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Temperance Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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The Temperance tarot card has a unique bond with the element of fire, the planet Jupiter, and the astrological sign Sagittarius. This tarot card's key dates range from the 23rd of November and lasts up to the 21st of December.

The tarot card of balance, moderation, order, and frugality is the Temperance tarot card. No one else knows you the way you do. 

In a yes or no question, the Temperance tarot card is a yes, for one can consider it an overall festive card.

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Symbolism Of Temperance Card

In the Rider-Waite deck, the Temperance tarot card depicts an angel; she has wings and a halo, pouring liquid. To add more, she is wearing a robe with a triangle in a square design: this is the symbol of the union of the earth with holiness, the Holy Trinity perhaps.

You might notice how the angel holds the two cups: the angel holds them in a way that she can mix the liquids that these cups contain. These cups and liquids are the representations of the superconscious and the subconscious minds. 

These things may also signify the union and the infinite, or the infinity preferably.

The Numerology Of Temperance

The tarot card deck's fourteenth card is the Temperance tarot card. If you add the two digits of the numbers, one and four, you will get five. 

The number five represents joy, happiness, and creativity in the world, the material one.

Alongside Strength and Justice, the Temperance tarot card also belongs to one of the cardinal virtues that the tarot deck depicts.

Temperance Keywords


  • Accommodation
  • Alchemy
  • Balance
  • Calm
  • Connecting with your guides
  • Control
  • Cooperation
  • Evolution
  • Faith
  • Finding solutions
  • Flow
  • Friendships
  • Frugality
  • Goodness
  • Harmonious relationships
  • Healing
  • Looking for divine intervention
  • Management
  • Moderation
  • Modesty
  • Neutrality
  • Patience
  • Peacemaker
  • Perspective
  • Progress
  • Purpose
  • Self-control
  • Serenity
  • Soulmates
  • Stability
  • Tolerance
  • Tranquility
  • Trust


  • Antagonism
  • Bad behavior
  • Bad luck
  • Clashing
  • Coldness
  • Competing interests
  • Controlling
  • Discord
  • Disharmony
  • Disorder
  • Duplicity
  • Extremes
  • Frustration
  • Hastiness
  • Imbalance
  • Impulsive
  • Inappropriate
  • Infidelity
  • Instability
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of perspective
  • Lack of self-control
  • Mistakes
  • Need for cooperation
  • Overindulgence
  • Poor management
  • Self-healing
  • Self-indulgence
  • Stinginess
  • Realignment
  • Recklessness
  • Religion
  • Risky behavior
  • Unruly

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Upright Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

The Temperance tarot card in the upright position carries the energy of patience, stabilization, balance, and moderation. This tarot card helps you stabilize and balance your whole self. 

It will help every energy in you to flow freely, without any form of resistance. 

The Temperance tarot card is the card of the middle path. It is the tarot card for all the perspectives. This tarot card teaches you to be in between and bring peace wherever you go. 

It tells you that peace and harmony shall always start with you.

Even if life throws all the hurdles and circumstances at you, this upright tarot card tells you to have a calm mind and a calm heart. The Temperance tarot card helps you manage your feelings and emotions; it helps you maintain your temperament. 

Whatever the situation is, you need to remain calm, do not let all the hardships get the best of you. If you do so: calmness, patience, tranquility, and balance will be your champion in accomplishing and achieving everything that you wish for.

Temperance (Upright) in Health

It would be best if you have a healthy or healthier lifestyle. If you have bad health habits, you need to change and control that. 

You need to put a stop to your vices and focus on having a healthy lifestyle.

Remember that everything is bad if it is too much- you need to have moderation.

Temperance (Upright) in Career

Every day, there is room for something new: alignments and adjustments. This upright tarot card tells you that you may set new goals for your job in a career context. 

Nevertheless, you must have all the patience, persistence, and perseverance in the world for you to achieve the goals that you desire.

Temperance (Upright) in Money

The Temperance tarot card lets you know that eventually, you will find balance and stabilization financially. It is worth note-taking that this tarot card does not tell you that you will be winning whatever jackpot soon. 

It just tells you that you will start to be financially stable.

This tarot card may also serve as a warning. This tarot card reminds and encourages you to change your ways of handling your money; you need to have a good relationship flow with it.

Temperance (Upright) in Love & Relationships

The Temperance tarot card in an upright position is a sound card for these kinds of tarot readings. This tarot card is a symbol and figure of love, commitment, order, mutual respect, and balance in a relationship.

You do not usually fight like other couples. Whenever you have a misunderstanding, you immediately work things out.

You complete and complement each other despite your differences. This is what makes your relationship capable of working in the long run.

If you are single and ready to mingle, this tarot card is the card for you. The Temperance tarot card tells you and teaches you balance.

By learning about balance, a lover will come knocking at your door to pursue you. This time, you will have room for this lover, and you will get along very well.

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Reversed Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

A Temperance tarot card in a reversed position is a card of warning. 

Similar to the Lovers card, the Temperance tarot warns you that you lost every order, peace , balance, and moderation within you. Therefore, you need to go out of your way so that you may restore these as soon as you may.

Aside from being a card of warning, this reversed tarot card reveals that lately, your energy flow is lacking freedom, for you are sensing that something is wrong and off. 

If this is the situation, there are two things that you can do: listen to it or ignore it. Either way, you need to adjust and find your flow again. 

You need to seek alignment and higher purposes to have order and peace.

Temperance (Reversed) in Health

There is no difference in the context of health between the upright and the reversed tarot card. Have balance, be moderate, take care of yourself, and have a healthy lifestyle, the best that you will ever have.

Temperance (Reversed) in Career 

This reversed tarot card tells you that even if you are an independent worker, you need to let others help you. There is no time and no room to be alone in terms of career and profession. 

Be patient and work hard; every work of yours will receive acknowledgment and recognition.

Temperance (Reversed) in Money

The Temperance tarot card in a reversed position tells you how good a relationship you have with your money and wealth; there is undoubtedly balance in it. 

Temperance (Reversed) in Love & Relationships

The Temperance tarot card is all about balance. Drawing a Temperance tarot card in a reversed position indicates an imbalance in love and relationship.  

This imbalance is causing numerous conflicts. To have a better relationship, both you and your partner need to restore the balance and stability in your relationship.

Temperance Advice

Temperance as advice wants you to find your true power. This is a time when you need to start planning long-term goals.

Remember that change does not happen overnight; it’s a long continuous process. Therefore, you must be willing to stay consistent in exerting time and effort.

You’ll take a difficult road, but you must remain strong and optimistic.

Temperance Reversed Advice

The universe wants you to take a break. Look around you and observe if this is the progress you want.

The Temperance is in reverse as advice focuses on your immediate actions. You may be rushing and doing things all at once.

Indeed, time is always running, so you need to be productive. However, you’ll only exhaust yourself if you don’t rest.

Temperance as a Person

The Temperance is someone who knows their place in the world. They can either be an introvert or an extrovert.

If you have the Temperance, this means you can take yourself anywhere. You can bring yourself to an ocean of random people and socialize.

You’re the protagonist of the book you’re writing.

Learn if a Temperance card is a YES or NO. Whatever plans you want, make it happen, but be wise.

Temperance Reversed as a Person

You need to take things slow. You’re not a superhero who can carry all your responsibilities.

You may be someone who wants to continue trying. You’re trying to impress people or reach their expectations.

Your body will decide if you don’t pick a schedule for when to rest. Accomplishments aren’t based on quantity alone; your progress is essential.

Temperance Present

Do not be afraid of the outcome, for it will be worth it. All the efforts and sacrifices you made over the past few months will be worth it.

The Temperance in the present gives you the opportunities you continue to yearn for. Your manifestations will finally appear right before your eyes!

This is the sign that your dreams are starting to turn into reality. You’ll be having the job interview that you contacted several times.

You’re currently working hard in order to pay your bills. Do not worry about the deadline for your expenses, because your salary is approaching.

Temperance Past

You almost fell into the void in the past. Maybe you believe that everything will not work out for you.

The results that appeared are both positive and negative. There were days when you felt the combination of motivation and exhaustion.

You’d not stand here today if you didn’t survive. You showed your colleagues and clients that you’re capable of the workforce.

Temperance Advice

You’re finally moving forward to what the future offers you. You’ll face new hardships that are already familiar to you.

You’re going to bring the lessons you got in the past. If things start to fall apart again, you know what to do to stand.

The future offers you possibilities to live your dream life.

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Temperance as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels like you’re their safe space. They feel like they don’t need to pretend to be someone they’re not when they’re with you.

You make their life comforting and at ease. You don’t invalidate their feelings or call them out for being insensitive.

They would often feel like you’re their best friend, parent, or teacher.

Temperance Outcome

Temperance as an outcome will lead you to another successful journey. You’re ready to place yourself out in the wild and thrive.

You’ve been anxious about a particular situation for the past months. But now, you’ll finally confront or meet that situation face to face.

You’re going to have the job interview you’ve been whining about. You’re confident that you’ll master the art of public speaking.

Temperance Pregnancy and Fertility

The Temperance card is a good sign for pregnancy. You’re going to live your best life along with your baby!

Temperance provides you with mindfulness, moderation, and patience. You’ll give your baby a healthy life that starts inside your womb.

Perhaps you’re going to ask for some advice from a friend. This could be someone who experienced the pregnancy process.

Temperance Energy

The Temperance card is all about channeling your inner energy. Your energy will come to the picture with the help of meditation.

Meditation is the blueprint for taking care of yourself. Besides yoga and exercises, interact with your mind, body, and soul.

The power of meditation is extravagant and efficient. You’ll be able to release all the stress and negative energy that surrounds you.

Temperance as Action

Temperance in the form of action wants you to work on yourself. The personal lives of other people are the least of your concerns.

This card fulfills immediate action to reach personal development. If you’re looking for a sign to be productive, START NOW.

The action encourages you to do things that will bolster your confidence. You need to meditate, exercise, and maintain a healthy diet.

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Temperance as Intentions

Temperance, as the intention, has the ability to compromise. However, instead of compromising, you aim to produce harmony.

You balance your responsibilities like a piece of cake. You sort out your priorities and accomplish them one by one.

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The universe gives you the courage to be successful. It sees how you try to make everyday life worth living.

Be proud of your progress and your power to restore balance.

Temperance as How Someone Sees You

Someone admires your constant resilience to keep up with life. You give them a reason to continue reaching for their dreams.

This person seems to think of you as an unavailable person in all aspects. Yet, perhaps they often see you working hard regarding work or education.

This person also thinks that you’re an empath. The world needs more people like you.

Temperance Time Frame

The time frame of the Temperance depends on your personal growth. It will keep track of your progress regarding your responsibilities.

The period can only be short-term. For example, it can have a duration of one to three months.

This card requires you to have a little faith in time. It wants you to be patient and believe everything will just fall into place.

The specific month of the card starts from November 21 to December 20. Moreover, this card has a connection with the zodiac sign, Sagittarius.

Whatever the time frame is, this card will test your ultimate patience.

Temperance as a Woman

The Temperance as a woman is shown in the tarot card. The card offers an angel with wings that is both feminine and masculine.

The representation of the angel shows the ability to restore harmony. You’re someone who wants to put things under control for the sake of positivity.

The angel also symbolizes gentleness. You’re often soft with people because of your empathetic skills and patience.

Temperance as a Man

The Temperance as a man is someone who overworks but likes it. They often make their work life their primary source of strength.

You may be someone who wants to be successful for a lifetime. This is why you continue to grab new opportunities and connections.

You’re someone who wants to make the people you love happy.

Temperance Communication

The Temperance card is a positive sign for communication. This enhances your ability to express your thoughts and listen to others.

Your empathy skills enable you to understand the perspectives of others. You learn from people’s diversity of stories and hardships.

The ability to communicate and help others is for self-fulfillment. You love reaching out to people to abolish their burdens.

Temperance Reconciliation

The Temperance can show signs of reconciliation. You and this person should make balance the center of your connection.

This person may want to try again with you. They believe you can figure your differences out and ask for forgiveness.

They’re ready to talk to you about compromising. They’re willing to hear your side in order to produce balance.

Temperance Physical Appearance

The appearance of the Temperance is exquisite. It could adhere to the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

You may be someone who loves to present yourself neatly to people. So you prepare yourself for special occasions that would make you feel seen.

You probably have the physical features of a Greek god or goddess.

Temperance Reversed Outcome

The possible outcome will result in regrets. You’re not ready to enter a new chapter in your life.

You continue to hide your gifts instead of showing them to the world. You believe that there are people who are more talented than you.

You choose to avoid the situations that bother you. Instead of confronting them, you always choose to walk away.

Temperance Pregnancy and Fertility

The temperance in reverse shows a negative sign for pregnancy. It could be that you’re not stable enough to carry your baby.

You’re currently incapable of restoring balance in your life. This is due to the hardships you faced in the past.

You choose to take care of others that you forgot yourself. You feel like having a baby will be another responsibility.

Don’t make choices you’ll regret.

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Temperance Friendship

You’re fortunate when it comes to friendships. Your friends often look up to you for being independent and successful.

This is genuinely a give-and-take type of relationship. You exert effort by being there for them while they do the same.

You’re the kind of person that they don’t want to lose. You gave them a reason that it’s possible to achieve their dreams.

True love in friendships exists.

Temperance and Page of Cups

You deserve to receive constant good news from the universe. This is because you’ve been working really hard to get to the top.

So don’t hesitate to take a dive into the unknown. Curiosity will seize you by the hand, and you’ll experience more beautiful things.

But you have to remember that you should be moderate. Because there’s nothing more simple than living a balanced life.

The Temperance and Page of Cups are a powerful card combination. Because they’re a mixture of creativity and balance in one’s life.

You wouldn’t want to turn your plans into confusion because of messed-up schedules and delays.

Temperance and Knight of Cups

You’re ready to take your life to the next level. You’re preparing yourself for another adventure of a lifetime that will bring growth.

It’s good that you don’t choose to sit around and waste time. Because you value time as much as you love your passion.

You wouldn’t let your ideas remain in your head. Instead, they’ll fly like birds in the sky and soar high to seek the unknown.

The Temperance and Knight of Cups are a powerful combination. They’re a reminder that you need to maintain balance and ambition in your life.

And this is always possible, primarily if you’re dedicated. You don’t want to stay in the dark corner living a delusional life.

Temperance and King of Cups

Don’t rush to what you want to achieve in life. You don’t need to force yourself on others in order for them to believe you.

Remember, being a good leader shouldn’t be forceful. You shouldn’t impose coercive actions so that others will follow.

Because this will only result in manipulation, dominance, or tyranny. And you wouldn’t want to see yourself as a bad leader.

Part of your long journey toward leadership is growth. You’ll still learn new ideas and learn how to balance them carefully.

The Temperance and King of Cups are a good tarot card combination. They’re a sign that you have what it takes to be a good example.

Temperance and King of Pentacles

An abundance of wealth continues to linger in your life. You’re ready to be humble and use these possessions in the right way.

You’re also trying to be the guardian of other people, especially your family. Because you want to prove that you can be a good provider.

A new journey will appear in your life over and over. And there’s nothing you need to do but to look for more possibilities.

The Temperance and the King of Pentacles are a good tarot card combination. They’re a reminder that you’ll continue to achieve your goals.

This will only occur if you learn how to manage your priorities. There’s nothing wrong with being able to sort out what to accomplish first.

Temperance and King of Swords

You’re trying to sort out things in the right way. So instead of choosing a side between disputes, you choose neutrality.

This is what makes you a great leader of this century. This is what shows your true potential as someone who is willing to be successful.

Because you don’t choose to be biased against your people. You don’t choose to prioritize your personal interests over your profession.

The Temperance and King of Swords is a powerful card combination. They’re a reminder that you’re now taking the middle path.

The middle path isn’t an easy one to take; it requires constant determination. Because situations and people can be a little bit exhausting.

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Temperance and Knight of Wands

It’s time to stop beating around the bush and move! You don’t have all the time in the world to stay in a dormant state.

You need some work to do because you have a game to win. This game requires you to take the risk in order to reach your dreams.

But you must bear in mind that you need to evaluate decisions first. You wouldn’t want to be taking risks over events that aren’t right for you.

The Knight of Wands and Temperance is a good tarot combination. They’re a sign that you need to implement proper self control.

Temperance and Page of Wands

It’s true that you’ll make more discoveries when you travel. So you shouldn’t be wasting your time over extreme circumstances.

Have the courage to go out for an adventure that awaits you. Along this journey, you’ll be surprised to receive more knowledge.

But remember to use these ideas wisely and for good purposes. To the best of your abilities, you can inflict change on the world.

The Temperance and Page of Wands is a powerful card combination. This is a sign that when you travel, choose the middle path.

Not necessarily an actual straight road, but following one single path. Don’t adapt yourself by going through a series of highways.

Temperance and Queen of Cups

Whatever situation you’re in right now, choose to remain calm. Although this is easier said than done, you need to be in a calm state.

Because the situation will only hit rock bottom if you panic. And when you panic, you wouldn’t be able to make a wise decision.

Because in these instances, it’s essential to be decisive. You wouldn’t want to add another pile of regret to your list of it.

The Queen of Cups and Temperance is a good card combination. They’re a sign that the challenges you’re facing will only make you stronger.

Choose to live a simple life.

Temperance and Queen of Pentacles

You're starting to grow into the best version of yourself. Because you never fail to achieve a healthy and balanced life.

You're trying to balance your relationship with others. You're balancing your work, personal space, family, and friends.

This isn't an easy path to enter, but you took the risk anyway. So you're now willing to take another step towards improving yourself.

The Queen of Pentacles and Temperance is a good card combination. They're a reminder that living a balanced life will make you happy.

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Temperance and Queen of Wands

The potential power lies within your soul, so embrace it. Don’t hesitate or restrict yourself to what you can possibly do.

Because you have the ability to be an inspiration to the world. By just trusting your skills and showing confidence, you can inflict change.

Don’t doubt what you can provide to the table. No one exactly knows the real you, but you perfectly memorize yourself.

The Temperance and the Queen of Wands is a good card combination. They’re a sign that you’ll achieve your goals one by one.

Temperance and Six of Cups

You’re at the point in your life where you feel genuinely happy. Because you’re receiving an abundance of blessings along the way.

Perhaps you finally received luck in terms of relationships. You’re living in harmony with your partner or with your family.

And the fun doesn’t stop there because you’re finally successful. You’re working really hard to provide an abundance of wealth.

The Temperance and Six of Cups are a good card combination. They’re a reminder that happiness comes from a balanced life.

The Emperor and Temperance

A great leader doesn’t leave his subordinates behind. Instead, a great leader is always willing to help and inspire his associates.

You’re someone who never fails to prioritize the wellness of others. So you’re doing everything in your power to help them succeed.

Because you don’t want anyone to get left behind, not on your watch. So you’re trying to think of more plans and strategies to teach them.

The Emperor and Temperance are a potent card combination. They’re a sign that you’re willing to lead in a middle path.

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The Hierophant and Temperance

You feel like you’re finally choosing the right path. You’re heading towards a journey that will require more room for growth.

You know how important this is for you to succeed ultimately. So you’re bringing your morals and principles to grow throughout this journey.

Don’t hesitate to take the next step toward achieving your goals. The road can be risky, but you’ll never grow if you try.

The Hierophant and the Temperance are excellent tarot combinations. They’re a sign that you must embrace nature and nurture.

Temperance and Eight of Cups

There will be a significant shift in your life. And whatever outcome will occur, you have to learn how to accept it.

It’s inevitable to encounter tough challenges and heartbreaks. Others will push you further to the ground to fall apart.

But this shouldn’t stop you from living your life. So if you’re looking for a sign that you need to let go, follow that sign.

Temperance and Eight of Swords

Sometimes, you need to detach yourself from everything. In a journey where you take yourself alone, you’ll soon find peace.

Because being alone can also enhance you find yourself. You can discover your true potential and interests once you interact with yourself.

You shouldn’t waste your life on following other people’s shadows. It’s time to level up and get rid of the fear of being alone.

The Temperance and Eight of Swords is a good card combination. This may be a sign that you’ll need to engage in solitude.

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Temperance and Eight of Wands

You’re going to achieve your dreams soon enough. You just need to keep the fire burning inside your soul and go for it.

In order to do this, you need to act quickly. You need to start having a concrete plan that will enable you to lead the way.

This doesn’t mean that you need to rush yourself. But if you want to work on something, you have to do it now.

Temperance and Queen of Swords

You’re someone who is willing to achieve your dreams. So you make sure that everything will be in the right place.

Even if struggles will continue to show up, you’ll stand still. You’re the queen of your own kingdom, and you deserve to rise again.

Don’t hesitate to turn your dreams into reality. But you must always make time for rest and relaxation after long hours of work.

The Queen of Swords and Temperance is a powerful card combination. They’re a sign that you’re capable of manifesting success.

Temperance and Ten of Swords

Unexpected endings suddenly occur in your life. As a result, this caused you to experience episodes of fallout and exhaustion.

You feel like the world isn’t in favor of your time right now. You feel like opportunities continue to slip away from your fingertips.

Perhaps betrayal took place in your current situation. This could be a lover or a friend who ruined your trust.

The Ten of Swords and Temperance is a good card combination. This is a sign that you’re willing to fight the negativity and succeed.

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Temperance and Two of Wands

You need to be sure of what you want in life. Because you don't want to end up weeping in regret over your decisions.

You need to see the bigger picture in every situation. Think carefully if this situation will benefit you or if it isn't for you right now.

Whatever happens, you must tap into your intuition. Because your intuition has the ability to create a balanced and healthy mindset.

The Two of Wands and Temperance is a powerful card combination. They're a sign that everything will work in your favor.

The High Priestess and Temperance

Take your time if you want to discover more for yourself. Because life has so much to offer when you trust your abilities.

Despite the circumstances, follow the right path. This will only occur if you’re trying to practice and use your intuition.

Before making a decision, make sure it will enable you to grow. Don’t make decisions that will ruin your progress toward success.

The High Priestess and Temperance are a good card combination. They’re a sign that you have the power to restore balance in your life.

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