Sun Trine Mars Synastry: A Relationship We All Crave! -

Sun Trine Mars Synastry: A Relationship We All Crave!

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Sun And Mars In Astrology

Sun, just like the moon, is not a planet. The Sun is a star, as opposed to the other celestial bodies in astrology. It is what gives Earth life and light. Let's face it: without the Sun, plants can't grow. Without the plants, humanity will be long dead. It is safe to say that the Sun gives us life and energy.

The Sun, in astrology, is what gives us life as well. It represents our personality, confidence, and willpower. Being the shining star in our Solar system, the Sun is also what shines in us. It is what defines our overall personality. The Sun is also associated with our ego, courage, and selfishness. In astrology, the Sun signifies our most valued traits, which is the center of our personality.

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Mars derived its name from the Roman God of war and chaos. Like the Roman God where its name came from, Mars rules over challenges and confusion. The Red Planet is all about anger, aggression, and destruction as well. It rules over conflict, battle scars, and even violence. Thankfully, this planet is not all about the negatives. Mars also governs willpower, motivation, and persistence. It is also associated with sexual drives and desires. 

Sun And Mars In An Individual

Sun people have a lot of willpower. They are persistent and will not back down until they achieve their goals. Being ruled by the vital Sun, expect that they are also motivated. These people know their priorities.

Like how the Sun is the center of our solar system, Sun people possess leadership skills. Since they are motivated people, they can also encourage people to do their jobs as well. And when these people become leaders, they will shine on their members as well. Expect that they will give their members life and passion.

The Sun people, as leaders, are the encouraging ones. These leaders are gentle and inspiring. These people can give life in different ways. One way they can give life is through their loving and caring personality. They have the most selfless hearts. Because of this heart, these people like helping other people out. Sun people are also creative. 

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However, Sun people may also come off as vain and selfish. Being aware of their abilities, these people will not hesitate to hurt others to gain what they want. They may also develop a superiority complex and may appear to be egocentric. People view the Mars-ruled people as intimidating. Who can blame them? They are bold, fierce creatures. People can feel their fiery trait even a mile away! And this trait even reflects in the way they pursue their goals.

Like the sun people, Mars people are highly motivated. They will not stop getting what they want. People are likely to admire them because of their unmoving willpower. They can come off as ambitious. But the thing is, these people are okay with being ambitious. Their actions are always in alignment with their goals.

Mars people willingly take charge of everything. They are born dominants. Like the Sun people, Mars people also have leadership skills. Both of them always like to take the wheel. However, Mars people could come off as authoritarian leaders, as opposed to the Sun. Mars people, as leaders, would rule harshly and strictly.

These are brave people, and an adversary will not weaken them. And because they are bold people, they can also become violent. Mars people have this strong aura that people may perceive as provocative. Expect that these people also gain a lot of enemies. These people would be brutal in fights, be it through words or even in actions.  Mars people are most likely impatient, loud, and easily angered.

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Sun Trine Mars Synastry

Since they are compatible in so many ways, this relationship is for the long term. There's also a strong possibility for this relationship to end up in marriage. Overall, it appears in synastry that this relationship is balanced and harmonious. There's a positive energy surrounding this relationship! There is a mutual attraction in the Sun-Mars trine. The appeal will pull both of them like a magnet. There's a physical and sexual attraction that both of you will find hard to resist. 

This synastry shows us that the couple complements each other. Sun-Mars trine couple helps each other grow and be the best version of themselves. This couple drives each other to achieve their goals. Both being motivated, they understand each other's personal goals and cheer each other to meet them. This partnership will be full of undying support and encouragement from each other.

This couple understands individuality. Synastry believes that Sun trine Mars relationship is healthy because both respect each other's private spaces. Hence, there is a low possibility that this couple will get exhausted from each other. Since their energies are in sync, the relationship goes on the right path. This relationship can feel empowering because they motivate and cheer for each other.

Since they are both energized, there can also be a competition in this companionship. But unlike other partners, this competition is a healthy one. This competition is where they could learn from each other and be inspired by each other. Being ruled by Sun, the Sun partner may encourage the Mars partner to take it easy. They can teach their Mars partner to be laid back and cool down their anger. Since the Sun people are born loving and gentle, they can appease the hot-tempered Mars.

Mars, on the other hand, will find the motivation of the Sun encouraging. When the Sun takes charge, instead of being annoyed, Mars will find it attractive. If the Sun dims its shine for a while, expect that Mars is there to give them the encouragement that they need.

Sun Trine Mars Friendship

Just like how the relationship is healthy, expect that the friendship is positive too! This is an excellent friendship dynamic and the one we aspire to have. They may not be the friend you can be emotional with, but you know that they are always there for you.

When you need encouragement and inspiration the most, they are there to give it to you. This friend will undoubtedly be there to help you out with anything that you need. There can be competition at bay, especially during games or sports. But instead of a tight contest, this competition will be fun for them. It can also be a time for bonding and making the friendship tight.

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