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Taurus Man Trying to Get Me Pregnant: Ready to Have a Family!

How can you tell whether a Taurus man is really into you? What are the signs that a Taurus man wants you pregnant?

A Taurus man might want to have a baby with you because he plans to make you pregnant. For example, if a Taurus man welcomes you into his circle and hints that he wants to settle down with you, he might want to try to get you pregnant. 

Parents must also recognize the value of a child in the family. A child is a foundation for the future of the entire family.

A father Taurus man is kind and composed. He is hardworking, full of encouragement for his child, and enjoys being generous with money spent on luxuries for the family. 

When it comes to discipline, a Taurus man can be pretty strict, but his straightforward manner lets his kids know where they stand. Additionally, once he is not speaking, his fantastic sense of humor reappears, and he soon has them grinning once more.

While a Taurus man does not push children to go above and beyond, he can rely on maintaining a routine and structure at home, along with kind and reasonable boundaries. He may be upfront and straightforward, but he rarely loses his temper or becomes restless around the kids.

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One of the friendliest fathers around, he will freely express his love and admiration for his entire family. A father Taurus man does an excellent job of instilling in his children the values of love, loyalty, honesty, and respect.

A Taurus man is a total family man. He knows his responsibilities and tasks inside and out.

Signs that a Taurus man wants to get you pregnant. 

A Taurus man gets very excited around babies and children. 

When a Taurus man looks pretty excited and happy over babies, he might want to have one. You can see him asking a lot of questions about children

A Taurus man talks about the future and includes you. 

You might feel excited when a Taurus man talks about the future and plan with you. When such thoughts are on you, he takes his confidence and desire for you to play a significant role in his life.

It is a major hint that a Taurus man is ready to have a baby. A Taurus man is ready to start a family with you. 

A Taurus man is great with kids. 

Another sign that a Taurus man wants you to get pregnant is his ability to cope with kids. You may have noticed that he has gotten better with kids. 

It indicates that he is desperate to have a child with you. But you must let him know immediately if you are not ready for that significant life change. 

A Taurus man wants you to get off birth control. 

This would give you a better way to finding out his motives. If he constantly tells you to stop using contraceptives during sex and avoid taking birth control, he is ready to have a baby with you. 

A Taurus man offers to babysit for family members or friends. 

A Taurus man rushing into babysitting duties and being eager to look after kids is a sign. On the other hand, he could be indicating that he is preparing to have one. 

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A Taurus man is obsessed with pictures of himself as a kid. 

This could be a secret wish to develop a little version of himself. A Taurus man has a brilliant smile as he studies the pictures.

A Taurus man tells you that he wants a baby. 

This is the most definite indication that a Taurus man wants to get pregnant with you. He approaches you and tells you upfront that he is preparing for this.

It is acceptable if you are not ready and do not feel the same. However, you must inform him and decide together what is best for the relationship.

A Taurus man keeps talking about what your babies will look like. 

The “what my baby will look like” discussion is typically a sign that a Taurus man wants a baby. A Taurus man has grown very curious about whose features the baby would most likely adopt.

Suppose a Taurus man were to find himself reflecting on it. A Taurus man wants to start a family with the person he loves the most and sees himself spending the rest of his life with you.

A Taurus man starts to talk about baby names. 

A Taurus man always tells you about funny names he finds in books as he reads them to you. Typically, women have a lengthy list of prospective baby names in their notes.

In other words, men wait to have a child till it is time. This indicates that he is preparing to send that tail flying.

A Taurus man begins to become very particular with finances. 

Parents have a lot of duties in raising their children. First, one must ensure they can care for children when ready for a baby.

A Taurus man would now take his financial responsibilities seriously because he is preparing to settle down and start a family. That in itself is a clear indication that he wants to conceive a child with you.

A Taurus wants sex when you are ovulating. 

Menstrual cycle tracking is a sign that a man is trying to get pregnant with you. For example, a Taurus man might schedule your dates around your ovulating period, hoping that his fantasy of getting you pregnant tonight will come true.

A Taurus man wants to have sex with you more than usual.

That alone does not indicate that he wants to make you pregnant, but he might be making every effort to do so. He claims that a Taurus man might even start touching you if there are other people. 

These touches indicate that a Taurus man wants to follow you wherever you go and is doing so by touching you. Additionally, it suggests that a Taurus man wants to spend more time with you and might be preparing to have a family with you.

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A Taurus man will compliment how great a mother you will be. 

Another indication is when your man compliments you on everything you do. For some reason, using babies and pregnancy as a compliment.

For instance, you might have prepared a delicious meal or convinced your nieces to settle down for a sleep. Then a Taurus man would say that any child would be lucky to have you as their mother and that you would be a wonderful mom.

A Taurus man gets very close to your family. 

In a relationship, a Taurus man must meet your family. You will know when a man wants to spend the rest of his life with you and take the relationship to another level.

A Taurus man will be very determined and eager to meet and fit in with your family. He wants to get closer to you and would do that through your family. 

This is a possibility that a Taurus man wants a baby with you. Therefore, it is essential to him that his kids have a strong relationship with all their family members.

A Taurus man talks about purchasing a house and being stable.

Purchasing a house and settling down can be a very crucial conversation to have. For instance, an apartment you and a Taurus man is renting may not be able to accommodate the child. 

But, with all that said, this is a good enough reason he wants a baby. He has enough reason to say that he likes to settle down with his family.

A Taurus man's reaction is different whenever you miss a period.

You and a Taurus man were always in anxious fear. But as of recently, you realize you are the only one nervous about the situation. 

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A Taurus man speaks about getting married.

Marriage is a serious topic to speak about. However, many people may not like the subject of marriage because they do not see it for them.

A Taurus man would come up with small talk about making the relationship official and tell you that your parents always wanted them to get married. It is a good enough reason that a Taurus man is ready to have a baby with you, but only when you marry him. 

He may only ensure his family's longevity, permanence, and stability. In addition, he can give his children the best and most conformable childhood. 

A Taurus man says ‘We' more.

A Taurus man who wants to get you pregnant will avoid using words such as “I” or “you.” Instead, he begins to use the pronoun “we.”

This may seem unbelievable, and most people may not even notice this sign. But when you realize it, it will surprise you in a good way. 

This shows you that a Taurus man understands the importance of doing things together. He may be thinking about saving for the future, especially for his children.

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