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Ten of Wands Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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The Ten of Wands is a Minor Arcana card that comes after the Nine of Wands. If the Nine of Wands card talks about life struggle, the Ten of Wands, on the other hand, represents what it truly feels like to bear the enormous burden of these problems.

An upright Ten of Wands is a representation that you are currently facing significant problems in your life. Frustration and struggles weigh you down, and you feel discouraged by the lack of progress from what has been going on lately.

The Ten of Wands will teach you how to manage each problem and obstacle that may come your way. Discover more about what this card may bring into your life. 

Continue reading on and uncover the hidden message that lies beyond this Minor Arcana card.

Ten of Wands Upright Keywords

  • Responsibility
  • Burden
  • Persistence
  • Hard work
  • Toiling
  • Stress
  • Worry
  • Exhausted
  • Struggles
  • Problems
  • Constrained
  • Losing concentration
  • Very serious

Ten of Wands Reversed Keywords

  • Overwhelmed with problems
  • Not delegating
  • Meltdown
  • Downfall
  • Collapse
  • Unbearable problems
  • Lack of progress
  • Letting go
  • Lacking the will to go on
  • Weakness
  • Procrastination
  • Heavy load

Ten of Wands Meaning and Description

The Ten of Wands depicts a man carrying a large bundle of sticks. He can barely lift the sticks and looks like he is only pushing it to move forward. 

The man is on the way to a town or village. Although his destination is still too far, he continues to carry his belongings' heavy load with pure determination.

The representation of this Minor Arcana card talks about a person who faces many problems in life but still manages to go on. The sticks the man is carrying represent one's achievements and conveying them with pride. 

The man's destination represents the retreat place he must get to after his long journey. 

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Upright Ten of Wands Meaning

These experiences will toughen you and give you the wisdom you need to meet the new beginning that is about to commence. Though the Ten of Wands highlights your struggles, it also allows you to see beyond these hardships and your purpose why you started this journey.

Keep in mind that the bigger the goal, the bigger your struggles will be. In time, you will harvest all the rewards of your hard work and enjoy yourself with all the privileges that come along with it.

An upright Ten of Wands often appears when you feel too much pressure from all your responsibilities, and you feel that everything is happening too fast. You're trying to keep up with how fast things shift around you, but exhaustion and stress are starting to wear you out.

Ten of Wands (Upright) in Spirituality

An upright Ten of Wands in relation to spirituality signifies that you feel disconnected from your spiritual path. The problems and responsibility you are currently facing have left you out of touch with your life's spiritual aspect. 

Your busy schedule has preoccupied your whole time that you have forgotten to tend to your spiritual needs.

Ten of Wands (Upright) in Health

An upright Ten of Wands concerning your health signifies that stress and anxiety take a toll on your health. Your physical and mental health is at risk when too much pressure is going on in your life. 

Do not overwork yourself; respect your body if it needs rest, and unwind from time to time. Work so you can live the life you want and not the other way around.

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Ten of Wands (Upright) in Career and Finances

An upright Ten of Wands concerning your career signifies that you are overloaded with the workload.

It's good that you keep yourself preoccupied but don't go overboard in hoarding all the tasks. Learn to delegate when needed and ask for help if you can take the workload anymore.

In a financial aspect, an upright Ten of Wands indicates that you have a hard time sustaining your needs and your family financially. Be careful, though; this card is warning you to avoid debt, or else you will have a hard time paying it back. 

Learn to manage your finances and start paying your debts responsibly.

Ten of Wands (Upright) in Love and Relationships

An upright Ten of Wands often appears if you feel weighed down by your relationships. Instead of uplifting one another, you feel burdened by your responsibilities in your relationship. 

Love is a two-way road, and the other must also exert an effort to make things work and balance each other's responsibilities. 

If you are single, the upright Ten of Wands card indicates that you work too much to forget to have some fun and mingle with other people. The right one for you might just be around the corner, and you just need to make time to find him/her.

Reversed Ten of Wands Meaning   

In a reversed position, the Ten of Wands is an indication that you have been working too much and making yourself available to anyone. 

You feel pressured and struggling to cover all the tasks needed.

The reversed Ten of Wands is here to remind you that it does not make you less of a man if you ask for help if you need one. Learn to delegate the task to make your load lighter. 

Also, do not be afraid to say no if you have too much on your plate already. Lastly, the reversed form of this card advises you to take care of yourself and prioritize your needs, or else you will not be able to perform your duty and obligations.

Furthermore, a reversed Ten of Wands signifies that you have problems, but you're keeping it all by yourself. You are afraid to share it with your loved ones because you think it would only add to their burden, and you don't want to bother them anymore. 

Because of this, you are pushing people away who want to help you and are at risk of depression.

Ten of Wands (Reversed) in Spirituality

A reversed Ten of Wands concerning spirituality indicates that you need to prioritize yourself before helping others. Take care of your spiritual needs and aim to achieve spiritual fulfillment. 

Daily meditation and aura cleansing can help protect your energy levels.

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Ten of Wands (Reversed) in Health

A reversed Ten of Wands concerning your health signifies your negligence to take care of your health. You kept doing your way despite advice from your doctors to tone down your workload and reduce stress exposure. 

If you are not careful and continue abusing yourself, you are in danger of a severe illness.

Ten of Wands (Reversed) in Career and Finances

The reversed Ten of Wands concerning your career signifies that your workload has already lessened. You already learned to delegate the task to your team members and finally reached out to your boss about the pressure you feel in your work. 

Ten of Wands (Reversed) in Love and Relationships

The Ten of Wands in reverse sounds suffocating in terms of love. It may seem like you and your partner aren’t meeting on the same ground. 

It’s possible that one of you carries the responsibilities more than the other. You don’t communicate with each other in terms of your needs. 

Learn to assess every situation that you have and brainstorm together to solve it tactfully. Keep in mind that you are a team, and both must work together for your relationship to survive.

Ten of Wands Yes or No

We can see that the Ten of Wands card talks about burdens, problems, and responsibilities right from the very start. So to answer the question of whether this card is favorable, the answer would be no. 

This is because having this card signifies that you are at a crucial stage of your life now. Making important decisions or taking risks at these moments could ignite further problems.

Getting this card in a Tarot reading signifies that you need some time to rethink your strategies and reflect on the journey you've been through. 

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Ten of Wands Advice

As advice, the Ten of Wands wants you to reflect on your past efforts. You didn’t come this far for nothing, so be confident because everything will work out.

To reach your dreams in the near future, start doing something about it. You don’t always have to grasp your dreams because the stars say so. 

Ten of Wands Reversed Advice

The Ten of Wands, in reverse, shows your constant struggles. You may be someone who is doing A LOT on your plate. 

 Perhaps you forget to provide time for yourself. Working too hard can cause you to neglect your essential needs and priorities. 

You don’t have to be available all the time. You can always say NO whenever you feel like your body and mind can’t participate. 

Ten of Wands as a Person

The Ten of Wands as a person is someone who is hardworking and passionate. You’re driven to be constantly ambitious by being persistent and patient.

You would take too much time when it comes to organizing things. You’re a detailed-oriented individual who wants everything to fall into place.

Ten of Wands Reversed as a Person

The Ten of Wands, in reverse, is someone who feels exhausted on most days. You’re someone who pours a lot to make an effort. 

Despite the success and recognition you’re receiving, you’re also feeling overwhelmed. You feel like you’re often burned out from the responsibilities you have. 

Ten of Wands Present

You’re doing quite well in the present position. You’re currently pouring all the hard work to make your dreams come true.

There are days when good results and progress would appear. These instances gave you the motivation to continue thriving. 

The people you love are rooting for your journey. They’re proud of what you’ve become and can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Ten of Wands Past

The Ten of Wands in the past limited your abilities. Your goals and desires for yourself were put on hold. 

Perhaps the main reason is because of family obligations. You have a “family comes first” mindset, even if you struggled the most. 

You tend to prioritize others before attaining your needs. As a result, you provided too much to people that you forgot to check yourself. 

Ten of Wands Future

Prepare for more challenges that will test your strength in the future. But these challenges will test how much you’ll choose yourself or not. 

It’s like going back to square one again, but this time you already know what to do. You’re going to build a life for yourself, one that you always wanted. 

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Ten of Wands as How Someone Feels About You

Someone may feel exhausted in relation to you. This person feels like their whole life seems attached to you. 

They feel like they play a massive role in your connection with them. They feel like interacting or being with you seems like an obligation. 

Ten of Wands Outcome

The outcome leads you to prioritize yourself for the first time in a long time. You’re finally done with being responsible for others on a daily basis. 

Your current responsibilities continue to pile up, and they heavily exhaust you. As a result, you feel like anytime, you’ll just explode into pieces. 

Ten of Wands Pregnancy and Fertility

The Ten of Wands can show a sign of pregnancy. So you’re going to be a parent, but you’re uncertain if you’re ready for it. 

Perhaps having a child was the least of your priorities. You have so much work going on every day in your life.

Ten of Wands Energy

The Ten of Wands energy can present a negative sign. This could relate to your duties and responsibilities to your career and relationships. 

The energy shows your exhaustion whenever a new responsibility appears. But instead of rejecting it, you continue to take it anyway, with regrets.

Your responsibilities would start to pile up. And this is becoming a complex process for you to handle and conquer. 

Ten of Wands as Action

The Ten of Wands card as an action symbolizes the burden in your situation. You have a lot of work to accomplish and problems to solve on your own.

You feel like you don’t need the help and comfort of other people. You became used to handling everything all by yourself. 

Ten of Wands as Intention

The Ten of Wands as intentions may be a risky one. It’s either your intentions are genuine in terms of having responsibilities or not. 

If your intentions are genuine, you’re willing to accomplish your responsibilities. You don’t need the help of others; you’re used to handling things on your own.

Ten of Wands as How Someone Sees You

Someone sees you as a high-maintenance individual. Every inconvenience that happens in your life will lead you to a major outburst. 

You’re someone whom they view as persistent and hardworking. You never hesitate to show them what your true abilities and skills are. 

They see you as someone who is independent. It may seem like you don’t need the help of other people. 

Ten of Wands Time Frame

The Ten of Wands can have a specific time frame. This could represent the number 10 in terms of days, weeks, hours, or months.

The Ten of Wands has an association with Saturn in Sagittarius. A specific event may start on December 13 and end on December 21. 

This time frame can also emphasize being patient for things to occur. The number 10 may be a representation that you need to focus on waiting. 

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Ten of Wands as a Woman

The Ten of Wands as a woman is someone who overworks A LOT. If this is you, take the time to find a place to rest and relax. 

You’re someone who ensures that everything is falling into place. You constantly pour your hard work and faith into everything you do. 

You’re someone who wants to accomplish your goals. So you won’t stop until you make it possible despite the circumstances. 

Ten of Wands as a Man

The Ten of Wands as a man is someone who is an overachiever. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want. 

You’re a GOAL DIGGER and a master manifester of your dreams. You believe that everything will always work out for you.

As someone who is an overachiever, you overwork a lot. You’re someone who would choose to stay in the office for more than 8 hours. 

Ten of Wands Communication

The Ten of Wands can be a specific sign for communication. This could mean that you aren't able to express yourself fully. 

You're someone who chooses to keep it all to yourself. You became used to putting up a facade that you're strong and independent.

But even the best ones fall down sometimes. And all you need is someone who would listen and maybe lessen the pain. 

Ten of Wands Reconciliation

The Ten of Wands can possibly show no sign of reconciliation. A past person still feels the burden of the relationship is still there.

You and this person aren’t fully open in the past. It could be that this person is too independent and refuses to ask for your help. 

Ten of Wands Physical Appearance

The Ten of Wands physical appearance is obvious to people who have it. So if you have this card, then you may often look exhausted. 

You look like you haven't slept for centuries because of overwork. Perhaps you're working as a BPO or call center agent on a night shift schedule. 

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Ten of Wands Reversed Outcome

Perhaps you still never learn because the tarot outcome shows it. You refuse to leave the past behind and put limitations. 

You continue to convince yourself that you'll choose yourself this time. But this only led to saying YES to other people to do their work for them. 

You'll never learn if you choose to be kind or understanding to others. There's nothing wrong with that, but it can come to the point of abuse. 

Ten of Wands Reversed Pregnancy

The Ten of Wands, in reverse, shows that you’re not ready for parenthood. You have no actual plans of starting a family of your own.

This is because you’re too caught up in your goals. Your constant craving for success continues to linger in your mind every day.

You feel like having a child will just be another burden. You’ll become more exhausted from taking care of a child. 

Ten of Wands Friendship

Ten of Wands is a good sign for healthy friendships. However, this will only be healthy if you accept the help of your friends.

Your friends are the prominent people in your life that you can count on. You know that whatever challenges one of you will face, you’ll be there for each other. 

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