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What’s Your Sun, Moon, And Rising Sign?

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Since ancient times, people have used astrology to know how their life will span out. Astrology is a primordial instrument that uses the celestial bodies to form a distinct cosmic signature, such as your birth chart. The birth chart gives you a better understanding of the position of your sun, moon, planets, and stars from the time and place that you were born.

By knowing the placement of the heavenly bodies in our natal chart, it becomes easier for us to understand the trajectory of different aspects of our life. Being born in the same place but at a different time already makes a mismatched celestial configuration. But before you dive into the intricate system of your birth chart, let us first unearth the origins of astrology and the zodiac signs.

There are different places in which Astronomy sprouted, with Greece, and Babylon to name a few. Here we have the countries and their people who founded and made major contributions to planetary astronomy.

History of Astrology

Despite the vastness of the sky and how it seemed to be beyond our comprehension, our ancestors still attempted to understand it. They made astronomical observations as early as the era of Antiquity in Babylon.

They did most of their star-gazing in Mesopotamia, where there were many constellations. Astrologers identified and named Most of the constellations after 3000 BC.

Even by then, the early astronomers, or otherwise known as sky-watchers, had already identified the five wandering stars. With the sun and moon- it forms the seven original planets.

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Their number system gives rise to the minutes and seconds of current astronomical measurement. The Babylonians are also responsible for the development of the beneficial concept of the zodiac. During that period, astrology and astronomy were one and the same.

Because they were highly superstitious and revered the Gods for their ability to rule man's fate, Babylonians believed that the stars did the same and could reveal their fortune. That with every flick and motion of these heavenly objects, the tide of their luck would also turn.

This emerged to be a misconception because it wasn't the stars and planets that moved, but rather it was the earth orbiting around the sun. Astrology, for all its absurdness and how illogical it seemed in the face of science- was viewed as a desperate attempt to find out and interpret what God wanted for man.

The Babylonians came up with the Zodiac signs- the constellations along which the sun and planets appear to move as they transit through the heavens. They thought that dividing it into equal portions can serve as a measure of celestial time.

Egyptians developed The Babylonian system of astrology, and the Greeks molded it into its contemporary form. In ancient Egypt, a heliacal rise in mid-August each year was a divine signal that the powerful river Nile was about to flood.

It was the Sirius star that played a prominent role in the said historical event, and this lasted until the twentieth century. It didn't just signify the flooding, but Egyptian priests used it for religious purposes.

Your birth chart and how to navigate it?

For some who aren't devoted to astrology, your knowledge may be limited to your zodiac signs or the horoscope section that you see in the newspaper. People may refer to it as pseudo-science, but it doesn't mean that it doesn't have a structure or a framework. It does have a system and symbols for which we can interpret what it means.

Since you are already invested in your horoscope, why not take it up a notch and draw your birth chart? It may be more intricately designed, but it's much more thorough and satisfying.

You don't just get answers, but you go through a journey yourself on why things came to be. The scope of its explanations is far wider than your zodiac.

If you dig a little deeper, it won't take much before you arrive at the three planetary points of your birth chart. While zodiac signs may reveal a person's underlying basic character, such as personality traits, urges, and hobbies, the three major signs have control over significant aspects of our lives.

The three main planetary points that define your everyday personality are your sun, moon, and rising. Before you are able to locate these astral points in your birth chart, you must first know when and where you were born. The day and time of your nativity are determining factors of the placements of the astral bodies.

By understanding what planetary points genuinely signify, you can figure out which of the 12 zodiac signs your sun, moon, and rising sign occupy in your birth chart. There is a significant difference, and you're able to see more directions of your life.

You get a glimpse of your personality, fears, siblings, children, psychological patterns, and more. To start with, anyone who isn't familiar with the zodiac signs should start looking it up, especially their own respective star sign.

It's a common mistake to assume that there's no corresponding sign for your natal chart. There is, and you still need to learn the other signs because it's inevitable that you interact with people who differ from yours.

There are different layers to your natal chart, and the exterior consists of the planets and luminaries in astrology. Each planet plays a pivotal role that affects different areas of your personality, and understanding which zodiac sign each planet is ruled by can help you understand your astrological identity.

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We also have the 12 houses that represent bigger life issues as compared to your sun, moon and rising. They symbolize a significant aspect of your life, like the value you attach to what you own, your way of communication, work, and more. For now, we'll focus on the three astral points that connect you to the sublunar world.

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THE SUN: And how it taps into our core

The first sign that we have is the blazing, superior celestial body- the sun. It defines who you are- this is your identity.

This is the self-seeking energy, the one that motivates you to express all that you are. Your sun sign determines the most primitive nature of you. Your Sun sign was pronounced by which astrological sign was on the eastern horizon (the sun rises in the east)on your day of birth.

Contrary to your ascending sign- the main approval that the sun seeks is from oneself. The very thing it aims to gratify is Sigmund Freud's object of affection, no, not his mother- but the ego. This is the sign that cultivates the answer to the most profound question of ”who am I?”.

Whenever you find yourself at the doorstep of an existential crisis, you look into the flaming form of the sun. Like how the sun is at the heart of the solar system, this sign gives you the ability to go deep within yourself. To tap into your innermost desires and acknowledge what you really want.

This represents your highest form of self-expression, so basically, how you want to wrap and present yourself to your external environment. And from the central part of you, it branches out to the different forms of your creativity.

It is still considered your natural state when the activities you partake in are the ones that are inherently compelling to you. Something you like on your own, without needing much convincing or the pressure from others for you to do it.

The nuances and habits that for you feel light. Kind of like a job that doesn't feel like a job at all because you love every waking moment of doing your craft like Libra rising and Cancer rising.

If it was in a film, you'd regard it as the main character for its positive energy and constant exposure. It's the very sign that spends most of its time basking in the spotlight. It fulfills the necessary step for a person to be self-actualized.

The sun speaks of your individuality-or your characteristics that remain constant no matter how much time has passed. It actually picks apart the kind of environment which empowers you. It highlights the ways in which you can succeed, like which of your traits is befitting to you.

Perhaps you're more motivated in a competitive setting and would thrive with intellectual peers. Or maybe being emotionally detached would serve you better.

Because it takes you on a path towards self-enlightenment, it also shows how you restore yourself. It's not just about going full speed ahead with your goals- but also checking on yourself for necessary repairs.

This seeks to maintain your balance because only then could you perform to the best of your ability. You can't fully project the image you want if you neglect to replenish active parts of yourself. Regardless of outside influence like the company you keep or what you're doing- your sun sign represents who you are at all times.

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THE MOON: and its quiet embrace to give us comfort

If the sun is the life of the party, the moon is a wallflower.

our moon sign, like your sun sign, is determined by the location of the moon at the moment of your birth and corresponds to one of the twelve zodiac signs. To determine your Moon phase, go counter-clockwise from the Sun to the Moon.

Count the degrees between the Sun and the Moon, remembering that each sign has 30 degrees. The moon constantly changes signs every two and a half days as it glides around the sky during its lunar month.

Because the position of the moon in the sky on the day you were born determines your Moon sign, it reveals how you truly feel beyond a superficial sense. The moon sign represents our deepest personal needs. Where the sun uses our head for rationality, the moon is the heart that caters to our emotions.

As mysterious as the moon glow and the shadow it casts, this speaks of your lucrative desires and your subconscious self. Like Luna's gravitational pull that causes the tide to turn towards her, your instincts, draw you to surrender to it.

Compared to the rest of the astral signs in your birth chart- your moon sign has the biggest impact on your sun sign. If your moon and sun signs are in opposing elements or signs, you will find yourself struggling in an internal conflict: between what you keep to yourself vs what the world demands of you.

Where the sun is all about chasing your passion that makes you loud and proud, the moon urges you to slow down and take a much-needed rest. This is a sign that prioritizes your comfort. It symbolizes a mother that sees to it that she nurtures you and that you feel secure in your own skin.

Opposing your sun sign who seizes every opportunity to display himself, the moon is the somber voice in you that tells you to take a step back and explore a different perspective. This is the part of you that you rarely show to others, a silence that may not be so approachable.

This celestial object rules your sensitivity- these are the sweatpants you wear at home, the friends you call at your lowest points, the crumbling mental state you stash away. Your place of intimacy and privacy, a personal bubble where you don't have to keep up appearances. We try to repress it because it makes us feel vulnerable, from our deep-seated memories to the emotions that we feel could sink the ideal self we've been working on.

When you start viewing your life through the lens of your Moon sign, the universe will lift your veil of uncertainty.  What once was a blur becomes lucid when you embrace the parts of yourself you once shoved in the dark. The lunar energy reflects our soul, our emotional needs, and how we react to the personal experiences we gain.

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The Rising: and its creation of your façade

The rising is romantically described as: “the point where the sky meets earth, and it's where the sun rises each day.”. It's the first sign you see when the horizon comes into sight after you've just been born.

The rising is also called the ascendant and lasts the briefest out of the three signs-changing every two hours. This is the very reason why astrology requires a precise birth time rather than an estimate to complete your natal chart.

In contrast to the previous signs, It's neither a planet nor a luminary and is one of the most significant parts of the natal chart. While the sun represents your core, the moon your private self, the rising sign is how the world is in your eyes and the impression you make at first glance. It's the final piece that puts together your social personality and your reclusive character.

It's the tip of the iceberg- the version of you that you want to put on display. Unlike your sun sign- the rising energy leans toward meeting the expectations of others instead of oneself. Still, it pleases you in a way because putting on a mask gives you a temporary sense of reprieve.

While your moon sign calls for your emotions to come to the surface, your ascendant would attempt to submerge such weaknesses. You put on a mask of a make-shift personality according to your perception of what kind of a person society is most receptive to. There are a lot of common situations for this sign.

You have the professional version you present at job interviews, the more decent, demure image during the first day of school or on a blind date, or the persona you make on your social accounts. You may appear sophisticated and have your life together on Instagram, but you're an emotional wreck on Twitter. You call it your personal space, but you actually filter your content according to your viewers.

No need to sweat- we're all guilty of it at one point. The moon sign may provide us a sense of belonging within ourselves, but it's human nature to seek validation from others. And with so many preferences, we groom ourselves to be what others see as people's best parts.

Let's narrow it down to your manner of dressing or overall aesthetic-don't you find yourself getting swept up by the trends most of the time? If you're an old soul, while you'd much rather wear vintage clothes, the basic policy at work will pressure you to set aside your personal taste and swap it for some modern blazer and pencil skirt. Your ascendant bridges the gap between how you respond in public and how you take it when no one else is around.

You might seem ungrateful on the surface, but behind closed doors, you actually pile up the things that people give you. Or you could be portraying a role as a mediator when inside, all you want to do is blow up.

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