjunct with Uranus, everything is possible.

However, one should be well aware that not all changes are for the better. This transit can bring about changes that will disrupt your daily life. There may be beliefs that this transit will destroy. This event can be upsetting and frustrating because a lot of things are changing all at once.

This aspect can also bring us higher intuition and the impulse to be individualistic. When this happens, t is best to meditate and look deep within yourself. Self-analyze and assess yourself and your individualism. This event can bring about surprises. You can meet unexpected people that will change your life. They can also impart unconventional knowledge to you. This transit reminds us to be flexible to change and that life is free-flowing. Change is inevitable.

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