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Taurus Man Testing You: Navigating His Waiting Game!

Taurus Man loves to tease and test to see if you are interested in him. This article is not just about understanding why Taurus Man is pushing you but also about the side of a Taurus Man.

If a Taurus man tests you, he will ghost you, ask too many questions to test your patience, ignore your test messages, and he will intend to ignore you.

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Taurus men are slow-moving and like to take things steady in a relationship. If a Taurus man likes you, he may play a “waiting game” to see how interested you are in him. He may not text you back right away or call you back. He may even ignore you for a while. This is because Taurus men want to make sure that you are really interested in them before they commit.

If a Taurus man is playing the waiting game with you, don't get discouraged. He is not trying to be mean or play games with you. He is just trying to figure out how you feel about him. If you really like him, be patient and keep showing him that you are interested. Eventually, he will come around.

A Taurus man may be difficult to understand, but you might fall in love deeper when you start seeing his reason.

How is Taurus Man testing you?

Taurus Man tends to disappear, he will do other things that you may expect him to be there, but he will ghost you. What you can do is don’t cancel anything just to be with a Taurus Man because it can disappoint you.

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Just do not expect him to be there as always. A Taurus Man tends to cancel plans that you both agreed on. Taurus man also intended to ignore you. Yes, it is intentional for a Taurus Man to measure your response and obsession with him.

He doesn’t like a more clingy and possessive girl as a reason for not having enough freedom. It gives him peace if he does whatever he wants without being stopped by anyone.

So rather than updating, a Taurus Man will ignore your message and find some peace. You can wait and let a Taurus Man do that to you but make sure it is not too much.

A Taurus Man tends to ask many questions as it measures your patience and understanding if you can respond and not get irritated. He does this kind of testing because he wants to know more about you.

But sometimes, a Taurus Man will not ask because he is shy of knowing that he is already into you; rather, he just observes. Taurus Man is observant, and he wants to know more about you.

He might observe you without knowing that he takes note of what you like and love to do. He will let you know what he is doing and wait for your response if you are supportive of him.

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Why is Taurus Man testing you? What is the reason?

Before a Taurus Man tested you, he already fell for you. He will not waste any time getting to know you and getting attached if he doesn’t have any feelings for you.

Taurus man evaluates you on how you respond, react, and understand everything. He will not say that it is a part of a test; he will intentionally test you to measure your love.

He will test you because he likes you even if you are dating or in a relationship with a Taurus Man. The more he is attached, the more he will test you to ensure that you are serious about your feelings for him.

Are you worth his time? Is the thing that a Taurus Man asked himself before getting to know you? You must be understanding and try to accept what he is.

Why did a Taurus Man love testing your love?

There are a lot of reasons why a Taurus Man is testing you; it could be he wants to see you annoyed or wants to measure your understanding.

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If you pass the way, after he pushed you, he might be committed and give everything to you.

This test is not only for a Taurus Man; it is also for you to get to know deeply who a Taurus man is. And find it interesting as you develop the love through evaluating one another at first.

This could also help to understand the traits and either change or adjust for your partner. This test can help you love a Taurus Man more, so be ready to ride his game.

How to play his game?

To play the Taurus man's game, you must be ready and enjoy the way he tests you. This article may help you on how to respond to a Testing of a Taurus Man.

If ever you feel ignored by a Taurus Man, then don’t chase; let him chase you. Make sure that you do not let him feel that you are too much obsessed with him.

Try to answer like You may have ignored me, but I am always here for you. In a simple response that you are still there for a Taurus Man, he will not lose hope in you and be more attached.

Taurus Man observed you and just didn't talk about personal things when you were together. Taurus Man, at first, doesn't mind your emotions and dramas. He is into deep talks about success and happenings in life.

Why is it too harsh? Because he does not want to give you advice that will be useless and not applicable to your situation, before anything else, his response matters to him.

Be confident and hide your emotions. Yes, as much as possible, try to hide your emotions. They are not comfortable understanding your feelings and are not a fan of comforting others.

Accept him. If you notice that he flirts with others, let him but never do that as a measure that you are not too obsessed with him and making him feel curious about why you are not onto him; he will chase you after.

Don’t trust his promises until they are fulfilled. Taurus men often break promises.

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How to make a Taurus man Commit?

Understand him because there’s no one else aside from you. You may adjust at first, but he may also be devoted to you. Understand him not only for the way he tests you but also for why he tests you.

Ask yourself if you are willing to trust a Taurus Man and ride his game or if you don’t want to be part of his game. If your answer is not part of his game, then you deserve someone else, or he may deserve someone else.

Feel first if you can endure it until it becomes a committed love. Taurus Man only wanted to be understood; if you can do it, the feeling of love might be too much for you, as he can give you anything.

He can commit to you if you can be his supporter as a lover. Taurus Man wanted a woman of his life and a friend that he could lean on,

Taurus Man is attracted to a kind Woman, so be good to him and don't be aggressive. He likes a woman who is sweet and kind. He might turn you off if you are too aggressive with him.

Assure him in the words that you will always be for him; yes, he needs that in his life. Taurus Man loved to be an attention seeker by his partner. He might do a lot of things just for your attention to focus on him.

Have a goal and plan for your life, so it could be stable for him to commit to you. He talks a lot about the future with him,

Taurus Man is not the only one who will work. You must also know how to strategize for the future. This is one of the reasons why he wants to maintain the relationship because the two of you have a dream to build.

Be honest and do not let you cross your boundaries. He will understand and respect you.

When he does too much to test your love, tell me that Taurus Man might get used to doing this all the time because it might be okay with you.

Because the Taurus Man might not see that he is no longer testing your love but that this is just his hobby.

Everything has a limit; the Taurus man will not always understand his mistakes. He will understand you here. This may be one of the ways that he will love you even more for who you are.

He is difficult to be with and handle. Eventually, he will learn to deal with it. What you can do is to deal with it but learn to speak when it is too much.

He loves a partner that loves language and acts as a service cook. He loves to eat, so if you want a Taurus Man to be devoted to you and want you to learn his weakness. Use it more to make him fall in love with you deeper.

A Taurus Man testing looks more immature and very toxic. This is the way He evaluates the love you give, if you are serious or not. Yes, this is not a healthy relationship because of the traits and personality that a Taurus man has. Just ride on his game and learn from it.

Taurus man is more demanding if you look at him; it usually happens on the things he wants, your attention, and your body. Taurus man is true to himself, he doesn't even know how to pretend and to keep his feelings, but you may find it interesting.

He values your relationship and tends to be loyal. Testing is not about leaving you after you did not meet his expectations. On some Taurus Man, even if you did not meet the best response after testing, he still might be on to you.

Why? It is because your love deserves to be filled with Taurus Man love too. So Ride his game, find the joy. He will not just evaluate you, but you can use his game to evaluate him as well.

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As you pay attention to a Taurus Man, he can be attached to you. Testing might make you feel uninterested, annoyed, irritated, and confused about why a Taurus Man does that to you.

But when you are in a situation, you may be asked those things, but rather than leaving a Taurus man. You may learn how to see the reason for it.

He evaluates and measures your love, and because of these things a Taurus Man is already devoted to you. A Taurus Man will not Test your love if he is not into you.

Ride for it and go to the flow. Adapt everything and value the moment you shared with a Taurus Man; it will be worth it for your love foundation and stability in life.

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