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Taurus sun Capricorn moon: Discover About Your Hidden Talent

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Having a Taurus Sun and Capricorn Moon, you are upholding the power of image and reputation. You discover things that you can use to your advantage and utilize them. You are strong, and there is a motivating force that pushes you to achieve your ambitions.

You are looking up to a figure representing a mentor – someone who has a remarkable influence on your development and character. It could be your mother or father in a certain sense.

You strive to seek approval by working simultaneously and making accomplishments. You want to earn status in this world, and you desire to become worthy of respect and honor. You see yourself as someone notable that others can look up to.

You respect traditions and your superiors with experience. You are seeking role models that can inspire you.  You tend to be a workaholic, and when your job asks for your best.

Capricorn moon influences you to be in a mature disposition and show a strong character. You are eager to learn and play the tricks to climb your way to success. You devote your time and efforts to your work, and you are willing to sacrifice to succeed.

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Your moon also symbolizes stoic and reserved temperament. You keep back, especially if you are with people you are not familiar with.

Individuals with Taurus sun Capricorn moon like you, usually keep things to yourself until you are sure that you can trust them. Moreover, you do this similarly with love so make sure before you invest your feelings in someone.

You can be pushy as you like to exercise control. You become overbearing when working with other people because of your desire to excel.

You are well-connected to the Earth, and you know what is best for you. You look after your well-being, and you recharge when you need to rest.

You may be looking for order and discipline to make you happy. You are a perfectionist in your quest for material satisfaction. But you feel most satisfied when you are close to nature.

You are sensible, and you appreciate anything that appeals to your senses. With a Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon combination, you are practical and want to obtain the best in life. You can be great counselors in illustrating realistic concepts because you are down-to-earth and reliable.

With your wits and sense of humor, you can crack a joke to break up the tension. You are aware of the balance at work. You can stay busy and know how to still relax from time to time.

You are industrious and diligent. As a result, you feel that you deserve some vacation breaks.

You are very classy, and you carry yourself with poise and a graceful demeanor. You are aware of how to conduct yourself and be a grown-up.

You have sound judgment and great common sense. You have instincts for orchestrating resources and planning things.

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Moreover, you organize well, and impractical ideas do not carry you away. You like to stay reasonable and move away from dreamy thoughts.

Although you want to have a family, your career and ambitions are your priorities. You do not want to settle down early in your job because you might be distracted. Your combination is generally conservative and pushes through with caution.

You fear becoming poor and having no control whatsoever over your life. You want stability, and that is what rules you in your life. You are afraid of not having enough money to buy what you want and to purchase the necessities.

You usually get what you want, and you know you can achieve what you want. You are influential in the sense that you know your capabilities. You know that being worried about the future is pointless.

Taurus sun Capricorn people have sadness deep within them that they never allow surfacing. You try to bury it, but you know it is there. It would help you if you lead a more spontaneous life and not dwell on your inner melancholy.

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Taurus sun Capricorn moon in Love and Relationships

Your Taurus Capricorn combination is finding a lifetime partner. You are not much interested in flirtations or endless love games.

It is unlikely for you to change many partners. You rarely seek short-term pleasure.

In love, with the Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon combination, you are compatible with an attractive individual. You want someone who can be an asset to you. Quiet and demure are your type and mostly someone who lets you lead the relationship.

You want to be in charge, and you carry the relationship. You desire to be spoiled by your partner.

Legacy is important to you, and you like to have someone who supports you. You would want to have a partner who has the same mindset as you regarding financial stability. You like security for the future.

You prefer staying at home and spending time with your family. You are usually the one earning and budgeting the household finances.

As you are a sensual person, you enjoy soft touches and caresses from your lover. Your Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon loves someone more of a doer than a speaker.

Someone who takes courses of action is more attractive to you than those speaking of empty promises. You want someone committed by your side.

You are like the sign Taurus sun Scorpio moon lover that is stubborn and it would be impossible to change your mind. It would be best if your partner is understanding and can compromise to your demands.

Since your Capricorn Moon wants to be in control, your partner must not mind your set boundaries. It makes you feel secure and to have order in things. You tolerate your partner's habits as long as it does not affect yours.

Your ideal partner must understand that you can stay late at work. You give your best in everything you do, and you strive to be well-compensated for jobs done.

You do not lose yourself when you are in a relationship. You commit to your partner with all your heart but still keep your identity.

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It will help if your partner gives you space when you are facing obstacles. You close yourself and retreat when you deal with them. Leaving you alone might be difficult for a clingy partner, but it is the wisest thing to do.

A great match can be persuasive nicely. You tend to be very nasty when others provoke you. But you can give in to your partner, convincing you gently.

Someone who accepts your shyness would be incredible. You might have difficulty in showing your feelings which your lover must be aware of. Your ideal partner must also adhere to your traditional style and conservative life.

Since you are focused on success and authority, you might need the help of your partner. You want to see the positive outcomes of your efforts, which your partner can appreciate.

As a friend, you are selfless and can willingly sacrifice for your friends. You mostly attract friends who are having significant problems in life.

You like spending time with your friends, and you seem to relax and comfortable opening a little to them. You neglect most of the negativity and want to focus on more important things in life.

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Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon combination, you can be temperamental and irritable. But most of the time, you can keep your cool and control your temper.

You tend to sort out emotional issues privately. And so, you address emotional concerns and seek space for yourself.

The good thing about your personality is you are not selfish with your knowledge. You take pleasure in imparting wisdom to others and sharing your insights about things.

Although you can be a bit intrusive and judgmental, you are mature and composed. You never act silly or show signs of being childish.

You are calm, kind, and warm as long as things will go the way you want to.  Others expect you to behave and control your temper, especially when nothing is stressing you out. You can deal with pressure and rise above difficult situations.

It is decent that you do not rush when making a decision. You consider facts and concrete pieces of evidence before coming down to a conclusion.

As a result, people can trust you to make honest and reliable decisions. You never take action before thinking, and just in case, you have a backup plan ready.

You are supportive. That is why your friends consider you as a loyal and sympathetic friend.

Reputation is essential to you, and it boosts your self-esteem. You know that hard work and sustained efforts can help you succeed.

You are humble, understanding, and sensible. You also like to appreciate the actions of other people.

Because your reputation matters a lot, you keep your promises. You have integrity in your personality, and you stick with what you say.

It would be easy to spot what your loved ones need because you are attentive. Moreover, you are considerate, and you aspire to provide and take good care of them. You somehow study their behavior closely so that you can quickly identify what they want or need.

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