The Devil Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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The devil is also termed as the fifteenth trump. It depicts an image of a Baphomet or the horned goat of Mendes as it represents the devil. 

The devil’s eyes in the devil tarot card seem to have a plan to entrance anyone who looks at him. He raises his right hand as if for a greeting or to show his control. 

The man and woman seem to be in the palm of their hands as if he rules over them. This imagery represents how people can be slaves to their desires. 

You would think that they are being held against their will. However, a closer look will unravel how the chains are pretty loose.

It’s reminiscent of hand scissors but with four fingers. His eyes are opened wide and seem to be full of intent as if it’s meant to hypnotize anyone who looks.

He sits on a throne and at the center between his horns is a star-shaped symbol popularly called a pentagram. The devil rests on a pedestal between a man and a woman who seemed chained to the pedestal. 

In some types of cards, the pedestal is in the form of a hand gripping the two individuals' chains.

Both the man and woman are naked. The chains are attached to their necks, restricting their movements. 

They are human in form, but they exhibit qualities that separate them from the normal-looking ones. The two people have horns and tails resembling the stereotypical devil.

Table of Contents

The Devil Upright Keywords

  • Addiction
  • Obsession
  • Oppression
  • Powerlessness
  • Feeling helpless
  • Helplessness
  • Dependency
  • Excessiveness
  • Limitations
  • Attachment
  • Sexuality
  • Depression
  • Bondages
  • Material focus
  • Negative thinking
  • Betrayal
  • Secrecy
  • Abuse
  • Restriction

The Devil Reversed Keywords

  • Detachment
  • Overcoming addiction
  • Breaking free from bondages
  • Freedom
  • Revelation
  • Reclaiming power
  • Regaining control
  • Releasing limiting things
  • Getting rid of interruptions and restrictions
  • Independence

The Devil General Meaning

The image of the card depicts a Baphomet that is a symbol of balance between good and evil. It is also commonly used as the image showing the devil. 

The elements in the picture also suggest balance. For instance, the two individuals standing on both sides, their sex is male and female. 

The half-man, half-goat is also a combination of human and animal. This creates an image of co-existence and balance.

Small horns are also visible, as well as tails. This points to their slow becoming like the devil as long as they are with him.

 They are ruled over by their lust and animalistic senses rather than reason and spirit. This is an indication of their strong attachment to unhealthy things and their choice to stay.

The Devil (Upright) Meaning

Similar to Death Tarot, The devil represents your dark side. This can be compared to a shadow. 

It’s the opposing forces you allow inside you that, in a way, have control over you. These are the things that interrupt your natural flow and keep you from being the best you can be.

Perhaps you have subjected yourself to harmful activities, and the short time pleasure has overwhelmed you. In a way, you feel trapped, as if you have no way out of the maze. 

These pleasurable things you participated in can bring so much pain at the end of the day. In a way, this card gives you a choice. 

One of which is instant gratification and the other of a more secure result. In these types of situations, it’s best to assess and reassess any chance you get. 

This card tells you that you might feel trapped in the life you are currently living. Perhaps you feel like you have no control over it and have nothing much to do for improvement. 

Some things make you believe that you have no chance of gaining control of yourself. However, this is not true. 

Do not let yourself be subject to deceit. This is why a deeper connection with yourself is much help. 

It’s important to know yourself more than anyone else. This way, deceiving elements cannot shake you.

The Devil (Upright) in In Love and Relationship

The Devil card is a sign of unhealthy relationships that continue to manifest. You may be someone who continues to drain your partner mentally.

This relationship cannot be fit to function in the long run. It’s not stable enough to hold its walls that continue to crumble.

You often argue with your partner over petty little things. Then, you blame them for their response instead of thinking about what you did.

This relationship is made up of a hedonistic outcome. Perhaps you’re only staying with this person for sexual desires.

If you are single, this card can mean sex without love. In other words, you might feel unsatisfied despite having your fleshly desire. 

This can also mean that you may be allowing people who do not care into your life. They might want to use and exploit you. 

This card indicates that you may be in a potential relationship soon. However, this could be wrong because your partner is most likely suffering from an addiction of some sort.

These vices can foster aggressive and abusive behaviors that you might want to be careful about. 

In choosing a partner, you need to feel secure in a relationship. Therefore, it's essential to be cautious when selecting a person to be within your life.

Before giving someone a chance, learn what the Devil has to say.

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The Devil (Upright) in Career and Finance

Similar to The Moon Tarot, The devil in the aspect of your career speaks of the feeling of entrapment. Perhaps you are not happy where you are right now. Your career might be something you dislike, or maybe the people are not on the same page as you. 

You may be hesitant to move to something new, thinking it would erase all the achievements and things you did. 

However, you are the captain of your ship. It’s up to you if you want to be someone you want to be or no.

In the financial aspect, you might be tight in this aspect. There could be uneven money spending that causes your tight budget. 

Your bad habits may also be contributing to your financial struggles. This card suggests that there are many solutions to this problem. 

Scan the things you need to assess. Watch your spending and make sure you do everything you can to help you.

The Devil (Upright) in Health

This card in the aspect of your health is not a good sign. Your health may be in the wrong place because of certain addictions like drugs, smoking, overeating, or over-drinking. 

These things are harmful to you even though they provide short-term comfort. This card can also point to mental issues such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, etc. 

If you experience these things, it’s best to go to a professional instead of keeping it to yourself.

The Devil (Upright) in Spirituality

This card tells you that you might have neglected your growth in the spirit in your spiritual aspect. Perhaps you have been too caught up with the material things the world has to offer. 

Rekindle the fire and spend time allowing a change in your spiritual life. This card also indicates a lack of hope. Perhaps you may be drawn so far from the light, and you are lost and out of hope. 

Never allow the negativities to block out your light. If anything, radiate light and send out love to the people and elements around you.

The Devil (Reversed) Meaning

The devil in reverse signifies the coming of the best version of yourself. However, to chive this, you must let go of the stagnating and bad things surrounding you. 

You are being called to be the best version of yourself. Often, to be able to do this, you must let go of something wrong for you.

This thing can be unseen and hide in the shadows like love for money. You might think it’s okay when in reality, it’s unhealthy. 

If you assess something as limiting, it’s best to let it go and grow according to your pace. This card in reverse encourages you to fight the battle with yourself. 

Fight the negativities that are controlling you. This is the best time to eliminate the bad things inside you. 

You can start simply by cutting unhealthy food from your diet.

The Devil (Reversed) in Love and Relationship

The Devil, in reverse, shows that the relationship is unstable. You and your partner endure an endless cycle of ups and downs.

Perhaps you’re both finding reasons for this to work. You’re both trying to change the negative energy of this relationship.

There are times when your partner often distances themselves away from you. Unfortunately, this is the point wherein you continue to push them away.

If you are single, this card speaks of awareness and escape. You may have been with someone abusive and aggressive, perhaps someone toxic to you. 

However, you managed to shrug them off your life. Good for you.

This card in reverse emphasizes your need to take a day off to yourself. 

It might be time to appreciate and get to know yourself more. 

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The Devil (Reversed) in Career and Finance

In the aspect of career, this card in reverse symbolizes change. You are making the necessary changes to set things right. 

Your sense of accountability and responsibility is getting stronger finally. You are starting to see the bigger picture, and you are acting according to your goals. 

You are either leaving a toxic workplace or fixing the mess inside. In any case, it’s essential to do something you like. 

If you feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled in your job right now, you have enough courage to leave it.

The Devil (Reversed) in Health

This card, in reverse in the aspect of health, tells you a positive message. You are finally taking the necessary steps to stop harmful habits negatively affecting your health. 

This card in reverse also speaks of overcoming your stress, anxiety, and other issues affecting your mental health.

The Devil (Reversed) in Spirituality

In the aspect of spirituality, this card speaks of the lessons learned. You have been in a situation that can cause significant potential damages, and the universe has been kind to you. 

You have successfully avoided going through the negative consequences. Instead, you gained knowledge and wisdom.

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The Devil: YES or NO?

In the questions of yes or no, this card speaks of a big NO. It is generally a card that brings bad news and represents bad luck, unfortunate events, abuse, etc. 

Having this card in your yes or no question is a strong sign of changing the course of your sail.

The Devil Advice

Halsey once sang, “I'm meaner than my demons; I'm bigger than these bones.”

When the Devil card appears, this means that you should confront your demons. But this card may not always seem to be a negative sign.

The Devil wants you to fight your shadows, especially if they're your negative thoughts. Your shadows will only continue to suffocate you if you don't fight back.

The Devil Reversed Advice

Are your demons lurking inside your walls these days? In reverse advice, the Devil wants you to lean on temptations.

Perhaps you’re currently avoiding the advice of your peers. You continue to submerge yourself in pleasure to avoid pain.

The Devil as a Person

The Devil as a person is someone who likes things under control. You may be the type of person who wants to keep your things neat.

You’re someone who continues to overwork yourself. You view your current career as an obsession you’re afraid to let go of.

The Devil Reversed as a Person

The Devil’s lousy side is evident to a person. They’re the ones who love to make other people’s lives miserable.

If this is you, then God forbid, we hope you’ll talk to God soon. You don’t deserve to be surrounded by good and loving people.

The Devil Present

The Devil in the present continues to maintain balance. You’re weighing your habits and vices as a part of the process.

There are days when you can control your anger. You would communicate well with other people and understand their point of view.

The Devil Past

You dealt with a swarm of demons in the past. You fought a good battle where you became the survivor.

In the past, you often invalidated the feelings of others. You refused to listen to their problems and focused on what you always felt.

The Devil Future

Prepare your sword and shield for another battle. In the future, you will face a war between yourself and your ego.

You’ll confront your bad habits and crush them one by one. Then, since trying to remove them from your mind won’t work, remove them by your actions.

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The Devil as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels unsafe with you. The Devil card makes them feel like they can’t be alone with you.

Perhaps there are instances when you scare them. You threaten them in order for them to follow what you want.

The Devil Outcome

The Devil, as an outcome, may show signs of hazards. So be careful in every wish and decision you make, because it has consequences.

The outcome will lead you to endure more problems. This is because you'll prefer pleasure again instead of self-development.

The Devil Pregnancy and Fertility

The Devil can be a positive sign in pregnancy. However, the cause is most likely due to an unplanned pregnancy.

Perhaps this occurred between you or someone from the past. Your impulsive behavior leads you to carry a fetus inside your womb for nine months.

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This can also apply to someone who was a stranger. For example, maybe you both did the deed in a bar or a motel.

The Devil Energy

The energy of the Devil card may pertain to achieving one’s desire. Your everyday priority would be to fulfill your desires, or else you’ll combust.

This immense energy has the capability to influence people in good and bad ways. Your reason may most likely fall into the category “for your own interest.”

The Devil as Action

The Devil as an action is about adhering to or resisting change. You’re desperate for change, no matter how good or bad it may be.

Since the Devil card is not your Mr. Nice Guy, change is likely negative. You’ll change something for yourself that can harm you or others.

The Devil as Intentions

The intentions of the Devil are hostile. You both keep your friends and enemies closer for manipulation.

You often approach people when it’s only convenient to you. Every time you want a favor, it has something to do with your selfish reasons.

In a relationship, you intend to be the superstar. Therefore, you want to feel superior over your partner by being boastful and arrogant.

The Devil as How Someone Sees You

Someone thinks you’re a control freak. And to be honest, they’re not wrong, though, because it’s written all over your face.

They think that they shouldn't be friends with you. They don’t want to waste their time on people who are always selfish.

There are times when they wonder how you act and think that way. They believe a dark past happened that led you to become this person.

The Devil Time Frame

The timing of the Devil will strengthen your ability to think wisely. An event that wants you to focus on the good rather than the bad.

It can occur right away because this can be a new bad habit that wants to consume your soul.

The specific months can be December 21 up to January 20. Also, the Devil card has a connection with Capricorn.

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The Devil as a Woman

The Devil, as a woman, has a connection to the Goddess Lilith. So as expected, it brings forth a negative sign for female characteristics.

The representation of the card starts with a naked woman. This woman has a tail, and grapes surround her as the symbol of addiction.

The Devil as a Man

The Devil as a man connects with Satan, Lucifer, Dionysus, and other Gods. They use their powers for greed, abuse, and pleasure.

You may be someone who lets yourself submerge into temptation quickly. You don’t think it will cost your reputation or others.

You’re someone who likes everything to be under your control. You’re probably a boss or a higher authority in a business or politics.

The Devil Communication

The Devil shows a negative sign in communication. The key to communication isn't to strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

You may be someone who thinks the opinions of others don’t matter. You refuse to let someone educate you because it will make you inferior.

You’re often the toxic one in the relationship. You prefer to do things based on your rules and regulations.

The Devil Reconciliation

The Devil isn’t a recommended card for reconciliation. It will only bring another burden to a past person.

The Devil’s connection may represent strong codependency. You think it’s impossible to live a life without them by your side.

This time of reconciliation seems to be full of coercion. You choose to be aggressive in order to get your partner back.

The Devil Physical Appearance

Metaphorically speaking, the Devil can be a shapeshifter. They’ll change their physical appearance for you to like them.

You may be someone who likes to dress up. You present a false impression on the public in order to gain attention.

The Devil Reversed Outcome

The possible outcome will lead you to rethink your decisions. Then, maybe you’ll finally come to your senses and do something right again.

You’re currently trying to balance your pros and cons. While you fight off your negative traits, you would still do them intentionally.

This outcome is all about facing your fears and slaying your demons. Remember, progress will not appear if you don’t continue to persist.

The Devil Reversed Pregnancy

The Devil reversed in pregnancy is an unusual circumstance. However, this could mean that your negative traits will possibly wither away.

Pregnancy is starting to change how you perceive the world. It might give you a spark of optimism in order to feel infatuated with life.

This can be a pregnancy that’s planned or not. But, whatever the cause, it will tarnish the negative energy surrounding you.

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The Devil Friendship

The Devil in friendship is a negative sign. This could mean that you’re the Devil or your friend group.

You often get yourself into trouble every time you’re with friends. You’re willing to extend your fun without thinking of the consequences.

It could be you or your friends who like to criticize others. You’re now aware that some people are scared to attend school because of you.

The Devil and Two of Cups

Most of the time, relationships become toxic because of obsession. You need to keep in mind that we don’t specifically own your partner.

Which means that you shouldn’t see them as a tool that you’re claiming. They have their own life to live and dreams of achieving.

So you should respect and support their differences from you. And it’s normal to have different interests in the relationship.

The Devil and Two of Cups are a potent tarot card combination. They’re a sign that this can also be the Two of Cups in reverse.

The High Priestess and the Devil

Exerting dominance in the relationship isn't healthy. Especially when you're trying to be possessive over your partner constantly.

Because, in your partner's case, this can lead to suffocation. Maybe they refuse to speak up about their feelings, or you're just ignoring them.

This relationship will not improve if one of you isn't willing to listen. If one of you will not compromise or execute empathy, you'll both not grow.

The High Priestess and the Devil are a negative tarot combination. They're a sign that negative energies continue to linger in the relationship.

The Devil and King of Swords

It’s sometimes hard to balance your decisions because of temptations. Because temptations continue to linger in your everyday life.

You don’t want to let yourself submerge in temporary desires. Because you know that this will only consume your being.

You don’t want to be out of control because it will delay your progress. You’re currently trying to climb the ladder toward success.

The King of Swords and the Devil are a powerful tarot combination. They’re a sign that negative energy can consume your thoughts.

This means that it’s inevitable to surround yourself with distractions. However, you must be willing to control and overcome them.

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The Devil and King of Wands

You’re probably investing your time with someone new. But you need to be careful and try to observe their intentions.

Because it’s possible that they’re not here to stay for long. Maybe they’re just buying some time when it’s most convenient for them.

So you need to learn how to control your feelings. You shouldn’t fall easily, especially when they’re only doing the bare minimum.

The King of Wands and the Devil are a powerful tarot combination. This combination is specifically applied in relationships.

The Devil and Page of Cups

No matter what happens, focus on the goal. It’s important that you would be able to turn your dreams into reality.

So start focusing on what’s important rather than what’s irrelevant. Don’t let distractions and temptations stand in your way.

Because you’re so much better than what you think. You’re bigger than the unnecessary and negative energies that surround you.

The Page of Cups and the Devil is a powerful tarot combination. They show a sign that it’s possible to easily get caught off guard.

The Devil and Page of Swords

Now is the time to start manifesting your dream life. You’re someone who is willing to break the toxic cycles that surround you.

Don’t let negativity and hedonism consume your goals. Remember, you’re always more robust and wiser than your demons.

So it’s time to show your powers and defeat temptations. It’s time to start creating a balanced and productive life for yourself.

The Page of Swords and the Devil are an excellent tarot combination. They’re a sign that you can change the way you view life.

You can change your mindset into something that’s positive and fulfilling. You don’t need to stay in one place, because you won’t grow.

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The Devil and Queen of Wands

You got this brave soul; you just need to be confident. But mastering confidence isn’t a one-way ticket; it’s a long, enduring process.

So you must be willing to take the leap of faith. You shouldn’t let negative energies and temptations get in your head.

Instead, you need to focus on showing your skills to others. You need to show that you have what it takes to form healthy connections.

The Queen of Wands and the Devil are a powerful tarot combination. This is a sign that you can conquer anything that goes in your way.

The Devil and Three of Swords

Perhaps you’re currently regretting taking chances. You look back on the progress you made and wonder where it went wrong.

This is brought by your desire to prioritize irrelevant activities. These are the situations that led you to let go of your progress.

But it’s not too late to change and go back to square one. It’s not too late to move on and start a new beginning.

The Three of Swords and the Devil is a good tarot combination. This is a reminder that you don’t need to take the blame for everything.

The Emperor and the Devil

You may be in a relationship that can be toxic. Because being possessive and consuming your partner’s energy is definitely unhealthy.

So you better start thinking about your past actions. Think about how your actions heavily affect your relationship.

Because your partner can be facing a challenging situation because of you. There needs to be some open conversation to solve this matter.

The Emperor and the Devil are a powerful tarot combination. They’re a reminder that you need to let go of your toxic traits.

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The Hierophant and the Devil

No matter what happens, you must grasp your beliefs. Because your beliefs can be the blueprint for fighting your demons.

Maybe you’ve been in a state wherein you’re not making progress. This is because you chose to divert your attention to irrelevant things.

You chose to make time for entertainment or fun to neglect your responsibilities. So now you’re facing the consequences of your actions.

The Hierophant and the Devil are a powerful tarot combination. They serve as a sign that you must achieve your goals, whatever it takes.

The Devil and Ace of Pentacles

You’ll soon receive the success you deserve. But before this happens, you need to focus on achieving the required steps.

No matter what happens, you must not lean on distractions. Because they would eventually cause delay or stagnancy.

You need to keep going; you’re almost at the finish line. Now isn’t the time to turn back and walk away from everything.

The Ace of Pentacles and the Devil are an excellent tarot combination. They’re a sign that you must not let irrelevant things stand in your way.

The Devil and Ace of Swords

You need to be sure of what you want. Because if you choose to be indecisive, it will only delay your progress.

Don’t choose to focus on things that are only short term. Don’t depend on your happiness in temporary situations that will leave you.

Because you know that you’re made to do more. You just need to keep your heart open to the opportunities that are for you.

The Ace of Swords and the Devil are a powerful tarot combination. They’re a sign that you need to protect yourself from temptation.

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The Devil and Four of Wands

It’s inevitable to form disputes or misunderstandings with your family. But it’s not necessary to cut them off when things are difficult.

Because you need to have a constant support system. And your family should be the blueprint for showering you with overflowing support.

You don’t have to go through this journey alone. Which is why you need to seek help and guidance from people.

The Four of Wands and the Devil are a powerful card combination. This reminds you that you need to think of what’s best for you and your family.

The Devil and King of Cups

You’re someone who chooses to be logical. So you often set aside your emotions whenever you make a huge decision.

This is to ensure that your goals will still be aligned. Because it’s inevitable to experience hardships along the way.

So you need to keep your focus on the goal, whatever it takes. You need to be more mindful of your surroundings instead of being distracted.

The King of Cups and the Devil is an important card combination. This is a sign that you can conquer the challenges that you’ll face.

The Devil and Knight of Cups

This is a sign that you’re entering a new beginning. This new path will require you to execute your creative ideas.

You’re someone who is willing to succeed in whatever it takes. So you’re now trying to improve yourself for the better.

But you’re aware that distractions will occur along the way. This will be more difficult for you if you don’t have self-control.

The Knight of Cups and the Devil are a good card combination. They’re a sign that you need to prepare yourself for possible relapses.

The Devil and Knight of Swords

Be brave to face new challenges to achieve your dreams. Because life will not be soft on you as you enter a long journey.

So you need to prepare for challenges that will test your strength. It’s up to you if you’re willing to accept such challenges that will occur.

You need to let go of your doubts and fears. You have the ability to take the risk, despite the lingering distractions.

The Knight of Swords and the Devil are a powerful tarot combination. They’re a sign that you’re stronger than the things that distract you.

The Devil and Knight of Wands

This is a time to start working on your goals. You shouldn’t be wasting time because time itself is always running out.

You’ll regret it if you don’t choose to take the opportunities for yourself. So while time’s still here, you need to start creating a plan.

But you need to think about the road that you wish to take. If you want to apply for a new job, please do some background checks first.

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The Devil and Page of Pentacles

You’re someone who continues to linger on your youth. Perhaps you’re still in your youthful days, and you want to achieve your dreams.

You don’t want to wait anymore before something shows up. Which is why you’re willing to work on yourself to be the best version.

Because you want to plan and implement progress toward your goals. Even at an early age, you want to earn something for yourself.

The Page of Pentacles and the Devil is a good tarot combination. This is a reminder that whatever you do, don’t lean on negative traits.

The Devil and Queen of Cups

You’re someone who is willing to look after others. As a result, this becomes the blueprint for your abundance and success.

You’re someone who makes sure that you practice what you preach. Because you want to teach good values to the people around you.

But there are instances when you can encounter difficulties. You may find a difficult time when distractions linger around you.

The Queen of Cups and the Devil is a powerful tarot combination. This is a sign that you need to fight your demons.

The Devil and Queen of Pentacles

You’re someone who loves to look after others. Perhaps you always have a strong “motherly” figure.

You’re someone who can be seen as an independent and successful woman. So you make sure that you can provide efficiently to your loved ones.

Because you believe that you can provide them a stable life. You’re always working really hard in order to meet their needs.

The Queen of Pentacles and the Devil are an essential card combination. This is a sign that you also deserve to take some rest.

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The Devil and Queen of Swords

You're someone who is willing to strive despite the circumstances. Because you're someone who is ready to succeed.

You don't want to depend on anyone anymore. So you're trying to emphasize your independent woman complex to others.

You're someone who loves to provide for your family. So you would make sure that they're receiving the needs they deserve.

The Queen of Swords and the Devil is a powerful card combination. Whatever happens, you need to fight back when temptations arise.

Because you're stronger than the things that distract you. Don't let yourself submerge in the influence of negativity.

The Devil and Six of Wands

Don’t worry too much about the results. Because you’re currently trying your best to succeed, whatever it takes.

Soon enough, all your efforts will be worth it in the end. You’ll receive the recognition that you deserve and continue to do better.

So don’t ever doubt your skills and abilities. You’re stronger than you think, so you’ll be able to conquer everything.

The Six of Wands and the Devil is a powerful tarot combination. They’re a sign that all your efforts will turn into success.

The Devil and Ten of Cups

You deserve to celebrate your victory with your family. So you shouldn’t hesitate to continue working on your current career.

Because you’re currently growing and receiving the recognition you deserve. Continue to be consistent with your goals.

You’re someone who wants to achieve your dreams in the long run. So you’re trying to accomplish all the needed tasks.

The Ten of Cups and the Devil is a powerful combination. This is a sign that you still need to manage your responsibilities.

Because sudden distractions may ruin your current success. You need to engage yourself in practicing proper self-control.

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