Sun-Venus Aspects in Synastry Chart: Do your characters allows the possibility of a romantic union? -

Sun-Venus Aspects in Synastry Chart: Do your characters allows the possibility of a romantic union?

Sun in Conjunction with Venus in Synastry Chart

Sun and Venus have a mutual and loving connection with each other. The combination of Sun and Venus is favorable in a romantic relationship or even as best friends. Acceptance, respect, and trust are some of the qualities Sun and Venus have in conjunction. This creates a healthy atmosphere between the two planets. 

The Sun person is attracted to the tender and caring nature and emotional qualities of Venus while Venus person is drawn to the values of the Sun person. Both planets provide direction and guidance to their partner allowing them to grow within the relationship. 

When in a relationship, both inspire each other to do better, and their personalities compliment each other, which creates a harmonious relationship. 

Venus person can freely express her love and affection to the Sun person without the fear of holding back. Sun person, on the other hand, have an open mind to listen to the emotional side of the Venus person. When the Sun person feels that Venus's personal ideas are nonsensical, they will add more facts and suggestions to give guidance to the Venus person. 

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Venus admires the Sun person so much that she would do anything to please the Sun person and make him feel happy. 

Venus would give all her love and affection to the Sun person to let him know that what she feels is genuine.

The love and encouragement the Venus person gives, inspire the Sun person to cultivate their true potential, and pursue their dreams in life. The Sun person then becomes more motivated to do better to make the Venus person proud.

The Sun person will stay true to himself and show who he really is, for he knows that the Venus person loves and accept him unconditionally. 

The Sun person, in return, encourages the Venus person to pursue her ambitions and give her a sense of direction. The Sun person will share his dreams and goals in life with the Venus person and would want to make it come true while Venus is in his side, holding his hand. 

Both partners share several common interests. They both love to take pleasure and indulge in life's opulence. Their time spent together is never a dull one, for they both enjoy each other's company.

The love of Sun and Venus is nurturing, supportive, and uplifting that allows both partners to grow within the relationship and become the best version of themselves.

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Sun in soft aspect (trine, sextile, semi-sextile) with Venus in Synastry Chart

Sun and Venus' connection in soft aspects is not as powerful, unlike in conjunction. But the strength of these two planets under in soft aspect is that there is the mutual respect in their relationship. They respect and value each other, which creates a harmonious relationship. The Venus person spoils the Sun with love and affection. 

Both partners support each other and encourage one another to pursue their dreams and goals in life. 

Sun's person is very independent, and having Venus as his partner allows him to express who he really is and fulfill his potential freely. 

Sun person values the creative, loving, and expressive nature of Venus. While Venus person acknowledges and shows appreciation to Sun's values and strength, both partners flourish and grow within the relationship. 

The Sun person has a compelling personality and has a clear direction in life while Venus person has an endearing character and beauty. The individual traits of these two planets have empowered Sun and Venus to do their best in everything they do. 

Venus gives importance to balance, letting the Sun person take the lead in the relationship. Even though the Sun person has a domineering personality, it does not intimidate the Venus person.

Both love to seek happiness and satisfaction in life. They both participate in their hobbies through creative expressions. The Sun prefers theater art, dance, and drama, while Venus loves drawing, painting, and other forms of artistic expression. 

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Sun in Hard Aspect (opposition, square, semi-square) with Venus in Synastry Chart

The hard aspect of Sun and Venus in the Synastry chart can cause problems and disagreements. 

The two planets have different values in life. The Sun person is too focused on gaining status in life and is driven by ambition. At the same time, Venus strives for a balanced and harmonious relationship in which both partners partake in the concept of giving and take. 

This could cause problems in their relationship. They may argue in matters of equality within the relationship, such as sharing resources, money, and spending. The concept of giving and take in the Sun and Venus aspect is draining for both partners. Disappointments may also arise as expectations of one partner were not met. 

The Venus person's values may clash with the beliefs of the Sun person that could start a feud on both partners. Disagreements and conflict may arise in their relationship. 

Because of the strong desire of the Sun person to reach their goals, they may take for granted the Venus person love and affection. 

Venus may become resentful to Sun for not receiving the same amount of love and affection she gives to the Sun person.

Each sign has a tendency to overindulge, which can cause frustration to one another. The Sun person can become domineering and superior. The Venus person can become resentful and aggressive at the same time and tend to play with the feelings of the Sun person, making him do whatever he wants. Venus also has a tendency to become jealous and manipulative. 

If the Venus person becomes fed up by being neglected by the Sun person, this sign can become flirtatious and may leave the Sun person searching for someone who can reciprocate her feelings. 

Venus may view the Sun person as being too egotistical and unaware of the love and affection the Venus person gives to him. 

The Sun person is too goal-oriented that he would not let anyone stand in his way or stop him from achieving his dreams. This could backfire on their relationship, as he may neglect to give time and affection to the Venus person. 

In order to maintain stability and harmony in their relationship, both partners need to make an effort for their relationship to work in this aspect.

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