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Taurus sun Taurus moon: How To Keep Your Passion Alive?

When you decide to do something, you prepare for it even if you have never done it before. You are not afraid to enroll in training to be well-equipped. It might be rigorous, but you have the dedication to do it.

When you start learning about something, you never stop until you have the mastery. You are unlikely to jump from one activity to the other because you want to take your time. You are patient, and you think that there is no unsolvable problem.

Because you are hard-working, you most likely achieve what you want in life. You are confident with who you are and your abilities, which you know your value. It is because you have the ambition and the confidence.

You may seem slow on your progress compared to others, but you are steadily working. Other people may be faster than you, but you prefer to take it slowly but surely. Nonetheless, you are getting what you want with your pace.

You are cautious that you do not jump to conclusions. Individuals with Taurus sun Taurus moon are not quick in any way, but that does not equate to being unproductive.

So it is true that you will gradually rise above your situation and become a boss. You love responsibility, and you do not rush things to get done. You get fulfillment with your works, and you are proud of your accomplishments.

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You enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things, which makes you happier. Lovely things inspire you because you know that they are made carefully by their creator. You appreciate the beauty in so many things that some may not even notice.

Because of this, you love to decorate your home with beautiful artwork pieces. You make sure that you and your family enjoy spending time at home. When it is cozy and clean, you add a little touch of something and create more hominess.

In addition, you become a great party host where your house is the venue. You cook for your guests and give them impeccable company.

You make sure that your guests would feel at home and enjoy the gathering. People with Taurus sun Taurus moon are generally caring who likes to nurture other people.

When in the crowd, you are more of the observer than being the conversation starter. As much as you notice the beautiful things that surround you, the same goes for people. You like to observe people and how they treat you.

When you speak up, everyone will lend you their ears. They will listen to you because you are tactful. You open up well-thought ideas, which are accurate and exciting. You want to speak the truth, and when you share something, it has a basis.

Your moon and sun in Taurus make you terrified with instability. But the Taurus sign has the determination that drives you to become successful. You focus on obtaining what you desire, but it could also result in stubbornness.

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With great concentration, you can study and work towards your objectives. Nothing can distract you from your purpose.

Moreover, you do not think of your family and friends as distractions. Instead, they are inspirations that support you to continue what you are doing.

You are unlikely to become a workaholic because you are not in a hurry to move up the ladder. You do not take decision-making lightly or quickly. And once you decide, it is impossible to change your mind.

Because Taurus is an Earth sign, you are stable and grounded. Your down-to-earth attitude wants to be close to nature. You want to connect with greeneries and bodies of water to recharge your batteries.

You like to take your time to receive impressions, and you are open to learning new things. You can be defensive inside, but you have endurance and perseverance. When you know, you use your knowledge in so many ways. 

You are conservative, and you like to do things traditionally. You prefer the common ways than to create a new or different one. You develop this conventional character because of the circumstances that need you to be.

When you find that something works for you, you would not want to change that for anything.  You can be a person of habits.

Other people consider you vain or self-centered, maybe because you take pride in being presentable. You take care of your appearance, and you are good-looking. You like to take of yourself and your family, which is splendid.

It is not a surprise if you want to spend on beauty treatments. A Taurus sun Taurus moon person loves to pamper themselves and the people who are dear to them.

It is most likely that you are inclined to a healthy lifestyle. But undeniably, you are prone to overindulge yourself with food.

It might cause you to be overweight and brings you to struggle with your diet. It would be best if you monitor your intake and better choose healthier options.

Because you love luxury and quality, you choose the products you use wisely. You do not mind how much it may cost you because you focus on the benefits.

Although not everything on your list is expensive, you spend much to have the best. And because you desire the best, you emphasize earning more so you can afford it.

The good thing is that you do not spend on useless things. You make sure that whatever items you spend on are worthy and necessary.

You are most likely to increase your income to have investments. You evaluate your financial situation, and you desire to improve it.

Taurus sun Taurus moon in Love and Relationships

You are attractive because you know how to take care of yourself. You exert effort in maintaining your charming appearance, which other people admire and sometimes envy.

With Taurus Sun and Moon, you are a romantic person. You can be focused too much on yourself.

If you try to be kinder and more open, your relationship will prosper. You can be conventional, but it can also be interesting if you experiment from time to time.

You have self-respect, and it makes your partner respect you more. You talk less, but with the right partner, you can communicate well. With a simple look, you can connect what your partner is thinking.

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You are reliable because your presence exudes confidence. People see that you are trustworthy, and they will trust you more. Moreover, you are sincere because you keep your word, similar to Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon.

You do not enter complicated relationships. You become happy when you and your partner have the same goals. You both want comfort and stability, which directs you to the same path.

The Moon in Taurus needs spiritual serenity. It gives you peace of mind which helps you in your spiritual growth. Having a strong bond with your partner makes your relationship smoother.

Your personal relationships remain intact because you equally appreciate family and work. You want to spend time with your family after all your hard work for the day. You like to balance your personal and career life.

You are well-mannered, and you have a good relationship with your competitors. You like to direct your deeds towards results.

It would be best if your partner understands the strengths and weaknesses of your character. It makes you happy that your partner supports your ways and helps you achieve goals. You want someone as strong and ambitious as you are.

It will be ideal if your lover has patience. For example, when you are deciding on something because it would take time before you can choose.

But you are indecisive because you stick to it. You take too long before you arrive at a decision or conclusion.


You can show some stubbornness that desires to live the way you want to. You do what you intend to do regardless of the obstacles. When you put into action what you aim for, you are most likely to succeed.

When you have your sun and moon in Taurus, you have many hidden potentials and virtues. However, they often resurface only during difficult times.

You are tough and powerful. You have senses that appreciate the beautiful blessings of the universe.

You prefer to have long-term relationships, and you want to have a mutual understanding with your partner. You are deep, sincere, and honest that your partner would trust you.

One of your main goals is to have a family where you live harmoniously together. You desire to create a solid foundation by passing down traditions to younger generations.

You will likely take over the family business. You teach your children to respect and continue your family traditions.

With your sun and moon combination under Taurus, you have aggressive impulses towards your partner. You have a protective attitude towards the people who are close to you.

You are proud of it, but it can turn out negatively if it becomes too much. You can be clingy and possessive but at the same time passionate and sensual.

Problems could get worse if you have a partner who also has extreme jealousy. You are both suffocating in an unhealthy relationship.

What is your rising sign?

If you or someone you know has a Leo Ascendant with these placements, then I suggest reading more about Taurus in 10th House. 

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