Sun In Libra: Traits, Characteristics, Weakness, And More -

Sun In Libra: Traits, Characteristics, Weakness, And More

The Sun Sign

Bet you answer with your sun sign when you are asked “What’s your sign?” Have you ever wondered how some people’s Zodiac signs don’t resonate with them? This is because our Sun sign is just one part of our whole astrological chart. What is a Zodiac sign anyway? For starters, a Zodiac sign is a 30° division of the ecliptic. The ecliptic is an apparent path of the sun around the Earth. So, the zodiac is an imaginary belt that follows the ecliptic. In short, a Zodiac is just a celestial measurement system.

So, our Sun Sign is the sign of the zodiac the sun was in when you were born. Why is it the most popular? It is because this is the sign that is easiest to track down. After all, the sun’s motion is stable and regular. And 12 constellations are our zodiac signs, and we have 12 months in a year.  Our sun signs are the ones that are the easiest to make entertainment out of. Notice how daily horoscopes on the radio ever since were based on our sun signs. However, the moon also plays an important role in the aspect of self.

We also look at the moon when we are looking at our natal or birth chart. Well, both the sun and moon represent two important aspects of the self and they are both important. Our Sun sign is the fiery, masculine, outward, outer awareness, and active aspect of ourselves. Our Moon Sign, on the other hand, is our internal, receptive, and feminine part of ourselves.

When we look at the sun, we notice how bright it is and it doesn’t care if you are hot or cold. And when we associate it with our sun sign, it means that this is the aspect of ourselves that shines among others. It shows our vitality, our life force, our interest, and what we are focused on.

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Combined, we are gaining a huge amount of understanding about our experiences in life. Let’s talk about the Zodiac Sign, Libra.

Greek Mythology of Libra

Libra is the sin that lies between Virgo and Scorpio. If we look into the symbols of each sign, we can notice that Libra is the only sign that is not symbolized by a person or an animal. The claws of the Scorpion were the symbol of Libra in the beginning. However, as time went by, astrologers noticed that the Libra constellation looks like the scales held by Astrea.

The Greek Mythology behind Libra is all about Tiresias. Looking into this will help us understand where the traits of Librans come from. Tiresias was the Blind Prophet in Greek Mythology. This is his story.

Tiresias was given a chance to observe a miracle. He sees these 2 serpents in the Goddess’ Hera secret grave. He asked Hera which serpent experiences the greatest sexual pleasure. Hera decided to give Tiresias a little fun and granted him to spend part of his life as a woman to experience both sexes.

After, he was called by Zeus and Hera and was asked a simple question. He was asked which sex he experienced the greatest pleasure. He tried to be pretty diplomatic about it. Deep inside him, he knows his answer, but he didn’t want to give them the answer because he did not want to offend anybody.

Eventually, Tiresias told the truth and told them that the female experiences the greatest pleasure. As expected, someone got offended and that was Zeus. Zeus looked at it as an insult and he stroke Tiresias blind. In Greek Mythology, blindness is associated with inner sight. And with this, Tiresias became a prophet. This is the start of the Zodiac sign, Libra.

Sun in Libra: Your Body Traits

You tend to have features of a cherub's face which is a soft, smiling heart-shaped face, full lips, almond eyes, and full cheeks. You are also blessed with glowing skin because Venus is ruling your sign. This gives you a glow from within but can be ruined with unhealthy habits.

Most Libras are known for their hair, and you are blessed with silky and thick with a natural wave to the strands. Along with this, they also have shiny and smiling eyes. Their top tip is thinner and is often shaped like a bow, and their bottom lip is full.

Because of Venus ruling this sign, Libra women have an ample bust, and a well-defined waist and butt. Libra men, on the other hand, have handsome faces with very good bone structure, and graceful, athletic bodies. They are aware of their physical appearance and ensure that they look their best all the time.

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Sun in Libra: Your Characteristics

Libra has to do with the polarity of life, and you will notice how Libras have a great appreciation for the feminine side of life. This is because they are ruled by Venus. They have an art mixed with attractiveness to women. However, they possess some masculine gifts as well. They have logic and they need a sphere of life where they can put their gifts of life to good use.

You are constantly dealing with the mind because the level of the mind and the level of the heart is Libras’ struggle. They are torn between the two, but that is them finding a balance between the heart and the head. This struggle can cause immense jealousy within Libras.

You are physically appealing to the eyes because you are very aware of how you look. You can be vain but not that vain like Leo. Leos are unconsciously vain, but you are aware of it. You are very conscious of your image and can pinpoint your flaws very easily. 

Libras are known to be obsessed with their hair. Their hair can be very long or short but is very stylish. They are also incredibly creative with things that are appealing to the eyes. These can be with painting, drawing, acting, or dancing. You are kind-hearted and loves building rapport with people. You love the concept of love and are very good in relationships. They are the peacemakers among people in a friend group, a classroom, or a workplace.

Sun in Libra: Your Weaknesses

You can be easily manipulated by people because of how empathetic and compassionate you are. You are very caring that you are willing to go out of your way to help others. Because of your nature and how you are represented by balance, you can be very indecisive. Sometimes, you let other people decide for you.

You also listen to a lot of comments from people, and this may heavily affect you. You feel like you need to be noticed to feel validated. You are very terrified of receiving negative judgments from other people because you can have a hard time accepting them.

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The Best Careers for You, Sun in Libra

  1. TV Personality and Influencer – You have the right amount of charisma that makes people want to listen to you and keep up with your life.
  2. Author – Your immense creativity will allow you to make a career out of the things you want to say. Since you are very into logic, why not write these down and make money out of them
  3. Salesperson – Again, because of your charisma, people will want to buy from you. You can sell products and people will want to buy them.
  4. Interior Designer – It is in your nature to like beautiful things and creating something creative and fun. So, this job will challenge you to execute different styles of design.
  5. Counselor – You are naturally diplomatic and a great listener so this will allow you to advise people without allowing your personal beliefs.
  6. Artist – This is not necessarily a painter or a sculptor, but other types of artists. You are creative, and you will be good at anything that allows you to release some creative juices.
  7. Motivational Speaker – You are very good with words and give the effort to build rapport with people around you. You can let people feel loved and cared for, and you give the best advice!
  8. Judge – You are indecisive by nature, and you are very into balance and nature. So, this allows you to explore both sides.
  9. Teacher – You are harmless and charismatic, so it will be very fitting for you to be in front of students inspiring them.

Sun in Libra with Other Signs in Sex

Libra and Aries

The sex between a Libra and an Aries is not boring, but each partner can offend you or fulfill your fantasy. You, Sun in Libra can go full-blown wild because your Aries partner likes it rough and adventurous. So, you can be as bold as you want to be, and your partner won’t even give a single care.

Libra and Taurus

Both you and your Taurus partner lean towards being romantic partners because Taurus is a slow and sensual lover. You both tend to enjoy sexy conversations because you both like to be intellectually stimulated. Your partner enjoys a lot of cuddling and caressing but with one of you compromising, you will be able to meet each other’s needs.

Libra and Gemini

Your Gemini partner will bring the adventure and the new things to try new stuff in the bedroom, and you bring the sweetness and willingness to experiment. You are both enthusiastic, and you both prefer lighthearted sex and no-strings-attached sex. You like sex that starts in the mind such as verbal foreplay and teasing.

Libra and Cancer

With your different needs and preferences, sometimes you may feel like you two are cars that are running in different directions. Often, the sex would be very good, but you will feel the differences in your sex styles. You like a partner that will sexually stimulate you intellectually. But your Cancer partner is more interested in the emotional connection.

Libra and Leo

You both look into the details of seduction and lovemaking, and enjoy the finer things in life, in general. As an air sign, you will multiply your Leo partner’s sexual drive, which is a fire sign, by your willingness to try new and adventurous things. Take how air amplifies fire as an analogy. This simply explains the sexual connection between you and your Leo partner.

Libra and Virgo

The heat of sex in this relationship may be a little hard to turn up because, in some ways, you and your Virgo partner are somewhat the same. You both prefer to put your partner first before yourselves. Although it can be a good thing, this setup of give-and-take will dampen your passion. You need to realize that you have to be selfish sometimes to go somewhere with your sex life.

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Libra and Libra

You may expect that dating a person with the same sign as you will allow you to understand each other. The sex life in this relationship can be boring because the two of you are idealistic, somewhat detached, and intellectual. To keep the fire burning, the tendency is that you both will rely on a person that is more intense and less rational than you.

Libra and Scorpio

Sex will be amazing! Scorpios are known to be very confident and intense in the bedroom, and your willingness to experience new and adventurous things will be of advantage. So, you will be experiencing out-of-this-world sex! However, as time goes by, your Scorpio partner will look for something stable and long-term. He or she will be looking for a deeply emotional romance, but you are looking for something light and playful.

Libra and Sagittarius

Your Sagittarius partner is direct to the point and can be a little rough sometimes, and you like to be more refined when it comes to lovemaking. However, if you appreciate each other’s style and that would keep things interesting.

Libra and Capricorn

Just like you, your Capricorn partner loves doing things in the bedroom fun and lightly, and this can you’ll likely to enjoy it. However, as time goes by, things will change a little because your Capricorn partner can be busy with work and may have little energy left in the bedroom.

Libra and Aquarius

You will have a lot of fun in sex with this Aquarius partner! You both love to keep it light and fun and somewhat avoid the deeper emotional aspect of things. Your partner is adventurous, playful, and experimental that you will enjoy it. You both aren’t looking for something serious.

Libra and Pisces

You and your Libra partner both like to be romantic and sophisticated when it comes to sessions in the bedroom. However, your partner can be a little serious when it comes to sex, and you are not. Again, you like it fun and playful so this may be a problem in the future. This is because most of the time, you will take the lead, and you will not like it.

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