Sun-Mars Aspects in Synastry Chart: The dynamic physical and sexual connection of Sun and Mars -

Sun-Mars Aspects in Synastry Chart: The dynamic physical and sexual connection of Sun and Mars

Sun in Conjunction with Mars in Synastry Chart

There is a strong physical and sexual attraction between the Sun and Mars person. At the first meeting of these two planets, both can feel the undeniable magnetism they have with each other. 

Sun and Mars understand each other on an instinctive and profound level. You get each other just by looking at each other's eyes.

Both planets are honest towards each other. You speak your mind directly, and communication is one of the exceptional qualities of this relationship in this aspect. However, the Mars person may find Sun as too judgmental and subjective, while the Sun person may find the Mars person as too defensive during confrontations.

Both share the same perspective and goal in life. Working as a team can bring success if both of your ideas are joined together. You will accomplish a lot of tasks and achieve great things if you work hand in hand.

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Both encourage each other to be better and become courageous in facing challenges in life. 

Both are goal-oriented and have the tendency to become competitive with each other. You energized each other which give rise to aggressive and strong feelings.

Sun and Mars draw their energies from each other. However, the strong energy they provide to one another can also burn them. Thus, both planets need to work on directing this energy into something productive. 

The intense sexual attraction you have towards each other makes your intimate moment blissful and pleasurable. Your mutual understanding allows you to know where to exactly touch and pleasure your partner.

The union of Sun and Mars in conjunction aspect is full of physicality. Their intellectual exchange is more logical. Often, both planets find that they become too defensive when communicating. They tend to get too absorbed by their own views and ideas that make it hard for them to comprehend their partners 

Mars person often is the one being too defensive. Mars has a tendency to react negatively and misinterpret the actions and words of the Sun person. The Mars person often feels that the Sun person is not interested in his/her ideas. 

However, despite the difference of Sun and Mars frequently clash with each other, there's actually something good and beneficial they can come up with it. This is actually the force that naturally empowers and motivates both planets. Being each other creates a strong driving force of energy that allows both planets to pursue their dreams or do better in their respective fields. 

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Sun in Soft Aspect (trine, sextile, semi-sextile) with Mars in Synastry Chart

Both planets crave physicality, intimacy, and passion. The intense sexual attraction of the Sun and Mars toward each other is inescapable.

Sun and Mars form a harmonious relationship in a soft aspect. Both share a common goal, and they can achieve many great things together. The union of the Sun and Mars forms energetic and dynamic energy that fuels both of them.

You form such good teamwork. None of you feel as if you are being strangled and restricted to do what you want. Both understand that each of you has its own goals and aspirations in life. Both support and help each other to accomplish your dreams.

There is a mutual understanding, and you respect each other's space and privacy. Sun and Mars have the freedom to show their genuine self in this aspect. Both of you accept and appreciate each other's differences.

You both have a positive approach to life, and you encourage each other to have confidence and be optimistic towards the future.

The partnership between Sun and Mars in the soft aspect is perfect for marriage. There is intimacy, openness, and freedom between them, which guarantees a long-term relationship.

The strong-willed nature of the Mars person and the Sun's person's clear direction in life allows the relationship of these two planets to thrive.

The union of Sun and Mars in the soft aspect creates an intimate relationship where both partners can be vulnerable with each other. Both planets are willing to explore their sexuality, both are vocal about their needs and wants toward their partner. When these two planets make love, it's as if not only their body is connected but also their soul turns into one. 

They see each other through the depths and layers of mask they present to society. That's the reason why when they're together there can be no more pretentions and they can be their true selves.

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Sun in Hard Aspect (opposition, square, semi-square) with Mars in Synastry Chart

The physical and sexual attraction Sun and Mars have towards each other can deteriorate over time. There would be constant bickering and petty fights. The presence of the other irritates either of you.

If joined together, your energies have so much potential that if not managed well, it would only go to waste into unnecessary and childish fights. You can accomplish great things together, but in a hard aspect, it would be too hard for both of you to work together harmoniously.

The ego's both Sun and Mars will clash on the hard aspect. They will mask it with anger and aggressive behavior toward their partner. The harmonious relationship they once built would quickly turn into a toxic one. One or both planets could become abusive towards their partner. 

Sun can display narcissistic behavior and become too self-centered. Moreover, the Sun person cannot tolerate Mars's antagonistic and ill-disposed attitude.

Both planets are too goal-oriented and may tend to neglect each other and their relationship.

One of you can feel drained and frustrated by the lack of compatibility and harmony in your relationship. This results in constant arguments and fights that can exhaust both of you and threaten to ruin your relationship.

The challenge for Sun and Mars in the hard aspect is that both need to learn how to balance their intimate life and their work. You need to properly manage these strong energies and direct them to bring something positive. Be more kind and understanding towards each other, for this is a crucial time in your relationship if you are in a hard aspect.

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