The Empress Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

The Empress Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

The Empress represents new beginnings, creation, fertility, and even motherhood. She radiates things that will make you feel the need to have those things.

The Empress is also the figure of abundance, beauty, creativity, and sensuality, representing a mother's traditional archetype. She is the ruler of the abundance of creativity. Growing life forms, she takes care of and nurtures them, she is The Empress.

The Empress tarot card is the major arcana's third card in the deck. You may connect this tarot card, The Empress, with the earth's element; the planet Venus, and the astrological sign Libra. This tarot card's key dates range from the 16th of October up to the 17th of November.

If you wonder if this tarot card is a yes or a no, The Empress is a big humongous yes.

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Symbolism Of The Empress Card

The Empress looks straight ahead, and on a throne made of stone that has orange-red cushions and flowing cloths is where she sits. You will see how graceful and powerful she is by her poise.

On her lap is her left hand. The other hand, the right one, is resting on a cushion while holding a scepter that surmounts the world's globe. The Empress is raising her scepter. Aside from The Empress' scepter, she has long blond hair, and a wreath of twelve stars sits on her crowned head.

The crown's stars of the colors white and gold are also visible in her gown's collar. The Empress' gown falls on the ground loosely, while a decoration of a floral pattern is what you will see.

Looking down at the feet of The Empress are some yellow grains' stalks. Aside from grains, the background, the sky, is in color yellow.

Surrounding The Empress is dark green trees and a blue water stream that falls in a pool. There is also a heart-shaped shield. This shield shows the symbol of Venus, the planet.

The Empress' tarot card shouts the entrance in obtaining this life, into the Garden of Eden, while the one who knows the secret passage out is The High Priestess.

The Numerology Of The Empress

The major arcana's The Empress card is the third card in the deck.  This number is the divinity's number.

Number 3 stands for creation and purity. Two is for the lines and the duality. If you add those two numbers: one and two, you will get the number three that combines duality, polarity, and creations.

Even in religious traditions, the number three signifies something powerful. They say that number three is a figure for the trinity. In other traditions, the number three is a representation of the triple goddess. Moreover, the number three is the figure of the three tenses and three-dimension space.

They say that this number is the most stable of them all. Aside from being the most stable tarot card, this tarot card is also very fortunate and hopeful. Number three is such a magical and mystic digit.

The Empress Keywords


  • Abundance
  • Action
  • Art
  • Beauty
  • Caring
  • Creativity
  • Divine feminine
  • Domestic bliss
  • Doubt
  • Femininity
  • Fertility
  • Fruitfulness
  • Growth
  • Harmony
  • Ignorance
  • Initiative
  • Love
  • Marriage
  • Motherhood
  • Nature
  • New opportunity
  • Nurture
  • Pleasure
  • Sensuality
  • Stability
  • Union
  • Unknown


  • Rejection
  • Coldness
  • Creative block
  • Dependence
  • Disharmony
  • Domestic problems
  • Emptiness
  • Energy blocks
  • Financial issues
  • Infertility
  • Insecurities
  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of firmness
  • Neediness
  • Negligence
  • Oppression
  • Overprotectiveness
  • Pity
  • Rejections
  • Self-neglect
  • Stagnation
  • Struggles
  • Unfaithfulness
  • Unloving
  • Unwanted pregnancy
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Upright – The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

If you get The Empress in an upright position, she shows you her benevolent motherly figure and the nurturing love that she gives.

The Empress tarot card has conjunction with mothership and fertility. Even if she associates with pregnancy, this pregnancy does not mean a real and literal pregnancy.

This tarot card may signify pregnancy in the means of the birth of something new: an idea, purpose, project, and whatsoever. She reassures you that she will give you domestic security.

The Empress can be an appeal to acknowledge and enjoy the bounty and pleasure you already have. It is normal to get caught up with comparing yourself to others. It will help if you step back a little to recognize that you hold wealth that some fantasy.

The Empress (Upright) in Health

If you seek to conceive or to be fertile, The Empress is the tarot card for you, for it has a strong indication of the forthcoming of one's pregnancy.

However, if pregnancy is not what you seek, you need to be mindful and careful in contraception times.

The Empress (Upright) in Career

The chance and the potential for a more rewarding career path is what The Empress in an upright position implies. Expect great things and outstanding outcomes for these things; you will indeed receive.

Moreover, The Empress will be your facilitator and giver of ideas and opportunities in this career context.

The Empress (Upright) in Money 

You are currently overflowing with money and wealth and it is time to give back a little bit. You can give back through giving or helping those who are in need.

By doing this good deed, they will serve you with a plate of good karma. This good karma will splash you with things that will help you in the future.

Aside from that, this tarot card means that if you want to invest in something, the best time to invest is present. But only invest, if and only if, you fully trust yourself, your decision-making, your instincts, and your guts.

The Empress (Upright) in Love & Relationships

This upright tarot card is an excellent card to enact long-term relationships.

When an upright Empress card appears in a love reading: this tells you about the relationship conflicts you are having with your partner. This tarot card will serve as a reminder to address the friction with a clear mind and an open heart. It would be best if you give your partner the benefit of the doubt.

Both of you need to be mindful and be sensitive to each other's feelings. Bruised things should receive icing and soothing. Seek to have a compassionate and tender loving way to have reconciliation.

Reversed – The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

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Detachments are what The Empress in a reversed position signifies. She will guide you to be more appealing, nourishing, and nurturing when it comes to cultivating your relationships with your fellowmen.

The reversed position of this card has a similar message to the Moon tarot card. It serves as your post that you are, right now, in a disconnection with your true self

This tarot card will be your note for you to get back on your track and find the missing authentic you. You need to give yourself a break and indulge yourself more to soothe yourself and bring back what is missing.

Tapped-out things may also be the reason for the appearance of The Empress tarot card. This thing means that it is draining because you require self-care and self-love. You need to take some time out and take care of yourself more. Love yourself.

The Empress (Reversed) in Health

Your weakening motivation is because of your health issues. You need to take care of yourself. It will be hard to try and change your practices, but slowly, you should do so.

If you take care of yourself, you will benefit only yourself, so do yourself that favor.

A healthy lifestyle will always be the best antidote and medicine for your health issues. A healthy lifestyle will also help you in having a more positive outlook when it comes to life. You will get through whatever you are through.

The Empress (Reversed) in Career

Aloof and a bleak career and work are what this reversed tarot card says if you draw it. The Empress foretells you of how draining, tiring, and unfulfilling this path is. If this situation is the case, you need to allow yourself to connect, be creative, or leave this workplace of yours.

Take care of yourself by granting yourself some favors.

This tarot card may also tell you that you are on a dead-end scheme or your path despite the efforts and sweat.

Do not force your way through: step back and relax. In more extraordinary times, you will receive everything that you are wishing and hoping for.

The Empress (Reversed) in Money

This tarot card reveals that you are sailing smoothly with the money and wealth that you have right now. You will not be encountering anything.

This tarot card, The Empress, also reminds you to be responsible and mature when it comes to your money and wealth. If you do so, you will continue to be financially stable tomorrow.

The Empress (Reversed) in Love & Relationships

The Empress tarot card, which is in a reversed position, points out how delayed you are with your plans involving your relationships and love life.

This tarot card points out every coldness, disconnection, and toxicity in your love and relationships that need fixing and soothing.

You need to grant your senses some trust and follow your heart: choose what or who makes you happy. If you do not think you can send your most heartfelt sentiments to your beloved, then you can guarantee that your love will never grow into the passionate, long-lasting bond you both want and deserve.

The Empress Advice

The Empress wants to remind you that you’ll always be a good person. Never stop being a good person just because of a chaotic world.

Your pure intentions have the ability to shed light on others. You can save someone from drowning into the void.

As Harry Styles said, we can treat people with kindness.” You need to show people that an optimistic mindset still exists.

Your strength intensifies every time you show the good. People can see you as their influence in showing compassion.

Spread your wings and fly, dear empath, for you’re capable of living a simple life.

The Empress Reversed Advice

The Empress reversed in advice shows that you’re making yourself the “bad guy.” Maybe you often blame yourself for things you can’t control.

This happens when you don’t put boundaries on people. You’re too good for people who continue to take advantage of that good.

You’re indeed one of a kind. But it would be best to choose yourself, or you’ll suffocate.

You carry the burden of others behind your back. It’s time to normalize allowing others to be responsible for themselves and drop their baggage.

You choose to be an empty bottle because you constantly fill water on others.

The Empress as a Person

The Empress is someone who looks like an angel in disguise. People may view them as their guardian angels, watching over them every day.

If this is you, then the world doesn’t deserve you. You’re too precious to exist and walk around morally wrong people.

You’ll never hesitate to show people that you love them. Maybe you mastered implementing the five love languages.

When it comes to art, you’re incredibly good at it. You intertwine yourself with art to understand people’s thoughts and emotions.

You’re someone who chooses to stay optimistic. When things fall apart, you decide to hang on.

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The Empress Reversed as a Person

The Empress in reverse as a person when someone is perplexed or desperate. They seek love in all sorts of places, even the wrong ones.

You may be someone who wants to feel alive because of love. You search for love in someone because you can’t give it to yourself.

Most of the time, you try your hardest to please people. Then if they’re disappointed, you outburst yourself into despair.

You can be too dependent on others. You believe a partner must stay with you through thick and thin.

You can’t find love in the same place you lost it.

The Empress Present

In the present, you’re right where you want to be. There is an abundance of happiness and love embracing you.

You currently have healthy and stable relationships. You still keep in touch with old friends and colleagues.

Congratulations on your current endeavors. You probably won an award or bought your dream house.

You’re open to receiving more opportunities. You can have too much on your plate and still feel grateful.

The universe is proud of your progress and rewards you. So continue your incredible journey through the constellation.

May you be the star that will never run out of luminescence.

The Empress Past

You faced many challenges in the past. Yet, you persisted and thrived on getting what you wanted.

Maybe you spent your time finding countless jobs. There are a handful of rejections, but this only made you stronger.

Perhaps the entrance examination overwhelmed you. Most of the subjects nearly made you insane.

But you succeeded in the past. You have a support system that remains by your side till the end.

You did great things because you believed in your potential. The abundance of love that lingered on you motivated you more.

You trusted the universe that everything would be alright.

The Empress Future

In the future, you’ll continue to do great things. The ups and downs are necessary to take the next step.

Many people will discover your pure soul. Maybe you’ll help them conquer their fears or worries.

You’ll work on a  project. This will enhance and nurture your creative mind to broaden your imagination.

The future will be full of prosperity. You’ll still be thankful for the things you left behind.

The future is bright for you, dear one. It will only make you wiser, healthier, and more robust to face life as it is.

Always yearn for the silver lining.

The Empress as How Someone Feels About You

They're astonished because you're an independent individual. But they have this urge to take care of you constantly.

Their heart grasps contentment every time you interact. They're blown away by how you treat them with love and care.

You're always willing to help others by lessening their burdens. This is why this person gives you massive respect for that.

There may be times when they're concerned about you. They think that if you're too busy taking care of others, you will forget to check yourself.

This person wants to reciprocate the pure intentions you give. After all, you deserve it.

The Empress Outcome

You’ll prepare yourself for changes. It will be a time for you to continue growing while you ultimately leave the past behind.

It’s time that you can finally realize your worth. You gave too much to the wrong people; you’re not going to do it again.

New opportunities will appear right at your window. You’re going to accept them all because you believe in your power.

This is also a time for forgiveness. A family member may fix things with you, and you’ll willingly participate.

This is a time for self-love. You’re going to make plans to prioritize your health.

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The Empress Pregnancy and Fertility

The Empress is a card that represents motherhood and mother nature. You can be fond of the environment and bear a child.

This symbolizes abundance and new beginnings for you. It’s time to enter a significant shift in your lifestyle.

Of course, there will be several adjustments. But this won’t defeat your purpose to give unconditional love to your child.

You’re dedicated to making your pregnancy process a success. You’ll think of ways that will nourish your child’s well-being.

Your engagement in nature is beneficial for your pregnancy. You’ll put yourself on a healthy diet to protect your precious one.

The Empress Energy

The energy of the Empress is feminine. The feminine energy lingers in your gender and life balance restoration.

For your feminine energy in gender, you take the leap towards women's empowerment. You're willing to do everything it takes to protect your fellow women.

You're an intersectional feminist. You act like one when you use your powers to abolish gender oppression and exploitation.

While your feminine energy in balance takes place within yourself. You have the power to weigh all your responsibilities and desires smoothly.

The universe sees you, pretty woman. Now go out there and show who's the future boss!

The Empress as Action

It’s expected for the Empress to intertwine with nature. Nature is the key to intensifying your power.

Maybe you love studying and growing plants. Different flowers may be a representative inspiration for you.

One plan from your bucket list is to have your own garden. Once you achieve this, you’ll harvest fruits and vegetables to boost a healthy lifestyle.

Your actions, views, and emotions align with your intentions. You assure people that you’re always there to listen and understand.

Some may call you The Good Samaritan. When you give your care to others, you don’t ask for anything in return.

The Empress as Intentions

The intentions of the Empress are always pure. They’re willing to extend their love, support, and appreciation to others.

If you’re like this, you’re most likely a giver. Helping a person conquer their problems is your highest fulfillment.

You’re constant when it comes to motivating others. You don’t hesitate to show your support to your sister even if she thinks negatively.

The art of empathy is your top interest. You study and apply empathy in order to understand people’s diverse stories.

You’re a superhero or a Greek God to most people. They’re grateful that you saved them in this lifetime.

The Empress as How Someone Sees You

If you see yourself in the eyes of someone, you see an angel. People view you as the best person in their lives.

They're stunned by your constant commitment to love and dreams. You would always lift up the spirit of those who aren't motivated.

They often learn that you're open to different possibilities. These possibilities are about finding the beauty in life.

You're someone who is naturally brilliant to them. Maybe you showed them your interest in nature or philosophy.

You influence them in spreading kindness like confetti. They firmly believe good souls like you are rare to find.

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The Empress Time Frame

The time frame of the Empress starts on March 3, when a full moon approaches. The Empress associates with the planet Venus, and the day’s connected to Friday.

The Empress’ timing may also fall during the harvest season. This is common since the direct advocacy of the Empress is all about nature.

When harvest season occurs, you’ll know what to expect. Progress or change in yourself will possibly appear.

The time frame is often indicated to self-progress. If you have the Empress, abundance, and nourishment will appear at your door.

This is a major intensity to your vital feminine energy.

The Empress as a Woman

The Empress exists to be a woman. As an Empress, you’re constantly independent and provide unconditional love.

You’re the girl boss of the 21st century. You’re very much aware that you don’t need to depend on anyone.

People often view you as someone who has a mother figure. You’re the mother or the caretaker in your circle of friends.

You’re someone who continues to prove what you’re capable of. You believe that there’s a place in this world for a thriving woman.

Perhaps you’re interested in art and philosophy. When you study these concepts, it helps you to understand people.

The Empress as a Man

The Empress as a man is someone who is always down to earth. He exerts effort in helping others.

Maybe you joined boy scouts or have a leadership figure. You prepare resources when going on a trip.

You have an interest in the medicine or psychology field. This will enhance you to be closer to people and help them with their illnesses.

You have the power of transformative healing. As a healer, you can also have a counseling career.

The Empress inflicts a light inside you. You continue to bring this light in order to prioritize the needs of others.

The Empress Communication

The Empress is an essential tool in practicing good communication skills. She encourages us to express ourselves freely.

You probably adapted to being honest when communicating. The Empress is happy to know that you provide safe spaces for people.

If you have difficulty speaking up, this card can be a game changer. It enhances us to recognize our feelings and to understand the side of others.

It’s completely normal if you choose to hide your vulnerability. But you can always give in to the right set of people.

When we learn to be open, love will only continue to harvest.

The Empress Reconciliation

As the line says, I want you and your beautiful soul.” This person can’t easily forget you.

The Empress can be a positive sign for reconciliation. There may be someone from the past who wants to fix things with you.

You changed this person’s life for the better in the past. You showed them that there’s always room for believing in love.

But they continue to submerge themselves in guilt. They want to make up for the mistakes they did to you.

You’re still the one to decide if this connection is for you. After all, it’s not your loss.

The Empress Physical Appearance

Regardless of the appearance in the cards, the Empress has a mother archetype. It’s created for people to feel a mother’s warm hug.

The visual of an Empress is sitting on a throne. The tiara above her head symbolizes her power to inflict love.

The throne where the Empress sits is a portrayal of angel wings. You can forget the importance of physical features to realize that the wings symbolize compassion.

Her white clothing is a symbol of pure intentions.

As for her face, it usually possesses a genuine expression. This relates to her willingness to take care of people.

The Empress in a Love Reading

You give love and love well. The Empress is a lucky sign when you pick it up from a love reading.

An abundance of love is always coming your way. Naturally, you gladly welcome love with open arms when it arrives in your home.

You’re surrounded by people who can reciprocate your energy. There are best friends that you may call your ride or die.”

Your partner feels like they’re the luckiest person on earth. They feel like you have high standards and want to meet your expectations.

You can effortlessly manifest unconditional love with the snap of your fingers.

The Empress Reversed Love Reading

The Empress in reverse in a love reading is a melancholic sign. You continue to reject love, afraid it might cause you trauma again.

A person wounded you deeply in the past. This person took full advantage of your loving and selfless figure.

Due to trauma, you’re afraid to take an interest in commitment. Your mindset shifted to realizing that all people are the same.

You created a facade where you choose to be cold-hearted. Because of this, people distance themselves away from you.

The pain made you resilient. But it also turned you into a different version of yourself.

The Empress Reversed Outcome

You resist change; that’s why you can’t move forward. You can’t help but continue to hold grudges against people.

You often think about what people did to you. You always ask yourself if you’re always the problem.

Harry Styles questioned you, “Will we ever learn? We’ve been here before.” You’re going in cycles again, dear; stop giving too much to people!

Due to low self-esteem, you reject countless opportunities. You’re anxious that people will continue to step down on you.

You avoid yourself from a particular family member. You can’t accept their apology because your pride’s more massive than your heart.

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The Empress Reversed Pregnancy

Intrusive thoughts crawl into your head every day. This has a negative impact on your pregnancy.

You’re afraid to take care of your child. You believe you don’t have the mental capability to live in motherhood.

Your traumatic past is the reason for this dilemma. It can come from family, romantic, and financial problems.

You often stop yourself from caring too much. You compare yourself to other women who you believe are more stable than you.

Maybe you drench yourself in constant medication. This will affect you and your child’s health.

You believe your child can’t have a bright future.

The Empress Friendship

Remember that your friends are lucky to have a diamond like you. You form healthy, mature, and stable friendships.

You’re often the counselor or the peacemaker. Your friends won’t hesitate to open up to you about their problems or worries.

They thank you for being a good listener because not everyone can both listen and truly understand a person’s situation these days.

You’re the happy pill in the friend group. You would always do everything to lift everyone’s mood.

Checking up on your friends is your top priority. You can never go on a day without asking them if they’re okay.

The Empress and the Devil

As the Empress, you need to check your priorities. Because you’re always aware that you have a bag full of responsibilities each day.

So you need to learn how to balance your activities. It’s time to tap into your divine feminine energy and sail the ship.

But along the journey, you’re taking on challenges. You’ll face challenges that will be tougher for you to resist due to temptation.

The Empress and the Devil are an essential combination. It shows you that you need to be sure of what you want.

Because when you know your needs, you know when to act. With the Devil card, you have the ability to submerge yourself in temptations.

Once you do, it will be difficult for you to know your priorities. It will be difficult for you to see where you stand at the feet of success.

Don’t let pleasure take away your passion.

The Empress and the Lovers

When you have the Empress, you can be the game changer in relationships. Because you have the ability to build a stable foundation.

You’re someone who is willing to make the relationship work. You have the power to be a good provider and an empath.

You’re someone who is willing to extend a helping hand. Because you believe that healthy connections are formed and progress.

The Empress and the Lovers are a healthy combination. These cards can boost your feminine confidence in yourself and your relationships.

With the Lovers card, you deserve to receive healthy love. The kind of love that you continue to give to others without hesitation.

With the Empress card, divine feminine rests in your hands now. Don’t resist showing your vulnerability and sincerity to your person.

You can always create safe spaces for your person to express themselves. In doing this, you’re harvesting a healthy relationship.

The Empress and the Star

You need to know that you can conquer the challenges you face. They serve as a driving tool in order for you to succeed completely.

Because you don't automatically live a good life. You need to experience life the hard way; you need to be resilient.

You don't always plan things the way you want them to be. There are times when you would encounter failed attempts or disappointments.

The Empress and the Star is an essential combination. They give you the reminder that there's always a silver lining in life.

With the Star card, you need to find the Star in your journey. But sometimes, the Star is already you, someone who is hopeful.

As Taylor Swift said, “To live for the hope of it all.” You have the ability to live the life you want by believing that you'll receive it.

It's time to channel your divine feminine.

The Empress and the Tower

Maybe you don’t like what you’re seeing right now. Maybe things aren’t going the right way that you intend them to be.

Your project may result in something that you don’t want to see. Or you feel like you’re losing the motivation to succeed in life.

Maybe you’re also having a fallout in relationships. You feel like you don’t have the energy to process all of this right now.

The Empress and the Tower is a good combination. They can serve as your guide to track down the challenges you face.

You need to remember that fallouts aren’t the end. Instead, they’ll enhance you see that a bigger opportunity is waiting for you.

All you need to do is to remain focused on your goals. You got this; you’ve been fighting all your battles on your own.

It’s now time to unleash your full potential and start being better.

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The Empress and the World

Just hold on a little longer; the process is about to end. You’ll finally have the rest and relaxation you deserve.

You’ve been strengthening your girl boss energy countless times. Because you want to accomplish something to boost your strength.

So hang on there; the fight will come to an end. You need to keep believing that you’ll accomplish the things that you have at hand.

The Empress and the World is a powerful combination. They remind you that all your efforts and sacrifices will be worth it.

With the Empress card, you can harvest your powers. They can be found inside of you, so follow your intuition and show your skills.

The World card shows that a cycle will come to an end. This seems sort of a completion that you’ve been working on for several months.

Know that the result will turn out to be ultimately successful.

The Empress and Queen of Cups

Don’t be afraid to show your ideas to others. Don’t limit yourself to the things that you can bring to the table.

Because you have the potential to be a good listener. You just need to present yourself to people that you genuinely care about.

Because honestly speaking, you often look after people. You want to be there for people to help them with their problems.

So be someone who is willing to understand the stories of others. Be someone who wants to be a good influence for others to thrive.

The Empress and the Queen of Cups are a great combination. They will serve as a reminder that you can always choose empathy.

With the Empress card, you’re someone who resides with your femininity. You’re someone who isn’t afraid to show your soft side.

And with the Queen of Cups, you’re willing to be a mentor to inspire people.

The Empress and Temperance

You have the ability to handle things well. You have the ability to put everything into moderation and restore productivity.

You’ve been trying to strive in order to achieve your goals. Perhaps you’re on a journey wherein you’re approaching motherhood.

Maybe you’re uncertain of which way to go. What rules or standards do you need to acquire in order to be a good parent?

The Empress and Temperance is a good combination for motherhood. They would guide you as you learn more about proper parenting.

Whatever you do, you need to follow the middle path. Because this will enhance you and restore balance and order in your life.

Once you adopt this, you will know your priorities. And these priorities go out to providing for your child more often.

You also need to put balance into motherhood and work. As you work hard, don’t forget to look after your child.

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The Empress and the Chariot

For now, things may be a bit too overwhelming. Even though you’re capable of handling the situation, exhaustion will appear.

But even if you’re experiencing a stressful situation, remain focused. Remember, you need to be in control of what happens in your life.

Because you’re the main character of your own story. It’s your duty to create and decide what happens; you have your free will.

The Empress and the Chariot is a powerful combination. They will serve as your guide towards setting your priorities straight.

Having too many workloads can always end in disaster. Maybe you would feel like you don’t have the energy to continue anymore.

But you can take brief breaks and personal time. Then you can hit the road and start working again.

The focus shall never leave your side. It shouldn’t be out of sight and out of mind.

You’re in control, so don’t worry.

The Empress and the Hanged Man

You’ve been putting too many sacrifices for others. Because you’re the type of person who would always give unconditional love.

You have a solid motherly figure and independence. As a result, you treat others with constant love, care, and support.

Showing how much you care is a genuine expression. However, you need to put everything into moderation and think about yourself.

The Empress and the Hanged Man is a good combination. They’re a representation that you can’t always give too much.

With the Hanged Man, you’re providing constant time for others. But have you ever thought if they’re doing the same for you?

When was the last time that someone reciprocated your energy? Were you certain that what they gave was already enough for you?

You need to create a barrier between what you can give. Don’t stop being a good person, but learn how to balance your countless responsibilities.

The Empress and the Hermit

The answers are not always correct under your nose. You can’t automatically learn everything regardless of your status and age.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re still trying to learn other things. All of us are like that, and we need to know more in the future.

Because life is all about finding the truth and what’s right. In this lifetime, you have to spend time discovering new ideas to find answers.

The Empress and the Hermit is a powerful combination. They enhance you to have motivation to search for countless possibilities.

If you’re a mother, then you know that you’re still learning. Even if you already have kids, you’re still trying to sort out their characteristics.

So if changes occur, you’ll sort out why they happen. You’ll seek guidance from others in order to take care of your kid.

Because you want to be the best parent they have.

The Empress and Ace of Swords

When you’re encountering challenges, always focus on them. Don’t let yourself meddle with distractions that will never be relevant.

Because they will only delay your progress in solving such challenges. So it’s important that you keep your eyes wide open.

Despite the challenges that you face, you’ll receive clarity. But things will obviously be confusing at first, and you can’t catch up.

The Empress and the Ace of Swords are a good combination. They serve as a reminder that you need to remain focused.

If things don’t go your way, don’t lose sight of it and let go. Just continue to persist and work hard to get what you want.

When everything is falling apart, tap into your inner strength. Once you gain your complete focus, you’ll arrive at a decision.

Learn how to know the essence of the situation. Also, no matter what happens, look for the silver lining.

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The Empress and Justice

You know that everything happens for a reason. So you wouldn’t back down if an unexpected fallout occurs in your life.

Because you know that you have to apply your wisdom. You need to see the bigger picture rather than being dramatic.

Instead of complaining, you’ll do something to solve a problem. Instead of overthinking the situation, you’ll look for ways to solve it immediately.

The Empress and Justice is a good card combination. They allow you to weigh the pros and cons of your decisions.

So before you decide, you should evaluate your choices first. Because you don’t want to regret your decision because of impulsiveness.

With the Empress card, you’ll handle the situation in a feminine manner. You’ll remain calm and patient to the best of your abilities.

While the Justice card serves as your guide to be wise. You’re raised to stand up for the right thing.

The Empress and King of Wands

You have what it takes to be a good leader. Because a good leader is someone who will prioritize their people despite the circumstances.

You have the potential to lead individuals who strive for success. Don’t limit your abilities in your small bubble, and show your skills.

You’re someone who is willing to put in all the hard work. But aside from being strategic and practical, you’ll handle matters carefully.

With the Empress, you’re willing to show your compassion to others. And with the King of Wands, you’re ready to take huge risks and responsibilities.

So don’t hesitate and show them your true potential.

The Empress and Queen of Pentacles

You allure powerful and healthy connections instantly. This is brought by your strong confidence and determination to succeed.

You’re someone who has a large group of friends. You never fail to make each of them feel a sense of comfort and belongingness.

Because you’re willing to strengthen the bond for triumph. On the other hand, you’re eager to intensify the confidence of others.

The Empress and the Queen of Wands are a powerful combination. They’re both related to strengthening the feminine energy.

If you’re a woman, then this combination is perfect for you. They can serve as your guide in order to show off your skills.

The Empress card shows that you’re dealing with everything in a feminine way. This means that you’re trying to be decisive in your choices.

With the Queen of Wands, your skills deserve the front row. This means that you deserve to form more connections.

The Empress and Queen of Pentacles

This is a sign that an abundance of money is on its way. This is the result of your constant hard work in terms of your career.

So you don’t need to overthink if this is for you. Because you’re worthy of receiving good news and the same energy you give.

The universe is proud of how you handle everything. You’re a busy person, but you manage to look after your loved ones.

The Empress and the Queen of Pentacles are a powerful combination. These cards have the ability to inflict positivity in your life.

Perhaps this is a sign that you need to interact with nature. Because this can also bolster your ability to engage in reflection.

On the other hand, you may participate in new activities. Maybe you’ll find a new interest along the way and work hard for it.

Keep your head up high and continue thriving.

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The Empress and Queen of Swords

You’re someone who isn’t afraid of independence. Because you believe that you can handle everything on your own.

You adapted to the art of solitude and enjoying one’s own company. As a result, you feel like you will do just fine by yourself.

But despite the fondness of being alone, you’re still successful as ever. You’re working hard every day in order to achieve your goals.

The Empress and the Queen of Swords are a powerful combination. They can be your guide toward facing new challenges every day.

Because most of the time, choosing independence is also tricky. Because it means that you need to figure everything out on your own.

But you need to keep in mind that you can reach out for help. You can approach the people close to you to help you with a problem.

You’re not always in a state of independence, and that’s okay.

The Empress and Strength

It’s inevitable to experience hardships along the way. It’s all part of the process and how you will be able to handle situations.

Life doesn’t always operate in a light way. It will show you that it’s often difficult to keep up with the times.

So it’s important that you keep your feet on the ground. No matter what happens, don’t get a reason to give up completely.

The Empress and Strength are a good card combination. They serve as a reminder that you’re not always at your best.

And you need to know that it’s okay because it’s normal. You’re allowed to feel vulnerable when things are too complicated.

But no matter what happens, you need to recharge yourself. With the Strength card, align yourself with your inner strength.

Listen to what your mind and heart say. Then once you’re sure of what you want, time to continue growing.

The Empress and Two of Cups

You deserve to engage in a healthy and stable relationship. Because you deserve to receive the love you keep on giving to others.

In the past, you thought that it was impossible to find the right one. But you regret what you said back then because it’s possible.

You’re enjoying the time of your life with your person. And you should know that you both deserve to have each other.

The Empress and the Two of Cups are a combination of romance. They will serve as your guide in strengthening the foundation of your connection.

With the Two of Cups, this connection will work in harmony. You will both align your intentions and goals to make this work.

The Empress card is a huge advantage for you. Because you have the ability to create a safe space for your person to be open.

Because your person needs to be vulnerable.

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