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Taurus Man Only Wants To Be Friends With Benefits: No More!

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Is the Taurus man you’re hooking up with showing more than friendly gestures? Can you take your relationship to the next level?

A Taurus man only wants to be friends with benefits means that he only wants you to be his friend with benefits and nothing more. It helps to know these signs because your man won’t be direct with you regarding this.

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Friends with benefits or FWB is a casual relationship where two people can have a sexual and intimate connection without any form of commitment. Couples agree to get into this arrangement to enjoy the benefits of a relationship without its responsibilities.

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Keep reading to learn more about the Taurus man’s personality and tendency to get into FWB relationships. You’ll also read about signs that show he doesn’t want more than your current set-up and how you can deal with it.

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Get to know the Taurus man

It is rare for the Taurus man to want a no-commitment relationship, but his indecisiveness and reluctance to trust others can lead him to go casual with someone. He is also ruled by the planet Venus which can make him act on his emotional and physical desires before making rational decisions.

The Taurus man is slow to trust and commit to anyone, but he is dependable to keep his word once he’s given it. A woman intent on catching him and keeping him must have the patience not to give up on him and the intuition to know when to take the initiative and move the relationship forward.

The Taurus man needs to feel secure in a relationship by knowing what his partner feels and thinks every time. He needs to have direct facts and actual details to make his decisions; he hates guessing at people’s feelings or predicting their thoughts.

Signs that he only wants an FWB and no more

How can you tell if the Taurus man has serious intentions of dating you and not using you for his sexual needs or material gain? The following are signs that he wants to be friends with benefits but nothing more.

He is playing you

It’s normal for the Taurus man to show interest by being friendly and sleeping with you while he takes his time deciding if he’ll commit or not. But you’ll know that he is playing you when he sees other people while he claims to be making up his mind for you.

How can the Taurus man reflect and evaluate his feelings for you if he is spending his time and attention on other women? Don’t hang onto his promise of a commitment if he also wants an open relationship.; 

Let let him go because this is a clear sign he’s only after the benefits he gets from you.

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He is unreliable  

The Taurus man who has no long-term plans to be with you does not see you as a priority in his life. You are only an afterthought, someone he will only reach out for in his time of need.

You cannot rely on the Taurus man who only wants sex with no strings attached, he is seldom there when you need him, and he will contact you only when he’s available for a hook-up. Don’t wait on any man that has no interest in forming a deep connection with you. 

He is not open with you

The Taurus man who only wants to be friends will not share the other parts of his life with you. He will be friendly and show you his fun and exciting side, but not the side that he is ashamed to show to anyone.

A Taurus man who cares for you will be honest and direct if he needs time to think about your relationship, and he will not lead you on if a casual relationship is all he can offer. You need someone who cares for you and trusts you enough to let you into his inner feelings and thoughts.

He never takes you out on a date

If the Taurus man is serious about dating you, he will spend time with you by taking you to romantic dinners, visiting interesting places, or doing memorable activities. He is romantic in real life and will not want to see you only for sex if he thinks that your connection is something that can last.

Learn more about the compatibility of a Taurus man and Virgo woman. You can assess if he can be romantic to a Virgo woman.

A date with the Taurus man should be a fun and enjoyable time spent while you get to know and be closer to him; it should not feel like you’re meeting him only for sex. If he does not make it crystal clear that he wants to date you, don’t go hoping that you mean more than a friend to him.

He has no patience with you

The Taurus man is not a bad person, but he can be insensitive and hurtful to people he doesn’t care about. If you see him losing his temper, being irritated for no reason, or dismissing you most of the time, this is a sure sign that he has little regard for your feelings.

The Taurus man will not take his time to understand and accept your flaws; he will see a mistake in you and everything you do. Don’t take this kind of treatment from anyone; you deserve to be loved for who you are, and it’s his loss if he can’t accept someone as special as you.

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He talks about other women

The Taurus man who sees you only as a friend will talk about his time with other women with you. He will make it a point that you know that he is also showing interest in others, not to hurt you but to prevent you from hoping for something serious with him.

The Taurus man may even go as far as to talk and flirt with other women in front of you or ask you to join them in a threesome. Take this as his way of not wanting you to get hurt; if you are starting to feel jealous and uncomfortable in your arrangement, get out of the relationship and look for a better one.  

You can also get to know him better first with an in-depth guide like Taurus Man Secrets to understand his personality and the way he operates. In doing so, you might see things more clearly with him. 

He doesn’t let you into his social circle

The Taurus man who thinks you can be a long-term partner in a committed relationship will introduce you to his close friends and family. Introducing you as a friend and describing your relationship as ‘nothing serious’ and that you are ‘just having fun’ doesn’t count.

If the Taurus man downplays your connection and won’t let you into his social circle, he doesn’t see a definite direction for your relationship. Don’t be with a man who keeps your relationship a secret from his friends and family and won’t let you form friendships with the people he loves and who love him.

Can you be more than friends with benefits?  

If your Taurus man is showing signs of only wanting you as a friend with benefits, talk with him as soon as you can. Be direct and open with him but have lots of patience and understanding.

Help the Taurus man evaluate his feelings for you while reassuring him that you will accept whatever decision he makes in the future. It will help you both if you also have a clear understanding of your feelings, expectations, and plans for the relationship.

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When you develop a physical relationship with a friend, it’s easy to confuse friendly gestures for romantic affection or deeper feelings. You and your man must consider this and work hard to get to the bottom of your feelings and know the primary reasons for wanting to be with each other.

You can only take your relationship with the Taurus man to the next level if there is genuine affection and respect between you. Make sure that you are both on the same page before you carry on with your relationship.

You may be tempted to agree to an FWB relationship with the Taurus man, hoping to win his feelings later and make him see you as a long-term partner. This happening is not impossible, but the odds are not in your favor; if you think you deserve a better relationship, this setup is not the one for you.

Again, getting a Taurus man to take you seriously is not impossible, but it is a tough job. 

That's why Taurus Expert Anna Kovach guides you through your Taurus man's heart in her famous Taurus Man Secrets guide. 

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