The Dark Night of the Soul Twin Flame: How Hard Would It Be? -

The Dark Night of the Soul Twin Flame: How Hard Would It Be?

If you have no idea about the twin flame connection, you can be oblivious. You may hear about it before, but it may mean nothing to you. 

In the dark night of the soul stage, you feel desperation and helplessness. It is as if the whole world collapses or you lose the meaning of life. 

It becomes one of the darkest moments in your life for something much bigger. But that happens until you go through your own awakening. 

Going through the spiritual awakening process, you encounter many challenging stages. It helps you grow and develop on a spiritual level. 

What is Dark Night of the Soul?

It is common at the beginning of a profound spiritual awakening. When the conceptual framework collapses, you build your life around it. 

You experience a dark depression to emerge into a transformed state of consciousness. Enduring the dark night of the soul stage is a must before reuniting with your twin flame.

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Many people might wonder if the twin flames experience this simultaneously. But it is not always the case because each twin flame relationship is unique.

Twin Flames can still have different spiritual journeys. You deal with other challenges and difficulties.

However, Twin Flames can experience the Dark Night of the Soul simultaneously. It depends on the stage and how far they are from the union.

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What is the purpose of the Dark Night of the Soul?

You go through this change to awaken your soul and develop further. It is part of spiritual growth and healing.

But in a spiritual relationship, the primary purpose is evolution. 

Getting rid of the ego will help you go into a successful union with your twin flame. Removing negativity and the death of the ego is the rebirth of one's soul. 

When you meet your twin flame, you reflect on those aspects you need to work on. Being in that kind of relationship resurfaces what part needs healing.

Depending on how the Union process is going, you gain some realizations. You will see how far you have become the best version of yourself. 

As a result, the Universe has in store for you during the Dark Night of the Soul. It makes you face your deepest and darkest fears and insecurities.

Apart from those cited, it paves the way to pay your heaviest karmic debts. On the bright side, it serves the purpose of showing unhealed parts.

It keeps repeating, failing to understand the lessons you have in your past lives. If you take a closer look, you can see the unpaid heavy karma. 

The Universe has its way of making you learn from your mistakes. It is part of the evolution through the spiritual lessons you experience. 

The Dark Night of the Soul and the overall Twin Flame journey will help you entirely. It enables you to heal faster and speeds up unhealed things before. 

You get a chance to understand any spiritual lesson not previously understood. Try not to see them as pains, fears, and feelings of loss. 

What are the Signs of a Twin Flame Dark Night of the Soul?

The Symptoms

The first sign is experiencing the main symptoms. You find yourself in life-changing endeavors. 

Any deep losses or illnesses that have a massive impact on your life. It may be unexplainable like no medical cause, disorientation, and feeling the crashing world.

People may experience mental issues like depression or anxiety. You might consider psychological or psychiatric help depending on the severity. 

One of the purposes includes dismantling what you believe to be true about yourself. It becomes an opportunity of having more profound spiritual meanings of life. 

You can only achieve it after learning the karmic teachings. It will help you with the necessary healing to become your best version.

The Meeting

Nearly in the same period, you meet your Twin Flame as you start this phase. You begin dealing with the pain of going through the Twin Flame Journey. 

Talking about the Twin Flame and Dark Night of the Soul, these two can be interconnected. It is like the Universe is preparing you when you start dealing with the pain. 

The Loop

When you notice that the situations keep repeating, there is something the Universe is telling you. The repetition of the same patterns and circumstances clearly indicates that you should learn something. 

You meet similar people and situations until you start making different choices. The loop continues when you never learn and you fail to understand.

The more cycles of unsuccessful jobs, relationships, and failures, the more lessons you learn behind it.

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The Lost

Experiencing the Dark Night of the souls loses your direction in life. How much more would it be with the Twin Flame Dark Night of the Soul?

You feel empty and meaningless when you are the Dark Night of the Soul. You experience dread and doubt at a different level.

You feel lost, and it seems that a big part of you is also lost. This happens when you get separated from your Twin Flame.

You may feel lost and confused in this painful event. The powerful feelings you have experienced become more intense than before.

The substantial emptiness you feel will make you lose your faith. You question everything that is happening in your life.

You become so focused on the emotions you are feeling. However, you should remember that you shall not lose faith in the process.

It is an essential part you have to undergo and deal with. It will help you grow and evolve to be better. 

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The Separation 

After the first stage of the Twin Flame Journey, there will be a painful separation. In the Honeymoon Stage, everything flows nicely after meeting each other.

As a result, the separation will trigger you. It deepens, and it shows you which aspects require healing. 

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The Karma

In most cases, karma does not come instantly because it takes time. People get to receive the consequences of their actions in the future.

When you have an old soul, you undergo a higher level of lessons. These are the ones you never learned from your past lives.

Therefore, these lessons will not be accessible anymore. You have reached this difficult stage intended for the more extraordinary things.

In this symptom, you start experiencing immediate karma for your actions. It could also be related to your Twin Flame relationship and other situations. 

It only means you reap what you sow quickly. It does not come in years, decades, or future lifetimes, but very soon. 

If you do good today, something good comes back the next day. The same applies when you have made not-so-good actions to others.

It is a good sign if you sense that instant karma is happening in your relationship. It is clear that you are dealing with the Twin Flame Dark Night of the Soul.

The Fears

During this time, the events occur in such a way that your fears will emerge. You get to face them one by one, and it sounds terribly scary.

Simple and overwhelming scenarios happen. It teaches you to understand that you are more significant than your fears. 

You can overcome whatever you fear, even the past fears in your past lives. Events bring them to the surface for you to face, deal and overcome.

It allows learning what you have not known in your precious lives. You get a chance to understand what the Universe has been teaching you. 

Be confident that you can deal with whatever arises. As you walk through the journey, you must develop a secure attitude.

It is with hopes that you have a better eye to see all that happens. Try to see the higher purpose of everything. 

The Emotional Buttons

Whatever you fear will be the challenges that you will encounter. 

If you are afraid of being alone, you get something that requires solitude. If you fear liars or cheaters, you will meet many of them.

Events push buttons, whether you and your Twin Flame are going through the same process. 

It is one of the many reasons this stage is tough. There is nothing you can get away with unless you deal with them.

Since your Twin Flame is another part of your soul, you are one. Instinctively, they would know what to do when these situations arise. 

You are put into different and unique circumstances to see your triggers clearly. However, they are unaware about it.

You must keep in mind that it is all part of the process. 

The Changing Perspective

In the painful process, you uncover deep spiritual truths. You may have to give up and let go of older perspectives about life.

The pain you feel helps you develop positively in the long run. You develop empathy, compassion, gratitude, and many more.

You begin to open your eyes and understand the meaning of life. It becomes a whole new level of finding the purpose of your existence.

The Life Purpose

Twin Flame Dark Night of the Soul differs from one person to another. No matter how long the process lasts, the most important thing is how it ends.

You begin to understand why you are going through all of it. With a clear idea of what is going on, you see the bigger picture.

Everyone has a Divine Mission, and it is the real spiritual purpose while on Earth.

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How to Overcome the Dark Night of the Soul?

A spiritual journey is an individual experience. The soul's awakening is a significant stage to achieve the highest good.

Instead of searching far, the best way to overcome is to look within. The Dark Night of the Soul often makes you want to be alone.

So, you can use this time in solitude to rise above it rather than sulk. Take it as a pause to look within yourself. 

The painful phase can be a redefining stage in your life. You can utilize it to align with your purpose and identity.

By embracing the darkness, you acknowledge the natural phenomenon that must take place. You must go through this to achieve spiritual growth through acceptance.

The human mind and body are interconnected, so nourishment is essential. Take good care of your body and nurture your soul. 

It is a priority to nourish your mind, body, and soul whatever it takes. Start by eating a well-balanced diet and having enough sleep. 

Trust the process no matter how long it may take because it does not happen overnight. It can be overwhelming or confusing, but it is vital for spiritual development.

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