Sun Trine Venus Transit: Get Ready For The Shower Of Blessings -

Sun Trine Venus Transit: Get Ready For The Shower Of Blessings

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Sun Traits

Our Sun plays a vital role in our Solar System. It sheds light and energy not only on Earth but also on other planets. Additionally, it gives the different lifeforms on Earth energy and life. Plants depend on sun rays to create their food. Humans, on the other hand, need warm sunlight for power and light. Let's face it: the Solar System is the Sun's world, and we're all just living in it. 

Like how the Sun plays a vital role in the Solar System, the same is valid with the Sun in our personality. On our birth charts, the Sun is an essential part of our personality. Our date of birth determines the Sun, and our sign is commonly known as the “zodiac sign.” The Sun comprises our whole identity. It defines us wholly. And this is what other people know about us. If someone asks the question, “who are you?” your answer will most likely reflect your Sun personality. And the people around you will agree because, indeed, they see you like that.

This giant star concerns itself on our ego too. It represents our masculine energy. Unsurprisingly, ego and confidence go hand-in-hand. Therefore, we can infer that Sun symbolizes confidence too. Are we comfortable socializing with people? Or would we rather stay in a corner and sulk? 

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The Sun knows if the ego is damaged or caressed. The star will reveal if there's anything that needs improvement in your ego.

The Sun symbolizes generosity. Hence, our Sun encourages us to give wholeheartedly. It is also associated with gratitude and optimism. Therefore, the planetary placement induces feelings of gratefulness and appreciation. It also brings us strength during difficult times. It is the light during our dark days.

However, the Sun is not always about the good things. Too much use of the Sun will give you toxic positivity. The optimism can downplay the problematic situations of other people. Also, when the ego is well-fed, the person may become arrogant and boastful.

Venus Traits

Having a lot of art pieces depicting her, Venus is one of the most famous Roman deities. This goddess of fertility is the goddess of beauty too. Her charm is so alluring that mortals and gods cannot help but fall on their knees and admire her face. Venus favors passionate lovers and artists. Hence, she is also the goddess of love and arts.

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The goddess's abode is not different from the planet's abode in astrology. The planet concerns itself in love and relationships as well. Venus, like Mars, is a personal planet as it governs a specific part of our identities. Venus knows our character when we are in love or a relationship.

Venus also favors art, and it encompasses different kinds of arts. It includes visual arts, literary, and even performing arts. Additionally, the brightest planet favors aesthetics and lovely things as well. Best believe that this planet rules over everything pleasant. The Morning Star favors harmony and balance. These traits are what this planet aims to have in everyone's lives. Venus frowns upon conflict and discordant. Hence, Venus is the advocate of peace and tranquility.

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Sun Trine Venus Transit

With the Sun and Venus's optimistic traits, this transit will grace us with positive energies. With the trine in tow, one should look alive and take advantage of the prosperous blessings this transit will bring.

Trine is one of the most anticipated aspects, along with sextile. This aspect brings auspicious time and good fortune. Hence, when this aspect comes into influence, one should maximize the effects this transit will bring. Trine showers us with good feelings and uplifting energies.

Sun trine Venus transit will bring extra popularity energy. Make use of this extra ounce by socializing and making friends. Everyone is in high spirits during this transit. So expect that every relationship that you will build during this transit will be fruitful. You will likely feel a burst of generosity. Take advantage of this by chipping into charities or non-governmental organizations. If you have the time, you can also volunteer at animal shelters or orphanages. This volunteerism can help you gain knowledge and experience that you will surely treasure.

This season is also a great time to invest your money. This transit assures that your money will grow when you invest it. Try to build a business or invest your money in stocks. This transit will make you want to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. It is best to take advantage of this transit by doing things that will help you grow. Immerse yourself in new hobbies. 

With Venus in the influence, your creative juices will be overflowing. Therefore, you can try new hobbies that involve artistry and creativity, such as painting, drawing, and writing. You can even enroll yourself in dance or theater classes or learn how to play a musical instrument.

This transit is also the best time to sharpen your confidence. You can try to change your appearance and style. Venus in this influence assures you that you have a keen eye on your fashion sense. You can also dye your hair and redecorate your space. With Venus in the influence, you will indeed have an extra dose of good taste in lovely things.

This transit is especially fruitful for couples. Both of them might feel like they want to be affectionate with their partners. Show your partner that you crave them. For example, you can sit down with them and watch a movie. Do some activities together. You can also schedule your quality time.

This season is also a great time to fix relationships. With Venus's influence, people would become aware of their emotions, especially romantic relationships. This season is the ideal time to sit down with your partner and sort out your issues. Talk about the problems plaguing the relationship and settle the compromise. 

In conclusion, Sun trine Venus transit has a lot of good opportunities opening its door for us. Best to take advantage of this transit by entering the opened doors and closing those that need to end.

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