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Tanzurine Quartz Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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Tanzurine mineral is the most authentic type of quartz. It has two famous variety that has a rich color of reds and vivid greens. These are the Tanzberry quartz and the natural green ones.

History of Tanzurine Quartz

Tanzurine's discovery is recent along the Kenyan border in Tanzania. Only with the residents' advice and help, Jonathan Bartky had the opportunity to collect Tanzurine. Bartky seems to be authentic when it comes to becoming a reliable mineral supplier

He with his colleagues partnered with Maasai communities. They agreed to explore the breathtaking natural wonders of northern Tanzania. Bartky has some wild tales of going to the ‘bush' – no highways, no lights, only giraffe. It required tremendous measure to collect wherein the world was aware of this rarity.

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Tanzania residents are in a state of instability, and many people are unable to work there. It is hard to find credible people in the Tanzurine business.  The one's interest is to search authentic sources while dealing with the citizens who gain from mining.

Different Kinds of Tanzurine Quartz

Cherry Quartz

Tanzberry is a form of quartz that will transfer its energies into the root and sacral chakras. The trace elements present amplify the fire and earth strengths of the stone. The stone will give you self-assurance and positivity that will lead to your transformation. It is an excellent tool for aspiring artists. You start to manifest its mental healing, supportive self-identity, and personal strength.

But the cherry quartz is never naturally produced. It's an artificial stone made entirely of polished glass. It is helpful if you might over-consume your core energies. But this crystal will release pessimistic energy and control it. It would help you stay balanced by supporting a positive lifestyle.

It's a lovely stone that's a combination of minerals and stone. It will re-establish the stability of your internal and spiritual bodies that you might have damaged. This stone would also inspire you to take a stand and be more inspired in your life. It will motivate you to be active in maintaining your life pulsating at a high level.

The color of Cherry-Quartz denotes wealth of resilience, power, and energy. You'll feel a burst of personal influence, and you'll be enhancing it to the rest of the world. This stone will energize you and make you feel energized. You'll be itching to get out there and discover different adventures. 

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You'll be bursting at the seams with the urge to try new stuff. It will provide you with the confidence and trust you need to do your career objectives. You will manifest on achieving your goals with the Cherry-Quartz energies. 

This mineral is beneficial in your life's improvement of your extra strength. It will assist you in overcoming your tiredness and fatigue. It will energize your whole being, including your body, mind, and spirituality.

  • Physical Healing

It's an excellent stone for fighting the common cold and allergies. It is suitable for the treatment of influenza and mild burns. It will help to increase your core and improve blood circulation. It could also assist with inflammatory and pulmonary function.

It also might help if you struggle with arthritis, depression, or neurological contractions. It will lead to weight loss and speed up your metabolic functions. This stone can also eliminate toxins from the blood. Cherry-Quartz is a potent pain reliever that will trigger the heart energy center. It provides you with the sensation of being in a genuinely loving place.

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  • Emotional Healing

Cherry-Quartz will assist you in letting go of old connections and deep-seated emotions. It's best to set them free and continue to anything fresh and different because they're no longer helpful or relevant for you. This stone will allow you to talk openly about previous emotional traumas so that you really can achieve spiritual support. When you remember your suffering, you are honoring it.

  • Relationship Healing

Cherry-Quartz is a soothing stone that can support a depressed or fragile heart. It could help strengthen something that is already powerful and reinforce what is vulnerable. This stone will also clear up blockages of your heart. It will allow you to give back love more freely to others. The larger your heart is, the more and more individuals you can love and hold tight to your core.

Green Quartz

  • Physical Healing

Quartz may strengthen the thyroid and thymus glands in general. Green Quartz is a stone that helps to stabilize the endocrine system and the human body. It also can cope with gastrointestinal issues as well as vomiting. It's even fantastic for the immune response. 

It purifies, stimulates, and improves each of your organs in the body, such as:

  • Severe exhaustion
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Anxiety
  • Bone fractures
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Mental Healing

Green Quartz can help with focus and mental clarity. It can also assist in the retention of knowledge. That is why it is beneficial for study purposes. Green Quartz might significantly increase the clarity of mind and thereby help the individual in remembering lost memories. Quartz is helpful for spiritual development as well as reducing rage.

  • Manifesting Prosperity

It has a connection to the heart chakra. It will strengthen and stabilize the sentiments while opening and balancing the heart chakra. Green Quartz will allow you to be more productive and intuitive. It has the power to turn unpleasant sensations into positive thoughts, as well as draw financial success.

  • Spiritual Healing

Green Quartz is an outstanding spiritual calming stone. It will help balance all of your chakras. It will send out light energies that will aid in the improvement of your spirituality and divine interaction. It's also an excellent stone for improving psychic powers to shield the aura. It consumes all forms of negativity, which include radiation and electromagnetic disturbance.

The Metaphysical Benefits of Tanzurine Quartz

The frequency of the Green Quartz connects to your core. In contrast, Cherry Tanzurine connects to the base and heart chakras. These both crystals are opening the chakras for you to see your life's experiences from a perspective of serenity.

The cherry-red-colored tanzurine quartz is supportive when it comes to your emotional concerns. It can help you feel comfortable and safe.  When it comes to your path of enlightenment, it gives you the courage to face emotional issues and traumas that may affect your outlook in life.

The green' emerald' form supports emotional balance for you to face life in a mentally open manner and heart-centered awareness. Both of the colored shapes of this Quartzite mineral can support physical well-being and aid with physical healing.


It will tap on your frustration or stress by being a powerful remedy for spiritual damages. It has all of the properties of quartz and is particularly beneficial to the heart chakra. Its divine power will focus on your commitment to learning so that you are not distracted or influenced by the confusion around you.

It possesses several unique characteristics that are good for your life and mind. It will enhance your strength, rekindle your desires, and aid in learning. It's a beautiful companion that will help you think more clearly and create a caring atmosphere. It will help you get over old relationships and negative feelings.

It will motivate you to take action about your suffering and reality. You'll notice that the energy of this stone soothes your heart and encourages reconciliation. It will help you recover from previous traumatic experiences and foster joy and happiness in the world.

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