Sun-Pluto Aspects in Synastry Chart: The intense and compelling connection of Sun and Pluto -

Sun-Pluto Aspects in Synastry Chart: The intense and compelling connection of Sun and Pluto

Sun in Conjunction with Pluto in Synastry Chart

Sun and Pluto are drawn together by a strong magnetic and compelling connection. Their connection is so inviting that both planets find it hard to resist each other's charm. No matter how hard they resist their attraction towards each other, they still find their way back in each other's arms.

Sun person finds the Pluto person interesting. The strong attraction both find in each other is so powerful that words cannot be explained. They have this strong desire and passion towards one another that is way beyond the physical attraction. 

The Pluto person is attracted to the energetic vibe and persistent nature of the Sun person.

The Sun person is attracted by the powerful and formidable character of the Pluto person.

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Sun person is too goal-oriented, which could be the source of conflict in the relationship. The independent and determined nature of the Sun may offend the Pluto person and caught him off guard. Because of Pluto's intense desire to transform everything it touches, he may feel threatened because of the Sun person's outgoing nature. He may become possessive and too clingy towards the Sun person.

The Pluto person may feel intimidated by how carefree and independent the Sun person is. This is because the Pluto person has been accustomed to people relying on and depending on his/her guidance. This will drive the Pluto person to be manipulative and clingy to the Sun person.

The Sun person, on the other hand, is careless of what other people say about him/her. Sun people are the type who knows themselves too well and are not easily influenced by trivial commentaries. Once they have a goal in mind, they would do anything to achieve it. Their beliefs are also hard to topple down and be changed easily. Hence, these traits of the Sun person will make Pluto person gone mad and crazy. 

However, despite the differences between the two planets, the Pluto person tries his/her best to accept and understand the Sun person's deep personality and hidden motive. Because of this, the Sun person is fascinated and captivated by the formidable character of Pluto despite its controlling and intimidating aspect.

The strong character of both planets could bring up issues regarding power. Pluto needs to claim dominance and the headstrong Sun person will not let anyone stop her from doing what she wants. This can cause disagreements that can turn into nasty arguments as both sides want to prove a point. However, if their love is genuine and much stronger than the massive force to compete for power, the relationship will help both partners to evolve and grow spiritually.

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Sun in soft aspect (trine, sextile, semi-sextile) with Pluto in Synastry Chart

The Sun and Pluto in the soft aspect have a deep and powerful connection towards each other. They both support each other to become the best version of themselves. Their undeniable strong sexual attraction towards each other is hard to resist. 

The relationship between Sun and Pluto in the soft aspect is both transformative and full of sexuality. Once these two planets touch each other, their desire towards their partner is further intensified. Their lovemaking is earth-shattering and mind-blowing. It is as if not only their physical bodies are united but also their souls unite and become one. 

There is an openness within the relationship that allows both partners to be open towards each other without inhibition. Both partners provide a sense of security towards each other to show and become their true selves without masks and pretensions.

The level of sexuality in their romance not only limited to the physical level but extends towards the spiritual level that leads to the spiritual evolution of both partners. Both partners develop a safe space that allows one to be vulnerable.

Both planets are willing to work out on their flaws and are open to change and growth. Sun and Pluto person balance each other like Yin and Yang. Pluto is the unconscious self, and Sun is the conscious self. They support each other to dig deeper into their soul to explore their deepest desires and face their fears.

The Sun person helps Pluto to confront his fears and innermost desire while Pluto helps Sun to discover her true identity and help her build strength to face challenges in the world.

The mutual connection between Sun and Pluto towards each other is so profound that only both of them can understand. This allows both partners to reach their goals and evolve together within the relationship.

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Sun in Hard Aspect (opposition, square, semi-square) with Pluto in Synastry Chart

Dealing with Sun and Pluto in a hard aspect invokes heavy emotions and strong tension towards each other. Their strong attachment and sexual attraction towards each other are still present. 

The relationship between Pluto and Sun in hard aspect is burning with passion that is both pure pain and pleasure. The union of these two planets is nothing like you ever experienced.

The intensity of their emotions is chaotic rather than harmonious. There is the presence of heavy emotions such as obsession, possessiveness, control, and power struggle. Both planets will constantly argue on who will hold the upper hand in the relationship. 

Both partners will experience extreme emotional ups and downs throughout their relationship. But each time they surpass and solve the emotional chaos and tension in their relationship, there will be a transformational change that will follow.

Pluto wants to control and change the Sun. Sun may feel challenged and pressure by Pluto's demands. Both fight for who holds the upper hand in the relationship. The challenge in this aspect is to learn how to grow despite their differences and conflicting personalities.

However, despite their relationship's chaotic situation, the strong bond between Pluto and Sun cannot easily be broken. Each time you solve a crisis or problem in your relationship, you find yourselves evolving and growing despite any issues that may arise.

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