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Taurus Birthstones: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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Taurus is the zodiac's second sign in the horoscope. It would be your zodiac sun sign if you were born between April 21st and May 20th. The Bull represents the people born under the Taurus zodiac who are strong-willed, diligent, and silent. Taureans make loyal, sentimental partners since the planet that ruled over it is Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Healing gemstones are an excellent approach to minimize negative features while enhancing positive Taurean characteristics.

Attributes Of Taureans

  • Taureans are honest workers.

Those born under the Taurus zodiac sign admire honesty and hard effort by nature. You do not fear to roll up your sleeves and get the work done, like the Bull as your animal energy. This Earth star sign's inhabitants are realistic, generous, and trustworthy. You make fantastic friends and coworkers.

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  • Taureans are rational thinkers.

Taureans aren't only strong, but you apply your wits to solve a problem. You enjoy receiving a reward for their cerebral and physical prowess. 

  • Taureans are meticulous.

Taurus has many beneficial characteristics, but it also has some drawbacks. Taureans have an unshakeable mentality that leaves little room for change. As a result, your bull nature causes you to set your ways and perfectionist. 

  • Taureans can be full of themselves. 

Taureans who have a passion for luxury can also lead to excessive gratification, and a little more rest and control would be beneficial. While the natural world is full of stunning stones, working with your birthstone allows you to have an instantaneous bond with it. Wearing your birthstone will suppose to attract the healing properties you most need.

8 Best Taurus Birthstones

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  • Emerald

The birthstone for Taurus during May is emerald. It is the stone of successful love because it promotes patience and fidelity. It's an excellent crystal to use if you need stability in a professional or romantic connection. Venus, the planet of love, and Taurus' ruling planet represent emerald. It also regulates money and self-worth, which is a good match for Taurus's love of luxury and financial savvy. 

  • Clear Quartz

Any intention you set for yourself will amplify by clear quartz. It can assist Taurus signs to be more flexible, steadfast, or achieve any other goal you set for yourself. Taurus signs can use clear quartz to lead you on the right path forward. It has a healing energy that helps you connect with spiritual guidance. 

  • Malachite

If you are looking for a Taurus stone as your birthstone jewelry, malachite is another fantastic option. Malachite is a vivid green stone that functions as a heart protector. It will bring harmony to the left and right sides of the intellect. Malachite also aids in the alignment of the chakras, which relieves tension and aids in the release of perfectionism. This swirled green stone gently nudges Taureans to let go of self-limiting notions. IF not solved, these may be preventing you from stepping out and allowing the entire spectrum of their inner light to shine bright.

  • Blue Kyanite

Taurus' stone is blue kyanite, which helps you to uncover your real voice. Blue kyanite helps you speak up for your beliefs by balancing the upper Chakras. Blue kyanite is a high-vibrational crystal that can help you improve your awareness, intuition, and mental perception. This stone is beneficial for dealing with difficult people or when you are afraid of disturbing the situation by expressing yourself.

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  • Jade

Taurus signs will gain protection both physically and emotionally by jade. It is a protective green stone that shields you from doubting yourself. It's a stone that improves your kind and cheerful personality by bringing out your spiritual side. Jade is also a stone that helps you achieve the strength and stability you need while attracting good fortune. 

  • Peridot

Peridot is a millennia-old stone with many medicinal powers and fascinating stories woven into its name. Peridot is a natural soother of that bull-headed temperament by Taurus. It can help to offer a little more suppleness to balance out the stubbornness in you. Peridot was famously used by Cleopatra and among the reports that they are falling stars' debris. 

  • Boji Stone

Taurus ascendant stones are Boji stones. They usually come in pairs, with a ridged boji stone for men and a smoother boji stone for women. These stones strongly connect to the Earth. Boji stone aid in grounding yin-yang energy. Boji stones are a great addition to your gemstone collection if you are feeling uncomfortable. These stones propel you forward once more, tearing down whatever barriers that have been holding you back.

  • Kunzite

Taurus is a sign in the zodiac that loves peace. You might despise emotional turbulence and outburst. With your zest for genuine emotional expression, Kunzite will assist you in making peace with the past. It is a crystal with a strong vibration that awakens the Heart Chakra. It promotes loving contact with yourself and others by emulating the spirit of love. 

The Metaphysical Benefits Of Taurus Birthstones

Taurus birthstones strongly link to the heart chakra and can help repair it. By simply being aware of the healing properties of crystals will assist you in raising your vibrations. It will help you keep the heart open to the wonders of the universe.  You can have an incredible connection to the gemstone as you practice manifestation.

These gemstones can make space for your dreams into reality by contemplating your wishes while handling the gemstone. Start utilizing positive imagery and clearing the channels of tangled ideas. These gems will act in harmony with the heart chakra and the spirit but will aid in seeking your higher self.

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In choosing, find out what crystals resonates with you. Gemstones will provide comfort, tranquility, luck, and soothing healing. You can incorporate these attributes of gemstones in bracelets and birthstone jewelry. All of the crystals for Taurus listed above are excellent for enhancing your loyal, dependable, and patient nature. If you choose one that corresponds to your birth month, the vibrations will be stronger. These will start assisting you to realize your most significant potential.

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