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Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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Ten of cups is one of the cards in the minor arcana group. The card depicts a man and woman celebrating with arms spread open and the man’s arm wrapped on the woman’s waist. The couple seems to be happy as they look forward to the things around them.

With them are their children playing and dancing around. The family seems to be happy, and they are in a celebratory mood. As you look at the image, it exudes positive energy. The family is comfortable, and the energy is radiating just like the elements above them.

Above the celebrating family floats ten cups appearing to be in a bright and beautiful rainbow. Laid out in front of them is a land filled with green grass and plants. In front of them also stands a house and a river. The sky above them is clear and cloudless.

Ten of Cups Upright Keywords

  • Divine love
  • Happiness
  • Family
  • Family reunions
  • Harmony
  • Alignment
  • Blissful relationships
  • Homecomings
  • Emotional stability
  • Security
  • Marriage
  • Long term relationships
  • Soulmate
  • Destiny
  • Blessings
  • Abundance
  • Stability
  • Joy

Ten of Cups Reversed Keywords

  • Despair
  • Broken family
  • Disconnection
  • Struggling relationships
  • Misaligned values
  • Separation
  • Conflict
  • Unhappy home
  • Isolation
  • Dysfunctional relationship/family
  • Lack of security
  • Lack of stability
  • Rocky relationships
  • Neglect

Ten of Cups General Meaning

The image depicts a family happily enjoying their day and expressing their love for each other. The image itself exudes happiness and the feeling of being home. The family is contented and happy with what they have. As they gaze at their surroundings, they celebrate and give thanks for the things they have.

The image exudes fulfillment and content. Their love is eternal and strong. They share the warmth and love in the family. The house in front of them symbolizes peace and being the most comfortable. Having a home means having love. It also represents security and stability.

The abundant green grass that lay ahead of them is the healthy growth they are going to experience. Indeed, happy life will lead to positive change. The grass and plants also mirror abundance as they are lush and abundant.

The river that flows and provides for the lush grass and plants is the emotion. The emotions are flowing peacefully and helping the grass thrive. Thus, the land and fertile and fruitful. The rainbow is a sign for better days and good things ahead. Rainbows often appear after rains and storms. Thus, the rainbow and the ten cups represent better days. The cups stand for emotional fulfillment.

Ten of Cups (Upright) Meaning

Similar to Three of Cups, Ten of cups emphasizes happiness and contentment in the aspects of your life, especially in relationships. There is emotional fulfillment in your life, especially inside your home. It mirrors and represents the comfort you feel in your home.

You are around people you love and those that comfort your soul. Your relationship with the people around you is fruitful and joyful. Communication is smooth, and understanding is present. This card speaks of the support you are getting from the people you love. You support each other and contribute positively in helping each other grow. Your healthy relationship makes you genuinely happy and thankful.

Peace is ruling your life right now. This card speaks of a very good place to be in. Overall, this card tells you to acknowledge and feel your emotions. This is what people say follow your heart. If you feel like it’s doing you good, do it! However, if it feels wrong or you think you’ll learn nothing from it, stop doing it.

Ten of Cups (Upright) in In Love and Relationship

The Ten of Cups in a love reading brings you genuine love. You deserve the kind of love that’s bound to last forever.

You deserve someone who will forever be sure of you. This person will make you feel that happy ever after does exist despite the chaos.

This person is willing to offer a lifetime commitment to you. Maybe they finally realize that it’s you they want to keep forever.

Genuine love continues to surround you because you deserve it. You deserve to receive the love you give to others.

If you are single and looking for a relationship, this card is a good sign. Ten of cups signifies a new start in a relationship. This relationship will be long-term and one you can rely on. Your future relationship will be secure and stable.

Ten of Cups (Upright) in Career and Finance

Similar to Page of Cups, Ten of cups in the area of your career and finance is also sending good messages. Things inside your workplace are doing good. Projects you are working on are in excellent condition, and you don't have trouble communicating with people. You may be in a place of receiving your rewards for your hard work.

This card speaks of contentment and happiness. You are happy at where you are in your career right now. You are creative, and you have various opportunities for growth in your career. The workmates around you show kindness and are supportive.

You don’t encounter stress that much as your work allows for growth and space. You can easily balance work and personal life, so you don’t strain yourself. Balance is possible and at your disposal. It is a great time to express gratitude, and it is an excellent status to maintain.

In your financial aspect, this card speaks of stability. You are in a good financial place right now, and you are well provided. This card speaks of abundance. Ten of cups also says of a past investment that is on its way to success and reaping.

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Ten of Cups (Upright) in Health

In the aspect of your health, this card indicates the changes you've made in your life. These changes are to help you live a more happy and healthy life. Your health has been improving because of the changes you made. So you made a good call in the alterations you made for your health.

If you happen to be suffering from a health issue, this card brings the message of improvement. Overall, you will slowly but surely see the results or the sound effects of your healthier choices.

Ten of Cups (Upright) in Spirituality

In the aspect of spirituality, this card speaks of happiness. You are deeply happy, and your outlook is filled with positivity. Because you are overflowing with these, you radiate the energy, and other people feel it as well.

With these, you are able to spread happiness and good energy to the people around you. This card also tells you that you are currently on the right path to your destiny. Be sure to heighten your senses to avoid getting lost. Let the good energy guide you.

Ten of Cups (Reversed) Meaning

Ten of cups in reverse can signal conflicts and disharmony. You seem to be aiming for harmony and peace, but you have trouble achieving them for some reason. The desire is strong, but the reality points differently. You may feel more disconnected than before. The detachment is causing you to struggle and an endless search for something missing. You might be having a hard time communicating and connecting with the people around you.

Perhaps when you try to reconnect, something unexpected happens and disrupts your progress. This might be pushing you further and further away, and in the worst-case scenario, you may be isolating yourself.

This card in reverse can signify that you need to work on several things to fix your relationship with others. Perhaps your vision has been blurry, and you fail to see people’s worth around you. This can lead you to become more and more detached from the reality around you and the tendency to isolate yourself.

This card in reverse is an encouragement. It urges you to find common ground you share with people important to you. Then, you can start reconnecting and fixing the broken parts by understanding each other. Communication is vital in strengthening and keeping a relationship. You must be able to acknowledge each person's role in your life and find value in them. If you find a connection that harms you or is stagnating you, it might be best to let go of them.

This card in reverse can also indicate neglect. You might be neglecting important people or your principles. You may be chasing something fleeting like money or position. You need to navigate and assess yourself again.

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Ten of Cups (Reversed) in Love and Relationship

The Ten of Cups, in reverse, shows that love doesn’t quickly enter your life. This is because you continue to resist and reject love.

Perhaps a traumatic event happened in the past. This immediately changed your perspective about the way you see love.

It’s now difficult for you to put your trust in people. You have major trust issues that you should continue to work on.

This card could also mean that you have a toxic relationship. It depends if it’s with your family or friends.

Remember, it’s okay to detach from people. Leave people that would consume your energy.

If you are single, you might be blocking any chance for love in your life. Perhaps, you have something in your past that’s stopping you. It could be fear or worries that recurring patterns may catch up on you. You might need to assess yourself and find the roots as to where the fear is coming from.

Ten of Cups (Reversed) in Career and Finance

Ten of cups in reverse can indicate having a hard time connecting with the people in your workplace. Perhaps you need to help solve the issue by finding a way to communicate with the people in your workplace. Your workmates might be harder to be with as they are not supportive. There may be existing tension in the workplace that still hasn’t died out.

This card in reverse can also indicate poor time management or time conflict. There might be trouble in balancing work and personal life. This difficulty may be taking a toll on you and is causing stress and loosening relationship bonds. The conflict in your workplace might be negatively affecting your family. You might be so caught up and lose time for your family. It would be helpful to realign and arrange your time in a way that you can accommodate the essential things.

In the financial aspect, you may be encountering some economic issues that are affecting your home. Money problems have been prevalent in disorienting a house, and you might be experiencing it. There might be encountering quarrels at home because of problems rooted in money. You might be a little emotional and make unnecessary spendings. This can be causing a stir inside the house. Being objective and reasonable is always helpful.

Ten of Cups (Reversed) in Health

Ten of cups in reverse means that your whole being is not in perfect harmony right now. Perhaps you are experiencing an imbalance. This card encourages you to have a balanced diet and don’t overdo yourself. This card also speaks of a possible surgery or unexpected health issues that you may be struggling with. This card in reverse can also indicate struggle in conceiving, especially if you are planning to.

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Ten of Cups (Reversed) in Spirituality

Ten of cups in reverse in the talks about spirituality tells you that you may be untruthful to yourself. This card, in reverse, urges you to stick to the things you know are right and be true to yourself.

Ten of Cups: YES or NO?

This card exudes happiness in every possible area like family, relationships, children, growth. In your home and community, teamwork and love overflow from this card. In general, the card as a whole releases positivity and brings positive messages. For these reasons, the answer to your yes or no question is definitely a YES.

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Ten of Cups Advice

The Ten of Cups card reminds you that you don’t have to do it alone. It’s essential to keep in mind that your friends and family are here for you.

Perhaps you’ve been trying to manage things by yourself. You got used to this independent facade and did not receive help from anyone.

It’s okay to depend on others when you need immediate help because these people will be here in your life to keep you safe.

The Ten of Cups is a sign that some people will remain for the long term. You deserve to have healthy and stable connections.

Ten of Cups Reversed Advice

The Ten of Cups in reverse recommends you to detach. It’s okay to leave toxic situations and people who would suffocate you.

If your family is already affecting your mental health, it’s time to detach. You can move away for a while in order to have peace of mind.

You’re allowed to get hurt when your family members aren’t acting well. You’re allowed to distance yourself if it’s already too much.

This card can also mean that healing is possible. If your family continues to reach out to you, maybe it’s time for forgiveness.

It’s okay to start over again.

Ten of Cups as a Person

The Ten of Cups card is someone who loves deeply. You may be someone who is family oriented and chooses others first.

You’ll do anything to make your loved ones happy. You would always give them positive vibes in order to lighten their mood.

Despite the challenges you face, you keep up a positive mindset. You believe that everything happens for a reason.

You believe that you can manifest love easily and abundantly. You believe in the possibility of having happy endings instead of tragedy.

You’re a romantic person and are willing to make extra efforts for your loved ones.

Ten of Cups Reversed as a Person

The Ten of Cups is someone who resists. You may be someone who rejects opportunities because you’re already content.

But it will only be difficult for you if you don’t grow. If you choose to stay in your little bubble, no progress will take place.

You may be someone who is not emotionally satisfied. This can be in relation to your constant seeking for love.

You can’t find love in the wrong places. You have to discover love within yourself.

Perhaps you’re someone who doesn’t want to commit. You feel like people will only take advantage of your overflowing love.

Ten of Cups Present

In the present, you continue to do what you want. You’re already experiencing a state of abundance and tranquility.

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You’re currently satisfied with the life you have right now. You’re presently achieving your dreams one step at a time.

This may be the perfect time to meet the right people. These people who will enter your life are fit for long-term relationships.

You wouldn’t have to doubt their intentions and actions because these people will constantly show you that you deserve love and care.

You’re trying your best to get to the top. Continue fighting for the life you want.

Ten of Cups Past

In the past, you refused to grow to become a better person. You used to reject opportunities that would enhance your skills and gifts.

You used to believe that you couldn’t form long-term relationships. You used to be afraid of commitment and giving everything to a person.

But the past also made you stronger and wiser. It encourages you to achieve your dreams without fear.

The most important lesson that you’ll bring forever is to have confidence. The past taught you that there’s so much more to life if you stay confident.

Don’t worry now; you’re at the right place.

Ten of Cups Future

In the future, more opportunities will come your way. Be ready to grow into a more exquisite individual.

This may be the perfect time to start investing. Because in the future, your investments will definitely continue to thrive.

bThis property may be your very own dream house, so it should be great!

The universe sees your constant determination in the present. It also hopes that you’ll remain consistent if challenges in the future will occur.

You’re preparing yourself for an abundance of blessings and love for growth.

Ten of Cups as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels an abundance of love whenever they’re with you. This person is willing to give you what your heart desires.

This person feels safe whenever they’re with you. This is because you give them a profound feeling that no one else can.

This person believes that everything will be okay. With you in their life, their worries would always dissipate.

This person feels proud of all the achievements you have. They want to be there in every struggle you may face in the future.

This person feels like you’re going to work in the long run and be happy.

Ten of Cups Outcome

The Ten of Cups, as an outcome, shows that love surrounds you. Show your gratitude to the universe for receiving this excellent opportunity.

You’re loved and always will be. You have people in your life who love you for who you are.

These people are bound to stay in the long run. They’re willing to be there for you through ups and downs.

You wouldn’t have to be skeptical about love. Because you can see it now, you can see genuine love.

This is the sign that engagement or union may occur. You’ll spend your life with the right person.

Ten of Cups Pregnancy and Fertility

The Ten of Cups card can be a sign related to pregnancy. Perhaps this is the sign that with ongoing good health, you’ll have a baby!

You’ve been taking care of your health for several years now. But you’ll put extra effort into taking care of it now that you’re pregnant.

You deserve to receive this good news because of your kind heart. You’ve been waiting for this wonderful opportunity for several months already.

This card also means that love will continue to flow in your life. Your friends and family are willing to sustain and support your pregnancy needs.

Ten of Cups Energy

The Ten of Cups has immense energy of positivity. This positivity resides with your constant desire for happiness.

At the end of the day, you would always choose to be happy. Despite the constant breakdowns that you face, you choose happiness.

As a result, you choose to be happy with the ones you love. This overflowing energy gives you the ability to provide unconditional love.

This is also the energy that makes you feel contentment. No matter how many people leave, you believe that the true people will stay.

Continue to show your radiance to others and receive love.

Ten of Cups as Action

The Ten of Cups as an action is all about constant determination. This shows your consistency in achieving your hopes and dreams.

You’ll never stop until you get your happy ending. You strongly believe that fairy tales are real as long as you take action.

When you want to keep people in your life, you’ll do everything to keep them. You constantly give them an abundance of love and support.

This card is also a strong sign of transition. Perhaps you’re currently taking care of yourself to achieve self-love.

Continue to do the things that you love because you’ll succeed.

Ten of Cups as Intention

The Ten of Cups gives good intentions and a pure heart. You may be someone who constantly chooses to see the good in everyone.

Your intentions are always pure, without a doubt. It’s part of your priority list to look after others and help them when they’re struggling.

Your intentions are pure because you don’t expect anything from people. You don’t expect to receive too much; you just continue to give.

When it comes to your goals, you’ll do anything to succeed. But you don’t want others to get affected by your decisions.

Continue to be a good person, love.

Ten of Cups as How Someone Sees You

Someone wants to spend the rest of their life with you. This person wants to offer you a higher form of commitment, possibly engagement.

This person sees you as someone who is family oriented. It’s attractive for them to know that you would always look after your family.

This person finds you attractive because of your independent figure. They believe you can handle the challenges that you continue to face.

This person may want to start a family with you. They see you as a husband or wife material that is bound to give unconditional love.

Continue to give love.

Ten of Cups Time Frame

The Ten of Cups has a specific time frame. But it will always depend on your situation and energy.

A specific period may start on March 11 and will end on March 20. The Ten of Cups has a connection with Mars in Pisces.

The Ten of Cups has a connection with the water element. And this card solely relies on the number ten.

So a specific event may happen that will make you happy. This can be good news about pregnancy, marriage, or family.

So continue to believe those good things happen because you deserve to receive good news.

Ten of Cups as a Woman

The Ten of Cups as a woman is someone who gives unconditional love. You may be someone who chooses to see the good in everyone.

You’re everybody’s favorite person because of your constant affection. You never fail to show the people around you that you love them.

There are people who find you amusing. They don’t only find you physically attractive, but they also admire you for your personality.

You’re someone who is consistent with your goals. You’ll never give up until you reach your dreams in life.

Perhaps you’re the independent eldest daughter in the family who provides.

Ten of Cups as a Man

The Ten of Cups, as a man, is someone who is driven to succeed. You may be someone who can still manage your time with family.

Despite having several responsibilities, you would still provide time for others. You would still find time to have quality time.

You’re someone who loves to provide and make people happy. You continue to work hard to give everything to the people you love.

You’re family-oriented, someone who puts family first. You would do anything to be there for them despite being busy.

You’re someone who sees the optimistic view of life to continue growing.

Ten of Cups Communication

The Ten of Cups can be a meaningful sign for communication. You may be someone who is willing to be there for people.

You only engage in open and honest conversations. You’re willing to provide a safe space so that people can express themselves.

This is also a sign that you can create long-term relationships. With the power of communication, you can solve disputes immediately.

You’re someone who is willing to hear the concerns of others. This is because you never fail to prioritize your empathy to comfort people.

You have the ability to make people less exhausted and dreary.

Ten of Cups Reconciliation

The Ten of Cups is a good sign that reconciliation may occur. A past person may realize that you deserve to be together.

This is a sign that a happy ending is approaching its way to you. This is because you deserve the love you give to others.

You’re someone who has the ability to make this person stay consistent. This person wants to offer a higher form of commitment to you.

This person may want to start a family with you. So expect this reconciliation to harvest for long-term stability.

This person wants to come back and pursue you.

Ten of Cups Physical Appearance

The Ten of Cups can have a specific physical appearance. But it will always depend on your actual physical appearance.

You may be someone who looks like a movie star. People will easily notice your exquisite features once you’re in the crowd.

You may be someone who is tall in height and has delicate features. These features may represent your pure intentions for others.

It is also possible that you have your baby or your own family. You look like someone who is a husband or wife figure.

You’re someone who is willing to blend in the crowd and shine.

Ten of Cups Reversed Outcome

The Ten of Cups, as an outcome, shows that you’re unhappy. This may be in relation to a separation you recently experienced.

You would start to believe that you don’t deserve love. You continue to believe that good things will not come to you.

Perhaps you’re currently in a healing process. Take all the time you need to love yourself again.

Perhaps you’re currently facing challenges financially. This is getting harder for you to engage in your relationships.

You start to look back on the choices you made. You feel like you made the wrong choice in terms of relationships.

Ten of Cups Reversed Pregnancy

The Ten of Cups card in reverse may be related to pregnancy. This means that a health problem is on its way to your pregnancy state.

Maybe you haven’t been taking care of your body. It’s also possible that you have a family history of a specific health problem.

This would heavily affect the health of your baby. If you don’t do something, you’ll face severe casualties.

Now is the time to start working on getting healthy. If you have plans to have a baby, take care of yourself first.

You need to prioritize yourself more before you prioritize others.

Ten of Cups Friendship

The Ten of Cups is a good sign of friendship. This may be the sign that good friends constantly surround you.

You have a huge luck in terms of having your friends. These people have been in your life through thick and thin.

Be thankful for having these people in your life because it's rare to find people who have good intentions like you.

Your relationship will only get stronger as you communicate with each other. Don't be shy to express and show your vulnerability to them.

Don't hesitate to show it if you're tired because they're willing to listen.

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