Sun Square Venus Synastry: Will The Light-Love Combination Shine? -

Sun Square Venus Synastry: Will The Light-Love Combination Shine?

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Sun And Venus In Astrology 

The Sun is the shining, shimmering star during the day. It is not a planet in contrast to the other celestial bodies in astrology. Like the moon, it is a vital element in our skies. Sun gives Earth life and vitality. It is the source of energy, not only for plants but also for humans. Hence, it is a fact that the Sun is the source of life as well.

Being the source of life, the Sun is also the center of one's life in astrology. It signifies who we are. The Sun is all about our identity, willpower, and motivation. As the shining star in our Solar system, the Sun is also what shines in us. It represents our overall personality. The Sun is also associated with our courage, ego, and selfishness. In astrology, the Sun highlights our most important traits, which is the center of our personality.

Venus got its name from the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty. This Goddess is said to charm not even mortals but also gods alike. This planet is said to be the twin of the Earth. Known as the morning star, Venus is the brightest celestial body in the night sky. No, Venus is not a star, but this is indeed the shiniest celestial body during the night.

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Like its namesake, Venus also rules beauty and love in astrology. This planet is responsible for how we act when we are in love or in a relationship. This planet is also associated with sex, desire, and intimacy. The Goddess is the lover of all pleasant things. The planet also represents art, literature, and aesthetics. This planet is concerned with all things glamorous.

Sun And Venus On People

People ruled by the Sun have lots of energy in them. Like the star that governs them, Sun people give everyone life. They are caring and loving. You will find them sincerely helping other people. Additionally, these people have high self-esteem and know how to use their abilities.

Sun people are highly motivated. They thrive in environments that will test their drive and willpower. These people are goal-oriented, and they will not stop until they get what they want. Personal goals are essential for them, and getting them is their focus.

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Just like how the Sun shines on everyone, these people can shine on others too. This attitude is the reason why they can be great leaders. Sun people are the leaders that will inspire you. They will motivate you to do your best and will cheer you when you encounter difficulties. The people they lead admire their lightheartedness. 

But these people are not prone to negatives. These people may come off as vain and self-absorbed. Since they know that their abilities are unique, they can develop a superiority complex. Since Sun people are too focused on their goals, there is a possibility that they will do any means to get what they want.

Like how the morning star shines in the dark, Venus people also glow in the dark. Their beauty is the most noticeable. The irresistible force pulls people that Venus has on them. These people have big social circles and are sociable. They like to surround themselves with love and positive feelings.

Venus people like to surround themselves with every good feeling. They are loving and gentle creatures. They expect that their surroundings mirror them. They want people to love them and treat them well. This trait is the reason why they tend to shy away from arising conflicts. The ways to drive Venus away include being rude, loud, and be a toxic and unhealthy person to them.

Their fashion sense is enviable. These people are always stylish and lavish. Venus people like spending money to look glamorous. Who can blame them when they only want to emphasize their pretty faces? These people are a magnet to lovely things. This trait is why they tend to buy cute, shiny things even if they do not need them.

Since Venus people do not like to be surrounded by challenges, they are easily hurt. When faced with even the most minor challenges, they get discouraged. These people are not opinionated, for they are afraid that it would result in a disagreement. Since they do not like to take on obstacles, they are not focused on their personal growth. They would instead surround themselves with the good things than a challenge.

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Sun Square Venus Synastry

At the outset, the combination of love and light is perfect. But coupled with square, things could get dark when you dive into this relationship. Expect that there is a strong sense of pull between this two. There is a mutual attraction in the beginning. Expect that this relationship will be full of passion, affection, and warm feelings. Both of them will feel the love and interest for each other. 

Unfortunately, the Sun-Venus aspects in synastry for Sun square Venus shows that these people will have a lot of misunderstandings. This partnership may be full of hardships, mainly because their priorities clash. The Sun person is always focused on their individual goals. Venus, in contrast, is focused on the relationship. Therefore, expect that this Venus will always make the Sun feel pleasured.

With Venus showing their love for the Sun, this affection might likely go unnoticed. Because for the Sun, the relationship is not the top priority, they would return the attachment most slightly. When the affection goes unnoticed, Venus will withhold their feelings. When this Venus feels unacknowledged, they will resort to mind games and manipulations. The Sun would not heed, though, because they know better.

Despite feeling dissatisfied, Venus people would not air their sentiments. They are afraid of fights. Hence, they will keep resentment and let it grow inside them. In time, Venus would only stay in the relationship despite being unhappy. These people would rather be in an unhappy relationship than being single.

Since unhappiness radiates in the partnership, both partners may lose the spark they once see in each other. The relationship would end in bitterness.

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