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Taurus sun Aquarius moon: Signs You Made A Great Impact

People born in Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon express individuality and uniqueness. You have an easy-going personality that makes it easy to meet and deal with strangers. Your instincts influence you to get along with people.

You have fixed purposes, and when it comes to your goals, you reach them quickly. You work for it and make those dreams come true.

Beneath your friendly character is a person with a solid conviction. You can achieve your ends of the bargain with diplomacy and social persuasion.

Sometimes you are quick to trust anyone because you have faith in others. Even the unworthy ones, you trust them. You consider giving a chance to everyone to see if they deserve your belief in them.

You like to treat everyone the way you want others to treat you. However, some people cannot live up to your expectations. So, you get disappointed with unrequited concern from others.

There are deep feelings inside you about where your goal comes from. It becomes a motivating power based on your profound emotions. But still, you know how to control and direct those emotions to work for you in relationships.

You seldom go overboard because of emotional pressures. You rationalize your feelings and logically assess them.

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Like anyone who has Sun in Taurus, you love attractive physical features. You have a great sense of fashion, and you appreciate music, art, and fun talks.

You can work well with colors and forms with your artistic talent. You like to make a statement with your appearance and the way you dress.

The relationship between your Taurus and Aquarius is a bit tense. Your natal chart has friction every time you have important decisions to make. Your emotional aspect is revolutionary because you want to deviate and be different from society.

Happiness for you is being able not to conform. You like to stand out from the crowd and be a pioneer of something.

You are always curious about your purpose and how your existence can contribute to the world. You are looking for effective ways in which you can fulfill your purpose.

You maintain your sense of identity because you are proud of your individuality. You want to keep the lifestyle you have and engage in social life.

However, for you to achieve favorable results, you can make some changes in your behavior. You can express yourself aggressively, but you can avoid that by being productive as possible. You bring up topics open for debate, which are powerful, but you studied well.

It is astonishing how you can apply your originality to everything you do. It is a clear sign that you always carry your cosmic signature. You are capable of making reforms that can change perspectives, same with Virgo sun Aquarius moon combination.

In Taurus sun Aquarius moon, there is an emotional detachment from your Aquarius moon. It becomes challenging to have a solid emotional connection with other people.

Because you want to differentiate yourself from the groups, it keeps you away from them. On a positive note, you do not think that you are better than others.

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Your noticeable traits include kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness. Your combination has a unique destiny.

You are a visionary with an open mind who always think of some new to create or innovate. It makes you not only a dreamer but also a doer as well.

Fortunately, you know yourself and your capabilities. Being able to contemplate and assess your strengths helps you in your endeavors. You can easily communicate with others, and it creates a link for your network.

You are eager to learn especially about philosophy, politics and social studies subjects. The concepts and arguments add to your interest, and it helps in generating your opinions.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon combination may display a quick change of mind. For example, you make changes out of the blue and stray away from your habits or routines.

You do not like being dictated since you want to do things your way. You are self-reliant and strong-minded, who do not like someone controlling you. However, you enjoy collaborating and working as part of a team.

You think a lot about the future and the direction you are heading to. You are persistent, and you devote your energy and time to anything you are passionate about.

Taurus sun Aquarius moon in Love and Relationships

Like all Taurus, you are possessive, but with Aquarius influence, you are flexible. You can accept your partner wholeheartedly, including weird habits.

You take all the qualities of your partner, including the flaws. Both your sun and moon are fixed signs, which makes you confident and determined.

You are aware of your importance, and You become moody when things do not go as you planned. You struggle to appear in control, and you are prone to anger outbursts. Your partner must be calm and knows how to soothe your temper.

Your Taurus Sun wants to be the provider in the relationship. You have a way of showing your love to your partner and are a bit experimental. As a provider, you expect some love and support in exchange.

To be comfortable and to be rich would be your primary concern. You tend to remain the same even if your partner disagrees with you.

You can be stubborn and wants challenge from time to time. But still, you expect your partner to stay committed and stable emotionally.

Because you know where you are standing, you want your partner to be decisive. You are the type of person who dislikes games and vagueness.

Your moon dictates to have your space and the need for independence. You run away from your partner when you feel that you are tied down or restricted.

You seem not to like too much snuggle and cuddles all the time. But you are loving and caring who show affection through deeds.

You can be physically close but not very clingy. Overall, you can find a balance between your physical needs and stating freedom.

 You are loyal and dedicated as a lover. You know how to make a relationship work where both of you are relaxed and comfortable.

Your best match is someone trustworthy and stable. It would be great to have a partner who would support your ideas.

It could be someone who understands and accepts you. All you want is stability in love, and you want a long-lasting relationship.

You use your head more than your heart, and as a result, you are reasonable. You are not easily swayed by emotional appeals, even if you are sympathetic. As a result, your connections are often more intellectual than emotional.

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You prefer to maintain a sense of autonomy within the relationship. Most likely, your relationships started as genuine friendships which grew intimately.

An ideal partner can be someone who shares the same inspiration in science, music, and works. You like to have someone who has progressive views in life. It would be fantastic to have someone robust, successful, and capable of becoming your other half.

Although you would not admit that you like compliments, you enjoy the attention. It can boost your inner strength and make you realize that you are attractive.

Your friends might find you strange when you become moody. But your friends should be aware of your stand that you do not need anyone who dislikes you.

The door is open for them to leave without problem if they do not like you. You are not a bad friend, you enjoy being different, and they must understand you.

With your advanced thinking, you like to be around people who think the same. You are not interested in intrigues, gossip because you find them disturbing. You would walk away when your friends start talking about other people's issues.


Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon combination, you are philanthropic. However, you do it with practical work in line with your revolutionary ideas. You strive to be productive and do things efficiently.

Generally, you are sociable and friendly but also hesitant in expressing true feelings. You see things objectively, and you could not imagine as part of the crowd.

There is a certain amount of opposition in your two signs. You have a personality that contrasts in a way like being rigid and relaxed, in addition, sensual and spiritual. You want independence but also desire to mix with diversity.

Other opposing characters are being conservative and reformer. You are closely related to traditional things, but at the same, anything new attracts you.

Your individualism can conflict with your charitable aspirations. You do not want anyone to meddle with your private life.

You will find it difficult to master them, and you become frustrated and dismayed. It would be best if you can balance these inner struggles and use them effectively to become successful.

You are socially oriented, but you choose to be in solitude. You express that you can understand, reconcile and have a deep connection with the world.

You are a fantastic person with a lot of original ideas. You are someone who respects tradition and can plan the future well.

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