Sun In Virgo: Take Advantage Of This Sign -

Sun In Virgo: Take Advantage Of This Sign

Pretty much everybody has been asked what their sign is, and everybody knows it, even those that hate Astrology. Our sign is the way that they are because that is where the sun was the day we were born. The sun goes through all the constellations on the Zodiac circle, and it takes a whole year to move through all of them.

So, if you were born on November 8, your Sun sign is a Scorpio because that is where the sun was when you were born. But knowing this information does not fully define who you are because there is a lot more to Astrology than your Sun sign.

Our Sun sign defines our own individuality and how we seek to express ourselves and build our identity. This also defines how we approach life to become the most excellent version of ourselves. This is the type of person we are aiming to become, knowingly and unknowingly.

Our Moon sign defines our inner self and gives insight into our own emotions and fears. The Moon governs our mood and how we act around our friends and family.

Our Rising Sign is the Zodiac sign rising on the Eastern horizon the moment we were born. This is how people view and perceive us, and it is tied to the first impression of people.

When talking about the Zodiac signs in Astrology, it is important to know about the myths behind them so that every detail thrown to us would make sense. In this article, we are going to talk about the mythology behind the Virgo constellation and the traits that people with the Virgo energy have.

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Virgo Mythology

The Virgo constellation is set between Leo and Libra, taking the 6th spot on the Zodiac circle. It announces the autumn to come within the northern hemisphere. Virgo is known to be “The Furrow,” which represents the goddess Shala and her ear of grain.

The Virgo constellation is based on the northern star; Spica, called the Alpha Virginis. However, its primal connection is that of the Ancient Greek Astrea, the Goddess of Justice and Natural order.

Libra is connected to Virgo because they are both linked to Astrea, the last immortal to live amongst the humans on Earth before in sheer disgust in humanity’s wickedness. Now, Astrea is depicted as a winged woman with a torch and skills of justice.

Most people believe that Virgo has to do with a Virgin, but this theme has nothing to do with justice. Before we talk about the mythology of Virgo further, it is important to know that Virgo is associated with being self-contained and self-sufficient.

People with the Virgo energy tend to behave in a self-sufficient manner. Meaning they do not find fulfillment from other people because they know that they have it within themselves and create it for others instead. Virgo should be interpreted as a nurturing woman to all of Earth.

The myth behind Virgo revolves around the story of Demeter and Persephone. Demeter is the Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility, and Persephone is her only daughter. Hades fell in love with Persephone and wanted her to be his bride.

Despite Zeus disapproving of this relationship, Hades took Persephone by abducting her. He did this when Persephone was happily picking flowers somewhere when he suddenly appeared with his 4-horse chariot and snatched her out of nowhere.

Even if Persephone screamed and pleaded, no one heard her. The Earth opened up, and the horses entered the Underworld, leaving Persephone with no choice but to be with Hades and be his wife.

When Demeter wanted to collect her daughter, she didn’t know where on Earth is Persephone. So, she searched high and low and traveled to the furthest corners of the Earth for nine days without eating and drinking.

This shows how Demeter was never going to give up her daughter, and so as she was roaming around the Earth, she was destroying crops and livestock. She threatened to make Earth barren and destroy humankind.

Finally, on the 10th day, Hekate told Demeter that Persephone was abducted, but she does not know the identity of her abductor. Demeter wanted to find the answer and went to Helios because he is the one who can see everything happening to Earth. And then, she found out that Hades indeed took Persephone to the Underworld.

When Demeter knew that Zeus was a possible accomplice to this crime because he and Hades are brothers, she refused to return to Olympus. She roamed the Earth, forbidding trees to grow fruits because she basically wanted the world to starve to death.

Zeus became restless and got tired of what Demeter was doing. So, he promised that Persephone would return to her and sent Hermes to fetch Persephone from the Underworld.

But Hades urged Persephone to take a bite of a pomegranate fruit where this act of “kindness” was actually a trick. This is because anyone who tastes the food of Hades must remain in the Underworld forever.

Zeus, Rhea (Zeus’ mother), Demeter, and Hades decided on a proposal. And that is, Persephone will stay with Hades for six months, and the rest of her months in a year will be spent with her mother, Demeter.

Demeter then restored Earth’s fertility and returned to Olympus with her daughter. When Demeter and Persephone are separated, the Earth became colder and unfertile, and this is basically associated with the progression of the seasons.

From this myth behind Virgo, we assume that Virgo is a sign of a lonely woman who sacrificed everything for a higher cause. However, this is not true because Virgo has a deeper symbolic root. There is a need to prepare, craft, and ship the vessel for the next phase awaits without really knowing what it is there to expect.

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Your Characteristics if you have Sun In Virgo

People with Virgo in their birth chart tend to be misinterpreted a lot, and there is a lot to learn about people with Sun in Virgo. And so, the purpose of this article is to know more about people with this placement.

  1. They are analytical.

People with Sun in Virgo tend to analyze things beyond belief! They see everything just like an Aquarius but more intense.

They won’t even tell you what they see, unlike Aquarius, where they confront you. They’re going to be lowkey about it and will pick on everything.

  1. They are charmers.

Virgos are naturally charming, and they always have someone to talk to. This is not necessarily a boyfriend but just someone they are flirting with or a fling. And when they are finally in a relationship, they have no time for friends because they are all in with their boyfriend.

  1. They are loyal.

Virgos are serious about their relationships but can be a little flirty with other people. These people may think that the Virgo is into them where in fact, this is just a Virgo being a Virgo. They are loyal to their friends and family and won’t let anything bad happen to them.

  1. They can be a little sneaky.

People with Virgos in their life tend to be careful with them because they can be a little sneaky but aren’t good liars. They can be caught in a lie because of how transparent they are with their lives. They can also be a little manipulative towards other people.

  1. They are smarter than you think.

The thing about Virgo is that they play dumb, so they can get away with a lot of things. But when the time comes, they will prove you wrong because they are actually one of the most intelligent signs, but people tend to underestimate them. They love making their lives easier and calculating all their moves and planning an outcome.

  1. They are positive people.

Virgos are naturally optimistic, and you cannot easily bring them down and set them too much. They will bring you out of your funk and lift your mood when you are down.

They cannot stand negative people at all, and they can be very allergic to negativity. They will instantly leave the room if they sense negativity.

  1. They are goal-getters.

There is this thing about Virgos where when they want something, they will get it eventually. They will go after it even if it means that they need to go through a rough road to get it. They always put their hundred percent in everything they do, but they stay lowkey about it. Unlike Leos, they do not like flaunting their achievements because they know they are doing it for themselves.

  1. They know how to have a great time.

Although Virgos are known to be introverted, they are actually very fun to be with! They don’t like killing the mood of a party, and they can talk to everyone because they have good communication skills. This is because Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of Communication. On the other side, they can cause a lot of drama because sometimes they just can’t keep their mouth shut.

  1. They are independent.

Virgos don’t need a lot from other people, and they can get things done on their own. They can eat at a restaurant alone, go to the movies alone, and run errands alone. They enjoy their own company very much and actually prefer to be alone because they need it.

  1. They have a temper that you cannot reason with.

It is like walking on eggshells when you are with a Virgo because they tend to be offensive by the littlest thing. They are very defensive, and this may be because they overanalyze things. In fact, a lot of their anger is irrational because they do not like looking stupid, and so they will stay mad.

Virgo is a sign of service, and so you can expect them to always want to be useful in whatever area they are in. They are good communicators because Mercury rules them, the planet of Communication, just like Capricorn and Taurus.

A Virgo loves the Earth and feels relaxed when they are out on it. They can be high carriers of stress, and so they definitely need to be outdoors to destress.

Similar to Virgo in the 6th House, they are hard workers, perfectionists, and very analytical. They are kind of like an octopus because they scan everything!

The house in which your Sun in Virgo is positioned in also speaks volumes. 

If it's in the 10th House, I suggest reading more about Virgo in 10th House. 

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Your Top 5 Most Suited Signs

1. Cancer

You, Virgo, have the tendency to overthink and get anxious about everything. Your Cancer partner is nurturing enough to soothe and comfort you.

Like Eros in Virgo, you love paying attention to details, and so you are willing to be more thoughtful of the gifts you give to your Cancer partner. And this deed will warm your partner’s nostalgic and romantic heart.

I actually wrote an article about Virgo sun Cancer moon, something you might be interested in.

2. Taurus

As we have talked about earlier, Virgo is a sign of service and so you love to serve while your Taurus love to be served. Your Taurus partner will protect you like a mob boss, and you secretly love it! Your Taurus partner’s loyalty is definitely a bonus!

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3. Capricorn

When you are with a Capricorn partner, you both appreciate competence because you are two of the most capable signs. You both are efficient, and it is a serious turn-on for the both of you. In a romantic relationship, you both devote all of your talents.

4. Virgo

As you already know at this point, you are a good communicator, and being in a relationship with one would be an unstoppable force! You love getting things done and organizing them, and all the other zodiac signs will have no say in a furniture building contest. With this pairing, everything is possible, especially moving forward through life as a team!

5. Scorpio

Your Scorpio partner will consistently show up for their partner over time while you love a good routine. You love excellence, and your Scorpio partner is very dedicated to what they are good at. With this, it is safe to say that you can be masters at loving each other! Plus, sex with a Scorpio is out of this world, so you got lucky!

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