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10 Red Flags That Tell a Taurus Man Is Done With You

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Has the communication with your Taurus man becomes lesser and lesser each time? Is he not showing much interest in you like he used to? Find out the ten red flags that tell a Taurus man is over you.

Is Your Taurus Man Contemplating to End Things with You?

Are you worried about your Taurean man changes? If he is acting strange lately and acts indifferent towards you, there could be many things going on in his mind. He could be facing issues in his personal life or he could have a change of heart.

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Nonetheless, you never have to worry about a Taurus falling out of love with you. It will take him a long time before he calls it quits. He also displays several signs telling you indirectly that he's done with you.

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Uncover the ten red flags that tell a Taurus man is over you.

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10 Red Flags that Tell a Taurus Man is Done With You

#1 Gets irritated easily

When a gentle Taurean guy gets irritated with you quickly, it's one of the signs that he is falling out of love with you. A Taurus in love is patient with the woman he loves and will do everything to understand her even at her worst.

He can also get mean to you and will no longer tolerate your honest mistakes. He could also snap a lot that will lead to frequent arguments. He can also be cold towards you and become sharp with his words on you.

If you want to know if he is in love with you, you may ask him directly and he will likely tell you the truth.

#2 Lack of communication

A Taurus man in love will do everything in his power to communicate with you even if he is busy. He will surely make time to talk to you over the phone or text you, asking how your day is. However, if he's done with you, he may also do everything in his power not to contact you.

He will start avoiding your call and texts. If you ask him to come over or go out to watch a movie, he will try to come up with a reason not to show up. He might tell you that he is busy and doesn't have enough time to hang out with you.

If he tries to avoid you at all cost, know that he could be over you.

#3 No more intimate moments

When a sensual Taurean man stops being intimate with you, he could be calling it quits soon. It's not a secret that Taureans love sex and they will do it anywhere if they love the person they are with. Nonetheless, if the emotional connection is gone, the physical connection will disappear too.

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Once the emotional and physical connections are gone, consider that it's all over. A male Taurus in love will never let his woman feel unwanted or neglected. He will ensure that she will have great sex and feel better about herself when he's with her.

#4 He spends less time with you

Once a Taurus man is over you, you will see it through his actions. He will start to spend less time with you even if he's not busy. He will start to find ways to limit his face time with you and even ghost you in the process.

He may have a lot of excuses if you want to hang out with him. If you two get to hang out together, he will get irritated if you make him stay for long.

So, if your Taurus guy is constantly avoiding you and doesn't show any affection, it's one of the signs that he is over you.

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#5 Unwilling to Compromise

Taureans are stubborn in nature. They're not the type to compromise in any situation. Nonetheless, if they are head over heels in love with a person, they're very willing to compromise.

Thus, if you find your Taurean man uncompromising, he's likely done with you. He may start saying no to the adventures you plan for the two of you and other sweet things you used to do together.

#6 He becomes impatient with you

Taureans are very patient people. It's sporadic to see them impatient or irritated. They make sure to be understanding and patient with all people.

When it comes to his special one, he will shower her with love and patience, especially in her moodiness. He will tease her and ensure to make her laugh and restore her good mood. He will not let his girl get sulky and shower her with expensive gifts to lift her mood.

Nonetheless, those sweet gestures and his saint-like patience will be gone if he falls out in love. If you see your Taurean guy displays impatience, making no efforts to understand you, it's a big red flag. He could be over you but doesn't dare to tell it to you yet.

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#7 He will no longer be dependable

Having a relationship with a Taurus man can be a very fulfilling one. He is stable, generous, concerned, and very dependable. It will be evident that he's smitten as he will be very attentive to your needs.

So, if you notice that your Taurus guy is no longer dependable even on small things, he could be over you.

#8 He's not dedicated to you anymore

When a Taurean male is over you, his dedication towards you will fade. He will no longer dedicate his time to you and will be more invested in parties, friends, or playing games. You will need to fight for his attention, which will likely be in vain.

So, if you notice that your Taurean man is inattentive to you, he could be thinking of calling it quits soon.

#9 He will let things be

In love, a Taurus man will make sure to settle all misunderstandings and fights with the woman he loves. However, if he's done with you, he will let things be chaotic. He will not exert any effort to make you feel better and will let you suffer alone.

If your male Taurean is distant and cold with you without any valid reason, he could be over you. He may not say anything about it yet as he wants to ensure that he's making the right decision. Nonetheless, it's best to prepare yourself for the worst.

Once a Taurus guy quits making efforts to solve your relationship issues, it's a big sign that he is over you.

#10 He will not spoil you any longer

Taurus are lovers of finer things in life. He will spend lavishly on luxurious vacations, expensive gifts, and romantic dates. Nonetheless, when a Taurus guy falls out of love, he will stop those fancy gifts and experiences you used to get.

You will no longer receive gifts and surprises from him. No more sweet gestures and romantic dates for you. He will simply be there unattached, acting like you don't exist.

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